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Are you going to die here today? enough I feed you with blood help don't kill me Don't kill me, didn't you guys go down the mountain together? Why did you come back alone What about the rest i don't know i know don't kill me well don't force him.

Lord God nothing to worry about no one will hurt you Why did you come back alone What about Little Five and Little Six? And ordered us to go down the mountain to summon a martial dog master to help eliminate the demon but monsters have intelligence but monsters will appear No matter how you run, it will appear.

Little 6 is also dead If the martial arts master doesn't come again All our grandchildren must die no nonsense we are safe I'm coming the monster is coming quick let's hide.

No no yes What is a martial artist Martial arts masters are a group of body energy A person who turns martial arts into a super-strong record They transcended the limits of the flesh Often a one-in-a-million genius Once only dozens of martial arts masters conquer a country Where was the genius martial artist that day?.

Here your talented martial artist The kid who does it like this is a martial artist How can it be This is too much, this is the token Master gave me black grandmother token You are a disciple of Wumen Wumen kid can't be wrong One of the Eight Great Schools of Humen Heyday.

Once used the power of one faction to contend against the other sects But such a large sect It's not only weird, it's perverted stolen by a thief at night lend me some pants can also be stolen pants Is your 5 missing 10 reliable? According to you, the monster appeared two years ago Why did you only go down the mountain to ask for help recently?.

Have been trying but the end is the same We can't find our way down take the liberty to ask Every five masters have different abilities what is your ability we need to investigate Do you have the strength to fight beat that monster.

You understand Every martial artist has different abilities So divided into medical forging battles it doesn't mean anything you don't have to believe me but i will still help you it is my responsibility so where the hell is that monster now good question tell you the truth.

Do not know either I'll go there and you put on a hammer I know i can take you to find that monster who are you why help me He entered the village two days ago But we don't know who he is My name is Xiao Yuxuan When passing by the village, I felt a shortcut.

When I wanted to investigate, there were monsters blocking me A monster that I can't dress up by my own abilities But if we team up with you, we can definitely win But with my strength, I can do it alone. daddy will we die How could a silly boy Don't worry, nothing will happen Do you know why martial arts masters are called martial arts masters?.

Why Wu refers to morality but Quan does not refer to fists but hold on to hope ah really Amazing You say you know where the monster lives, right? yes then take me there now Let me knock that monster away.

Say it, my lord why are you following me I sent people down the mountain Although for the village But it's me who killed them i have to do something You are also an amazing person ashamed stop.

Right in this sinkhole I'll go down and check the situation is it here? Then the monster is solved, it's over Leave it to me to deal with it calmly where is it calm Nothing at all on top are we sloppy.

Am I wrong? He was obviously not so huge last time oh Don't make a sudden move asshole ah does he have two brushes too Be careful he is rushing towards you Don't they say monsters are intelligent?.

Why does he act entirely on his own let you suffer half what is going on He couldn't have come up with such an elaborate shortcut. Is someone manipulating him? if not smart Who is that? It turned out to be one Yu Xuan what are you doing.

It's your fault Hahaha hateful why do you do it to me Got it wrong sir That's just the identity when playing house you are serious Are you OK I for my own martial arts.

I have been hiding in this small village Becoming a martial arts master is my long-cherished wish But the ridiculous thing is that I can't condense the martial spirit Because Wuhun It is an ability born from the tempering of the human soul A mediocre person spends his whole life Can't practice martial arts I am mediocre But not willing to go on like this.

Then I thought of using other people's souls to refine Afterwards Wuhun was born but there was a flaw must be fed with the soul That's why you didn't slaughter the whole village Instead, enclose them with an enchantment Although he has my mark on him But he can't stay in my body If it devours both of your souls He should be stronger and bigger.

When I think of this, hahahaha i don't want to be so lucky Hahaha, it's up to you whether you want it or not. open your eyes Gathered so many thick and thick, I have the appearance of all five How is it possible to achieve five perfections? Hahahahahaha It's up to you whether you want it or not open your eyes.

Gathered so many thick and thick, I have the appearance of all five How is it possible to achieve five perfections? Ha ha ha ha The body is much stronger than last time It seems that I have absorbed too much and have indigestion. never mind tear you apart not trying at all die.

Iron Fist burns like this The power gap is too big what about the kid Did you die from that punch? Is it bone-ridged or bone-hard? Tenderloin is at least as heavy as a hill Was this kid always this brave? not a lie play? are you an idiot?.

This is no trick Is the real five comprehensive It's not this you kill innocent people And show them a sad look What did you say give them some compensation Aren't these all tricks? That's right, it's just for my martial arts.

These bastards are also stupid Not only do you have no doubts, but you also respect me. Hahaha if you let them know My priest slaughtered them like pigs What will they look like hahaha scum Hahaha It's their honor to be a stepping stone for me to become stronger Hahaha.

Enough what happened Just that murderous look This kid must not let him leave alive Kill such a person what's the matter ah ah trick them.

Hurt them insult them absolutely kill you who the hell The head disciple of the original wish, the black king with insufficiency in combat Came here to fight evil please die There are also evil ways what are you in beijing.

Little trash in the bathroom what right to let me die Are you scared enough to pee your pants? Be a victim of my martial arts path ah ah ah ah wow that's impossible this guy beats you Is this our Beiyuan disciple?.

Actually have such strength But five springs It should be two hands or all wins. why is he one-armed Presumptuous and toxic boy Blast your body and soul together Come on, let's fight, let's die come What about Wumen disciples?.

Even if you decay so that you don't even have dross left Hahaha ah ah English guy is a monster evil to wait for heaven Wait a moment.

I see I just leave This kind of words are now mixed with reverberation Is it done is this okay But he uses technology to manipulate souls Now it's backfired I have abolished his martial soul just let him go.

His soul They were all sucked up by the evil spirits nearby This is the retribution for abuse of power to oppress the weak It is also the greatest punishment for him. but there is still something to do Ah, what else is there? Very good Hahahaha the monsters in the mountains have been eliminated Haha, this is the letter left by the priest.

Really? Really? Hahahahaha After solving the monster priest, you can travel around the world I haven't had time to thank him yet. I'm so sorry for the priest Hey, where are those two young men? I didn't expect that you wanted to go to our Meridian Gate to learn from you I didn't expect this to happen Unfortunately, now is not the time to open the door to accept apprentices what should i do.

I'll take you to see my master directly Really great ha Yeah, let's go back to Wumen Wumen finally waited for this day I will definitely kill all Wumen disciples none will be spared Hahaha.

I'm absolutely going to destroy the coddling The Wumen of Hypocrisy I'll take you to see my master directly Really? Great haha Yeah, let's go back to the Meridian Gate Meridian Gate Wuzong Ruins The aura of Shiwan Dashan contains the habitat of all things can you hold on ah ah ah.

It seems that the stamina has also concentrated a lot let's call it a day ah ah ah ah master what are you doing It's good if you practice here today.

Master understands you Hey, I don't know how to understand the heart of the elderly at all. Master did you say that? oh almost forgot Yu Xuan come here You and Xiao Wu have been in Wumen for a month, right? is 15 days a month I come in here How long have you never mentioned a word about accepting me as a disciple?.

Are you going to drive me out of the noon gate now? from today on you He is my closed disciple of Beiyuan From now on, I will cover you Very good Ha ha ha ha Haha close the door once Master is cooking delicious, another bowl.

Hey can you eat quietly Although Yu Xuan just joined Wumen today But still have to assign tasks small five Wait a while and accompany Yu Xuan to the academy with senior brother Ah, I'm suddenly full Brat, this is a previous mission, take it back and hand it in I won't go I won't go I won't go I won't go I won't go Can't they go?.

Why are you still angry? Why do I have to go? Are there so few disciples in Beiyuan? The reason why there are few people in our North Campus It's because the master likes to be clean unwilling to recruit more disciples That's why there are so few people But the Meridian Gate is divided into five main courtyards in the southeast, northwest, and middle schools. More than 30,000 disciples.

Among them, there are at most 10,000 disciples in the East Campus North courtyard Plus the crocodile and the second junior sister who hasn't come back yet 7 people in total The gap between 10,000 people and 7 people is too big, right? It stands to reason that the more apprentices, the stronger the fighting power How could other sects allow him not to accept disciples? Still dominating one side But if there is a conflict with other students.

It's not that you lose before you fight what happened It must have been a private fight in another prison. Generally, duel venues will be in danger of being blocked by passports. Don't worry Is it really going to be okay? Don't worry, it won't It hurts so bad you see i'm fine.

Stop pretending. I can't stand it anymore. What a big original stone so big A disciple bought it for a date with his junior sister, right? Hey, don't pay attention to these useless things big is good is big why don't we buy a big one I said don't pay attention to other people's things Here we are.

Great building Ah, it's so lively here Here is the marketplace is also a place to live we are in the middle school now Here you can not only receive tasks It is also the place where information exchanges between countries You can find out everything here here it is.

Go in This is the library gone little five i won't go in go to yourselves I won't go in even if you kill me I will give these scrolls to the people in the academy first Just go and find out if there is a task that suits you. ah great.

Can look around There are so many, it's hard to choose. What kind of mission do you usually choose? I never do these tasks I only listen to the master Most of the released missions are to drive away wild boars beat bandits so boring After all, you are not doing business properly.

Not at all Yo is that a parrot? quack quack Hahaha that's a crow called haha I don't know the name of the parrot Hahaha, the little parrot still has the face to come back so sad where i go is none of your business hello little five.

