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The style of painting the son of Jiutang Greetings to Nanfu Husband Lord If you avoid painting, if you don't confuse it to refine supplement pills really admirable From now on, I will bother you about the supplement pills. If you need anything, just listen haha Lord Buddha, you are welcome Now that I have become a great pharmacist in Nanfu.

I will definitely take responsibility If you're cool, I'll say it bluntly. Nanfu disciples will be training next week Only need 100 subsidy bills after one week Can Master Hua refine on time? um what Master Hua is unwilling where is there I just.

Since no opinion I'll check in a week later don't let me down Congratulations to Master Hua for getting a job in Nanfu Yes, it must be easy for you to practice 100 pieces take it easy I can't even practice a subsidy sheet calm down i want to calm down.

Don't say it's difficult It's even more unreliable to find Huaxuan Huaxuan You will definitely practice this complement list Right now, help me practice 100 complement orders Um I won't Isn't it you who will? what the fuck.

If i can't get the ammo Fake identities will be exposed in due time am the one who died bro i beg you I'm really out of luck will you do it right ah right Brother, why is this necessary? Practicing complement is actually very simple.

Do you literally understand what complement is? Dan that replenishes the body Is it right A powerful elixir formed by kneading large tonic medicinal materials It's the supplement pill. I understand. I just practice Is this style of painting mentally handicapped? I just say Believe it.

Some potions It's not something that can be trained as a pharmacist. then now To disintegrate the Nanfu forces I'm afraid it's not enough just to be a medicine head must have certain rights what are you doing these days stinky kin everywhere Report to the Lord.

Master of painting style for refining medicine I bought a lot of pork liver bullwhip lamb loin Lord Buddha 100 complement pills are here This is different from the supplement pills I've seen. Ah, Lord, I don't know this is improved.

The effect is amazing Great tonic pharmacist, are you sure? when certainly good chemical pharmacist You now take these hundred complement pills Distributed to Nanfu disciples If the effect is excellent i will reward you.

Master Xie The supplement pill practiced by the master of painting style is really extraordinary This is a hundred taels of gold Master accept it, thank you Lord Buddha hey hey hey Ah, who dares to attack Master Nanfu? Cao nonsense Lord Buddha told you to get out Lord Buddha, it's so late, I don't know if you change me ah.

Brat, see what you've done you are a spy Want to kill my Nanfu disciple? no no no It was Hua Xuan who secretly moved his hands and feet. Huaxuan yes it's him Now the Hua family is not welcome, but everyone knows it.

Tan Huang's dress fluffy hair i go ah coming The left hand looks anxious What's wrong? Ma Xuan, you have tampered with the iron pill how could i do this I am loyal to Nan Fu.

Trouble with iron supplements Probably because my younger brother can't practice calligraphy at all. Said he can't practice ah ah you really don't know how to practice uh no you listen to me Brother, don't quibble How about we be in front of the palace lord? Despise Refining Complement Pills.

Fine just do it Just in the medicine pavilion, there are all kinds of light brine medicinal materials You can go to jail for me as soon as you practice this Which medicine should be put first I've never seen this pot before. Looks like every idiot knows the answer Bodhi single has been refined Lord Buddha please look over.

Ah this is it that's it that's it What the flower key said is true boss you want to run don't even bother to go to jail From today onwards, you are the great pharmacist of Nanfu All the medicinal materials in Nanfu belong to you.

I will leave it to you to prepare the glutinous pills. Congratulations to the Lord Take the time to refine I can solve this Kind of melon rind Why don't you know Seems like a misplaced herb The drug grid exploded.

I didn't have a problem with the land patch last time. The strength of my Nanfu is good again. Bloggers are not good. Brother Yao was blown up by the big warrior. What is it? no problem no problem Our Nanfu is strong If you can't reach Hogford Lord Dan Geyao, the grasslands are all blown up send him to the dungeon It won't explode there Which herb was misplaced?.

But it's cool to fry Nanfu uh spend the key Just look at which room is suitable for bombing No, uh, it is suitable for you to make alchemy Well, I see that one is good cargo key I really can't go in that room it's dangerous over there Well, there is another person who is not afraid of death.

