Multi Sub【武神主宰】| Martial Grasp | Chapter 360 1080P

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Ha ha ha ha Since it was exposed The old man won't play with you anymore Gorefiend disintegrates want to escape I also want to escape and capture him in front of the emperor uh ha ha Hahaha said that others will definitely avenge me report.

Ah Damn this guy blew himself up How dare you kill someone in this seat you pissed me off good ok i'll wait What should we do now Please protect me first I'll figure it out.

There is no trace of the opponent's breath big black cat can you help Um in the ruined palace You should have gotten a court check In fact, the imperial inspector can control the battle in the palace As long as you hand it over to the Emperor The emperor broke this formation for you.

Edgeworth The magic power and their goal in this palace This is also the mysterious sword Could this thing really control the tactics here? stop wasting your efforts this thing is very special With your cultivation level, it is impossible to study thoroughly only to the Emperor Only then can you break through the formation.

Am I right as long as you hand over the met This emperor broke this formation for you no loss at all It seems that the purpose of you following me is this meeting You young man really don't know what to do The reason why the Emperor asks for it is only to save you Otherwise, you don’t even bother to ask for it if you give it to the emperor. yes.

You you have to think so The emperor has nothing to say The emperor just said a word surrender The Emperor Hawk breaks through the formation for you otherwise You just watched this big barrier break wait to die.

This thing is so mysterious Contains an amazing atmosphere of space absolutely nothing and generally meet my soul Strength becomes bad in an instant It can't be this kind of white and unfathomable feeling Young man, don't waste your energy in vain. Try it with space not good.

This is This is impossible This son is really this world motivated Even the eighth-rank and five emperors can't push this thing at all What's more, he is such a kid who has just broken through the seventh level. ah ah.

Brat you just killed my subordinate I will kill you first oh hmm ah kill me not so angry Qinglian demon ah ah.

Ah what is this flame

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