Ha also right like you Only kindergartens like Beiyue will stay what do you say idiot Don't be provoked by him Ho Ho Ho want to fight with me? let's try it no need A provocative person like you just makes people look down on you.

You 2 years ago didn't need a woman to speak for you Are you so useless? That's your guts to fight with Dongyue Baihao people You were so arrogant back then Hahaha that happened Is that why you don't come to the academy? 2 years ago because of a woman now because of another woman Ha ha.

Why can't you be satisfied with the previous one? try again That's the look I'm most unhappy with what are you doing so loud in the lobby Cheng He Titong Fifth Senior Brother This person doesn't feel easy task has been taken don't do anything.

Let's go good black county marsh you can't do it This is a land mission The ghost spirit vulgar mission second only to the sky level etc. give me the ball do you know what you're talking about.

Hey little five what do you want to do give me your scroll Will I give it to you? If you can't get it, try it someone wants to meet me Come and see I have you guys who can't kill you dilly-dally No, I have to inform my brother.

Something will happen if this goes on Gonglong It doesn't take 1 minute hold on for 1 minute Hahaha okay hahaha not bad It's been a long time since someone beat me like this It hurts a lot, next time.

He must be stronger I look forward to that day Xiaowu parrot hold on Junior sister, go back to the North Campus first, right? The Bad Boy of the East Yard i'm going to kill them More than 10,000 disciples in the East Campus Master, you can't beat all of them I do not care.

Master calm down it's nothing at first It's just that the parrot heard the ghost and banned the wind later. become different No wonder I knew that he would not be allowed to go to the academy. I'm obviously so careful Why I've thought of countless ways and only one is the best solution. what method.

Drag the parrot out hit amnesia I'll get you amnesia first I happen to be that kid Don't kill brother But what are ghost scriptures? I only say this once don't ask again Those who get involved with the ghost charm will not end well.

Ghost essence is the national and trade union what everyone wants 3 years ago, Wumen sent disciples to find ghost spirit charms The ghost talisman was found But the two disciples ran away with the Ghost Essence Talisman Wu Yiqing this time is to get back the Ghost Essence Talisman Capture the two disciples who defected What's the difference between changing a parrot and sending it to death? Even so I'm going.

Tell me where the mission is Don't even think about you even Gu Yiqing's hand I can't even beat the next one, but I still have the face to mention ghost scriptures Don't lose my Beiyuan's face go back to bed now I know I can't beat Gu Yiqing but should i hide behind him i missed this task i will never forgive myself.

Can't let myself regret talk back Yeah What is it that hurts? black county shaft Could it be Everyone in the ghost gold talisman task will send a copy of the information go if you want Parrot, although your strength has improved.

But such a task is still too early for you bring Yu Juan Anyway, he's free Wouldn't it be dangerous to let the little evil person pass by later? why let me go Remember to run when in danger It's right to live anyway why take me die.

You will come back alive These words are written in a mess Next here is the address parrot i ask you Are you sure you can defeat those two traitors? Frankly, we can't beat those two guys. I've seen the scroll Both of them are stronger than you and me beg for mercy once we lose.

They will kill us without hesitation Didn't you think we'd die here Anyone can do what they just want to do But once we're dead there's nothing left do you understand Then just try to survive, won't you? No matter how strong the opponent is It doesn't matter if there are two people or a hundred just face to face.

I won't run away Even if something happens I will do my best to protect you But I'll be happy if the alligator dies. wow you suddenly turned over After 5 days of rushing, it finally arrived No other information is written on the task Next, I can only find it by myself Remember to hide the Wuhun.

It's bad to be found out Is this really okay? what do they look like well i think so Ha ha ha ha ah fly to you I throw stones on the ground hahaha tripped him.

Ha ha ha ha run Now the lad is really Ah, hello, kid, are you alright? ah sorry Are you okay, bunny? Sister Li Sha thief why are you here You're hurting all over again.

Humph, who told them to speak ill of my brother? thank you for helping the thief I don't think I've ever seen you we came from somewhere else Since you are locals Have you ever seen such a thing ah Ah, my brother is wearing the same mask mask your brother.

What's up? Kid, are you sure your brother is wearing this mask? Um can you tell me where your brother is Parrot have a strong spirit come closer to us two wrong only one He obviously hid his martial soul, but was he discovered?.

Coming elder brother Isn't that on his face The thief didn't see him for half an hour, his smile became brighter It's so different from what I imagined Hey masked man over there give me something that way i can let you go what are you saying.

Stop pretending you know who i am That stinky thief over there gave it back catch up The one in blue is Kongmo Let's talk about something still run first What good did you do? Lurking to help the poor, but simply stealing things.

I want to run too It's all your fault that I was chased and beaten too blame me for eating I'm going to eat just go here by yourself you next door thing my next door Have you known the masked man since childhood? well it's not like that.

Uncle your clothes I met him 3 years ago At that time he suddenly came to the village covered in injuries extremely embarrassing and sudden Adopted Xiao Tou who lost his family After that, Xiao Tou always regarded him as his brother. Does that mean he parted ways with someone else? He was really unbearable at that time.

No matter what you say or do to him His eyes are full of sadness Live with Xiaotou make him completely different from before It would be nice to keep going like this Enough with you bastard Give me your ghost mirror suit I don't have that kind of thing Do not make jokes.

Sentenced to the Meridian Gate to take away the ghost scriptures In a few days, the Meridian Gate disciples will take you back Parrot so what we are here to catch him it's not like that I knew from the beginning that you were our disciples I also know your purpose but things won't be given to you.

It's very important to me now you die this heart beat you to spit it out don't be too aggressive I knew from the beginning that you were our disciples I also know your purpose but things won't give you it's very important to me now.

Even if you have this heart beat you until you spit it out don't be too aggressive brother no more little thief you go what do you think i'm here for I just want to live in peace now don't want to be disturbed by others.

I can't lose them anymore what are you kidding wait parrot please get out of here go first Damn it, it's obvious that the ghost sutra is on him even that's useless Besides, we don't know where the other person is. If things go on like this, everything will be in vain in Guyiqing.

Just tie up his sister and force him to hand over the Ghost Scripture Talisman hey hey hey don't mess around It's just executed wait back so we will be killed I might break my promise I didn't expect this body to lasted until now but.

It's almost the end who ah take it easy it's me why are you here where is your partner he I got separated from him Why is there an unmarked tombstone here?.

Because you don't need a name He is another target of yours Disciple of the original Wumen is my partner also my best friend He is also Xiaotou's elder brother I will go back to Wumen with you Ghost Spirit Talisman will also give you not now.

Give me 5 days I must stay with Xiaotou But in two days other Meridian Gate disciples will come over they won't wait The thief has been incorporated into the machine dying I used my martial soul to inject the ghost sutra talisman into his body to continue his life Ghost scriptures can renew life but it's all in vain.

I can't save anyone Whether the thief or his brother Also cause the thief now Often unable to remember events from the previous day often amnesia The masked man is not here I'll just take the thief away By then hey it's all my fault ghost woman for you.

The little ghosts came to bully him again Lisa Tang is here None of my business If you dare to bully her next time, you will be killed. Why are you always being bullied? you who i called a car You actually ask who I am.

Sister save me it's the stranger bully me ungrateful little bastard stranger thief you lost your memory again He doesn't seem to know his body is bad Even if he knows tomorrow, he will forget except me and his brother don't remember anything else.

He doesn't know how many days he can live His brother must not accept this Hahaha The Ghost Essence Talisman can only kill for one year Then the thief has only 5 days to live That's right, after 5 days, the Ghost Essence Talisman will be given to you But the disciples of the Meridian Gate will come the day after tomorrow The thief's body has reached its limit no longer.

The child is still so small but time is running out no solution anymore no wonder no wonder who No wonder I haven't been able to find ghost scriptures His Majesty got out have you guys been hiding here all this time guessed right Girls can rest easy and close their eyes.

Kneel down and die If you dare to touch the thieves, I will definitely kill you. you are so confident I'm so scared tombstone It seems that it is not as strong as in the legend go to hell Are you OK something torn clothes.

I'm going to be scolded by Lisa again Ah, it's okay after so many attacks Let's work together to defeat him no need you back down I'm enough alone end soon he has the strength invisible for the first time you don't know who we are.

Treasure never heard of other members are here you are so lucky 6 people with shredded arms you will be the first That's just the end of what happened three years ago. Wow Such a strong momentum erupted in just a moment Humph, you can pan with more arms.

Wuquan should be used like this the air is pressed down Very strong spirit You spread the martial spirit all over your body Belongs to Wuhun And what I am good at is Shu Wuhun sin from now on This is my martial arts from now on too capricious.

I don't use it much It's just a clay doll after all. From the back, Confucius' ability is to imprison the soul Whether it is Wuhun Or your sex can be suppressed by Confucius Does looking down on me make you feel sure mocking hateful The soul is sucked away by the bamboo leaves Mountain.

Gone Those who are suppressed by the boy are imprisoned ah where is this you shouldn't be grumpy in front of me Don't try to hurt my sister Then regret it in the cage Then regret it in the cage He didn't die, I just crippled his martial soul It's not that the opponent is too weak.

The masked man hasn't used his power yet We can't beat the mask The male ghost fine amulet, this task is too dangerous bad wu he Well, it was supposed to be a ghost-stealing talisman I didn't expect the little ghost to live on ghost scriptures what should i do You are hurt Does it hurt?.

Don't cry don't cry Don't cry, all fly away all fly away you can't do it i won't let you go you are not afraid of death can't let myself regret Little five little five little five what's wrong with you never mind.

