Multi Sub【炼气十万年】| One Hundred Thousand Years of Gas Refining | Chapter 51 – 60 Series #热血 #国漫

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Damn it's this trick again Brother, the disadvantages of this bitch are too evil ah can leave me alone little monk Hahahahaha Beauty, don't hide Beauty is still a decoration at the peak of Nascent Soul, what a pity.

How many of us are clear-cut mirrors But it's comparable to your grooming at the top of the cave? But don't worry We are very sympathetic As long as you hand over that monster and play with us we'll let you go Yes, brother, I promise to make you happy like a fairy Hahaha I'm afraid you can't afford it.

Fall without a trace Smoke Halo snort I really can't see the coffin without crying teach him a lesson flame ah Ah Ruyu you.

Go to hell Um Buddha light cut Isn't that heavy? It ain't fun if it breaks Don't worry, brother, I'll act appropriately Come to Beauty and ask your brother to help you take a look. hey ha ha ha haha.

Ha You stinky bitches are looking for death. Sorry, ancestor I can't complete the task But even if you die I will not discard Lan Zong's face flower royal power If you can't hold on any longer, you'll die. Xuchang is Ningbo.

Not Ningbo or sword What kind of superb power is this? this hey ha Well done 3 mothers tell me what is it a bunch of junk.

The strength is too weak, right? ah ah ah Fool i want to interrogate them have a living thunderbolt what a crater Where is the fire port?.

Oh, it hurts, don't move Donor run ah run fast I'm healing. What are you arguing about? How stupid is this little monster The little monk and the ancestor are here, we're fine ah His aura.

So strong Sanniang almost took her life to save you You better have a reason to be saved by him i'm just a monster do not know anything You have guarded outside Linghan Temple for at least thousands of years It is impossible to live so long with your cultivation Besides, Linghan Temple was attacked by a demon cultivator why did you turn around and run away.

There must be a secret in you Those evil spirits There's no reason not to run The abbot of Linghan Temple passed away yesterday you cried all day Right now, Yuxi of Linghan Temple, you protect me so desperately How could he abandon everyone in the temple and escape alone? The power of the blood demon breaks the mind The Blood Demon's Poison.

This kid is not easy With these two powerful and fierce babies someone who came to polish your mind seems very angry with you like this how do you know ah Walk to Linghan Temple.

You have to help them What does their life and death have to do with me? I want to slaughter those who hurt my disciples magnificent okay, let's fight oh hoot Give you half a stick of incense time Don't tell me where the treasures in your temple are hidden You just take me to the underworld to accompany you out of the pool.

Brother, tell me Where did Master put the treasure? If you don't tell us, we'll all be dead. Junior Brother Master loves you the most you must know stop why are you back Even if you stay in our temple for a long time You are not from our temple.

Get off me Little monster, are you here to save us? it's on you, right? The treasure must be on you runaway prey Get it by delivering it to your door ah ah ah.

What's going on record kill Why ha hey flash centralized output ah Where did the freak come from? Killed many of my disciples.

Die ah Ha ha ha Ha ha Ha, once you get entangled in the silkworm's silk The poison of the silk will instantly enter your body It takes less than half a cup of tea you will be poisoned.

Something fancy How dare you play in front of my grandpa It's boring. I thought how strong the poison of Warcraft is. Is not fun ah Master, according to what you said, we have solved everything. field is gone but The traitor did not come out.

Traitor yes Yes Yes ah ah ah ah ah ah Oh, it can't be his Senior Brother Qianjun came from Zhuzhi in wholesale It can't be that one ah What is brother Tianjun?.

How can there be such a rough magic energy? just insult my eyes Everyone in the temple treats you well The host is more careful to cultivate you but you hum cultivation what's the use this ruined temple also.

As far as the years when the founder of the mountain, Huizi, was there, it was considered a tripod. Sheng next few thousand years They are all lingering under the hands of Wanmo City pay the price Keiko Xu Laozu Patriarch, I want to worship you as my teacher You are the Buddha of the Pure Land.

Worship buddha don't always rely on me Do not cross people's hearts But you made it together with your body and your heart Killed all those bad monsters and ghosts and transcended them. I want to worship you I want to be as powerful as your ancestor eat this fruit Guaranteed that you will be able to overcome the catastrophe and ascend within ten years.

