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Subtitled by Elements Anime, For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel. Episode-338 Your backwater smells so bad You will be called Smelly from now on Why did you choose a name whose level is lower than mine? A cheap name is easy to feed that How about calling it Xiaobai upon you.

After that guy came back from the Valley of the Yellow Springs Just bummed out. It seems that the holy coffin has not been found yet But that fox demon Legend has it that the Fox guarding the sacred coffins can rival the Holy King. That demonic beast is of low cultivation. And it's pretty close. Definitely not the phantom fox Brother Ye is extremely beautiful.

But you can't get together with your lover across life and death  must be bitter How do you know it's his lover he's resurrecting Women's Intuition master Eat this pill You are too weak now they will be suspicious I used up my soul.

It took all night to build the earth phase to hide the Holy Coffin. Who wouldn't? The Dao rhyme on the fallen leaves of the maple tree I can't decompose it even with good luck formula What is the use? It's got a forbidden aura on it. It must be a treasure Just put it away The boat ahead.

It looks like a high-level treasure made by the Heavenly Weapons Alliance. The two girls are also in good shape There's a white boy sitting in the back. It seems that there is no combat power It's better to kill and seize treasure now Let them disappear here quietly will not be found Huh master.

How did they turn? I changed the travel route for them see it This guy is really in a bad mood Be careful when you move things It's a treasure to be sent to Yun Bin Tower. the boss Don't worry about our brothers handling things stupid bird.

where are you flying Friends of the side Sorry This is the gateway to the outside world. There's going to be an auction at Yunjin Mansion in two days. That's why there are more practitioners than usual. Yu Xi needs rare materials from the auction Refining the talisman We will rest here for two days.

Then I will also make up a word We'll look for materials that are suitable for smithing. Don't worry,Master Equipment spirit is born with refining ability I can definitely pick you out best worth money How about pawning Xiaobai for some money Yu Xi was joking with you There are a hundred holy origin stones here.

If it’s bad enough, ask me again no I am a big old man Look for a little girl from you to take money Don't be ashamed I will find a way Brother Ye Let me borrow a little and pay you back later Let's carry these into the warehouse.

Thank you for your hard work advance Boss Sheng All items in this auction have been sorted out There is another alchemy master asking to see These days, any cat or dog can call themselves a master Little Chang How much bribes did you take Your not afraid of death and leads people to me.

Boss I was wrong yes he Boss Sheng, don't rush to get angry Your subordinates recommended me as a talent Don’t you also want to share your worries? -I, Yunjinglou, only do business There is no need to recruit talents Come into my room uninvited all became dead.

oh This spirit whip looks good It's amazing that it hasn't been damaged by the burning of the Divine Source. This kid is actually at the pinnacle of Saint Realm It still has such a strong divine power Your Excellency has such ability Why bother wasting money bribing this servant It's better to be polite first than to use force.

Generally I still tend to be with a beauty like you Be reasonable and talk about business The elixir for this auction is enough If you insist on doing this business I also said it straight The backer behind our cloud whale building You can't afford to mess with Boss Sheng misunderstood.

I am Is here for your personal business I heard that Boss Sheng went on a trip many years ago This eye was left with indelible scars by monsters Don't you want to go back to the original? It seems that you have heard a lot of news This wound needs a millennium-year-old magenta Rotan to heal Not only requires the alchemist to be highly skilled Even the material of the alchemy furnace must be more than a thousand years old.

You are a kid in your twenties still want this is 10,000 Years of Magenta Roatan It seems that your eyesight is not too bad Master Master I really need this Magenta Roatan What treasure do you see in my cloud whale building I can exchange it.

Boss Sheng I still appreciate your rebellious look just now master just now It's Zi Yan who has eyes but doesn't know Mount Tai offended you please please forgive me don't worry.

Refine this 10,000 Years of Magenta Roatan I still need an alchemist to protect me. our business can talk slowly Thank for watching,Don't forget to Like and Subscribe.

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