Ah Although I am not reconciled, I can only give up Little ghost, you must live well He'll forget what you said later Then he will recover his memory later must live well Why did you suddenly show that look hey-hey who is this guy.

What do you want to do hehehe none of your business hey-hey Oh, let me tell you i have got it ah you are too slow impossible be shocked.

I said you were too slow then goodbye hello You bastard, return the ghost scripture talisman Xiao Wu wait It went smoother than expected Just fool around and win him away speak up Where is the Crystal Palace? Damn where is that guy hiding?.

Ah ah ah ah breathe baby baby If you can beat you, it's okay hey-hey Do not be angry anyway You will soon die on my blade.

Literally, you are weaker than the masked man But I feel that you are struggling what nonsense blue shirt white collar Boy, are you really our disciple? It's too weak haha I got it idiot i never intended to fight you let your guard down.

Good to get ghost scriptures Ha ha you open it Is it really a ghost scripture? It's just a broken stone I've been hiding for so long what is the purpose Of course, to find the real ghost scriptures oops.

You are strong, you have a sense of justice But can you stop us it's too late I lost Wujing Prefecture he will die soon I want to go back right away Why Don't worry, the winner hasn't been decided yet.

Get out of the way Ha ha ha ha knock me down and let you pass suddenly such a heavy punch Is it worth it? Is the little girl dead? As a strong man, compassion is superfluous ah gone It's not over yet.

Hey, don't even cry Are you scared? ok little thing time to go Sure enough, it's better to give you a little eyesight Small hurt you kid Not only don't you cry, you don't even cry out in pain? stubborn ants let go of the thief.

Don't be ashamed to bully him elder sister let go you let go of the thief don't hurt him Oh, is it so then stay alive Then keep lying there talking big things Don't bully my sister.

Xiaguang is not running away I do not want powerful spirit why did he come back so soon hunter missed my sister he is dying ah ah ah Since Lian Jian missed.

Let me clean you up for him I am Shui Yibo, who is ranked second in treasure Excellent wash little five take the thief away Li Shang Big brother save me thanks Please protect the thief.

You are waking up again stop talking about you bleeding too much don't make me and him Disappointed and sleepy, I'll go to bed first time is limited If it doesn't stop bleeding, it's dead. Damn it. don't underestimate me that would kill don't underestimate me.

That would kill Why are innocent people involved? say something stupid damn if It doesn't matter how many times this kind of rubbish civilian dies I should be thankful I didn't feed him to the dogs Thief Lisa, have you had enough? Lisa, you have been desperately guarding your self-esteem But was repeatedly trampled by this so-called strong man.

You must be sad But you don't have to be patient anymore Finally want to fight? doesn't matter can't survive can put this guy make a mess Big talk just finished for many years.

You think you can beat me I can't even touch me what happened Suddenly his Wuhun did you speak just now strong sorry did not hear clearly There are two strong spirits over the house Xiao Wu must be fighting with someone else.

Thief Don't let anything happen but I what's going on in society The fighting style is just messed up Isn't his strength weaker than re-election? It's not good, you can't win if you go on like this Only five myths Don't be so arrogant, this scumbag.

Hahahahaha With this level of strength, you still want to defeat me Get carried away by my strength enough to break you down Your 5 punches are not five punches with both hands Not scattered all over the body Instead, it's all concentrated in the right hand. Shooting Defense Enhancement Strength.

And I injected the martial spirit into the weapon through the palm of my hand This is martial arts Wu Quan is right Take a good look at the power of martial arts hahaha when will that person show up where is it boss what are you doing Where is Ghost Axe? not yet.

Shut up already know where imp inside go get it ah actually hidden in the body Is it connected with the agency? Ridiculous A bunch of trash don't know.

So what I won't let you take it away too obtrusive young brat The girl and the ghost i took it with words I will make him despair again what happened instant body cold.

Then turned into a deadly scorching heat Sorry for failing to protect the thief he was captured sorry this is not your fault i will rescue the thief sorry sorry sorry.

Send word you still tell it yourself before this i want to protect them In this case value gone ah big brother ah ah for protection give him strength.

You this asshole big gap Ignorance and fearlessness The weak act too foolishly why save the corpse is it not OK no you can't go with them they will kill you eh.

Can't go hateful hateful don't let the thief go they will kill you eh I know Are you still blaming yourself? you tried your best I can only say that you are too weak.

You're lucky to be alive Well, since that's the case, where were you then? why are you not with them I don't get angry about this now 3 years ago, I was ordered to seize the Ghost Scripture Talisman Back then I was being hunted down by rage And my brother's brother died to protect me He is another disciple of the Meridian Gate The purpose of the violent burial is not only ghost scriptures.

It's even more to pay for the blood debt I owed 3 years ago next battle someone will keep dying They won't come to me and I will go to them what are you just an outsider don't get involved You go away at dawn Lisa is fine The wound has begun to heal.

Just take a good rest it's ok are you going? you think i came out to play Say one more word have you all decided Ah, once you hit the road, there's no turning back Well, let's rescue the thief together. Just like you, no house, no money, no horse.

Still want to marry a wife daydreaming Even if you are poor, you still have a fox face you like this forever single it's too much to say I'm going to kill you huh just play house still on top.

Boss just told us to keep an eye on him You got angry with a little girl Then you come to play with him dead crone you fox face be careful i kill you Come if you have the guts dead crone come come come.

I hit you right now Look at me three knives and six holes for you You said Xu Biao's five punches were abolished can only leave This is an order can't do without you masked guy they are coming finally waited.

Coming here fast wait for the anchor where are you going Huh, of course I went to kill the masked one. snort How dare you say it, you guy makes sense just do it others do not go.

You do not want it hey-hey of course go Are all men like this? it doesn't matter according to plan three years in May shocking ending the crocodile.

Can really find them Baby crocodile's nose is more sensitive than a dog's follow his direction Rescue the thief first after finding them think of other things once the thief is rescued you withdraw first I come to haunt others Then get out of here with the sand.

If I'm still alive I'll find you It's a wave of water Since that guy is here, it means that the thief is not far away. you keep rushing Let's deal with the water wave what a surprise why don't you stop them there are others behind my goal is only you.

Can you let me go too I was the one who cut your woman I want to do even worse things to him don't you care oops man of steel actually bowed my head to receive the knife from you It's better to start with power I'm not here to play house with you.

God kills the person who suffers like that is you so what Then disappear in this world It's better to start with power I'm not here to play house with you you You're the one lisa cried like that so what Then disappear in this world.

I hope you have this strength Then let's play with you for a while nothing at all If you don't do your best That The outcome is set do we really not stay It's okay, I believe in the strength of the masked man We'll just be holding back if we stay there.

What we have to do now is Rescue the thief unscathed No, pass me first ah hey-hey I'm waiting until the flowers are gone um and me Are these two people who are also treasures? should be.

The one on the right is mine Well, I'm coming from the left let's go finally started waiting too long take a good look When that person comes, it's when you die But I don't have much chance here A wave of water is strong.

Hugh won't be easy Money is all about being scary as long as you can't catch me no use at all The little beauty will die if she doesn't concentrate good response But until the funeral Just be prepared to die Hehehe, no one will bother us this time.

You're really out of luck What's the meaning You seem to be the weakest of them all 'Cause like you I can win anything ah It turns out I was underestimated I will regret it rush not so easy.

I come out Your martial arts status is linked to your body hum Looks like I didn't expect 5 punches crooked Always hope to seize the opponent's moment to win But your 5 punches have an Achilles' heel Your 5 punches cannot move with you Only have a range of 600 feet If you exceed it, you will not be able to catch your opponent.

Now this hand has been cut off by me what are you using to catch me Your Valkyrie is just a decoration now I won this battle go to hell hum I hit with all my might Hit until he has 5 punches and he is gone why he died.

It's all untied Could it be that Didn't die hit full force ethyl still alive Impossible hardness is several times that of the body Seeing his 5 punches why is he okay impossible absolutely impossible Hmph, you must be thinking so now, right?.

Can see it No, the reason why you can cut off the boy's hand I made you on purpose Tongzi only has a limited scope of action on the body while the separated part is never in he can do whatever he wants Releases a large amount of water once it catches an enemy corrode another space And from the other side of space.

There will be a product that can lead Tongzi Wow Open it and be pulled over count me from the beginning Son of a bitch Ah, what the hell is this place? I won't let you go what's wrong with my body I thought how strong.

But you just whip the power back and forth like a whip you have no grasp The essence of right fart i want to die with you I am going to kill you What looks like You are the one who speaks loudly What the fuck are you doing here.

Are you right if you win? Three years ago you killed us and buried more than 200 people In the end, the retribution fell on your companions. sister is dying too Our two disciples will die because of you you're the real big joke The path I choose doesn't need others to judge me Are you excited when you scold me? but i won't kill you.

People who fought you before where is his body There is a cliff east of here he is there alive he is alive get out of here with him go to a place where no one knows begin a new life bastard you bastard.

This time you won this time you won It's too much to move just a little bit. hold onto Little beauty, you are not an introductory disciple of Wumen, are you? Look like you can fall down just look Blue shirt and white collar are the entry Disciples serve.

Why are you an outsider going through this muddy water? some things are complicated Anyway, you won't let me go That being the case Finding a way to win you is the most important thing what Chances are childish ah Little beauty, you are cruel enough.

See the timing kill how to say I don't want to die either but against rage get ready to die and we are cranky Even if the opponent is an ant trample him to death.