Go back to the Pure Land after eating don't bother me I don't want to fly cannibalism I'm gone, who cares about them? I want to create my own sect Steal from the rich and give to the poor Ah, not Putuo sentient beings All beings seem to be unequal in your eyes.

Xu Laozu Do you want to think about accepting me again? Besides, your disciples are all flying frost Are you not alone? I'll release you, okay? will plant the seed of the ancestor in the sect from now on Sooner or later, I will let him bloom the world mouse come on Be sure to break through the muscles.

I'm not like you idiots Hold on to Keiko's ideal of what flowers bloom all over the world I know how to judge the situation Willful ten innings ah magic box Ha ha ha ha Yes, this is given to me by the Great Elder of the Demon Race The Magic Box of the Nine-Cracked Devil Tiger.

Let me go Otherwise, all female men will Whatever happens, I will naturally let it go Ah what's going on Why is it frozen? ah ah Is that so? ah No.

Don't want ah As expected of the ancestor You can control the explosion range of the magic box at will! The master is so handsome Words with iron and magic can have such momentum How can we have such a boss? I earned it all Hey, master, where are you going?.

Senior, this ancient tree was planted by Patriarch Huizi himself. It was about to bloom It's a pity that with the death of the ancestor The old tree also withered will plant the seed of the ancestor in the sect from now on Sooner or later, I will let him bloom the world ah this is The dead tree is blooming bloom.

World Great Elder is so bold Even the old Demon Emperor wants to give Linghan Temple a bit of a noodle You just send people to exterminate I really admire it snort I have long been displeased with the bald donkeys in Linhan Temple If it weren't for the kindness of the old devil emperor they can live till now.

It's just what you do, Great Elder I'm afraid it's to gain the new emperor's face hum new emperor he's the new ass king Great Elder is right Come on, brother, I'll toast you The queen invites three to a banquet You say you don't have time Instead, we're having a small party here.

What queen She's not the queen yet good time snort There's something to say The Jade Emperor's guards are nothing more than that Jade Demon Sword Jiang Shuang The three elders are too old to remember anything.

Why bother with them Tell me what you did behind my back how The Great Elder has the ability to lightly suppress Linghan Temple behind the Queen's back Now I don't have the guts to admit it so what if i did it I just can't understand Elder Jiang Shuang still seems to be dissatisfied what to do according to the rules.

Report the rules left by the old devil queen All demons in the Demon Realm must not harm the disciples of Linghan Temple Violator abolish magic power into the valley of fire only ten days kiss some It's just 100 days Ah, the empress elder is just temporarily infatuated.

Will do this I beg the queen to give him another chance yes queen The Great Elder has worked hard and made great achievements you punish him like this What do the demon cultivators in the city think of you? you fucking play you really not for you do not forget.

Your souls are still in the Queen's Demon Realm I don't need to teach you what to do what time did you teach It's just after noon The queen wants to eat a little tired i need to take a nap Empress, your magic palace is back again Do you want.

The coronation is three days away nothing can go wrong yes Blooming world really beautiful You are Xu Yao Grand Master, please accept a bow from your disciples You know the name of my master As expected of a master.

Fame has spread so far I ask you three questions Disciple knows everything endless words first question Hurt little monk Huici Is it a fairy or a fallen devil? Do you know that Huici was able to break through the mirror and ascend to the sky more than ten thousand years ago? can hurt him.

Only the Fairies and Demons of the Upper Realm Upper Realm Fairy Dou Mo Patriarch Huizi once told me Ten thousand years ago he went to a very important meeting When I came back, I was ambushed by several fighting demons seriously injured The group of fallen demons attacked Huizi Patriarch their purpose.

It was obtained from the patriarch in that meeting an incomplete treasure Could it be that Huizi Patriarch The treasure in his hand is the same as sister Lianxue's Ten thousand years ago, Patriarch Huizi was one of those nine people What the hell so hot So what does this treasure look like? Grandmaster asked me to tell you.

When the treasures of 9 people are combined will form an astonishing array With this formation Can ascend Ascension: Ascension using formation How can it be so easy, stupid boy Boss, I've never heard of it What array can fly directly? There must be something wrong here.