Can someone in there give him a replacement? that big and strong It's very suitable for single practice, uh, if uh, he's unidentified and Several wardens went to see him before But they all died inside Even Lord Yufu never went in It's so dangerous There is no need to make a pill.

Anyway, it doesn't matter to me if the man blows up. I was wrong Practice at an early age It's time to break through Through the prison door, I can perceive my cultivation realm Looks like a tall man is locked inside maybe we should meet open the door i want to go in Oh, but didn't you just say it was too dangerous?.

How Said to go in now I went to the man and went to the innermost cell what a crime hey hey hey Maybe Hua Xuan also offended Nan Fu and worse than me Ha ha ha ha can't move.

Kenkuro Long Hanjian What can't the old man say properly? As for just meeting? it was his son Time flies so fast, I didn't expect to meet here by chance tell me what do you want me for Why did the attitude suddenly change? and who is this old man.

Tone is not small It's only been 20 years You doll looks too anxious I want you to control baby your gas has reached its initial stage If you don't break through the boundary in time Once the time has passed, you will live forever and cannot break through If you go to Gaowu Continent in the future, you will be unable to move an inch.

How could he Senior, can you help me? What if Huada has been in for so long and hasn’t come out yet? not really dead that can't blame us he killed himself Ha ha ha ha I didn't expect my brother to be so stupid to commit suicide Brother and brother are dead, let me see how you fight with me.

Go big Member Dan can barely use it first Such a big bag of Dapei Yuandan You do wholesale Dapei Yuandan is only available to practitioners Ordinary people dare not even think about it And the senior in front of him Throw this bag out like trash History no longer needs bullets.

Then his cultivation level is definitely not low Why are you staring blankly? Eat quickly, let me guide you by the way Thank you senior for guiding me baby It's Qi training period Every breakthrough is tormented Shocked hold back.

Very good soul expansion and strengthening Customs clearance is just around the corner love at first sight live up to success Thank you seniors for calling Let the younger generation benefit endlessly I'm just a dying old man This world belongs to you young people And you, Qin Mo, are the world in this world.

He know my identity you don't have to be nervous I won't reveal your identity After all, I also want to see the day when Nan Fu is destroyed Then thank you senior The juniors have nothing to repay you are stuck here I wish you consignment.

Ha ha ha ha doll You really think this little room can trap me It's just that someone made an agreement with me Must have been here for 20 years There are still a few days left you don't have to worry I see The juniors don't bother In the future, if you have something to do, please tell me.

Take your time At the end of the Qing Dynasty, don't you want to know your own life experience? Can't escape the death of your parents My father is from the Yan Yang Qin family Well, it's normal if you haven't heard of it. Some levels even I can't touch Dare to ask what the elders know Well.

I think it was quite a sensation back then. Your father was originally the pride of the Qin family The future successor of the Qin family go to marriage But But he fell deeply in love with the singer of Yanyang Fengyuelou Xue Luoji, but this matter was known by the head of the Qin family Fengyuelou and the Qin family almost went to war because of this your father is well aware of the seriousness of this matter.

So he fled from the sun with Xueluoji along the way Being chased and intercepted by masters from all walks of life Qin Yue Almost slaughtered all martial arts people in Yanyang I don't care about these Senior, I just want to know Who killed my parents? You kid think I know everything.

I thought I could get news of the enemy boy don't you lose heart if you really want to know about your parents Let's go to Yanyang to find Qin's family and Fengyue building However, the Qin family and Fengyue Tower are both top powers in China. you go to them now too risky At the end of the Qing Dynasty, I would like to thank the seniors for their advice But the Yanyang Qin family.

I must go can't go wrong This kid is worthy of being your Qin Yenan's son we will meet again Hahaha hey you wait Hwa Hyun is dead Shouldn't the auxiliary master invite me to be a great pharmacist? At that time, my brothers and I will eat hot and drink hot haha.

I'm waiting for you to take care of me Oh brother, you said you were going to get out of prison He came out alive Didn't he hear all the words just now? you you are you trying to kill me i tell you you can't kill me my dad won't forgive you It's cheaper to kill you now Let him go, I'm responsible.

Well I don't want to say it a second time He let me go It's still the same idiot Picture scroll counts your knowledge But the fact that you replaced my great pharmacist won't forgive you You'd better not be a painter for the rest of your life Excuse me.

