Multi Sub 【青莲剑仙传】| Tale Of Lotus Sword Fairy | Chapter 01 – 40 Sequence | 天上剑仙三百万,见我也须尽低眉。

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9000 years ago, Cangyun Realm Kyushu Continent Demon Lord Cang Yue set off a battle to destroy the world Charcoal life Finally, he was honored by Emperor Wuming as a seal sealed in the abyss of the sea However, the number one demon general under his seat, Tian Xun Mo, respects the whole demon sect Vow to sweep the fairy gate Since then, the mainland of Kyushu has risen again. one day.

The Sword Immortal will surely save the Kyushu Continent And this sword tablet It's the entrance to Sword Immortal My name is Xu Changqing is a genius at least 6 years old I thought so stop for me fairy.

I'm going to be a brother Brother, don't be afraid that your sister will protect you. His name is Mu Zixun is my sister but we are not related Haha great My grandson is a genius Hahaha Go to Jianbei to test it.

Hey no response Qi Ninefold Mirror Genius, I believe in Jianguo since then I knew it this genius not a genius anymore Oh, I am young and also a genius ha ha ha grandpa felt it.

Within a year or two Well at most three to five years Changqing must be able to condense fairy spirits breakthrough ah ah unnecessary i must pass the test Sword Fairy with Long Eyebrows.

Xu Changqing's first level of Qi training from age 6 10 years Still practice Qi first It's all my fault that my dantian is born with a strange qi fist How much I practiced and how much he swallowed The way of spear training is long and indefinite you are only 16 years old Don't give up.

Xu Fei giant spirit first level Xu Xiang's Qi training triple Imposing Son of the Sword Fairy Ten years of resource cultivation but no progress Still in Destiny's dream hum funny Destiny's Son Then I will be the ruler of the Cangyun Realm Hahaha.

Ha ha ha ha Lord of the Cangyun Realm I'm afraid of being spanked if I lose something Hahaha The next Muzixing oh As expected of my grandson Already far away from the Eighth Realm Brother Evergreen.

Don't be discouraged i teach them for you Mm Changqing brother let me protect Don't worry Zijun I will not give up want to be as strong as my father Hahahaha it's you simply perfect.

Hahahahahaha The team leader Zixuan is so talented, which is rare in the world look Hello everyone, follow me to open the seal of the Earth Sword Rang Zixun incident At the same time, let the descendants of the ancestors also try Let's see who can get the sword master you remember As long as you feel the innocence with your heart.

Have the opportunity to gain local recognition If you can rule the earth You can become the Supreme Sword Immortal town my fairy gate Raise my imperial prestige Don't be distracted Father went to Xianmohai 12 years ago then no news Unable to get Emperor Jian's approval to become a Sword Immortal.

How to qualify to find him my current practice Dijian will recognize me If only the emperor is cheap I'll be able to find my parents ah what happened ah what happened.

Team leader The situation is not good Qinglian Sword Change I The person who came was in front of the house of the Ninth Demon General of Cang Yue Palace. The strength is close to fairyland Seven years before this house, Baidi Fanyin Valley was destroyed Is my Qinglian sword bone today.

To repeat the mistakes of the extermination of the ancestors Don't forget to be humble Jiuyang County Magic Star Case Fulfilled 1,800 years ago This Jiuyang It is the descendant of Emperor Zun who has not saved Xianmen for a long time Wuling Troll Star Extinction Children and grandchildren It is the wood spirits that are our hope of turning things around.

It's a pity that the children and grandchildren haven't grown up yet. The enemy has come Could it be that this young man's sword bone is going to be ruined in our hands at this point what do you think Behead me as a descendant of the Qing emperor Fighting bloody battle against the magic gate Don't dishonor the name of your ancestors Hahaha old man has lived for 189 years.

If we can kill a few magic repair It's worth it good I'm already old what's the matter with death protect my youth protect my fairy gate hope from now on.

Private life, you wait and continue to concentrate on enlightenment Don't act rashly Lead me Qinglian Sword Formation Sword Qi Hualian Support the blue sky and the earth snort Have you turned on the magic circle? live on did not think of.