Second question How long have you had the demon pill and magic box in your body 5,000 years It was released before the patriarch passed away Patriarch said they can hone my character 5,000 years With your cultivation level, you can live for 5,000 years ah Master, what are you doing?.

The little monk is lucky The boss actually helped him himself Keiko gave you all her life's cultivation base and Shouyuan There is also running in the demon pill to sharpen your sobriety He passes on to you all the mantle It seems he values you very much ah ah Ordinary people can't bear it for a while.

Demon Pill and Magic Box time of erosion It's become a monster It is not easy for him to persist in the power of design for thousands of years Yeah, his cultivation is skyrocketing Early cause No, dynamic ah no Still looking.

Genshin ah Genshin ah Overcoming robbery Obediently Your boss is too strong Let this little monster step into the catastrophe It's Thunder.

Didn't this little monk actually hurt me? this breath Is it soaring? Well not bad Thank you Taishizu Master, please guide me too. I want to ascend too I also want to change my face What do you want, you have to give me a down-to-earth practice.

The little monk was overwhelmed by the magic box and the demon pill Made a cultivation base? last question Would you like to worship me as a teacher what do you mean What are you still doing? kowtow Being a master's disciple is even rarer than flying up. Master is here.

Be respected by disciples master Disciple, can I trouble you with one thing? explain you can you give me a name Thousands of years and I still don't have a name Let’s call it Huixin wisdom.

Thank you, master plus the two of them We have robbed 32 demon brothers in total. Hahaha today we really made a fortune Didn't you see we were robbing? If you don't want to die, hand over your good things Come out dumb master no mercy Daming Fan Tianju.

Ah ah ah ah ah Is this the strength of Dujie Modification? Master, these modifications are not right good this is magic crystal It seems that little monk Huizi's revenge will be avenged Tonight, as long as the empress successfully wears the crown of the demon emperor It's just what you said.

After tonight, the queen fart is not for us to go Hey, if the old devil emperor didn't teach us the devil We are afraid that we have been bullied to death by other monks Who knew that the old devil emperor would be gone if he said no It's a pity that the old devil emperor is too cowardly always stop us from going out If I had heard from the three elders, I would have left the Demon Realm earlier We now dominate the continent is not that right.

I also heard that the three elders have already used the Magic Sutra that tonight Who is the official of the Demon Emperor, including the elders of the previous generations? not sure yet it's time queen you I'm fine The Queen's Demonic Pill It can only temporarily suppress the magic power in your body.

Everything The pain of backlash will multiply after the effect of the medicine wears off You ate them all this time Next time, I won't get the Demon Emperor's crown this time If we can't solve them, there will be no next time. life and death battle are you ready The subordinates will fight to the death to protect the Demon Emperor Let's go.

Wasn't he seriously injured after the Demon Emperor's death? is 70 this momentum The Great Elder who cultivated as Zhao Gujian is on par Could it be that he also used it? emperor god of night with my blood humiliation.

Tonight the emperor is officially enthroned Coronation of the Demon Emperor Who refuses to accept I won't let go ah blood fork cut ah Want to break the barrier of the Demon Emperor pass me first.

How did it end The great elder tested me with these small fish and shrimps You are too out of date Hahahahaha Luo Chen It seems that I underestimated you Isn't the Great Elder ascending in the Valley of Dark Fire? The third elder is the one who let the first elder go what's the situation So you betrayed too.

It turns out you were acting before It seems that my jade demon world is useless Since we used the magic crystal Skill soaring The Jade Demon Realm in your hands is already scrap metal. The old demon king was killed by a traitor Must be those who are ashamed Luo Chen only wants to be the new emperor Dare not avenge the old devil emperor.

He dare not we dare Today we will break out of the demonic realm and conquer the mainland Break out of the Demon Realm Conquer the mainland Break out of the Demon Realm Conquer the mainland It was you who killed my father No The three of us killed him.

Are you satisfied? Betting on wild beasts in January No one can leave today Jiuyou Demon Body a sword ah Big cockroach, I'm here to save you Gold Winged Flame ah.

Ah What can Sichuan goods do? just stand still Naturally, the fisherman will benefit Please don't hinder me from watching the show Grandpa asked you something stop struggling I'm not the only one who bothers you resign yourself to fate.

