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The elders have temporarily sealed the ruins with Taoism Before finding the barren tower no one is allowed to leave yes if they come to a carpet scene Theft and travel are hard to avoid being discovered by them Daowen was forcibly broken away by someone outside worldly all for jewelry.

But it's just a bunch of moths walked all day and night should be safe Breeze Hahaha Ha ha Old man, there are fewer and fewer things you can order at home. Have you changed the chef? Hey, I didn't cook like this before.

Sorry ok you go slowly wife Is there anything to eat? ah and some steamed buns give me two Hey me I do not have money.

It's not easy to be bullied by another renegades, isn't it? Ting Ting hey grandfather excuse me hey boy wait ah In the kitchen, that's all you will eat Hey, grandpa, we're almost out of food.

Why buy it for him Who doesn't encounter a problem when they go out Um Why laughing, laughing, this way please Boy, you've been driving for a long time, haven't you? Just eat it, it's like going back to your own home powerful just stay here for a few days.

Ouch, eat slowly, eat slowly don't choke come drink here old man Can this be used for food? Yuping no no no This is too expensive old man.

You take it I still want to stay here for a few days The rest is the room fee this The control over the scriptures is becoming more and more comfortable don't know Dao Jin and Green Copper what's the mystery Yutong is so vast.

No wonder it is called the treasure of Zhongzhou Daoqing can't see at all Could it be There is no way to practice the scriptures Mystery? Wudao not in learning but from the beginning.

Fog fog Bodhi can be enlightened in vain she The beginning of the Tao born from the sea Run day and month Wander around everything.

There is Qing and there is turbidity There is movement and stillness The sky is clear and the earth is turbid The sky is moving and the earth is still Lun Haixuan is really extraordinary If you practice this supplemented by spirit grass Obtain a realm of shocking life power old stuff.

Old man Hahaha eat your meals How dare you ask for money? ah yes Hahaha you don't bully my grandpa Smelly girl tricks.

Hahaha stop grandpa hahaha broad daylight you Lang Lang Qian Kun Hahaha Lang Lang dry kun you.

You let go let go Great strength Yes, wait for my son to come back with one hand snort One finger can knock you over young man don't offend them snort.

Count your interest be magnanimous today let you go Walk waiting what to see go away go away go away this breeze town One Li family and one Wang family.

Just because they have children practicing in the cave Everyone dare not speak out Why That person just now was the steward of the Li family. Master Li and my son and daughter-in-law Originally practiced together in Yanxia Cave haze cave Why Taishangzu sensed a change in the ancient forbidden land.

As expected That kid from the Li family is behaving badly taught by my son feud since then My son is very qualified not afraid but who ever thought Accidents will happen They went out to collect elixir two years ago.

It is said that he died under the claws of a vicious bird From then on Then Steward Liu will make things difficult for us. Since aggrieved why stay here I don't see anyone alive dead body if i go in case they are still alive.

Who is waiting for them at home when can i go home my parents Are they waiting for me too? Kowloon mark through the stars There must be a way to go back i want to be strong enough Sooner or later, I too will be able to cross the void.

Back home Young man, you should leave early tomorrow morning. lest we trouble you Do not worry they won't come tomorrow Whoops Why is the young master still not coming back? The people of the Wang family are going to be turned upside down hey hey.

I'm back, I'm back, sir Master, master, you are back What Lao Liu waits for you is really hopeless eager to see through I took a look, hahaha It seems that I pretended to be the Wang family and burned the goods of the Li family Sure enough, he brought back Mr. Li's family only to solve him Uncle Jiang has no worries.

What about that thing master do not worry Herb pickers accidentally discovered an ape I immediately took people over there The Wang family still wants to rob me Secretly do it for me burn our wagon They also drug the horse grass.

Luckily i'm smart Bring you back that round piece Hey Hey source The era of heaven and earth and all living things Many spiritual objects seal a large amount of life essence is called the source Very precious to monks It seems that the waters of Wang Lin's family have to be mixed up again.

The Wang family has less car and I have less room Qingfeng, this has to be Li Jiaqiang family training Wang Jiahao Get promoted and get rich hehehe who ah don't make trouble don't make trouble ah.

Ah ah ah who tell you Master Liu, I am also a person who has gone through great storms Why so windy ah.

Ah ah ah ah Do you dare to leave a name ah ah ah How dare you hit me You burn my royal house Waiting for my house to be repaired You will know it's great.

Better hand over Otherwise, none of your Li family can escape The Wang family dare to joke hahahaha Ha ha Ha ha ha ha Master Qin ha ha come here Sorry for the long wait, both of you. grandpa.

Good news good news run slowly The Li family and the Wang family got into a fight over something. Butler Liu wants to take revenge on these two families. It's called a dog bites a dog. Why young man you ginger old man ah.

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