Multi Sub 【青莲剑仙传】| Myth Of Lotus Sword Fairy | Chapter 42 禁地危机

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Black mist covers the world Who wanders in that night It’s the sigh of silver bells The ruins where heroes are buried Let out waves of unwilling whispers That's the dust-covered sword calling Just in exchange for the unyielding name Day and night, the sword illuminates the skyand the earth The wind is the hero's battle.

Soothing the wounds Stand firm in that lonely abyss That's a worldly memory Live up to the name of the hero, live up tothe legend ah ah Hey, the tree on the top of the mountain isso big Nothing pervades above what kind of tree is it.

Enlightenment Tree on Enlightenment Mountain It is said that this Enlightenment Tree transportsten thousand ways and ten thousand dharmas Able to absorb ghosts, Taoism, and heavenand earth spirit soldiers Those residual earth ice immortal energy They are all absorbed by enlightenment Wudao Mountain Don't be rash be careful ah.

What kind of evil spirit is this ah help The aura of this ancient beast has reachedthe Immortal Wandering Realm I'll take care of this ancient beast. you go we go This ancient beast is extremely dangerous You have no experience in first contact let me deal with it you my fairy.

Yaojian Tianlun take my faerie Congeal the gold of heaven and earth cut off the world never mind sky wheel Bone and Blade cut off That ancient beast is fine.

Brother, let me save you stay away This ancient beast should have been a quasi-advancedmonster That skeleton is close to fairy spirit Indestructible to the sword You and I Vajra Dharmakaya Great Heaven-Seizing Prison Anro Bama Hong i.

Love you mine people Vajra spiral mudra Senior Brother Chanyuan is worthy of beinga strong anti-Xu Jing man. oh yeah Let's go quickly Qinglian Emperor Jue.

Eternal Green Lotus Stop the void Clarify brother One sword seals the sky These branches seem to be invincible asshole Three Thousand Sword Feathers Shoot It’s Senior Brother Jinhou I am.

This guy A lot of meat eat ate them I want to change my mind Love Qingming

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