I give you one last chance Let the faint lone python hand over the magic hall But tonight I never thought about getting out alive It's good to have you guys accompany me to see my dad, Ah Yue Is it too bad? He wants Yanyue Dumang to detonate the magic power in the magic ah ah ah.

Why actually said the queen I am angry because I was killed by monks i want revenge I begged you several times to get out why don't you listen ah ah well done Dust, Dust.

Didn't expect that one who avenged his parents betrayed another who avenged his father Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Finally, the Demon Emperor's Officer is mine Ha ha ha ha Congratulations to the Great Elder Elder Hexi ha ha ha who.

All are how did they come in Where's the guard outside? Are they all dead? Do you want to die if you dare to seize the Crown of the Demon Emperor? inferior things fit into my hand too you you Who wants to destroy my Linghan Temple?.

It's you still you or you Say otherwise Comprehensive and Dare Just a ruined temple So what if Lao Tzu died Dare to destroy my magic barrier Today I will take your life.

What kind of magic is this? The aura on his body was actually twice as domineering as before. Where is the fallen devil behind you? What bullshit is a demon? don't know you don't need to know why the fuck did you do this who are you ah bad.

Ah ah my magic mirror ah Unexpectedly, the Great Elder's magic mirror was abruptly pulled out this horrible Too bad it's not worth the money.

He made it take so long Just a glimpse this domineering who is he Since I moved my things There is no need to stay here ah ah ah ah ah don't want me to die.

I beg you spare us let us live senior Thanks to the mistake But Wang Yu failed sisters accept it sisters.

Where did the ring come from? This is what my father left me father said This is a gift from an old friend friends master This ring seems to have been blessed by Patriarch Keiko so you are here Hidden quite deep.

Get out still hiding Someone in the lower realm can sense my breath Yo, here comes a strong big guy, my lord idiot wait a minute This guy seems to be different from other devil bears Could it be that he was the poor monk that the master said? Why Where did this monster car come from?.

Has he been hiding here so Why are you hiding in the murals in my forbidden area? your forbidden place snort This is the place I chose for you What do you mean You are just my rations. Looks like I'm having a good time again today.

Demon relatives are good things you secretly gave them. master why I have raised you for so long It’s time to harvest start with you It's over, it's over, it's so great We're afraid we're going to die here today Too weak and not enough flavor It is much worse than Gumeng and private servers absorbed last time.

Killed my father and mother I am going to kill you ah Since you are so filial Then I'll take you to a family reunion still not enough then you all come ah ah ha ha ha ha.

Wait until I recover my strength Just go to the fairy world to settle accounts in the second half if he beat me down Why should I suffer in this wretched place How to torture him then Come to thank me for my ten thousand years of hatred By the way, break his legs first make him kneel to me and beg for mercy ha ha ha ha.

Ah ah ah my legs it hurts who are you how can you beat me back Are you this fairy what a fairy magic way my master It is the ancestor of the Sky Blue Sect in the lower realm that you said.

What sky blue sect You demon ancestors seem to be able to regenerate good Can you regenerate after burning out? don't don't kill me Forget it, I shouldn't have killed Konjac Disciple Do not kill me You still don’t understand Offend my sky blue ambition.

Die ah ah ah Wang Yu will destroy it all Senior, be merciful Hey, where's the master? There is a formation on that ring Activated in case of life-threatening The master was transferred by the formation.

With the strength of the ancestor, nothing will happen The ancestor will die But you hurt What is this place How did I get here No need to talk nonsense This is the life-saving formation your father left for you. Has expired interesting.

Senior It was recorded in my father's handbook Want to try the muscular man Tens of thousands of years Could it be that this is where my father obtained his magic skills? magic power Seniors, you may not know People of our natural status What day was it like?.

My father learned magic skills because he couldn't stand it but unexpectedly unfathomable strength in the end Father was still betrayed what sound This is ah ah This cat beast can walk freely in the ice body.

Ah ah Don't save me They're going to jump me into the ice Thank you senior for saving me This little guy looks familiar Ordinary braided monster It is impossible to have such a strong force Could it be that this is the ancient monster Bingkui?.

Memory magic thanks sister oh I remembered Thousands of years ago, I thought you were too loud and read it once I didn't expect there was a fish that slipped through the net You can kill ancient monsters without using your hands I've never heard of a man of his strength This should be the core of the entire Jingdian.

