Multi Sub 【开局就无敌】| Invincible on the Origin | Chapter 37 邪修强袭

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Evil rest There are so many women in this sect hey hey great I like playing with women the most good girls if you don't resist I can consider leaving your whole body Ha ha ha ha I want that woman in black.

Other you are free Shameless old lady, I will send you to the west to kill You are very brave Do you think you have the ability to defeat us? These people are from Gushi County Block the road and attack the evil cultivators in Tianxiang Village in Africa Their breath is kind of weird evil and ghostly But they are only Yuan Yingxiu.

In Africa, there is also the incarnation of the suzerain of Tianxiang Sect as a doctor. How could there be a narrow escape? Is there some hidden plot here? but well Wait until I follow their breath to find their lair Wouldn't I just dig out the hidden plot? Are you stuck with a bug? It turns out that the old nest is here I'm going to take a pee.

Why are you pedestrians doing so much shit? Hurry up If it weren't for a few beauties Who wants to join this mysterious organization It's just a fisherman anyway. The reason for beheading the five-fold co-workers is to get 1,201 Brother Cocktail, my mother is back how is the situation now hey hey hey.

The soul of Tianjiao gave Wuzhu with kung fu With masterless we will gain more power Wuzhu is the reincarnation of Shura Mozi With or without the Lord leading us to the top of Kyushu Dominate the Nether But we are only Yuanying how could it be possible There is an arrogance who turns into a strong man and fights know shit.

That heart is an aura bestowed on us by God As long as there is a steady stream of energy for us The group of human corpses above the head can be resurrected infinitely Don't say why We all killed Huashen Hmm, why does your kid smell like rouge powder? what you who are you me.

Kill you people beheaded beheaded beheaded Co-off gets 1,2001,201 value Not only did you get more than 20,000 field points when you came out I also learned the plan target of the ghost behind the scenes quite profitable Congratulations to Master Su for destroying the co-cultivation plan Changed the initial direction of the Shuangwen incident.

Obtain a temporary reward of 5,000 field value Are these evil spirits not as powerful as in the legend? It took me five minutes to kill them all. Not quite right I clearly feel that those evil spirits still have power Can be used during the battle just now They seem to have been hit hard Lord Qi, are you okay? Are you injured?.

I'm so worried about you a little hurt baby you gotta give me medicine hurt me Go back to your room and we'll heal you What about others in Chang'an? Where did you go lady You are hurt.

Minor injuries A small injury is also an injury Let me go and heal your wounds. Do you have to take it off? I am the first time take off You need to be lighter stop stop I asked you to take off your coat so that you can heal your injuries.

I don't want you to take it all off Hmm, I'll do it myself Why did you lose your temper all of a sudden? Sure enough, women are unreasonable ha finally arrived Welcome to Tianjiao Come to Yuncheng, the most prosperous capital city in Kyushu At the 5-day Kyushu event The lord of Yunzhou has prepared delicious food and wine.

Welcome everyone The Tianjiao Competition every 300 years There are still 9 recruiters to host there is another good news we succeed Invite a mysterious senior to Feixian Mountain The main bean of Wuzhou cat mother fucker Does that little girl really have some background?.

The Master Bean of Pseudo-Continent All Kyushu governors have arrived Now the senior from Feixian Mountain is missing I heard that senior Yushu Linfeng Handsome, extraordinary temperament, immortal style It is a real powerful modification You see there are people in the sky Destroy Immortals With One Palm, Invincible All Over The World Senior Chen Changan arrives at Hand Flying Fairy Mountain.

Ah, the senior is really here Enlighten all living beings with Yu Chenlang Senior is so handsome Even the name suits him so well The most invincible summer explosion at the beginning Four consecutive updates from July 29th to August 1st remember to watch who is in the dark night sky send a letter to the moon.

Waiting for the last winter Singing bright and evil melodies I pass a dark glass There's my sweetheart in a broken smile I'm imprisoned in this lonely place Let time tell my secret kind and vulnerable i can't give up i am doomed to be my enemy

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