Bring it on Put your ante on the fight this gas is poisonous Wow Why doesn't Peerless Ultima take a break? What is the attribute of fist Is it light or is it too poisonous? stop running around get rid of him.

No wonder the master didn't let Xiao Wu continue the task Our two levels are too different I don't know what happened to Xiao Wu Little Evil seems to have been poisoned to death just now. scare me you are not hurt No, aren't you poisoned? You're pretending to be dead ah help me.

It is going to rain I don't know where the little beauty went laser little mouse came out Is that flovin he's holding? ah I let you go, why did you come back again? Do you think I dare not kill you or do you think you can beat me? we are going to save the thief.

I run and you stop us It's better to just decide the winner still a little brain But only a little naive little girl you know the scars on my back how did you come here is my biological father cut out with a knife I am 12 years old.

The first person to kill was my father I can't forget it until now He opened his mouth but couldn't speak Falling down in front of me with an angry face I'll watch everyone I kill Slowly enjoying the fear in their eyes but shocking as long as you don't move forward i let you go.

To give up is to betray them Even if I die, I will defeat you Well, I advise you to go to hell with your determination. The poison will make you fester and die Don't worry I will remember your face prove that you have come to this world ah what the hell Nausea was bitten by a crocodile.

Starving beast can kill you come on I don't think this girl can do this don't give up when did i make you think you could beat me Of course I know there is no way to beat you at this level but want to When it rains, the power of thunderstorms will increase greatly.

What use is this entry-level Fuzhen to me? can you be patient Arm mine suit for crocodile I have different types of floats The floating bar consumes the martial soul too fast Generally only as a killer I'm faster than you in terms of reflexes, strength and speed You can't kill me with all the floats You should feel your body starting to go numb by now.

Forgot to tell you Little Evil has poison on his teeth you are right but why am i so angry Now it's all over giant Thunder Tree ah ah.

Ah ah ah ah Wow Should beat him you are at underestimate me How can it be Hahahahahaha Did you get carried away without killing you?.

Why not do your best why not talk to 5 You can beat me with all your strength, right? no I just think you look at me with that pathetic look Is this a look of sympathy? it's an insult to me I just don't want to kill why should i kill you.

Why can't you live don't look at me like that die with me ah ah I said don't look at me like that Has the poison started to take effect? I'm done playing i just aimed at me.

Aimed at dark room light from the window I can never forget him lying in a pool of blood look at my eyes And the sting of the wound let me never forgive him you woke up why haven't you left.

I healed you you better stay still I also helped you remove the scars on your body Are we women? It's better not to leave scars on the body Well, I'm all done with pre-skin cream ah why are you up mind your own business If I wanted to get rid of the scar, I would have done it already.

Why save me Are you afraid that I will stab you in the back? what the hell are you thinking little girl because I don't want someone to lose their life because of me the world is full of struggle I think it's best for everyone to survive and find your own freedom a bit strange.

Um scars gone Hate obsession also disappeared feel a little empty take it This is the thunder of the soul It's useless for me Give it to you as a souvenir Take care if you fight again next time we meet.

Then you also promise to hope that we will have no date in the future. naive Why Are you going to spend New Years with me? I'm glad you beat me down if you're upset what are you doing you are hiding your strength If you accidentally play wrong It would be a pity to die, I would love it.

Torture you until you give it your all been talking hard You are the one who bleeds first Lao Tzu Empress What about you, the table is all messed up Your hands are harder than your mouth trivia ah The two martial spirits that confronted Yu Xuan disappeared.

Who's winning Ah, it's a wave and I'm doomed to lose with garbage. Needless to say Qingsi what is he doing boy Since they all decided the winner we stop procrastinating Just let me cut you in half and then cut you into thin slices Hmph, then ask about my fist first.

Yelling what are you doing irritable Each member has their own fighting style Big signs are power and destruction Shui Yibo is for mid-range combat and explosive power Qingsi is reaction and agility hey hey hey You feel.

What am i good at Are you talking too much? it's so fast I use a day weapon It doesn't mean I only have this ability oops Since you feel stronger than me Then fight with me if you don't do it then i will.

Block you first The bones are hard Hahaha Hahahahahaha Is it okay to try the combination of hunter and wind? Ha ha ha ha It's the art of fighting ah ah ah warning.

Stuff i made useless Let's admit defeat obediently No how could by chunk How did you do it Actually tore the wind away ha ha ha interesting.

Watch out Although the speed of light of Leng Gun is very fast, it is not unpredictable don't stare at his figure to feel the wind The wind blows from here to there Hey, can you break the trick by standing there stupidly? or have you given up Only the shock of grabbing the squeezed air just sleep.

Let's catch you Um die Alright, another punch to the best policy ah ah That's it Generally hit the fast force to break the bridge Come again, how did you hit it? Damn, look at me at full speed.

My hands are so black Is it loach or catfish slippery you'll die if you catch it Hey, how much do you pay at Wumen? What are you doing? Have you just met that little girl? leave me a few more knives.

It's fine if you don't know you are allowed to insult her so what if you insult her It was a shit name He won't live for a few days after saving him. life in a few days fuck off ah It's a person.

It's up to you to decide whether his life is worth it People who rely on your Meridian Gate They're not all as stubborn as you, are they? There's no point in insisting on things Pointless You say you are not noble you are amazing He was happy because he saved him ridiculous.

Only a few days to live can only helplessly die, die first chatting nonsense Noisy I'll save him as long as he wants to live It's not that you decide to let him die Why do you ah.

We have strength ah good can see his attack line. ah yeah don't know anything understand again rain ink head see my attack is talking big.

How to catch the wind Controlled wind keeps converging Condensed into a wind blade in the moment before the attack I embrace the flowing air freeze him in advance Then catch it or not Why do you always refuse to admit defeat Is it useful to fight so hard? are you useful.

Whatever happens, just face it well what's the use Can you fool yourself? why save me did not lie to myself why don't you let me die I look like a monster what's the point of living why save me.

The fire ruined my best friend I thought as long as I saved him, he'd think about it. Why ah I don't understand what's right and what's meaningful never regretted it I can't help him I don't know if I'm right or wrong.

Ah take another punch I won you can really save him If he lives in more pain than now what if he hates you if you regret it what should you do Will regret even if he only has a few days to live.

But these days are his own life, he chooses by himself let's not be so arrogant even thinking about going where is my sister three years no see So many important things not explained Just say this stop talking nonsense Where the hell is my sister holding it?.

You top revealed part of your sister gave you Hahahahahaha Keep guessing where to put your left foot Hahahahahaha ha damn dog thing sin from now on.

Kill him Hahahahaha I've been waiting for this day for a long time If even what people say is the truth that's not just a thief Both Xiao Yuxuan and Hugh can't survive you forgot my strength A puppet boy of this level is useless to you It's useless to say.

New Tricks Transform Throats hum childish how does this stuff trap me You have time to escape before I destroy the puppet nonsense to die again Then the void appears middle ha ha ha ha ha.

Three years is not wasted Equity got stronger A little bit what did you do to my sister hahaha obvious Save his life and wait for your rescue Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha There must be a limit to dreaming Of course it is 8 yuan.

Enough do not talk you pay me go to hell Two powerful spirits It's Hugh who fought the strong don't break the post what kind of battle is this the gap is too big.

Xiaowu and I are not rivals Jealousy runs away when it encounters danger It's right to live what to do little five where are you don't die 3 years ago you didn't have the strength Or It's the opportunity brought to you by the Ghost Essence Talisman Anyway, let's do another useless struggle.

Like 3 years ago quiet quiet Qiu Xinma's disciples are in No matter what, you must get the ghost scripture talisman The two of your disciples are my Nanyue elite Don't delay him, don't be careless If you can't bring the ghost scriptures back to Wumen destroy him on the spot Never fall into the wrong hands.

Even at the cost of life Disciples will fulfill their mission Hey, this task is so boring Obviously you can do it alone Let's go play in town afterwards don't go rigid I'll take you ha ha ha no I don't understand why this mission is only sent to us.

Isn't it obvious Because we are strong enough wrong Stealing ghost scriptures from an organization The fights before and after are all shameless Two people can't kill an organization Will bring the trouble back to Nanyuan So this task It's not about bringing the Ghost Essence Talisman back to the Meridian Gate.

He died outside with the Ghost Essence Fu Looks like we're being treated like puppeteers Bah, it's ugly to speak but almost We are elite can't just die outside yes Let's bring the Ghost Essence Talisman back to Wumen with great fanfare good elite disciple.

Even chief disciple All tasks are directly arranged by the elders' house high risk But the information will also be very detailed If you can't complete the general tasks, you can get out this time constant intelligence Can you hold on? fast bike.

Do you want to escape? Besides being irritable Powers large and small have joined the fray Canglang Mercenary Regiment Town Demon Temple The royal families of some countries in the shadow society also took action them They all want to get Guangjing from us Except violent burial Powers big and small have joined the melee them.

Everyone wants to get the ghost mirror from us There are so many people here Isn't the enemy only one organization? Why kill ghosts Stay for a whole body you will never admit defeat superior dream How about it.

Can still fight We're like running in the dark attracting too many predators No matter what, we have to fight our way here When entangled with anger, the martial spirit has already experienced calamity, it's not good boss we are not on yet Not urgent These two Meridian Boys.

Still have energy Let them hang with these hotheads a little longer brother listen up Listen again, wait a minute, release the martial spirit with all your strength open a way You just take the opportunity to run out Demon Pill wait a minute can't do this always live for a moment.