But why is there nothing here father Father Chener, you are here Father Very good you are still alive you are really alive Father, I will rescue you now.

Ah How is this going This eternal sword is an ancient artifact If you don't have the highest level of respect can't even touch the sword ah how so is there no other way maybe maybe.

There is another way any solution father, tell me I will get you out no matter what the cost This sword is very sensitive to magic If you want to inject your own magic energy into the sword Might be able to shake this sword Ah good ah.

Ah became i can i can morning child almost i can't let my father down Yes, hurry up right away I will be free.

Don’t you want to be possessed by the devil? With this sword I can sweep everything kill everyone I want to protect my father, you god how what did you say father Hurry up, I tell you to hurry up ah Flowers in the mirror, moon in the water, but hibiscus.

Open your eyes and look carefully ah how meeting Father, don't go Sorry, don't believe dad You actually saw it who are you rock-paper-scissors.

I won and it was finally my turn Cut the fool If I hadn't let you, you would have won Come on, stop playing, kill me soon I can't stand it anymore Hey, this is just the beginning Grandpa, I will treat you well Hey, hey, hey what's up.

Have you found your ancestor? I've searched for hundreds of miles, but there's no trace of the master. The master's ability is as good as the sky The people who should be worried are those who will look for Master to investigate. yeah hey fuck him ouch hey according to my feeling The ring should put him both Sent thousands of miles away They say they don't have the ability to travel tens of thousands of miles a day like me.

Want to find someone stop ah I I only listen to the boss you didn't call me no way That being the case Then I will save Master first.

You Ah you you ah ha How come everyone in Tianlanzuo is virtuous? Too much bullying haha Sister, what is on my shoulder? Hahaha I was careless.

I didn't expect to see me in this way Enough roll Ah the clone A man who can refine Qi can actually master Fenyang Jue from the Immortal Family What's the background Xu Yang Tianlanzong Ah Sky Lanzong.

Ah ah What I hate most is the Sky Blue Cave If it weren't for the dead ghost that you rented The Fire Roaring Divine Fist bit me off don't have to suffer this kind of torture You were bitten by Happy Be careful with the sword ah ah.

What a quick reaction The Golden Sheep of the Immortal Family who are you Bitten by Happy Vitality keeps leaking out No wonder you want to teach monks magic skills It turned out to be to absorb their magic energy to heal wounds You said that old trash with extremely poor qualifications? hum.

How to recover rations Everything in the world is clearly priced I taught him magic skills to help him dominate He returned my magic energy to increase my life expectancy Everyone gets what they need, fair and just You are slavery and murder kill your monks Don't you have blood on your hands?.

What's the difference between you and us This is his real body ten thousand years You have been nailed to this stele He only beat me by three tricks Otherwise, it's hard to say who was assigned here. Ah, wait How did you find out that my real body was trapped in the stele? Ten thousand years ago you couldn't even beat Happy.

Still wanting to beat Keiji draws his sword pity what a pity ah ah ah I taught him the Infinity Daluo Vajra oh seal fragment.

It turns out that the Eternal Sword is a seal fragment. give me ah ah exist ah ah ah Oh no The source of my magic.

This magic energy still looks like it Harness the power of the demons to support you Is it a fairy or a demon? it's over turn out to be Oh, it's so enjoyable This is so solid Even if you beat me like this, you won't die. You've been playing for an hour.

It's time to fire Um he doesn't howl I'm so bored I don't want to play anymore Then give him a breath Take it back to Zhou Che as a container for alchemy what happened what happens other coating.

Hahahahaha You are finally here Hurry up and help me reshape my physical body your body is gone The demons will always remember your sacrifice ah ah ah This is the art of phantom Buddhist mind method.

Just beat you Haha what is so weak snort ah ah ah go quickly Little light? we solve it ourselves.

Inmates don't ghost things try this Luo Chen, the Queen of Demon Realm Willing to serve ancestor Xu for life gun breaks the sky Venom Butterfly How did your poison skill become stronger? hey-hey How can I combine my poisonous skills with Zhou Che's explosive bills?.

