Multi Sub 【都市仙王】| Urban Immortal King | Chapter 35 青龙至宝 1080P

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Is Zhu Xinrong ready to die? Baili Xiaoyao Is it because we dogs see people as inferior? I beg you to let the master go. I would like to send all the artifacts and warranty news as an apology ah what warranty Ah, it is the half-life dharma bead of the divine beast Qinglong.

According to legend, the Qinglong fell in ancient times The whereabouts of the three gods and beasts are unknown Qinglong's Supreme Treasure Qinglongzhu Along with Qinglong's corpse missing I know a few days ago Someone found traces of Qinglong on Longting Island ah Yeah.

Ah ah no evidence but sir please see This is one of the trails of the blue dragon this is dragon scale Ah, it's the dragon scales 12 pieces in total Many years ago, my family was lucky enough to get a piece of Do you know where the rest of the Longlings are?.

Ah know Longting Pass on Longting Island 10th of next month Longting Temple We will invite masters from the Eastern Zhou Dynasty to search for the trace of Qinglong hey it's an invitation I have received your sincerity but those lying down Don't worry, Mr. Baili.

I'm offering this for a few offended bear with it I am inferior give this to Mr. Barry all the treasures are in it please accept sir There are many good things I'll leave you alive today.

There will be a period later son this is Invitation to the Dragon Hunting Festival at the Dragon Pavilion By the way, do you know Han Xueer? If you are talking about a song with millions of fans Xinghan Xueer's words then i know help me investigate him keep an eye on him.

OK And Xu Xiangwu and Zhou Ruotong both moved into the villa then go straight ha Is this house not bad? Let me see if the disciples have cultivated Hey Hey hey Don't stand in the way Hurry up and let go of the overlord egg.

Ah, Mr. Baili, welcome home Hello, master, that one was playing a game just now didn't notice you Why just play But don't bother me when I'm in retreat for a few days good good good.

Magic weapon become childe Are you refining magic tools? Well, I have successfully refined all the instruments. By the way, do you have any clues about Han Xueer's information? Coincidentally i just started investigating Han Xueer came to visit.

Oh just in time just let me meet for a while This big star who is said to have the blood of the Qinglong Han Xueer

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