Multi Sub 【独步逍遥】| One Step Toward Freedom | Chapter 338 云鲲之楼

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Hey ha ha ha Hey, your saliva smells so bad You will be called smelly from now on Why do you name your level lower than mine? It's easy to make a living How about calling him Xiaobai? what ever oh ha ha ha ha ha That guy has been sluggish since he came back from Netherworld.

Looks like we still haven't found the priest But that fox According to legend, the raccoon who protects the holy official can defeat the holy king That monster has a very low level of cultivation and is very friendly Definitely not a raccoon Brother Ye has a very high cultivation talent But I can't get together with my lover across life and death must be painful Miss.

How do you know it's his lover he's resurrecting? woman's intuition Ha ha ha hey ha ha Owner eat this pill you are too weak now they will be suspicious.

I spend my soul Constructed a geography for one night to hide the priest No one is allowed The Dao rhyme on the fallen leaves of the Fengmu sacred tree I can't decompose it even with good fortune what's the use It has a taboo smell on it, it must be a baby just put it away the boat ahead.

It looks like a high-level magic weapon created by Tianji Alliance Hey, those two girls are also in good shape There is a little white face sitting behind Looks like there's no fighting power It's better to kill now Let them disappear here quietly will not be found Master, why did they turn the corner? I changed the travel route for them.

See it This guy is really in a bad mood ah Be careful when you move things This is the treasure sent to Yunkun Tower Boss, we brothers, you can rest assured ah Where is Chun Niang flying to? The fellow Taoists below are sorry.

This is one of the jade gates leading to the outside world in the Promise World There will be an auction in Yunkun Tower in two days So there's more retouching than usual hey hey hee hee Requires rare materials from auctions refining talisman oh We'll just rest here for two days Then I'll join in the fun.

When the time comes, I will find out if there are any suitable materials for my qi training. Don't worry, master Artifact spirit is born with refining ability I can definitely pick you out do you have money uh Well How about pawning Xiaobai for some money? hey hey I was joking with you before.

Here are 100 Saint Yuan Stones If not enough, ask me again no I, a big man, ask you, a little girl, for money Shameless I'll figure it out Brother Ye The fairy borrowed a little and returned to you Carry these into the warehouse.

Thank you for your hard work Boss Shen This auction has been sorted out In addition, there is another alchemy master asking to see snort Any cat or dog can call themselves a master these days Xiao Chang, how many bribes did you accept? You are not afraid of death and bring people to me Boss, I was wrong, it was him.

Boss Sheng got angry when he was bored Your subordinate recommended me this talent Don't you also want to share your worries? I only do business in Yunkunlou There is no need to recruit talents Anyone who comes into my room uninvited is always dead Oh that zero side looks good After being burned by the god ape, it was not damaged This kid is actually the pinnacle of the Saint Realm.

Still have such a strong divine power Your Excellency has such ability, why bother Waste of money bribing this servant Is it a gift before a soldier? under normal circumstances I still prefer to be with a beauty like you be reasonable business The elixir for this auction is enough.

If you insist on doing this business, I'll tell you straight. You can't afford the backing behind our Yunkun Building Boss San misunderstood me I'm here for your personal business I heard that Boss Sheng went out on a trip many years ago. This eye was left indelibly by the monster Don't you want the scars to return to normal? It seems that you have heard a lot of news Zheshang.

It takes a thousand year old holy magenta peony to restore Not only requires the alchemist to be highly skilled Even a material single furnace must be more than a thousand years old You, a boy in his twenties, still think about it This is Wannian's Life Gourd Dan It seems your eyesight is not too bad master master I really need this red peony.

You look at me Yun Kunlong I can exchange any treasure Boss Sheng I still admire your rebellious look just now Grandmaster Just now Shi Ziyan offended you by blindness to Mount Tai please forgive me Don't rush to refine this ten thousand year old medicine I still need an alchemist to protect the law.

We can talk about this business slowly

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