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Magic sound Just by you old foxes I also want to hold the mountain of this seat Shangguan Road are you done I can't stop waiting Wait a minute, the last few chess pieces left ah ah ah.

Let me what are you doing Quickly return my relatives to Shangguan Pavilion Master This seat said that this son is not a good person This person must be Gouting's Gorefiend Cult boy give me back Shuzi dies when it's over ah God's will.

Go Look up yourselves this The isolation formation was completed This is impossible This son is actually at the last moment A level 7 king formation was arranged at hand This is just a level 7 formation I wasted so much time and still have the face to say.

Shangguan Pavilion Master, what will you do next? This isolation formation lasts up to half an hour We must find out the strong Gorefiend as soon as possible and kill it there is a chance This person is unpredictable Now I'm trapped again It's so hard to find each other Let's have some self-awareness.

I didn't expect you guys Surprisingly able to sit still in the battle compose such a lineup It's a pity that I can still only be slowly worn to death by this seat I don't know how long you can last Hahaha Skeleton Helmsman you boy know me In ancient Nandu.

The soul-killing mark in the blood baby elder's mind it's what you left it was you boy Hahaha So to say Elder Tianmo sent by this seat was also killed by you What a weird soul breath It's Ben Shao.

Hahaha Unexpectedly, your Excellency only took a short time has grown to this extent I suddenly had a good idea Don't you all want to see me? As long as you kill that kid This seat will take the initiative to show up How to see this seat as long as he dies everyone luck.

Well, maybe you can kill me and escape from this place good idea Ha ha ha ha everyone This man is saying that to make me kill myself don't fall into the trap what if what he said is true Guys, we only have half an hour left. But if the skeleton helmsman can appear.

I might have a chance to leave This is definitely a great opportunity Ding Qianqiu, do you think the other party will keep their word? Doesn't matter what he says it's the only way you If it wasn't for Young Master Chen's arrangement of the isolation formation just now I'm afraid many of you have died Do you still have a conscience?.

This man doesn't know that politics is not for us Also for himself you what do you guys say Well, this move is clearly a trick of the skeleton helmsman Can't everyone see it? Indeed, not to mention Qin Chen's death Will the skeleton helm master appear? Once Qin Chen falls.

The alliance I'm waiting for will collapse in an instant who can guarantee The Skeleton Helmsman won't ask for more let's kill more people then I can only wait step by step into his trap good What's more, this isolated battle is under the command of Qin Shaoxia Once I wait to make a move, he will destroy Dazhen in a hurry.

Have you ever considered the consequences?

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