The effect is not bad Whispering Why is this stuff getting more and more My little demons want to devour a few cave cultivators it's easy But there's nothing wrong with these guys who are they three-point regression Lord, don't struggle.

Let the little monk save you Mom’s fist is so hard Are you the devil or am I the devil? Qin Ling, you are blind Why don't you come and help me quickly? eat food waste Enough fun, let’s get real Let you see the true strength of the devil.

Ah ah wow here comes a big guy Take a trick from my uncle so hard ah Headquarters Ting Fung ah ah.

Ah This guy is not only strong The magic energy is still so thick My poison skills are useless at all I won't be crushed to death so ugly At this time, it doesn't matter whether you are ugly or not. Back off Let Xiaoyan come.

Ah ah ah Die the stinky monk ah snort who shot Brothers and sisters Are you all right?.

Sister, wow, you also joined Tianlan then we are family Brother will cover you from now on who is it dare to touch me Tired of life? Ah, this mortal cultivator is just the lowest level of crafting equipment Why are knights more domineering than immortals? Master is here.

Little devil, you are going to die Dare to mess with our Tianlan Sect? It doesn’t matter whether you are a demon or not Still beating, your parents don't know each other Tianlanzong You are from the Sky Blue Sect People of Sky Blue Sect damn it all go to hell.

Wanguan friction Who dares to attack the master with these little things Junior sister, grandpa, have a good time. Don't bother playing anymore ah Although the magic energy is mellow, it is still a little bit Shocking Ghosts and Demonic Thunder Array this is enough This is what happens when you fight against the devil.

Hahahahahahaha fool Thank you for laughing I just blew up your master to ashes none left you are stupid Master is teasing you you guys ah ah you you are not dead.

What I use is the swordsmanship of the demon clan. how did you escape You, you have reduced the magic energy in the flower formation to this point It is impossible Even the devil Seeing as your demonic energy is pretty good then i will give you die of bliss Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

Why thanks for catching up in time How about this? I'm awesome, right? Wow, Master is so handsome when will i be like you That's magic You are not the master If you touch it, you will die master said.

It is impossible for someone in this world to cultivate immortals and demons at the same time master it seems you are wrong oops fool give me back the rouge don't give it back Have you been carrying me lately? Secretly ask the master for the cheats for me give me back.

Magic domain ruined People also walk away and die everything my father left me lost in the end lastly, I time to go home I don't know if they got into trouble recently still not leaving good.

When did you wake up not long ago when Wake up Clearly feel the breath of the old six, old seven, old eight nothing Killed by Xu Yang Xu Yang, a member of the Tianlanzong Not bad, the old man sweeping the sky blue on the street I only took pictures of our brothers.

This Xu Yang actually killed my brother tell me where is he I want to kill Bai Xuanzong then you have to ask him Immortal and Demon Two Lost Dogs Join Forces really rare sad dog huh let go I heard that you look for your ancestors to protect your shortcomings.

But you were tied up here for three days Why hasn't he come to look for you? Not a road fool Hahaha you're just a wife Just you few lost dogs Wait for the ancestors to find you none of you can escape ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha big breath He is the one who can't escape.

Tell you our people are all over the lower world can destroy you anytime Tianlan, if you know each other just tell me How many fragments does Xu Yang have in his hand? nine dollars nine dollars Didn't you say that the boss has found the third piece? bluff.

They have a maximum of 3 yuan who is your boss Are you still thinking of going back and reporting to your master? It's a pity that you have said enough. Ah the clone How could there be such a real clone? Inked for three days I finally heard some useful news. Thanks. Girls are quite capable.

But depending on your cultivation level I am destined to be unable to leave this stone forest of silence today. Just for this trick It seems that your ancestor only taught you the ability to escape. oh try this trick ah flower fairy blade small bug.

How can this be what did you eat The best list given by the ancestors good days and nights It's a fairy thing how do you have from the ancestors ah ah ah.

Ah ah ah ah stop fighting help we throw in the towel who is your boss Ah Sun Moon God Fire Pig ah stop it movie fan ah.

God, where did you get so many babies? from the ancestors ah Oops, I haven't asked who their boss is yet. ah Finally met someone What about the rest of your sect? what are you looking at Hello.