So many years have passed The little girl grows so big But if she wasn't the Daughter of Destiny Xiangzhu came here at all costs Wouldn't it be a waste of time snort daughter of the athletic figure Are you an idler? Hmph, subordinates, please cultivate as a pioneer.

Rate magic guard This little girl has a heart allow Ha ha ha ha youth sword i want Brother Muzi should also take it away As for the others yes broken print this year.

Yes The power of the green bull One tile sword cut through mountains and rivers Dye my soul Turn your green lotus into sword energy You don't care about hiding I Qinglian Grade 7 today.

Dragon Eye Claw not good trench coat torn give this seat broken give me Qinglian attack fight back this What is this so smart.

This is Dragon Eagle's trouble Dragon Eagle Mo Dao's mounts are so powerful Fan Yingying now it's us again intolerable let's go help the leader let's go help the leader Beware of the dragon eagle's feathers.

Qingming Dragon Eagle Father Mother Uncle Zi Chuan Zixuan is incompetent can't avenge you The Qi in Zixuan's body is so chaotic No, let the chicken settle down first this breath.

Inspired that little girl's blood woodland to the end really want to see What will this little girl look like in the future? level this sword stranger that girl as long as i'm not dead I don't want to set foot on the sword spectrum.

Play with the little ones what are these this world is over did not think of a magic guard Unable to control ancient martial arts ah ah ah ah.

Ah ah ah ah ah Burn my fairy help me earthquake Those who hold the sword of the sky are united Front line successor snort It's useless to pick up the magic array Heavenly Demon Formation.

It is rumored that the nine great demon generals of Cangyue Palace are as powerful as clouds Sure enough I can only use the trump card of my youth sword bone Oh old man it's a last stand In the name of the landlord summon the spirits of the ancestors respectful ancestors Apprenticeship Respectfully invite the ancestors to become teachers.

Who is calling us how many years I can still show Is Buddha in danger? leading ancestor My family seals the demon gate invasion Junior Xu Jiushan is incompetent and difficult to retreat from the enemy I also ask the ancestors to protect our people Hahaha.

As a descendant of the Qing emperor Nature is duty bound with my soul reignite the earthquake The old man is pregnant for many years At this time, the residual heat can still be used Eternal Green Lotus Dungeon Void Daoism takes refuge in Xuantianqiong Heartbreak.

Cicada Spirit with my soul risk trap It's so stupid to trap myself Reiki Sword What? iron devil hand snort Sword Bone Three Heroes I wasn't worthy.

Since they came out Then this seat will let you know What is the power of the devil Hahaha big tone Guide Qingyuan to kill with the soul of no sword Fierce brother All things are clean and free from the void Daoism Refuge Even the Sky.

This is the absolute best of the Qing emperors Legend has it that the Qingdi who held the Qinglian sword Only Lord Tangyue is with him Qinglian Seven Swords Kill Chaos Qinglian Sword Opens the World Arctic I care about the life and death of the Qinglian sword bone Grandfather must win Emperor Qinglian.

Snort Qingliandijue is indeed Godless But you are just a piece of wood ridiculous Heart like a devil Qian Ming Qian Kun Xuanwu Spirit what is this defense light Even the ancestors couldn't cut it apart.

The demon general who only participated in the construction site is so powerful Why are there so many amazing things It's time to start sea of dryness Sky Knife Reverse Corpse this The ancestors of such a powerful force this power I'm afraid it's close to the realm of fairyland.

A quick cut Is this his true strength? Master Jiu has changed Ruined Demons are still zero after all ancestor Even the ancestors can't resist how can this be good Can.

Hateful Hurry up and stop the apparition Ha ha ha ha after today Qinglian Sword Bone will no longer exist grandpa grandpa you you must hold on.

I want to see you with my own eyes Coagulation Apparition It's all grandchildren's bad Ten years of cultivation without any progress fourteen two no Chang Changqing brother Even if the whole world despises you you can't give up on yourself remember.