Of course armor will be destroyed and please bring a play Let your artist soar up and down wash your neck and wait for me I'll take the head after today Hua Xue wants to scare me Okay, I'm waiting for you in Huaxia now everything is ready You can settle accounts with Nan Fu.

If You are not good at alchemy What are you doing in the palace lord's bedroom? what do you want Xiao Nizi serve me obediently I'll tell you where Qin Wo is don't come here this voice is Bai Yuran.

If you care I will attack you Baishi Group too late to cry who is it Huaxuan Mr. Hua, have you seen Qin Mo? Little girl, be honest with me strangle you ah.

Snort Hua Xu, you bastard crazy come kill him follow orders Nanfu Fang Wu Baiye sees the move Why did you catch it with one hand? Um ah.

Ah ah what's up Yannan Mansion to be demolished Can bounce off my moves Looks like I got the kill ah destroy Buddha Actually broke my Buddha-killing array Even Wei Chen's sword cavalry formation.

For me It's just a snap of the fingers Do you think your Buddha-killing formation is more powerful than the sword cavalry formation this person is Meridian don't waste time call them on Some children are so arrogant How can we tolerate.

You What's going on over there? Is that the master? ah Oh, is this kid so powerful? do you remember Those innocent people who were killed by you with Gan Kailin? this blow for the people who died in vain.

How dare you touch me This kick is for my apprentice Bai Yuran Master this sword Figure you hard to conquer and Hugh Invincible don't panic so strong is Brother said good retreat because of me.

Mo Xiaoer wants to kill Brother, did you ask me? Lu Buwei's former servant of the Nanfu After the younger brother inherited the position of servant master He disappeared in Fahai Martial Arts retreat He is one of the few martial arts masters The real ruler of Nanfu Even if it is the strength that explodes in an instant.

Even a slight residual power mortals can't bear it As expected, there are still masters in Nanfu Thankfully I didn't do it rashly but i just broke through Maybe there is still a chance Break through Tianya City ah.

Turn me into meat Master, run away! that kid is going to die ah Master is all right who is it Broke Tufo Tianyao Palm with a flagon Hahahahaha Wang Wang, you are lucky.

It's the day when I leave customs Today I killed this martial arts master Just take it as thank you for chatting with me to relieve boredom ah ah brother doll you remember Sunshine don't be impatient there will be a period later.

Thank you senior ah ah ah ah Nanfu in the future I, Qin Mo, decide ah ah little red Are you OK It hurts.

Hello Stop shouting, no one cares about you if you break your throat A scroll of your ceremonies I don't know where I died You will replace him today let me vent this is what he owes me what are you talking about How could he persuade the young master?.

He has died in Nanfu You guys go to die too, Master Feng What's up Palace Chief Qin from Nanfu is here Master asked you to come over and see you Lord Qin Could it be The new Nanfu Palace Master personally invited me to be a great pharmacist Ha ha.

Ha ha ha ha Palace Master Qin is here The painter is so flattered ah Qin Mo, Qin Mo is still alive Wasn't he hunted down by Nanfu? how come here He also became the captive of Nanfu Wind, don't dawdle.

Hurry up and meet Lord Qin Buddha Hey painting style pay homage to Lord Qin Buddha don't be suspicious Painter Lord, I have come to ask you for something this time Oh Lord Buddha you are too kind As long as we painters have something, I will offer it with both hands good With your words, I feel at ease.

What I want is the head of the painting style dad save me This golden Buddha keeps people under the sword keep someone under the knife did you have some misunderstanding Then you know Huaxuan Could it be Hua Xuan, that bitch, how could he cause trouble? also tired of the wind Huaxuan, he's always sneaking around behind his back.

No mistake, he must be trying to frame me, Brother Feng. you Lord Buddha, if you are not satisfied, you can kill him can chop off his hands and feet goug out his eyes just let the wind go Fortunately, he can come up with such a vicious method Looks like it's not just the chemical industry ah hold my hand.

Call you Lord Buddha because of my humility You really think you can kill my son Dad, Lord Qin Buddha It's the master of Hua Xun's building kill him quickly Even if you are a master, you can never escape my five-poison umbrella you can try fuck me I want to.

