Multi Sub【炼气十万年】| One Hundred Thousand Years of Gas Refining | Chapter 60 龙藏五关

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Come on, aren't you awesome? It's not enough for my grandpa to fight What are these people from? It's a Qi trainer But the disciples under him are all of extraordinary strength I heard that all the sects in the Tianyuan Continent They were all taken over by the Sky Blue Sect their ancestors It seems to be the robber's outrageous alchemist.

Are these people The ally, hurry up and save the ally already called When the lord comes, they will die Why is the lord coming, the young master still blows him away hehe Master, have you seen the heroic appearance of your disciple? snort Look at his arrogance The leader is here.

The leader finally arrived leader leader In the entire Nanling, no one is a match for the leader You're screwed Yo this old guy is pretty good Take a shot from me young people Don't be so angry.

The leader is awesome As expected of the leader of the alliance dare to ask them so fast stroking the vajra palm Not bad wrong The old man is clearly avoiding why doesn't he accept.

The old man you are amazing Take another move from my grandfather Slash Viper's Palm I see The leader is to capture the thief first and capture the king first The lord give them some color to see We take back the leader and don't kill him.

Lord kill him lord Disciple Liu Dongmei Kowtows to a Tiger ah Dongmei is not talented Did not teach his disciples well I also ask the ancestors to forgive me princess you are not all kneel down Sky Blue Disciple.

I haven't seen you Fortunately, the disciple was promoted by the old master entered is sky blue sword You are Zhexian master ah master It seems you have a lot to hide Also ask the ancestors to tell.

This brother I didn't expect that we were all a family Your record is too strong, you can teach me Oh, it's just fur Why don't you learn from your leader? Our lord is serious and unsmiling very strict Our landlord you are here.

I've been waiting for ten thousand years and my heart is broken ah Spirit power is thin in this lower world I almost got cut off Grandfather, I am too lonely If you cry again, I will pull out your tongue what's the matter with the seal can't say This is arranged by the old head, you beat me to death and I won't tell.

I'm just running errands You will know when you get the seal It's really like the master's style The sky-shrouding lock was released by Master, right? Patriarch wise The master also said that ten thousand years later you will find Ten thousand years In order to prevent the seal fragments in my hand from being lost.

I take the holy soul alliance as my eyes Supplemented by the surrounding three alliances Deploy the Longzang Formation Hide the seal fragments in it absolute safety How can I get the seal Who are you why should i answer you I am the current head of the Sky Blue Sect.

Why do you have an opinion oh suzerain I there is good news and bad news which one do you want to hear first good news the good news is The secret method of Longzang is the exclusive design of the old master no one can get it.

What about the bad news the bad news is no one can get it it's interesting I think you have a good beard just burn it all Sister can't help it exactly I poisoned your face by the way.

Reform your breath ah ah ah ah it deserves it deserve it uh people are really scary There is a way I'm not done yet As long as you break through the five barriers of Longcang At that time, the seal fragments will be available.

Master then we It's okay to play You are getting more proficient at sweeping the floor. If you want to become a fairy, you should forget about it. Sweeping is my job you why did you come down forget it who beat you down.

Huo Bufanpu 02 pregnant with sweeper It's still that damned four-tailed Lihuo Roaring Tenjin dog I said don’t mention it Okay, then you come here Heavenly Blue’s baby pimple Xu Yang is here The benefits are definitely indispensable How can I not take a share of the pie?.

As expected of an adult I still love to take advantage, but What's wrong I think you should not steal the chicken but lose the rice. I don’t dare to provoke the disciples of Digging Heaven any more. snort Xu Yang

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