Do not use Qianlong way of practice Emphasis on Taoism Enthusiastic The stronger the heart the greater the strength Yes Yes You can ask Kyushu for help they may feel.

Before this you must protect carefully Grandpa clarifies and remembers remember grandpa Lord, I will definitely protect and clarify brother Qi Jiushan Hand over the boundary and that little girl Hahaha.

At present Your ancestor was originally the protector of the Black Emperor Heidi Tu Qiyigu seize his secretary you betrayed Heaven and earth cannot tolerate still want to find the boundary wishful thinking.

Grandfather Nine Mountains snort What a touching show want to kill me delusion ah ah I love you.

Black mist covers the sky and the earth Who lit fireflies that night just because of your stuff ruins where heroes are buried uttered incessant whispers That's the dusty sword calling distance In exchange for an unyielding you The sword illuminates the sky The wind is a trembling prelude Carrying the Immortal Sword Qi.

Tearing apart this black night and guiding the light Turn off whose blood and sweat to the broken earth Flowing mind and vitality breath of death Ha ha ha ha intoxicating Hahahahaha ha.

Akiyama na Patriarch even as long as i don't die Don't take my sister away Not a piece of trash that doesn't even have a Giant Spirit Path snort A group of ants completely immobile Is this the difference in strength?.

Ah It's the emperor's spirit The concubine is microscopic Oh my Buddha three thousand years finally recovered this is the power of the sword Bottom line accepted me.

How is this possible As if there is a warm air in the body Trained all the muscles and bones of the whole body this Is it the power of the ancient emperor's sword? Evergreen, don't give up on yourself Cultivation focuses on Dao Xin One day you will break out of the cocoon and become a butterfly Immortal.

Grandpa is right way of practice Emphasis on Dao Xin If you have the supreme mind Then you can control the invincible power I am the lowest Dao heart is as firm as a rock hit the nail on the head The national football team is saved.

Jiushan, did you see it? Evergreen has grown a ground sword too strong hateful Abominably, the sword has revived It is said that every earth sword uses a sword spirit I don't know if this sword spirit still exists Nameless Demon Xuanming Tianrui.

Xuanmingtian Prison cross the bridge Alright? Sword immortals are hard to hurt Now it is sharp This is just a kid who doesn't even have a giant spirit This sword has been damaged and mutilated as early as the first battle in ancient times Now your little devil is still using this trick I'll let you see your true strength.

Um Take heart without sword Break through the sky with my sword will and try my best Worthy of being a descendant of the Qing emperor This sword spirit is for you Changqing's suggestion is unimaginable. Is this the scene from before? There will still be few people in the future it's over.

Good How can this be Ha ha ha ha 300 years can push me to such a situation I didn't expect it to be you, a brat Hahaha Today you will be lucky enough to die under the sword of heaven forest sea.

Scissors exterminator yes good The previous three ancestors joined forces Also defeated by this blow Can Changqing take this blow? Heavenly Sword Are you scared, boy? good very good.

You can control Qingqingdijian I think Emperor Qing should feel at ease kid Today, I will pass on your complete Qinglian Emperor Jue You should understand with your heart Remember the meaning of the emperor Eternal Qinglian escapes the void swallow the world sun moon star.

One middle self-contained green lotus sword Destroy Wanli Mountains and Rivers Um What The fate of Minhai in this seat can lead This is the Qing emperor's famous imperial technique It is still a complete imperial art good so shocking.

Qingyan Painting Sword sword step universe ah ah ah ah ah Xuanwu Mingxia rewind The ancient geology is really invincible so powerful.

Art of mind everything is extraordinary It's just that you are not an enemy after all Explode, burn my body and mind quote me Why overreaching rest car Concealed Earth Art Apparition Conspiracy Revealed.

This is the Emperor Art of the Black Emperor There is really an aura of killing the emperor Hahaha Blue streak Omen of Qinglian Can't hold it anymore? don't hurt my brother hateful One Sword Recovery.

Unleash our invincible technology Still aimless Holy King three hundred years I've never been hurt so badly but Hahaha ha winner.