Ah ah ah ah ah mom and dad don't leave me The painter's daughter must be crazy from now on no more painters for men I Do what you say revenge for you Master Xue, have you seen it?.

They were punished master Can we go back to Longshi? I'm still waiting for you to continue treating me cure ah ha Master why are you shy? Oh, if you don't agree, you have to agree to go.

Return to the cage room, Yue Ran, let me explain to Zhao Ming Please tell the Lord You will take care of the ups and downs of Nanfu for the time being. woof woof master do you know I'm so happy to have found you Mr. Kim ah.

Ah follow me home Where is this coming from? why come home with me what's the matter ah no Master wants to heal me first Why did my mother take him back to the cage room? my mother is worried about him now.

He wants to follow me I told my father he belonged to my boyfriend father wants to see him that My mother also asked why you haven't come for so long follow me follow me let go of your hand you stop listen to me.

Today I no one's going goodbye master you are back if i stay longer They are afraid to fight Where did Xuyang get the bluestone? It was sent to you by Master Zhao Min from Nanfu Just use this bluestone.

Armor Blue Light Give them as amulets Well behaved Wang Xuyang moved to this house yes Hey Uncle Bai, what's the matter? Mr. Jin has an auction tomorrow please attend I'm not interested in auctions Mr. Kim, listen to me.

I heard that there is a magic weapon in the appearance of this auction Dharma implements are used by practitioners with my current practice just in need of contact Good Uncle Bai see you tomorrow Hum What kind of auction is this? Also asked to act on behalf of the daughter.

Fortunately, Chen Wan has a good temper Qin Mo said You can see a lot of artwork and celebrity calligraphy and paintings so follow Um Isn't that Chen Wan and Qin Mo? they are together There are always many people chasing Chen Wan This time I found a richer boyfriend.

Must show off Oh man, this bracelet is so heavy must be expensive my bracelet lili What are you blind or brainless? Do you know how much this bracelet costs? I didn't mean to no need to say sorry.

He hit it by himself Why do you see that you are impatient? don't you stop dad why are you here darn thing How dare you fight Mr. Qin Mr. Qin, are you okay? It was Fuxiang who asked me to invite you here I didn't expect his son to do such a thing.

Apologize soon dad i was wrong i was wrong stop hitting You are this routine again can it be fresh Hey Mr. Qin I'm really sorry Nie Zun has eyes but no pearls ok ok ok.

My ears are calloused ah yes yes Closer to home That is Mr. Li who held the auction with me is a famous collector Maybe in these collections There are good things that can improve cultivation auction starts 60 million.

This gentleman offered 60 million 70 million 70 million 90 million 90 million this lady offered 90 million any left Anyone else raise the price? How can my collection be shot so low Song Dynasty War Halberd worthless at all.

Ah ah ah In the Song Dynasty, swords and guns were the essence War halberd is no longer Ming Wu in Song Dynasty so it's not a good thing so smart I haven't got my real baby yet I will teach you how to be a man in minutes This is Mr. Qin Moqin It is precisely because my war halberds of the Song Dynasty can't get into your eyes.

I have a baby I've been coveting for years I want to ask Mr. to have a look coming Here comes the magic weapon that can improve cultivation Ah, Mr. Qin Is this a high-level instrument? ah good stuff how do you have anything to say It's just an ordinary bead.

It just takes up some spiritual energy of the practitioner Mr. Qin, what do you mean by that? literally This bead I can lose its brilliance by bowing my head hey you guys ah light I I wanted to spend a lot of money to buy it from a senior Tibetan friend. didn't expect me.

Ah Mr. Qin has such insight I was arrogant just now How offended I hope you will forgive me no no no no Mr. Qin, if you don't care about me, Li Ningheng also want to ask you to identify another treasure for me I saw a magic weapon in Beishi recently.

Worth hundreds of millions The treasure holder is Mr. Xu I'm really not sure I hope Mr. Qin can perform for me You don't have to worry about revenge I will make you satisfied money is secondary But hundreds of millions of instruments it's worth my visit.