Indulgence and pretense Don't let them bring tricks back to Meridian Gate No, then come and try it out. Singapore and Malaysia How long can it be sealed only by pills continue to consume him ah ah ah The sky is distorted ah.

Ah ah arms increased Our tree souls try to break the call hurry now What about you ah go can't leave you Guo Dengwei don't even think about leaving Wow.

Ah, I won't go if I don't go So don't talk to me like you're dying you confused Hmph, come back alive to the Meridian Gate and scold me again after ah Let's go, but the ghost talisman hasn't been seen yet These two boys are the bait that attracts too much Who got the Ghost Amulet The next one to be besieged was himself.

Until everyone consumes almost Those who hide in the shadows should appear It's just that it's not certain who is the fisherman. hahaha damn This is too tenacious Don't underestimate our disciples ah ah ah.

Consume too much and you'll kill yourself ah not sharp at all ah Absolutely hurt Wuhun Singapore and Malaysia hang a sword Can't hold it anymore you did it.

Singapore and Malaysia So many people died with one stone What are the Humen Elders thinking? Get out of here alive anyway You won't be able to hide for long in this kind of place. But if you're on the road, at least you can't hold on Is Qingfeng there? On my body don't worry about me.

Take him back to wumen i can't leave you spring I'll die with you As promised, we must take Guijun back to Wumen who Hehehe, we quietly followed all the way I wanted to give you a sneak peek give me something now.

Up to you fuck him stop talking nonsense i won't leave you you are dying What do you care about so many things? carrying your dead body I want to take you back to Wumen I spent a day in the sun finally waited.

King sparrow behind Hahahahahaha Gui Zonggu Ghost Axe leave them dead together Only by grabbing the head of the ghost scripture mansion can you reward you with a good land and a beautiful house ah ah ha ha ha hide here.

The boys of Frenzied Sword Gate will get rich today The seven chief disciples of the He Hai Sect have been waiting for a long time please private tutor your brother sin from now on world Yeah really not How many people came to grab.

Steal ghost axe west malaysia stop talking leave me here let's go I beg you Singapore and Malaysia I was hurt by rage before After exhausting the spirit.

We ran out of medicine Ghost Fu What the hell is the master ghost talisman? why so many people want him Unknown spirit of soldiers The ghost sutra runes are relics from ancient times Refined by the ancestors of the eight sects It is something that exists for war Infinity.

The important thing is that it can be used to train people's lives so to speak try it if you can live New horses will survive New horses can be painful please hold back because better than dying in a place like this.

Ah ah ah Survive with patience so many worlds Already shattered Can it really save your heart? Look at Kui Jin Fu I shook my hands out worked Kui Jin Talisman and horse riding seem to be merging.

This time It should be fine to pay for the trouble mission era Can only wait for the new legend Let's go back to Wumen double attack succeeded Doppelgänger didn't like it Disciples, the Emperor's Ghost Essence Talisman has not been absorbed yet.

Grab it back Three Swords Array Greenling damn come on Don't even try to get half a step closer end of poor slave Cross the highway get out of the way let you live.

Dream how is it not over yet must not be interrupted Although the three of us are struggling but no problem These bastards come on who else Big talk Hey friends let's go together.

Superior oops oops After burning like this, there is still fighting power Withdraw, Beijing Mansion, I will take it Ah looking around will kill you let him die forget it How is this guy so strong.

Promise me hahahahahahahahahaha Singapore and Malaysia, we are brothers in the same discipline but when i go against my mission called wearing Only you saved me a few times Almost lost my life for me The idea is too difficult, what should I do? I have you as a friend This life is a couple.

If you are lucky enough to live you are so hard I can't kill you if I don't believe it must live well Hahaha he can't do it anymore I have a sister if i were an adult you can take care of him for me.

Ah he gets lonely still very fragile don't pretend to be strong child Do not be afraid even if happiness disappears Sadness will definitely disappear no more pain.

Something you hold dear I will protect won't let anyone take it away I did you die what happened ah ah ah ah ah what's up.

My body it's amazing So many people never beat you should say they are too weak Or Wumen is too strong treasure it all but are you playing tricks snort Not a child.

Why should I use Hugh five punches Every time a ghost sutra is born, there must be a war The world only knows how to live Superficial, I'm not sure about the real usage now i'm sure The Ghost Essence Talisman can capture the Martial Soul Take other people's 5 punches for your own use but well How can you fight me with this dying look?.

Took his 5 punches Hmm or not Hahahahahaha took his life Also took away his 5 punches Ha ha ha ha Don't you want to get the Ghost Light Talisman? then you come Boss can't let him run away.

I'll take someone to chase No need, let's put this matter aside for now But the ghost is on top of him If you don't come back, you won't have a chance water wave have you said enough The ghost scripture talisman was broken into pieces The rest of the ghost scriptures have been integrated with the body Taking it forcibly will only shatter the ghost talisman.

Now only we know the whereabouts of the ghost talisman so this is not the end but a beginning mission failed Whether it's redemption or running away from everything everything you are that's why i live Only you and I must protect I don't want to go through that again.

Painful and overwhelmed feel sad and reassuring self It's enough for me to do this again Thunderbolt After 3 years, he has merged with his companion's martial soul really amazing Worthy of being our disciple Minions protrude from the chain hole The nature of 5 punches is completely different from before.

It seems like a different person Ah, there are just so many tricks haha what are you laughing at Of course it's because of happiness Your friend's death gave you the strength These make me more sure I get rewarded for everything I do how huge is it It doesn't matter if you don't understand.

After a while you will understand The bureau I made painstakingly full of nonsense you will only be killed by me Ha ha ha ha I'm different from your sister thief is dead stop making him a topic kill sister.

It's me My 5 Punch Speed Attack and Air Friction exploded with great enthusiasm How long do you think this stuff will keep me stuck Bucket Let's fight 5 punches bucket There seems to be a maximum of 6 of those monsters hum let me take a sip gas money cut down.

If you didn't use 5 punches in an instant just now block most of the arm I guess I'm crushed The one who wins this battle must be me but the time is not yet ripe you know it yourself Even though the ghost spirit talisman saved your life has broken your soul But you still use him to save your sister.

Your friends treat you like that You let his sister live like a dead person everything i do I just hope the thief can survive Don't lump me with your crooked ways Hahahahaha heresy what are you talking about let him live like that.

Didn't you do it yourself? The moment you injected him with Beijing Mansion he died so he's not amnesia but die once a day and come back to life then repeated until today The Ghost Essence Talisman itself is not for living people You absorbed the soul of your girlfriend survived.

You killed their brother and sister how come even if what you say is true The ghost sutra is also after absorbing the soul I just gave it to the thief According to what you said, isn't the peacock filled? Hahaha You still don't understand what I'm saying The thief doesn't have two souls to support the ghost scriptures.

You killed your sister with your own hands day after day repeated until now everything you do is worthless But you are so at ease don't you feel ashamed you talk nonsense there's no way it's going to be like this.

I just want the thief to live where did i go wrong hahahahahaha what are you laughing at you just hahahaha You just said it Ha ha ha ha what the hell is this guy laughing at Ha ha ha ha what are you laughing at.

Impossible Where is the mistake These words As if to say that you already knew these looks you are so dirty To take advantage of the fact that your sister is alive to disguise your hypocrisy The moment I'm about to cut off his hand he's calling your name.

Watching my hands being cut off I can't feel pain but I'm so scared and you ask me why I'm laughing Ha ha ha ha Of course I'm laughing at you stupid you're right Their brothers and sisters all died because of me I sin you too much no reason to live.

You can be buried with them with me here is your grave it's yours and it's mine This space has been locked by me unless i die Otherwise, there is absolutely no escape. In other words you just have to die you can go out oh.

Looks like there's no escape That's right, I'm relieved Just kill your sister with your own hands Thief Our Treasure Boss 3 years ago from the mask man After snatching a piece of Ghost Light Talisman It has never been implanted in my body once he told me.

If the ghost scriptures are broken into pieces Implanted in different people there will be a downside People between the same piece of ghost scriptures are not allowed to kill each other if one of them dies In addition, people with ghost scriptures must die this is the treasure plan let Hugh kill his own sister The masked man can't kill the treasure.

Treasures can't kill the masked man So the little rabbit's position becomes very important do you understand now if you can't win Everyone present must die Thief Thief It's all over with my hands us.

Let's go back Where are you going Missed the chance to kill me to save your sister You really haven't changed Do things regardless of the importance Come on, use the trick just now to fight over. ah let me go a ha ha ha Brother, don't come here.

Ah elder brother what have you done Hahaha can't point Isn't it surprising to get 5 punches? you look immortal It's really funny what did you do What have you done.

To seal your 5 punches of course Then take back what was stolen from you 3 years ago Hahahahahaha 3 years experience 3 years It's finally back in my hands Thief, wake up thief thief don't want don't want.

Hey he's dead and you killed ghost light on you Talisman absorbed all your martial soul you won't live long This broken space is the best proof you are destined to lose to me You have no one to protect won't hurt you anymore.

Let him live Whether it's redemption or running away from everything I will never leave you alone again Everything you are is why I live Only you and I must protect everything you cherish I won't be taken away again You don't deserve that mask at all i said earlier.

No matter how hard you struggle, it can't change the fact I'm as desperate now as I was 3 years ago is it all over letter must keep the thief alive Otherwise he will collapse get out of here do you think you ran away Everyone who knows the whereabouts of the ghost talisman must die so what if you come.