I have no money let me go Not good, the enemy army will be framed and sucked into the palm sword in man sword dead try your best push block yes A group of ants.

Also delusional to compete with this seat Sea of Fairy Forest Annihilation finished Ha ha who else can save me Qinglian sword and ax let me go quickly let them occupy you.

Land no front Er Zeng Mie Jin Tianshi Now come to destroy the descendants of the Qing emperor so arrogant Do you really think that there is no one in my fairy gate? Watch me seal the sky with a sword This sword qi is sour and cold, could it be One of the Seven Great Sword Immortals of Kyushu.

Qiu Wuya, known as Taibai Sword Immortal ah Purple sand and white hair, a cold sword, the wind invades thousands of miles of mountains and rivers Ha ha ha ha This is Kunlun Xu's Taibai Sword Immortal Once the sword fairy cultivator enters the fairyland Sword Immortal's Strength Definitely surpasses those who practiced at the same time Very good.

Previously The earth sword and sword spirit have suffered heavy losses Now the autumn crows are coming I'm afraid it's hard to get out Sea of Mystery The way of heaven and the world great momentum be safe aggressive.

What Old and new hatreds are sour Needless to say suffer death Ha ha ha ha For your master who died 28 years ago For the shocker who changed 7 years ago still For that Xu Zichun?.

Jianlian Baji Baji Qingtian Mountain So touching the mind-avoiding state kills you But it's a matter of breaking up Ha ha ha ha Xuanwu is sincere Level 8 Fengtian Dragon's Tail sweep the world.

Initiate the Sky Slash Golden hammer to support the sky this is going to kill me not so easy sucker Punch I am fearless to lose Lingwudishu Epiphany show.

Art I'm too high on the sword of forgetting love too forgetful in the Legends Supreme Swordsmanship of Chaos According to legend, practice this sword Need to reach the realm of forgetting self, forgetting love and forgetting all sentient beings Stop talking, turn around and then retreat too forgetful.

No self no form no way can't no sentient beings show There is such a terrifying sword between heaven and earth forever this account for me remember You wait.

Your English and Chinese iron skills are really good too reluctantly ancient times Qing Emperor vs Demon Gate No Faerie Damaged It took 9,000 years of cultivation to recover vitality just worn out I will sleep here forever.

The art of incorruptibility has been taught to you The rest is up to you Breaking out of the cocoon and becoming a butterfly Blade Reignited Han Kyushu down It was the lowly sword spirit who protected him in a critical moment Brother Evergreen you must survive.

I have seen Taibai Sword Immortal Mr. Zhang doesn't need to be polite If there were not a sword fairy who made a timely move today Qinglian Sword Bone I'm afraid I want to thank Senior Jiushan for his training Grandpa Shan is gone Zijun can't lose you again Don't worry He just wasted too much energy.

Delirious not yet fatal ah okay Evergreen has not compromised its roots He is Zi Chuan's son Changqing can wield the sword of Qinglian It is the hope of my lineage of the Qing Emperor Presumably this Chuanquan has it born to the end.

Already a giant spirit at a young age You should be the daughter of fellow Taoist Mu Tiange, right? you know my father Gujiao 12 Years Ago It's all in the past The Ninth Demon General is so difficult to deal with The magic door is bound to make a comeback.

These two children are both innate and hopeful I want to take them into Kunlun close at the door How Taibai Sword Immortal recognizes these two children It is their blessing just don't know themselves are you willing Zixuan is willing Although Changqing inspired Qinglian's sword.

But after all failed to unite the pioneers I'm afraid please rest assured elders I will take good care of them Okay, then I'll rest assured But the old man still has an unfeeling feeling elder please say Jiushan hides here I will gather its soul.

Conceived in Qinglian just reborn Kunlun's Immortal Fist is still needed please save my grandpa Senior Jiushan has great righteousness in mind i must do your best but That Immortal God Fist is in my divine body in Kunlun Forbidden Land.

Juniors can enter secret crow is hard to do As long as these two children enter my Kunlun I will do my best to help them find the Immortal God see you first Then when the sun rises tomorrow, I will perform the art of concealing the soul The soul of the gathering place asshole.