Maybe it's good for my practice The magic weapon of Master Huangqian will be shipped over soon. Please also appreciate it can see through the authenticity of any magical treasure at a glance Don't worry, President Li. What does this Li Mingheng mean? Why did you obviously invite Mr. Qin? use me as a spare tire I can understand without trust.

Anyway, we are here for the magic weapon It's more labor-saving without mixing with treasures Mr. Xu Guojiang will be there soon when he is full I hope you two will work together to appraise the treasure I don't need to cooperate with little fur kids Just watch it when the time comes don't get in the way Please sir although we don't need to appraise treasures But there's one more thing I'm more worried about.

It is said that the other party also brought an expert, and one of them chose Bei Tianshi And he and the awakened person in Nanfu have been friends for many years Awakened The North Celestial Master is here hahahaha ah This is Old Star Pillar ha Haha, choosing Master Bei is not simple.

Mr. Li, I have traveled thousands of miles I made a special trip to bring you the treasure I can't bear it myself Thank you Mr. Xu But still need to identify I can buy it with confidence of course How can you waste money Today I specially invited Bei Tianshi.

Let's help you identify the treasure Qin Mo He's the one who got you nowhere, yeah Wait for the identification I'll clean him up for you Mr. Li first asked Master Guifang to come out and appraise it Under the emperor's shame Let me see what magic weapon this is. this.

Isn't this a wooden model? Hahahahahaha Is Long's gone? Please come so half-baked hahahahaha You are doing it on purpose you can do it let me see what you can do Hahaha ha.

I'll let you open your eyes Here's a good show Shu War Ah into Enter the heavenly master the world turned out there are such treasures Grandmaster Worthy of being an angel of Huahai.

Ha ha Looks like it won't sell out The celestial master received supernatural powers sitting in town excuse me definitely something good I can be a top collector if I can get it At that time, the worth and fame will be useful again This is Bei, he is really a practitioner.

But with his current state nothing and There is a problem with this instrument Mr. Xu, I want this magic weapon I'll pay the 160 million agreed before beyond danger we're talking about the price that day And someone is willing to pay more than you.

I just found out today This thing has so much power Buy at least 3 times now Otherwise, it's really hard for me to give up. 3 times 480 million You are sitting on the ground and raising the price Don't speak so harshly There is no righteousness in buying and selling you can't afford it.

Forget about it such a magic weapon Don't worry if you can't sell it I old-hearted Li Mingheng you are a fool ah Mr. Qin, what do you mean by that?.

Since I promised to grow eyes for you just tell you Blue orb inlaid in the mansion There are already cracks inside Although it is a magic weapon but not a few times It's a defective product that can't be sold Ordinary people can't see it In addition, as soon as Xuanbei entered the door, he used the disturbing spell.

Make you lose your mind more difficult to distinguish hum empty talk If there is no proof, don't blame me for being impolite. Mr. Qin, you won't Yes, this is Xuanbei Angel after all. give you a magnifying glass see for yourself Hahahahaha where did you get this thing from?.

There are cracks Yu Guojiang, how dare you lie to me for money? The brat spoiled my good deeds what do you call cheating Is it your first day playing favorites? You have to recognize it if you hit your eyes Well, it's you who will pay the full amount today. Go back and forth Li Mingheng, if you don’t transfer the money today, don’t even think about getting out alive.

OK, let's compare Mr. Xing, do you want Taihangan to bring someone to help out? yourself It doesn't matter, they just have what I want. Ha ha ha ha children in the late qing dynasty Come prepare to kill you after the transaction is successful It seems you are impatient to wait watch out.

Oh my god What kind of spell is this? ah hide this is going to kill let you meet today What is a magic weapon ah ah so dazzling light.

Ah ah ah I don't know that the Great Celestial Master is coming How offended I hope the heavenly master will spare my life How can you admit cowardice, Mr. Xuan He's just a magician ah ah Xuanbai killed the awakened Hahahaha those who wake up are ignorant of current affairs.

I have taught you a lesson I hope you spare my life please raise your hand Raise your hand Betrayed his friends for many years to protect himself there is no cure Anyway, after Qing Guangfu accepted the law of Xuanbei greatly improved I achieved my goal.

You go ah Thank you, thank you, Mr. Qin, for your kindness thanks, thanks That's it Mr. Fang is that OK Qin Mo, I remember you don't run away, be honest Where did Qin Mo go?.

