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Tell me about Yu'erlie's family. Lie Bowen obtained the mysterious means of the Leon family It can break the blood pressure in the fire and wind Could it be that the Lieyang family is the head of the Lie family? I'll ask the master later met the master Ha ha Disciple, you did a good job this time, soldier. Master, do you know the details of the Lieyang family?.

Um Lieyang family is the big family of Tianyuan Dynasty And the Tianyuan Dynasty is a dynasty with more captains than Dayuan Possesses a national power far greater than that of the Great Yuan With the intervention of such unexpected forces No wonder the Fire Phoenix Sword will fail It stands to reason The Lieyang family doesn't care about the small branches below This time they assisted the Lie family, I am afraid there is a deeper inside story.

Thank you, master, for your suggestion seems to be ready Vice President Xiao and Senior Brother Yue Zilan Linglong has something important to ask for your help Meet up in Chiyan City in a month Ah, this time it involves the Tianyuan Dynasty I can't sit idly by But before that, you have to try to improve your strength I will take you to practice in the ice cave of the secret residence of the Dragon God Mansion.

Thank you master The Ice Cave is a real gem an ice flower It is equivalent to the ordinary Five Armies powerhouse It's just the truth and quality I need to advance Far more than ordinary warriors ah Li Wujun's sixth level is only close to the goal It's a pity that this ice flower can only absorb 10 flowers a day.

The letter I sent to Linglong and the others should have arrived They'll definitely be there to help am the third prince of the Great Yuan Kingdom There will be a royal banquet at Hu Jinting, Miyuan Lake tonight Chen Feng, I'm here to invite you to this banquet Third Prince, thank you for your kindness but i think Chen Feng is not interested in this kind of aristocratic gathering Chen Feng.

A secret of one protection and five monarchs that has only been produced for thousands of years by how With the Five Armies Secret Realm, you can break through One more layer of means to deal with hunting armor Brother Sanhuang, you still have a lot of face The first person invited in 30 years so quickly Hmph, dare not, dare not Chen Feng I also brought you the breakthrough treasure you want.

Right there Welcome to the three princesses Chen Fang Chen Feng, I didn't invite you last time Brother Sanhuang invited you this time, but you came here Don't you want to see me? There were more important things last time, you said, right? Yuer ah.

Chen Feng, this is Cao Zeyang The son of the Cao family of the four hermit families This time, I ordered you to bring the secret scriptures of the Five Armies here. Chen Feng Why does the Third Prince look so weak? My family doesn't want to share the Five Armies provide this Zeyang Dust is the first person in Dayuan after 30 years I don't think it's just a name.

Three princesses and three princes Cao implores to confront this dusty right here I'm ready Then let you experience it for yourself Is it in vain? Manipulate the true essence in this lake to become a witness This is a powerful technique that I can use with the Royals how did you learn it boy.

It took me 10 years to learn manipulative skills You still need to study and watch me once to know ah ah ah secret capital of the five armies Lei Liejian Dust will be fine featured florets.

If you can easily get the Secret Capital of the Five Armies It's boring I declare six heavy swords He was not killed by Lei Liezhen Still knocked down the 5th army and 6th heavy Also thank you for the secret scriptures of the 5th Army ah ah ah ah see it Dust received my reward.

Third prince, since you and I have accomplished our goals I'm sorry dusty come back with me I will give you a secret far better than that of Wujun Secret Classics Thank you three princesses for your invitation But Yu'er and I have important matters Don't worry Yu'er I will definitely help you understand your wish.

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