Qiu Ya He is really a fairy realm will master next Go back to the Tibetan Moon Palace I wanted to stop God to the end revived him Lord, let's gather our men and horses to attack again This seat has its own plan.

Why do you talk too much Could it be Do you want to sit in these nine Buddhist seats subordinates dare not Hierarch, please forgive me Hierarch Grand Master Xuanyue was in a hurry Hope the leader is merciful after.

Who dares to question me Unforgiven Walk wild soul art Guided by the seal of blood With the soul as the lamp Qinglian Giant Soul Formation Because of my fate, I am afraid of the length of the five legs For a long time.

Smell come back Fortunately, Senior Jiushan is one of the seven powerhouses in the river Everything in the soul, mountains, seas and wilds has no place Homecoming Homecoming grandfather Zixu This ancient lotus can temporarily preserve Jiushan's soul want to resurrect.

The fountain of youth Nourishing Blue Lotus Seeds Zixuan and Brother Changqing Will definitely get the water of the fountain of youth Help Grandpa Reborn Um These are the entire Jianguo disciples Spiritual food raised spontaneously for you Pick up the best green spirit stone.

It can increase the speed of your cultivation advancement save some money Zi Zixuan this is mine Thank you Changqing for me Kunlun is ahead Yu Yu Xu Feng Misty Wind Tong Tian Feng Tai Xu Feng Xueyuefeng composition You will be familiar with these in the future First go to Yuxu Peak to see the face.

I saw that the elder had arrived at Kunlunkou what happened I asked the head teacher and Daoist Ji to come Zixuan, remember The five peaks of Kunlun there are five real people the oldest of them Xuan Yu Zhenren The real person here looks like me.

Zenith Piaoxue real person is a junior sister younger brother thanks grandpa yes What happened to the junior brother Qinglian sword bone? The devil has retreated only Jiushan Thousand Cups Dependence.

Do nothing the child It should be Tiange Jianxin's daughter Mu Zixun Not bad Zixun I have seen Tianding real person Xuanyu real person Zijian real person Real Zhou Xue Hahaha.

No need to be polite you know us Senior Crow had an explanation when he came. Um The little girl turned out to be the eightfold mirror of the giant spirit not long It should be able to condense the golden core Huh, lovely little girl ha.

Ha ha he is Xu Changqing Zichuan's son son of kenshin hum giant spirit sword It's a long story but misty wind said good.

Matter that's it This child actually inspired Qinglian Land Realm Yes, it is because of this that the power of the heart and soul is wasted. Still haven't woken up This young man is forbidden If Zixun wants to vote to take charge I can figure it out But Xu Changqing's cultivation base.

Yes Only a sword fairy can display the invincible power of the earth sword Changqing he was born with a dantian like a deep Reiki Devoured by the abyss so He's just practicing one oh Please let me see.

How about brother as expected Just now a ray of mind of the deity was involved in the abyss just dissipate It's that fairy also swallowed It's no wonder that this son hasn't made any further progress in ten years. That is to say Xu Changqing.

Ten or twenty years It may not be able to gather fairy spirits snort A brother's love is better than ordinary people who have practiced for several years This Xu Changqing absorbed but did not respond Why how can this be good I'm afraid this ship won't be able to make the most of it. The Earth Sword is the key force for the Xianmen to defeat the Demon Gate.

It's a pity that the opinion is not in the hands of Xiao Zixun Hmm, Violet is really good Hey, Changqing just inspired the ground sword Thinking about it, I haven't fully grasped it yet I don't think it's better to join hands with me draw out the ground sword first let other geniuses world lead out sword Ha, since Changqing's cultivation base is hard to advance.

Even if the earth sword stays in his hands, he is also a royal minister. better use hit my mountain gate If the future is evergreen, it will be successful It's not too late to return the earth sword to him, okay? It's not a way Yes, Not Bad no never The land sword of my clan belongs to elder brother Changqing.

No one can grab Ha ha ha ha little girl We're not trying to grab land just borrow don't you think you are very talented Possess an innate body don't you want.