Hou Geng, we are here for business don't cause trouble who are you what do you want my master to do you don't make it clear i will never tell you Damn it, a watchdog dares to bark master is not there I will train you well.

People you look for me To find someone, you have to knock on the door, understand? Again At the end of the Qing Dynasty you courted death Dare to hit the yin and yang area not hint Sorry Mr Qin.

Our general responsibility is such a temper i apologize for him This girl is so strong tell me what you want me for Is such that The superiors learned about your refinement of supplement pills You are specially invited to research and develop new ammunition for the camp Today we are here to ask you What kind of herbs are needed for supplement pills.

There is a request for rain in Yanyang Camp bright sun sooner or later I want to leave Huahai to the sun Time to challenge the Qin family Inevitably touches something black If there is a Sunshine Division as the backing Please let me make medicine in Yanyang Division.

I can promise But I also have two conditions After the first time I acted in the sun Yanyang Division wants to protect my personal safety second Appoint Huahai Division to secretly protect my family and friends start today big tone Who do you think you are.

Good Mr. Geng Qin conditions of this degree Yan Yangfen fully accepts snort cheap boy The deal commander really has better vision than Xiaobing brat What did you say I'm in charge.

OK OK don't make me beat you You two first record the prescription Then dispense the medicine according to the prescription ok please say exotic flower Beewort Golden Yangguo Golden Yangguo.

Mr. Qin Other medicinal materials and nutritional divisions can be provided But the Jinyanggu drug you mentioned is a bit embarrassing Well then, let me figure out a solution for this medicine. thank you very much then we won't bother you Goodbye Mianyang good Qin Mo first let your kid be arrogant for a few days.

I am also in charge of the alchemy refinement of the Yanyang division. when the time comes hahaha hello uncle do you know where i can get golden yang fruit Jinjin Yangguo Mr. Qin, forgive me for talking too much You'd better stop playing Jinyangguo's idea. Why Have you ever heard of East and West Twin Houses?.

This is the House of the Four Great Five Paths in the Yellow Sea southeast northwest Among them, both the eastern and western mansions are in charge of the palace master. This situation lasted for a hundred years Therefore, Fang called the East and West Shuangfu together as Shuangfu. And the Jinyang fruit tree you asked about is in the courtyard of Shuangfu wait a minute i don't want to fight Can't you spend money on some?.

You don't know Lord Mongol is the tree better than his own son absolutely not for sale especially please sir ah What's wrong with me The masters of the two mansions and the masters of the two mansions of the north and the south are on good terms. You destroyed Nanfu Yu's family before I'm afraid the Mongol Lord hates you to the bone.

How could he sell you his beloved Jinyang fruit? hello mr qin are you still listening Well, don't worry, Bo Uncle, I made my own arrangements and hung up first. I can make friends with Yujia This magic yuba is not a good thing either. But Jinyang Valley must get Yanyang partition this backing.

Must get Qin Mo dared to send a greeting card to our Shuangfu I'm going to visit tomorrow He's so tired Just after destroying Nanfu, they came here to make trouble This is clearly a deliberate provocation Master Husband, do you want to send some more manpower? Hum go Call me Zhao Dong Zhao Xi.

It seems that the husband is determined to kill Qin Mo Um snort Hey that kid is here hey go we're going to meet him you stop two are Lord Buddha specially sent us to receive you Zhao Dong is not Zhao Xi.

These two people just kill for fun A tyrannical one should be favored by the Lord Buddha double dragon bad comer It seems that the Tiger Lord won't let me in easily. Since the two of you are so enthusiastic then i'm welcome I went to the two dragon masters to make a move.

Who was beaten don't run fast think he wants to run but can't This is giving up treatment do not hide not beaten to a pulp is eviscerated ah ah.

Thank you for the hospitality Oh Mr Qin My two subordinates are disobedient I'm causing you trouble I hope you don't mind me too much It's okay, I'm just here to make a deal I want all 3 golden yang fruit trees price you say Anyway, the Yanyang division paid for it.

Hey hey hey Mr. Qin is not I do not sell I just want to ask you a favor first if this is successful Jingyang fruit trees offer it with both hands, what is it? hey-hey Mr. Qin I would like to ask you to go to Wushuang's underground full-court game Is such that.

