Multi Sub 【我捡起了一地属性】| Picked Up An Attribute Series | Chapter 15 1080P

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Pay attention to the update of thousands of works in the Tencent animation app standing on a hilltop The sudden change of the cloud keeps walking, and the road ahead is unstoppable for leisure. right and wrong False forward between siblings Unique gods and monsters wreak havoc and sleep forever Underneath the dark tide is the endless abyss The entire attribute breaks through the upper limit of talent To prove that the ending is changed by me.

Fight recklessly Who dares to dare Do not bow your head and be stubborn The back of the arena becomes a luggage Determine the direction of the road ahead Spread your wings to soar The night is long and never hesitates Courage is full of chest, it is hard to withstand headwinds, you and I go to the battlefield together Ben Wushuang.

You guys Are you human or ghost? master young lady where are you what's the name of the brat Do you think you won't be able to graduate from primary school? ah ah Etc., etc all seated.

The Kingdom of God gave birth to you and raised you I didn't ask you to mess around here. sooner or later You must dedicate your strength to the Kingdom of God Kingdom of God ok let's go on to class As a citizen of the astronomical kingdom all should remember Astronomical Divine Birth Record is your foundation.

It is the basic guarantee for you to become stronger in the future from now on You must cultivate day and night can actually read the words in the book astronomical respiration What is the relationship between Fa and this record of astronomical expressions? Some content is very similar Master, this guy mutters and doesn't listen to the class well. boy listen carefully.

Not too young How can you be worthy of your parents if you don't graduate? Worthy of God's Kingdom's Cultivation hateful Snitching is still high-spirited I hate this kind of person the most. you have to compete with him overreaching Elementary school students have downfall.

What kind of world is this Remember to stop when you discuss with classmates Hmph, what happened to your downfall? I don't answer stupid questions tell you to look down on me How dare you pat your little starling's ass A child who didn't grow up in anything let's do it Stronger than the elders of New China.

I have to teach this kid a lesson still have a sense of proportion I'm afraid we'll have to do something unexpected what about your aura Um This little classmate is also good at martial arts. Hum brat look what my trick is Spicy Scallion Tornado.

Ah interesting interesting As a teacher, I have never seen such a trick crooked Is that right? Let me try another trick for you. Supermarket is cool It's a pity that it's all useless in front of me hey watch my crow fly who.

Too strange 4 bald heads This kid really has something you are perfect hand in hand I don't agree to come again you little brat Brother, if you really move your hands You can only bicker with me in the urn ah.

Ah ah ah ah Why is it so powerful Fortunately, there is a teacher pointing Let the teacher know that your family is in a special situation It's understandable to be so anxious I will forgive you this time But if next time, I will use my ultimate move on my classmates If you are a teacher, you will be smoked. You can't take care of yourself. Special situation at home.

What do you know As a teacher, I heard that you died due to family ruin A body of self-cultivation vanished into nothingness It's been down to this day I thought you were giving up on yourself I didn't expect to practice in secret to such a level This is very gratifying for the teacher. hey zhang tang Let me brush it up first.

Get out of class is over I am very happy to be a teacher today I won't take up your get out of class time. Let's go to get out of class. goodbye master goodbye master all gone why do you still Wait a moment I'm back.

Asha what are you talking about? This touch is too real Ah, I can't read the words again I became a genius in my dream Waking up to find I'm still illiterate Brats don't play tricks there You frightened me to death just now This pain is also very real What kind of book is this?.

Show my family Master, don't forget that the water is weird Anyway, this school is too weird we'd better go first This is what I just experienced in school It seems that this ancient street was left by the Kingdom of Astronomy that has some history He was in the era of this work It's already a legendary country.

Master, what do you think about this school? This feels pretty weird listen to your description Can't figure out how it works Oh right You say I just stood there motionless how long i stood I know this come on.

Count yourself about 100 beats be yourself Uh-huh i mean that The flow of time in school and the real world is different ah time Um.

I stayed in that world for about an hour and a half Reality is just a moment away Is this school history or some fantasy Can't make a judgment yet I see these buildings on the ancient street I'm afraid it's not that simple We are too little prepared today It's better not to venture into other buildings yet talk about those.

Go to the source of Shaqi as planned keep vigilant If something doesn't feel right, don't hesitate to retreat immediately ah girl front thing fierce Girl's realm is lower more susceptible to the chicken killing girl calm down.

So sad Saki is there don't know what's going on inside Girl use your av atar to test it out ah ah no China look at that This is.

A butcher knife 2 The elder tea is too hot 3 Elders are too windy Hey, Elder 5, your hands are too strong Got it, my lord It's a fairy day During my time exploring the ancient streets There may be trouble inside and outside the sect all i want you to do is act like me.

