Multi Sub 【无上神帝】| Supreme God Emperor | EP 305 生死未明

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Mo Yun It's Mo Yun from Zhongzhou Continent From Zhongzhou mainland No wonder I don't know anything about Hanging Mountain I'll tell you one last time Hand over bundle heart i can spare you otherwise kill you.

As easy as killing a dog cut uncle pro you are so majestic I am a disciple of Tianjian Mountain, you can kill if you want then you come to kill me Zijian, why bother? wooden fish you don't have to be surprised I followed for a long time.

At this point I can't stand by anymore Killing you is not my opponent Are you afraid that my brother Yu Yang will kill you? so you dare not touch me, right? Yu Yang who is that Um I won't do anything to you.

But this person challenged the majesty of my Hanging Mountain kill me then you come Chen Ran What have you done Chen Ran, you are crazy it's about wine about that thing how can you force him into a place like that.

Something bad Elder Hanging Mountain won't let you go, right? how do i know he can get inside that thing damn asshole Jiu Ling Duo Tian Bei Ingenuity and skill surpassing heaven and earth and very spiritual and is yes.

Let's see how you deal The exit is now open hateful There's still one more day why open now Why A small loss is a big deal I see your humble heart is nothing more than this Mu Yun, you can't survive.

Get in there want to live unless it's god Xing Zihang Qiu Chiyan Zijian Very good you are all there where is rock rock What about Cai Yi?.

What about cloud wood Father Mu Yun he probably dead evening cloud Damn it, Mu Yun is dead, why didn't you die? you watch him die really powerless I went to protect Junior Sister Bai and others.

I couldn't meet up with my junior brothers at all. dark clouds ok you hell You clearly know that Mu Yun came from the mainland of Zhongzhou have hatred with me keep him In Zongmen, he also changed his name and surname you are amazing snort.

God bless you don't look for trouble Tianxuan Yamauchi is in crisis You are only allowed to kill other people from the Sanquemen Are you not allowed to kill your genius? Don't intervene if you can't afford to lose to Tianxue Mountain Withering Sword Walk ok you wait If I find out that Mu Yun is not dead.

I will kill you However, Tianjian Mountain only wanted to seek justice. What about the people from the Xunkong Mountain Interrogation Sect just now?

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