I have an incompetent son like to gamble I've recently become obsessed with gambling but keep losing money frown all day I want you to play and help him win a few games make my son happy You Shuangsuke There are so many masters, please ask me.

Why Precisely because of the two I am a decent family If the martial arts in the Jiaofu participate in the underground boxing match Where can I put my face? I have no enmity with Shuangfu Still the first and the second If he backtracks, do it again I'm going to the full race now But the lord of the alliance must also fulfill his promise.

Sell me 3 Jinyang Ancient Trees I am Qin Mo Hate not keeping promises Lord, please remember what you said Hahahahaha of course of course Don't worry, Mr. Qin I will keep my promise Lord Buddha, you are so angry.

Let East and West Shuanglong test Qin Mo's strength first Then let him go to the whole game If Qin Mo died in the audience Then you can avenge Nanfu Yu's family Even if Teemo wins It's also full of strength and weakness At that time, we will not give the Jinyang fruit tree What can he do to the twins? After all, the people who participated in the Wushuang underground audience.

It's not easy to come out alive Hahahahaha kick him down really weak beat you to death that last name is good tell him to let me lose money 3 21 good gang.

Good team leader is great Lost again, the strong man eats like a pig It's 30kg short and can't beat those good ones I have plenty of money next next I can't believe no one can beat him yet Santo The good curator we hired really lives up to its reputation another big win.

Hahaha Monkey, the prodigal son, really doesn't understand the dangers of the world but i like it If he comes to gamble every day I'll be able to open my own boxing ring in half a year At that time, Lao Tzu will be the underground emperor Are there any challengers who are willing to continue to challenge today? good curator Who else.

Come on, bitch I even changed the chips Hurry up and I will beat the one with the surname Hao to lose guess no one would dare to go, no? Good Lord is too strong I'm coming are you sure Look, such a dick came in a long time You bastard, it's not clear that you're going to lose again.

Master Master is calling let you buy him to win Dad what is he doing The palace master said to suppress this masked man snort Master is really nosy Forget it, object to this good name. All over the masked man.

Boy look at your face Have you never heard of my reputation as a good official in Wushuang? Have not heard officer Tell him the officer, come on, you are striving for success in Wushuang then i'll let you die The odds of stopping this battle are 16:1 Someone crushed someone Waiting to go bankrupt with him.

Game start Ah, my dad is crazy and wants me to press him so he won't move ah my hand The good champion's arm is twisted ah ah ah ah ah masked man won.

Back Lord Guan's left arm is probably useless victor masked man I hate that I won so much And also disabled Xinhao's Ah ha ha ha ha ha hateful I thought I could make a lot of money, but I lost it all. Go and release Master Jiuqin.

Yes Is there anyone willing to challenge this indestructible man? any left hey hey hey Still my dad is great Arrange for this talented person to make a fortune today Is there any challenge for me? I'm going here, isn't it Master Jiuqing? A well-known casual martial arts master in Huahai Province.

The masked man is sure to lose, who will press him Make sure to press him to win or follow the wishes of Lord Moff Forget it, just listen to my dad Even if you lose My dad won't blame me for living full pressure masked man boss Odds become 500:1 Hahaha that silly boy.

Put all the chips you just won Ha ha ha ha just wait and see him cry Alright, please take your seats. Game start boy you are really strong It's a pity that I met Jiuqing look at it.

You are a casual martial arts master Haha has vision It's too late to admit defeat now hey-hey Although a bit unexpected but not yet ah The masked man is so powerful This kid is actually a master.

Hmph, then don't blame me for being rude. ya ya ya ya ya ya you're done boy The wrong knife is hidden in my rosary, it's just a layer of skin You are dead babbling ah Ah 3 21 fell to the ground.

Ah ah Impossible Jiuqin lost so to speak yeah i won Too bad hahahahaha Still want to escape, how can this go on like this All my possessions are gone Rescue the boss Turtledove.

We smashed the circle of the city boss run The security guards can't keep them down. Damn it, find out who this masked man is Lord Buddha, I come to buy Jinyang fruit tree Ah what gold what fruit tree I do not understand Lord Buddha you forgot our agreement.