Shock the bad guys Ah, it's easy to be a teacher Hey long teaching ah long teaching The Xuanwu court suddenly sent a special envoy to negotiate a peace They are waiting for you in Qianqiu Palace Special Envoy of Xuanwu Kingdom hahaha The imperial court must have given up It seems that the pros and cons of Qianqiu Valley and the court Finally reversed.

Haha can i skip the meeting ah how can this work able Use Nukes to Reduce Unnecessary Absorption Exactly what we expected oh let's go Should we negotiate an early truce? That's right, Master we go with you.

Let me go what emergencies It's different from what I expected You thought it would be enough to bluff those elders and disciples? If you wear clothes, you will be happy I will definitely be sent to a labor camp Under the emperor's order, Mo Zi'an came here Discuss with the bee field sheath about Qianqiu Xuanwu's repair ah ha ha good good.

Uh, let's drink tea first Remember that people are not judged by appearances You can't judge people by their appearance Let me take a good look at it with Denon Prompt How strong is this legendary Crazy Palm? These eyes are definitely not simple ah luckily i react fast saved the bad mouse strengthen.

Ah how to love The two elders next to him are known to have reached the peak of supernatural powers But the teacher is only Kai Lunjing Your Majesty has been fooled pay attention to your speech talk too much A person who can kill a Yuan Danjing in the battle of life and death he is not simple.

You two have been whispering there for a long time fart What did the imperial court send you to do? speak softly Don't scare the two special agents back to the nest Mo Mou came by decree It was to escort Ling Wangyu to Feng Changjiang What does it mean As long as you accept this spirit king jade.

He is the protector king of Xuanwu Kingdom The same status as His Majesty As for the compensation for Qian Qiugu we will not be stingy same as emperor You ruined the entire Thousand Autumn Valley earlier Now But with such considerable conditions to win us to be the head teacher what kind of abacus.

Ah ha ha ha His Majesty the Emperor heard about Feng Zhangjiao's deeds greatly moved In my heart, I feel that Feng Zhangjiao can be the pillar of the country Your Majesty is willing to shake hands with Qian Qiugu Let's work together for the revival of the human race Ha ha ha ha can't handle such a big thing by myself.

Why don't this lord live in Qianqiu first? let me think about it give you answer that I will just wait for the seal of the sedan chair and the voice My lord, he is obviously shameless Unexpectedly, the famous Feng Zhangjiao so unbearable I'm afraid the previous rumors about him were all false. Why.

Although His Majesty intends to win over But this sedan chair looks really hard to be an adult The news about the man is too different for us. For now We can only make plans after finding out the truth about Qian Qiugu This really evil door If a flesh and blood creature approaches Most of the time it will be killed and corroded It was melted on the spot, leaving only bones.

Actually it is We're going to try to cleanse him too. If you don't solve this trouble I don't know how many disciples will suffer The killing power of this knife can form such a powerful spirit master This thing seems to be more powerful than your cloud edge what do you say.

That's because I see that you are too weak to exert your full strength Quickly use Fumeng Sansheng Jue boy come on Blast that damn thing Master Hugh slip away I can't even break through this guy's armor The brat can't beat it, so why pretend? ah.

I'm back wish you luck, boy ah master you sell me Hero, I can't climb anymore We are too much affected by murderous intent Too much energy has been consumed ah ah careful.

Fortunately, to witness This monster attack is too strong Can't fight him now There is a mother, hurry up I won't let anything happen to you I'm sorry if all I have left there will be no trouble now It doesn't matter Blame me for never ending.

Certificate Let's see where the sunset is going and wait for my return Swallow the sky and block out the sun to see the chaotic colors The universe collapses, delusional burial overturned the wall with one hand ah Xu Renzhi hid at home in daytime clothes and went to another world I've met a mediocre man here who abused him several times He wears my upper body and I feel bigger than him.

Winning the correction, the Immortal traveled all over the mountains and rivers and fought back home Who can dare to move forward in this hand This dangerous group of heroes in the rivers and lakes declared the flames of flames to the sky Count the swords and sticks to express countless blood Going through unfeeling is better than practicing weapons and pencils Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, blue, purple, I believe in all kinds of skills I can walk tens of thousands of times with a single move and a full sword The vicissitudes of the rivers and lakes are changing, whoever fights for righteousness will never look back The palace chips are staggered, the moon is like a hook, life and death are by your side.

Jianqi spiritual pitch is my miracle The stubborn young man's chaotic air splashed all over the ground From the beginning of the heart to the end of life Dreams can't hold the track One move cut off the world No matter how many years ahead is a thousand years or ten thousand years la la la la la

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