Can't do anything Hugh Although I don't know exactly what happened 3 years ago But once you give up everything, it's really over you're just saving things your hands are not dirty at all leave the rest to me Never let him touch you again Does this kid have such a strong martial spirit?.

No wonder last time in order to protect the little girl And take away most of the martial soul He unburdened How strong it is is still unknown Ghost spirit reappears on me things must not go out can't stay alive do your best treasure i will beat you.

And put you on your knees to apologize to them What ha ha ha ha you are not kidding me Don't forget how you lost to me last time then try it Prepare to Pay Your Deeds Hahahahaha no coffin no tears come to fight beat you up.

I can't vent my anger just play with you for a while stop rest of life I see the thief no heartbeat Has the Ghost Mirror Talisman been taken away? And the body looks like it's been dead for a long time what's the matter with shame.

Can't feel any martial spirit from him ah ah Organize to prevent the thief's corpse from decomposing first The rest depends on how fast the parrot is Take it back to the capital and leave Faster before the new year power too before the new year was my little girl If it's a fight with someone else, you might still have a chance.

It's a pity you're still too dazed you brat don't be too aggressive boy what is your name My surname is English and my first name is five characters Direct Disciple of Beiyuan remember it for me I see At first I thought it was an ignorant.

Boy, you are here to retrieve the ghost scriptures Or help him out of fellowship Don't you even want to save his life? It doesn't matter what it's for I just don't think he should be given up hahaha funny Then you think you saved him first Or be killed by me first? I will try my best to play with you today.

Take a good look at the gap between us hang up all of a sudden hahaha so sad Axiu can't run It's all because of you i will let you understand All those who are for you will end badly Stop listening to the cranky nonsense You don't have to because of the other party's mere words.

Deny yourself Don't forget that no one around you wants hope you die because of this Friends don't even want their lives and want you to live life is really hard to withstand external pressure Face your own confusion do everything I just hope they survive.

You're not wrong forgive yourself Parrot help me destroy it Ghost scriptures keep him alive it's a disaster after all I won't live on ghost scriptures anymore Everything end it like this Ha ha ha ha.

Fool's dream what right do you have to say this ah no one is talking to you you can shut up You go now, you little brat The forest to the west is wrong A few Wuhun sprang out intermittently It's not like being embarrassing and shy I haven't been able to explore them since just now.

If not them then who Other spirits are very strange Only one very familiar It's the Beiyuan disciple who made a big fuss in the East Campus back then It's a parrot. So far it looks like this Seems like he's still at war with someone else How can it be That guy doesn't know the place at all Then you want to fight with me.

Stop talking It's important to rush there first before things get more complicated Whether you hit me or I hit you Your body will be corroded by my 5 punches and make you mentally retarded Ha ha ha ha Why does the parrot only use one hand to use Wuhun? it's hard to win.

Irritable I'm not too sure either It's been like this since I met him In the past, the master asked us to do a practice seal one hand The other hand controls 5 punches To cultivate the ability to control the martial soul Another situation is 5 punches are too aggressive to control.

Complete sealing that's bad if that's the case Parrots can't break the seal Words can't win that guy It's just someone who survives on the basis of others. Are you in such a rush to die? he saved me I need to help him more will die.

Must beat you beat me You can't even get rid of the state of 5 laps now talk about defeating me You really are too low-level After I take away your 5 punches I'll see if you can say that again just let me take your 5 punches I'll see if you can still say such big words.

Dreaming ah ah ah Little Evil, quickly set up your guard to protect them I'm going, why are you still hanging here? why don't you understand The reason for the real emergency war in Quebec It is he who can take the military power of others for himself Oh is this the body that the new power manifests.

Feel like you can't feel yourself very good condition The strength in the body is obviously very anxious but very calm It is impossible to fully explain that the power is constantly coming up It feels like it could take your life in an instant I think about how to say it This should be the absolute confidence brought by strength Since you want to be my enemy.

Just have to show the corresponding strength If you react too slowly Your body will be riddled with holes don't mind It's just that my Shaqima has come out and accidentally hurt you don't be surprised It's not good to throw fists indiscriminately will be retaliated see clearly.

Fist is called use how bad is it Strong force oppresses totally unresponsive Not at the same level as all previous opponents if i lose here everyone else will die I never back down.

Fight even if you die Um That's the little ant, aren't you going to give up? Boss, don't underestimate me ah ah What ah parrot five.

Are you OK Wait me a moment go now slow down what's wrong with you don't be careless that guy is not dead later Well, that was a good move just now.

Really scared me great black king Obviously not my opponent Why do you keep punching Is it for poor dignity or do you think you can win Let me condense 5 punches and ghost scriptures gangster's swipe completely stop this idea.

What oh Respond in an instant with your own martial arts If you're too late, you're dead Are little ants afraid of death? so what if i was afraid of death won't come in the first place I'm not just here to beat you.

I want to take back everything that was taken away by you I see But it's a pity No one will remember how brave the little ant was before he died because no confidence The word Rumeng is the end of your life ah ah ah.

Ok little trouble cleared so now it's your turn Yuxuan, hurry up Myself won't you come with me Although I don't want to admit But rage is really strong now Walking with you will only hurt you There's no need to risk your life for me.

But you it doesn't matter This life was picked hello what are you mumbling about Do you think you can escape? Take the thief and get out of here immediately what about you leave me alone go now But according to you.

I tell you to go I beg you Yuxuan I said it won't let you run the treasure It hit me right in the blink of an eye have to die here Are crocodiles intelligent?.

Hugh, do you still have the strength to float into the remaining ring of fire? Even if I can't hurt you hold on to you What damn beast You hit me so painful It's amazing smooth Wow.

Kidding do you think i will Whether you have a grudge against me or not or not with them it doesn't matter As long as it's someone who gets in my way or who I don't like have to disappear please die are you going to betray me i thought you were dead.

Why is he here i lost they let me go Boss, we've already got the Ghost Essence Talisman Why don't people who wear masks last long? or forget it stop hitting Qingsi what is it.

You're just my dog Dogs should look like dogs Master is gentle with you You still treat yourself as a person wrong I just want to cherish everything you give me more I didn't expect to get along with each other for many years In the end, I said goodbye in this way I really can't bear it.

Qingsi on this farewell Do you not even spare your own people? oh you guys are surprised Do you usually play friendship games? Worried about others when dying Ha ha ha ha crazy.

Anyone who is my enemy can only get back a pool of rotten meat What hope is there? Just by how many of you how could you win me What's going on with this manic Wuhun? Is it emanating from that kid? Is this the last sentence? ah Xiaowu parrot's martial soul is so violent.

Rather than a strong sense of oppression more like Depressed Wendao burst beast ah where did people go Parrot Parrots can't control their right to dance That's why I sealed it.

But when it comes to life I think his 5 punches will probably unblock on their own if there is that time do you know how to do it until then leave him alone otherwise you will be killed by him Since you have such a powerful martial spirit Why not use it in the first place.

Are you looking down on me Me in the past Because you can't control your own powerlessness almost lost his life It was later sealed by the master In Dongyuan, I unseal the Five Powers almost had a big accident so this time while i'm awake.

Accept it all toad yawns What a breath Liberate 5 punches and you can compete with me Your Martial Soul has increased but now in the air all covered with my corrosive gas Being in it will be severely corroded It doesn't matter what tricks you have.

In my eyes you are always a bastard Little ant don't try to escape black king catch them This punch is actually a bit heavy It's not over yet Brat don't expect to meet me again This sulfur shield is dozens of times harder than iron Looks like my fist is harder.

How could i lose watch me crush you just struggle You can't escape anyway can drive me to this point also amazing It's a pity Why do you really think you are invincible Do not make jokes.

There must be a limit to bullying, right? Since he liberated five punches I've been at a disadvantage How could a Wumen disciple have such strength? Why can't I hear this character nasty ants keep attacking why did you stop suddenly what algorithm are you playing.

Still scared Since you're not going to attack I'm the one to start void he Dragon Monkey Ah, are you really okay? like me ah.

Actually hurt me like this Deprivation can you really beat me This is impossible Could it be that his ability has long surpassed mine? unlikely I combined ghost scriptures how could it be better than me powerful.

I can't lose to this ant what are you kidding no one can beat me I am the strongest i can't lose I am the strongest i can't lose impossible impossible impossible Just rely on your trash.

You want to fight with me even with your kind This is the high strength aldehyde I've never released Most Corrosive Sulfuric Ward All the water in the barrier is absorbed The gas emitted is also the most corrosive Whether it's your lungs or your skin Even your eyes will be defocused In the end you'll be swallowed by my sulfuric acid boy, you're done.

It's complicated Well my 5 laps are easy The right hand can grasp all material objects and smash them into pieces And this left hand turns nothingness into a colossus reduce the colossus to nothingness The powerful destructive power is just a manifestation of the martial spirit Manipulating the void and matter This is the direction of my five fists this is also.

Confidante's true ability you guy really makes me feel bad how can i lose to you i want you to regret go to hell and regret It's you who should regret Finally, even the bones turned into a puddle of snow water, right? Um.

Ah what's going on what is this what the hell is going on Red eyes can absorb everything Then convert it into a move of its own energy I call it drown me god goodbye treasure that's.

Bye now ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah.

Ah, the sulfuric acid is starting to wear off how can this be Is it done Parrot the treasure 3 years ago Hugh, they were ordered to go and take away your ghost talisman at that time your ghost scriptures.

Where did you get it who gave it to you answer me where are those people Ha ha ha ha so what if i know would you believe me if i told you How can you tell if I'm lying to you? you misjudged me.