Ha ha ha ha Mr. Qin, you really know how to joke what did i promise you Out of nowhere have we written words hello cute net student Whoops Still not convinced i tell you the truth.

I wasn't going to keep my promise what can you do to me Want to fight with us Don't dare to know Qin Mo's mistake This is leaving Shuangfu Mr. Qin is really flexible Hahahahaha go slow Meng to live hands too cheap two days later I not only want to marry Yang Jing.

I want the whole twin hello sir If you want to play next time, please go to the front desk to exchange chips Okay, I'll exchange it for 10 yuan. this gentleman 10 yuan can only be exchanged for one chip Ok, I know I'll just change a chip holding.

Snort poor ghost If it wasn't for Munch Is it nice to buy an ice cream for 10 yuan? waitress excuse me, may I ask How can I enter the VIP room Chips must reach 3,000,000 Ok, I see.

Hum poor ghost One chip still wants to enter the VIP room Oh, what a bad day today The Nine Cleaners also made me lose a lot the boss is not good What are you yelling for? A gambler came to our factory With 10 yuan, we have already won several million from our banker all messed up.

I'm so lucky The whole business loses more money There's another shit stirrer in the casino Did this person self-identify? he said as if Condition If you can't bear my death, don't blame me for being unrighteous Hahahaha got rich and here comes a dumb rookie I'm sure to win.

Please look at the cards, two snort Bad start, come again ah again master stop playing we are out of money Feng Shaoxiao, I'm not with you 100 million start.

Do you have enough money Why is my famous Meng Shao so poor? I overestimated you Let's play together next time Why don't go i have earth comfortably Grandpa Yun says.

The demented person's six relatives do not recognize me ok let's continue Ha ha ha ha Eat more, you were injured the other day don't be shy with me What is that injury? That boy Qin Mo finally It's not being played around by you, the assistant master, hahaha The end of the Qin Dynasty is not worth mentioning.

Yo, I didn't expect the palace lord to remember my name, Qin Mo who told you to come in Hahaha From now on, I can enter here whenever I want. Because Shuangsuke will be mine from now on check it out dad I lost Shuangsuke's earth spirit, sorry I.

Do not talk At the end of Qin, I want to say that the 7th is fake and does not count How can you help me say that Majesty, you want to renege on your debts again so what already twice As the Lord of Double Blessings, you are really shameless hey hey hey How much is your face worth?.

I can't bear to move my double axe, so I hurried away Run fast, my hard work, spare your life good thing i prepared Hey, it's the Land Bureau and Sun King Majesty, hurry up and pack your things. I'll spare your life if you run fast Qin Mo, you are amazing but one day you'll regret it my parents passed away.

Not with you oh finished get out Mr. Qin here Drive away Dad wake up I won't bet anymore Ha ha Mr. Qin, Patriarch Meng has already moved.

This golden sun fruit tree I want to transplant into the dragon room What First of all, I will not settle in the Peerless Room secondly I made the Linquan Township in Canghuangshan Villa This can greatly improve the quality of Yang Guo and According to Grandma Luo.

Poplars rot quickly once off the tree I see Then I'll send a truck to pull you there You don't need your Yanyang camp to be too eye-catching I'll find another way Anyway, it's not the flowering season yet. First planted in Shuangfu Let's move after Chinese New Year so lazy.

I haven't seen a turtle for a long time. I must buy some gifts for the Chinese New Year and go back and have a look how does this drive Qin Mo also asked me how to drive I'm giving you face by not killing you who's here Thanks to you Lao Tzu's underground boxing gym and casino are all yellow If you don't lose money today, come here and get shot.

No, aren't you the all-game boss? you are quite calm Believe it or not I shot you Candidates for transportation have been found oh don't get excited Don't you just want money? I'll call and have someone bring it right away it's gone I thought he had some magical powers.

Storm in the sky sure threat extortion Kidnapping is better than our gang I will let you go after giving me 1.5 billion. Don't worry, not a penny is missing I didn't expect him to agree so readily should blackmail him again Boss heard that you were forced to die.

And took over Shuangfu Can you manage such a large industry? Ban Boss, you have a great reputation in the Peerless Room I will give you this pair

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