The three sects in the west were all wiped out And those disciples died strangely When I touch them they turn to ashes What skills can turn people into flying ash? It's sandstorm It's that intoxicating spell It seems that the murderer is either the Zhexian or the Cave Demon. Sister Yu's information is indeed correct. The demons are making a big move.

Ah, what kind of fairy or devil? I shoot one at a time let master down Back then those sects all disappeared we found nothing Why don't you hide it and wait for you to find it? Boss, let's find another breakthrough. continuous in sense them.

Who dares to spy on the League Canglong 9 fans Soul Covenant Conspiracy between souls is that It is said to be an alliance of the four strongest factions in the southern mainland the strongest In front of Tianlan Sect Who dares to say the strongest.

Master, hey, master, where are you going? Take me with you I want to see your leader no rules Is our ally the one you can see if you want? A bunch of bumpkins get out ah ah ah i changed my mind.

I want to be your ally Come on, aren't you awesome? Not enough for Ono What are these people from? It's a Qi trainer But the disciples under him are all of extraordinary strength I heard All sects in Tianyuan Continent They were all taken over by the Sky Blue Sect.

Their ancestors It seems to be the robber's outrageous alchemist Could these people be the alliance leaders? Go and save the leader already called When the lord comes, they will die What lord came, the young master still beat him ah Master, have you seen the heroic appearance of your disciple?.

Hey, look at his snarky look The leader is here The leader finally arrived leader leader In the entire Nanling, no one is a match for the leader You're screwed Yo this old guy is nice Take a shot from me.

Don't be so angry young people Ah, the ally is great As expected of the leader of the alliance dare to ask them so fast stroking the vajra palm Not bad wrong The old man is clearly avoiding.

Why doesn't he accept old man you are very good Take another move from my grandfather night sky cut viper long I see The alliance leader wants to capture the thief first and capture the king first. The lord give them some color to see We can take back the lord.

Lord kill him lord Do Youzi Liu Dongmei Kowtows to See the Tiger ah Dongmei is not talented Did not teach his disciples well I also ask the ancestors to forgive me princess you are not all kneel down Sky Blue Disciple.

I haven't seen you Fortunately, the disciple was promoted by the old master entered is sky blue sword You are Zhexian master ah master It seems you have a lot to hide Also ask the ancestors to tell.

This brother didn't expect that we were all a family Your record is too strong, you can teach me Oh, it's just fur Why don't you learn from your leader? Our lord is serious and unsmiling very strict Our landlord, you are here I've been waiting for ten thousand years, my heart is broken.

Ah Spirit power is thin in this lower world I almost got cut off Grandfather, I am too miserable If you cry again, I will pull out your tongue what's the matter with the seal can't say This is arranged by the old head, you beat me to death and I won't tell I'm just running errands.

You will know when you get the seal It's really like the master's style The sky-shrouding lock was released by Master, right? Patriarch wise The master also said that ten thousand years later you will find Ten thousand years In order to prevent the seal fragments in my hand from being lost I take the holy soul alliance as my eyes.

Supplemented by the surrounding three alliances Deploy the Longzang Formation Hide the seal fragments in it absolute safety How can I get the seal Who are you? Why should I answer you? I am the current head of the Sky Blue Sect why do you have an opinion oh suzerain.

This there is good news and bad news Which do you want to hear first? good news the good news is The secret method of Longzang is the exclusive design of the old master no one can get it what about the bad news the bad news is.

No one can get it it's interesting I think you have a good beard just burn it all Sister can't can't do it exactly I poisoned your face by the way revamp your demeanor.

Ah ah, you deserve it, you deserve it people are really scary There is a way I'm not done yet As long as you break through the five barriers of Longcang At that time, the seal fragments will be available. Master then we It's okay to play.

You are getting more proficient at sweeping the floor. If you want to become a fairy, you should forget about it. Sweeping is my job ha you why did you come down forget it who beat you down Huo Bufanpu 02 conceived.

Sweeper It's still that damned four-tailed Lihuo Roaring Tenjin dog I said forget it Why Okay, then you come here Xu Yang, the baby bump of the last sky blue, is here The benefits are definitely indispensable How can I not take a share of the pie? As expected of an adult, he still loves to take advantage.

What's wrong I think you should not steal the chicken but lose the rice. I don't dare to provoke the apprentice of Jue Tiantong anymore. Xu Yang

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