I'm not as easy to talk as you think Only those people know how to use ghost sutras Martial Soul Strengthening Martial soul plunder soul fate Who told you this tell all you know so i let you go Ghost scriptures can also be taken away by you.

I do not understand what you're saying I don't care about ghost scriptures and your hatred and And even if I knew, I wouldn't tell you Your majesty, you really don't know how to learn your lesson ah ah don't value your life In this case.

I don't ask anymore You don't want to say it I figured it out force them out one by one until that day comes i won't die It's disgusting I look like this is what i really look like.

Oh no you guys dare not kill me Please be prepared wait a minute you guy you don't understand anything at all can't kill me sooner or later you are finished die.

Ah damn i almost lost my mind again just that moment Wuhun's murderous aura is too dignified Almost condensed out of the body Does this kid think I'm just our disciple? what are you doing hitting me let it go I'm fine.

Hello boy are you really going to fight them Are you serious it's none of your business Give me a break Those people don't even pay attention to the eight sects Let alone Wumen let alone you not to mention whether you can beat them.

You haven't even seen their faces will be killed I will be implicated because of you i have seen them As early as 9 years ago 9 years ago you were just a kid Ghost spirits are only available to those people they won't give you for nothing so no matter what.

Ridiculous and tell you one more thing Your Meridian Gate disciples have also been involved the man Third Brother It's impossible to support three senior brothers how did you know I said everything I had to say next thing Even if I tell you, it won't do you any good.

You're exhausted just fighting us Now even the Temple of the King of the Southern Dynasties is in it what can you do alone only to die treasure if you want to die just stay there but if you don't want just live on you must.

Don't get entangled by snakes if caught I can't escape no matter how hard I try you remember One day in your life you will regret it I know can he survive The chest and abdomen are pierced Whether he can survive is up to him.

Yu Xuanxiu Parrot why are you looking at me like that Where's the treasure guy? It's a parrot, did you win? i won that guy beat me you will never see him again where is this.

Who are you who am i i can't remember anything Yuxuan let's go Remaining time leave it to them Um Xiaotou Did you forget me too.

Xiaotou Am I Tou? then who are you i am your brother i am your brother you are my sister sorry i can't remember It's okay even if you can't remember I'll be happy just talking to you.

Brother, don't cry IM so tired can i sleep wake up soon won't let you wait too long if you fall asleep I will never see you again talk to me again.

What am i talking about The thief is gone don't force him anymore The thief is gone I already knew about this i know he will leave me sooner or later I can't hear his voice anymore can't play with him Wow, what a beautiful firefly.

Can I also be beautiful in the future? i can't stay with him Thief elder brother you always take care of me Thank you ah The thief is actually me you just let things go.

I always regret ah bro look It's funny at this time let's see again tomorrow I will see you every day Why am I the one who survives Singapore and Malaysia i never blamed you You've always lived for the little ones.

From now on just live for yourself Thank you for these three years i have been having a good time i'm really happy ah me too Why can't I get my heart in the end? thief you can't go with them they will kill you.

I know but if i go with them you can survive Rain and snow I can't protect anyone it's me so useless this is not your fault whatever the end.

It's all over As long as you are alive, you must face these If you can't face it, you can't move forward make a break with the past then start over at last sunny will be back things are over what are you going to do next.

It doesn't matter nothing matters Run away and don't go back to Wumen the world is so big go elsewhere like me Back to the capital was taken out of your body Martial spirit is torn apart, combat power is greatly damaged If you are brought back to Wumen.

Bad end let's go as far as possible for yourself everything you did for me today i won't forget Since you have to go, hurry up We need to pick up Lisa before our disciples arrive. there should be some time Where is the time?.

Going to let the traitor go I thought the rules of Meridian Gate couldn't deal with the two of you. Gu Yiqing we came early just don't want to run into them You privately hinder the Meridian Medicine and assist the traitor in escaping I will report the truth to the House of Elders but my task.

Is to bring you, a Nanyuan traitor, back to the Meridian Gate I don't bother to ask about your shit a few days ago if you want to escape Cut off your legs first Gu Yiqing Why can't you close your eyes Why do you think the House of Elders called me here? Regardless of cause and effect But asking Hanli Wumen is a serious crime.

You should know what Elder Wish would do I understand what you say That's why I beg you to spare his life Great Britain, don't get me wrong My mission was to bring him back under orders. I don't care if I live or die why is this guy so stubborn don't move it's you again Dinosaur Xiaowu, don't be impulsive.

Don't be impulsive took my knife stay still look around you just fought fight us again The odds are too slim Believe that your enemies will continue to appear how much can you hold.

Back to Meridian Gate At most, they will be imprisoned for decades with their hands abolished It's better than dying That being the case Then I won't let you take her away Parrot Are you trying to hinder my mission? he didn't mean to betray you are indiscriminate.

So what if i fight against you Xiao Wu, shut up Xiao Wu's injury is already serious If you hit him again, he will die Ah, do you want to commit suicide? If you want to die, you have to pull your back first all stop follow us Why.

Because of me because i've done enough i don't want to involve you we'll have trouble later Take this moment to Nanyuan someone will help you thank you for everything bro Bye now wait another.

Individual died Beauty just lost his temper A series of events surrounding the ghost scriptures Take it back to the Meridian Gate with repairs It's over for ghost scriptures so many people died The ending is the back of being alone The ghost scriptures are on me now Gu Yiqing doesn't know or doesn't care.

When we see new horses again it's been a long time he lost his best friend tormented for 3 years lost sister again In short all over ah Boss, you are awake.

Even blade how are you it's all over we lose ah Qingsi water wave Xu Biao you.

Boss, we are almost useless The Kuijin Mansion can't get it back either. we would like to continue to follow you but I hope you will listen to us in the future Ha ha ha as you like Well, it's time to go back to Wumen today.

Rest for a few days Almost recovered from the injury time to go back to the master Yuxuan can go okay wait a minute Take these things with you If you are hungry on the road, you can eat um take it kill then we go.

Listen to me that he will be back you are someone he values he won't give up on you will definitely come back for you painstaking efforts didn't expect to get ghost scriptures in this way small five.

I wanted to ask you why do you want to get ghost scriptures You feel Why do treasures have ghost scriptures Someone must have given it to him And what I'm looking for that's the gang Ghost scriptures It was refined by the five masters of the ancient eight sects.

Ancient five sentences shattered by war disappeared from the world No one knew the whereabouts of the ghost scriptures But it's an organization called hunting have always possessed ghost scriptures something like this I already have 3 yuan So many people died for one piece.

You actually have 3 yuan yes it should Not every time there is news of ghost scriptures You just run and fight with others Taking such a risk to find this organization Well, even if there is only a clue i will go if you can't find them Then I will keep snatching the ghost man over.

So Even if I don't have to look for it they will come for me too By the time I want them to pay back what they owe me la la la we are finally back It's so hard outside Alright, Yuxuan, hurry back to the North Campus.

Token At this Yuxuan look To prevent the enemy from invading The sky above us is enveloped by a powerful martial spirit Only disciples holding a wish token Only the martial arts door god will open the door ah It's incredible every time I look at it like this.

There are many interesting things in Humen In Beiyuan Forest There is a hot spring like jelly ah really Can I eat it? Well, there is also a sapling that grows gold There is also a mountain that can walk, which is very interesting can i go and see Of course, all Wumen disciples can go.

That's great. It's worth my hard work to come to the Meridian Gate. hey don't stop suddenly Very painful Yu Xuan What's wrong The atmosphere is wrong why our disciples will be like this Someone is delusional here Disciple who just retired from the battlefield.

Looks like a tough fight We Wumen disciples some are brothers more He became a good friend of Jinlan after entering the Meridian Gate Now the casualties are so heavy Why do the disciples of the Meridian Gate also go to the battlefield? In the past, there were many wavelets the war is constantly raging.

Almost a slaughterhouse of war Liu Ming takes our Wumen disciples as the vanguard Clean up all forces to quell wars everywhere Diagnose people everywhere Livelihood Liu Ming also became the monarch of Lin Guoxing Since then The century-long war is only temporarily over from now on.

As long as there is war, Wumen disciples will appear This is the tradition of being responsible for the country Also as a disciple of the Meridian Gate It's not me who interprets the fate I should have uh get out of the way That pattern is a person from Situ's Xiyuan The dead are carried to Taiyin Pavilion The wounded are assigned to the medical team according to mantras Yuxuan let's go.

Don't you want to play Very good What's wrong with you Xiao Wu I seem to have forgotten to report to the master hey so In the end, I still confronted Gu Yiqing, right? Um ahhh your head Did you figure out the situation?.

If you are targeted by the elders' house, no one can save you If you are incapable of snatching away the Ghost Essence Talisman just mind your own business I use my own way of doing things You better hope the House of Elders fools you And you Yu Xuan It's me who exhorts and exhorts If you feel in danger, go away Why.

Just don't listen ah this and that from now on If you step out of the Meridian Gate without authorization, you will be killed It's number 2 and I didn't make a mistake Well, we have to beware of the people in the elders' house After all, you're interfering with the mission of the Elder's House. Gu Yiqing will definitely report.

Before the House of Elders moved don't have any more trouble exactly Elder, please don't mess with me after all ah In short, it's good that you can come back safely. as punishment Starting tomorrow, you all go to help Lu Feng.

Why do i have to be someone else's subordinate i don't ah Then don't be a corpse I go I go help me i just saw a ghost Is that Lu Feng also a disciple of our Beiyuan? not The master never said that he was a disciple.