Do not wish Since Dijian recognized Brother Changqing, it is his no one can take his sword Otherwise, Master Tie would have died in vain. Those who practice the Tao should not be trapped by petty sentiments Beware of righteousness If you covet my elder brother Changqing's land kill us Why bother to pretend to be careless again.

You girl don't know what to do I waited for this move also for Xianmen you say this When my Kunlun is a magic gate? Zi Chuan and Tian Ge are my old friends They went deep into the sea of magic I'm closed The two of them fell into the sea of magic still alive or dead.

Now their children come to Kunlun I will do my best to protect No matter what the minister's cultivation level is to take his sword won't agree Qiu Wuya you Brother take back the sword Um Uh uh since Wu Ya disagrees.

Just care That being the case I'm too lazy to care leave younger brother What are your plans for Changqing? take him as apprentice What about Zixu? Brother, why don't you let Zixun join me?.

Anyway, I haven't been able to enter the fairyland There is still time to teach Zixun to change his temper Snow Swordsmanship In my Kunlun Xu outstanding taught by him it's also suitable Zijun Would you like to worship under the real person Piaoxue? Zijun is willing.

Just now they coveted brother's ground view only he didn't say a word must be a trustworthy person in this way Then I will be taken care of by sister Lao Brother don't worry that's it Let the brothers and sisters have a good time now Junior Brother About Your Incorruptible Sword Bone Trip.

Brother, I have something to tell you this battle what's the real situation The Ninth Demon Mastered the Earth Technique of the Black Emperor Tianzhu my current Taishang Wangqing sword barely even strength not to be underestimated.

Junior brother only needs to study and comprehend Taishang Wangqing In less than ten days, you will be able to step into the realm of emperor immortals Yes, since the end of Pengshan in the East China Sea 28 years ago Now there are only two senior brothers, Zhang Xiang and Wu Ya. immortal Junior sister is in prison Dumb as a brother More than 280 years of cultivation But it's just a fairyland.

Future Kunlun But it all depends on the boundless Brother is serious The Survival of Kunlun Relying on every Kunlun disciple no hills no boundaries As Kunlun sword elder Kunlun Live and die.

Junior brother, you and Zichuan Tiange are best friends But you practice too much Wangqing sword If too many laity I'm afraid it will affect your future cultivation Changqing might as well let him worship under my door Same as Sword Fairy I am responsible for Zi Chuan What's more, brother, you already have a high apprentice Brother, are you afraid of delaying your cultivation of the Supreme Forgetfulness Sword?.

Taishang Wangqing Sword Zi Chuan's son I can't even protect what's the point of loving him Although already a brother don't worry then I just want to practice too Wangqing Sword.

Friend of Subjugation now I don't want to leave too many regrets for myself Brother Evergreen you have to hold on Although this Kunlun is a fairy gate But there are also people who covet your land Looks like we're on our own Zixuan will always try her best to protect brother Changqing.

Zi Xuan let your brother rest here for a while You first go to Xueyuefeng with your teacher is master Sister Zixu, don't go I can hear everything you say Opinions remain in his hands is also obedient better use hit my mountain gate.

Lead out the environment first Yes, Not Bad no never Ruo Changqing will not be able to do it tomorrow and gave him my elixir Could it be Am I going to never wake up? No i can't give up.

Never give in to orders Hey ah where is this this Who are you you woman in water trapped in obsession saved you just now.

I must be dreaming Oh, it hurts Chaos Djinn Heroic Spirits of Heaven and Earth Those who are not emperors cannot enter the monument What is this? make him stop This is the half-life treasure in your god stone Chaos Djinn.

This as far as i know He is the proud son of heaven There are no half-life treasures either. snort Be confident what you have is a supreme physique Chaotic celestial body you are born sweet abyss of chaos.

Connected to the sea of chaos in your god stone Only by growing the sea of chaos first Only then can I create a real body of chaos for you All the aura you have cultivated over the years is here Ah, that's how it is but Cultivation requires a little more resources than ordinary people belittle oneself I thought I was trash uh.