Why did he commit homicide for some reason It was the master who saved him when he was about to be executed in return He stayed in Beiyuan to help us raise real animals Means to be with a murderer don't worry it will be fun you are tired have a good rest today start working again tomorrow.

Back off yes You want me to fight what are you kidding Is Xiaowu that Lu Feng very difficult to get along with? ah no he's just an ordinary person common hum The parrot broke the seal again.

Master Xiaowu, he continues like this Hey I knew he was going to be caught by the hunters sooner or later The parrot is not strong enough to protect itself Never let anyone know the secret of the parrot Let alone let him run into hunting So let him learn something from Lu Feng it's for his own good ah so comfortable Don't your disciples take a shower when they are on business trips?.

I can finally take a comfortable bath The hot spring is so comfortable just wash it clean What are you doing keep your voice down two nasty guys This kind of thing doesn't call me I'm telling you to keep your voice down Oh no sound.

Up to you we are wrong have to find a way Just let me walk away to a new world Hahahahahaha Brother, I hope you can understand I'm just worried that Yu Xuan is in danger in the bathhouse I just want to protect her silently Brother, you don't understand.

The master is neither male nor female We finally have a beauty in our Academy of Fine Arts! Terrible brother, don't talk nonsense. ah this is Um neither male nor female I'm really sorry Master I was wrong you went back early It's okay, take care of you.

Um That night, there was a bloody storm in Beiyuan Hey, taking a bath is so comfortable don't know if the parrots have been washed well Brother, hold on we'll call you down hold on hold on Has Yu Xuan woke up yet? come wait a minute.

Why are you here so early what about little joy I'm taking care of my brother may not be able to stay with us take care of brother I've been missing for a few days and I can't get up We went to do Momo Beast today Momo what is that? This is the silent beast.

All three of us are here Uh, I have an indescribable feeling hahaha itchy He seems to like me, so I chose this one. good man silently said Hair can protect us from falling out speed like us When can I arrive?.

2 more hours what takes so long The Yunlaishi who came to be the senior brother will arrive in a while It's a pity that brother was seriously injured That's not counting. We went around two hills and arrived. So what happened brother last night? And why is Beiyuan so big Compared with others, Beiyuan is small Wumen compared with other sects.

Can only be considered evenly matched Pantianmen has the most disciples However, due to the binding force between countries There's not much fighting between sects People from the outside world should be very concerned about the affairs of Wumen, right? Maybe Temple of the Southern Dynasties probably cause a war What's the matter, little five.

Ah nothing here we are Conceivably a bit different Although Xiao Wu said that the other party is an ordinary person But my brother said he was a murderer still be careful Lu Feng What's wrong Remind me when you're going to yell in the future oh ok.

Not here, forget it, go in and have a look, wait a minute what's wrong it shouldn't be Ah, I knew it was okay Yuxuan don't be afraid How come there are so many beasts? so many Something came out of the ground i'm going to fall What about the parrot?.

Can't go down, don't be afraid they won't hurt us ah really that's weird Xiao Wu, are you okay? He actually hates me Why are there so many beasts where Lu Feng lives? Because these are all raised by him No one here except Lu Feng They thought we were here to grab territory?.

Ah Lu Feng Lu Feng, we are here to find you ah Is this the murderer that the senior brother said? the color of this hand and skin still look like that Not human at all Ah, they all turned around and left with you.

Ah parrot how long do we have to climb there are dozens of days finally finished climbing Are you at the top? ah The scenery here is so beautiful Parrots are beautiful, aren't they? uh, parrot, how are you.

Up just remembered that there used to be a small cliff in my hometown I used to go there often when I was a kid The scenery there is even better than here especially in autumn really beautiful parrot's hometown So he is not an orphan By the way, I will take you there next time too.

Wait until fall to go back Well looking forward to it ah scare me I almost drew my knife Don't suddenly stand behind someone, Afro want us to take this with you call people up and down there is something wrong with you.

Where is little Wu Lufeng taking us now? Go to the mountains to feed other real animals The master will pick up some animals from outside from time to time Lu Feng takes care of me every time Hey, those were also Du Feng can always take good care of animals no matter how difficult they are Even if you are on the verge of death, you can be saved Originally, the master also planned to call him a disciple. But he refused.

Rejected why He himself said that if he becomes a disciple Will be sent to the battlefield one day That's when hands get bloody and lives are taken would rather give life Then the master arranged for him to come here he can talk of course Although the appearance is strange.

But he is a human like us arrive nothing always bare what wow so cute come come eat Don't run away. A lot of animals are coming over and I'll feed you.

Well, why does this little animal have a bandage around its neck? this one too Take a closer look at other animals that have been bandaged Are they all made by Lu Feng? Lu Feng what kind of person is he he killed too many people killed his parents Give life rather than take it.

Although the appearance is strange but he is a human killed his parents Monster? umm good it's delicious Lu Feng, since you are in Beiyuan Why don't you live with Master Parrot and the others? Why do you want to come to such a far place alone? you can talk right.

Answer me Lu Feng because i'm a monster Master is willing to take me in, I am very content I don't want to cause unnecessary trouble to the master Just a normal life here's what i'll do I also like life here And I don't want anyone other than Beiyuan see me like this.

I'm afraid they'll call me a monster Are you afraid of me ah Ah, I'm a little worried Although I don't know your past But I think you also have your own reasons um thank you for your understanding Don't worry, if anyone dares to scold you, I'll beat him up for you don't call again.

No, keep playing Who let them step on my skirt and yell let them remember By the way, relieve my boredom bring the other up so tired Huang Peng, cheer up what did they do to you big brother.

Your teeth I just accidentally stepped on your skirt Didn't we apologize That's all why why so unreasonable This apology is insincere how can i forgive you Why did you break his arm? he will be useless.

Who made him yell at me if the master knows The master looks at my grandpa's face no opinion Master does not dare to offend 9 elders what to do now Just drop it anywhere I leave the rest to you Where are you going.

Brother Gu is back I'm going to see him Lu Feng, Yu Xuan, let's play chess Ah, where did everyone go? Ah, Xiaomu in the upper right corner Seven of 14 don't make noise I said stop making noise Such a big place doesn't even have a bathroom Does Lu Feng usually not take a bath?.

Ah wow it's so beautiful here just wash here who come out for me Oh that fits Lu Feng ah ah.

Lu Feng, what are you doing to me? Yu Sheng calm down Xiao Wu don't hurt him I know it's Lu Feng Yu Xuan paralyzed his whole body with thunder giant with Raisuke Little Five, are you okay?.

This guy is getting smaller and still so heavy He broke my tub tomorrow he is dead Every time the full moon comes, he can't control the martial spirit in his body same problem as me It seems to have something to do with his childhood he was born like this not humanoid been bullied all the time.

The other eye was lost at that time But Lu Feng is very kind I know this very well he always has the urge to commit suicide and extreme vengeance If the malice against him does not cease these things will keep happening I'm afraid he won't be able to bear it wow it's bright.

Hmm, but I'm still sleepy. I don't know how Lu Feng is doing now. why sleep by the door Lu Feng Lu Feng Lu Feng Where are you Get used to disappearing early in the morning Ah, you were the one from yesterday.

Ah meow wait a minute Where did you go, meow ball? Lu Feng, so you are here Well, I ran over because I couldn't sleep. I've been looking for you for a long time I'm really sorry what happened last night you know Well because he guarded me all night.

Yes, it's his style I was scolded by him i made you worry i envy parrots dare to do anything The appearance of fearlessness will grieve over the pain of others get angry at other people's injustice As long as it is what he decides to do, he will definitely do it.

The situation is very dangerous Even if I am scarred, I will go all out he is such a person i can never be like this That's why I stay here and do what I can one day I will be someone others can rely on that's what i should do Can't tell from the outside.

I didn't expect to be so determined Oh yes, I have to go to the forest today There are many real beasts to observe let me help you will it be too much trouble for you It was the master who asked me to come and help you with the work. let's go now Minions of the Beast Impossible to make such a neat wound.

Hurt by strength But Didn't take away precious things like claws and feet Just killing people dead body blood time no more than These who did it Every time I go to see Brother Gu, I can't meet him.

I obviously like him so much I am angry Are you done yet? Will it work? This is a dragon-level pangolin It's rare. I didn't expect to meet it here. As long as you catch the middle court, you can definitely sell it for a good price Hahaha hands on his neck.

Will lose resistance due to severe pain don't bother Since the leather armor is valuable, just peel it off. OK, I'll call you now one more adult pangolin I had a lot of fun today we are too hard looks strong.

Fight up Take a good look at how I deal with him careless already scratched I was going out to play with you I didn't expect to catch such a big one Violence ah i heard something.

From over there Look at the cries of wild cubs why don't you go what did you see All the skin has been ripped off what are you doing Stop I don't want all his skin peeled off. Every second of my life is painful.

He can't be saved Who is so cruel i can't forgive Okay stop crying and act uh what to do to find the murderer Um oops you two are late Wake up early for hunting.

The leather on the man's back Could that piece of skin be the one behind me? yes is there any problem that pangolin you killed what's your business and you are relatives to protect his cub cock tied too.

Stabbed to death by my arrow I wanted to skin the kid I didn't expect to change to a bigger one Oh, by the way, I forgot to collect the corpses for you. It's our lack of quality We'll come back to the little one in two years Remember to wash and let us kill Lu Feng hugged the little pangolin and backed away Li Xue what are you going to do?.

I want teach them to be human

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