Uh i didn't say Is not it The Abyss of Chaos in Your Dantian The spirit that can swallow all things Helping you practice ten thousand ways and cut ten thousand dharmas aloof this chaotic poly The Lingbei can gather the heroic souls of all spirits in the world Actual method.

All spirits and all dharmas will be given to you Heroic Soul Gathering All Souls Dao of all places no kidding look wake me up wake me up you still don't believe this is your own life.

The sea of chaos below the space is full of your obsession when you let go of your obsession break the dawn free access to nature Well read these you will believe voila This side is Cangwu Emperor Zun Heroic Spirit Once in charge of Cangyuan Dizhong.

Invincible to Cangyun Ancient Realm This is Void Emperor Want to leave no trace, he grasps the way of the void suppressed an era This is Tamaki Ancient Land Guyuan at a glance one-eyed blindness All gods This is.

Qinglian Emperor This is my emperor The younger generation pays respects to Emperor Zun Now your cultivation base is too weak These valley spirit remnants are not too strong Wait until your chaotic body reaches its peak Can condense the complete valley heroic spirit Then these valleys can be reproduced That peerless irony.

Ah You can get 9 Vale Spirits Excuse me What is the cost of practicing this method why me You are a chaotic celestial body that has been unique for thousands of years no reason words of price It is the resources needed for cultivation.

Thousands of times more than ordinary people ah so much When can I become a Sword Immortal? if not different from ordinary people How could it be the number one saint in the heavens and the world? hey senior Is there a way for me to quickly improve my cultivation? snort Of course there is a way.

But you promise me one thing first don't say a thing That's 10 pieces I also agree make a contract with me Let you and I communicate with each other oh I am limited by the space of the sea of spirit and soul and never go out if you don't want to.

Needless to say Alright, this method is Qinglian Dijue Stepping over to absorb the power of heaven and earth Combined with the refining power of your dantian abyss will be a hundred times that of ordinary people If there is another spiritual blessing will be a thousand times that of ordinary people Incorruptible emperor Goblin Sword Spirit taught me this.

And this is the idea of chaos When you practice this method, you can not only condense the image of the ancient land You can also use the ancient tunnel method so You will become proficient with practice chaos concept Taoism has been passed on You should practice hard okay.

Goodbye ah ah ah ah it's a dream kid child elder brother apprentice.

War grandfather Zixun Kunlun this chaotic mind Chaos Observation Method Chaos Djinn all true.

Not dreaming I, Xu Changqing, am not trash I have the strongest holy body of the heavens and the world, the chaotic celestial body Inspired by the blood of Qinglian Journey to Juqinglian condense the air of heaven and earth myth inventory heart and emptiness Spirit of Tomorrow.

It turns out that my clear spirit of heaven and earth All gathered in the Chaos Gathering Monument Finally entered the Qi Refining Double Mirror I can actually use the power stored in the Chaos Giant Spirit Tablet Introduce Dantian to use In this case strength It will never be worse than the modification of the Qi Refining Ninefold Mirror ah.

Changqing, you are awake no need to be polite I and your father are old friends from now on you stay in kunlun Let me guide you to practice Evergreen thanks senior after a night.

Not only healthy It's getting stronger Hey, it may be that Kunlun has a strong aura good breakthrough it means you have a chance A and B may be able to achieve a boundary in time Changqing will definitely work hard I was only 16 years old and stepped into Qi refining so many years.

This is the first time that an outsider will take a fancy to me Changqing, your father and I are old acquaintances so I'm going to take you as an apprentice would you like ah this don't belittle yourself Practice together Emphasis on Dao Xin.

Dao Xin Perseverance makes it happen um master Brother Evergreen Ah Zixuan Brothers come to discuss tomorrow's special affairs Brother really saw it Great brother Changqing you are so awake.

Zixun thought you I'm leaving Zixun Silly girl, I promised grandpa I have to wake up even for you This green lotus seed contains the spirit of grandpa grandpa said Only by finding the fountain of immortality can grandpa be revived Grandpa don't worry no matter what.

I have both Master said As long as you win the championship in Kunlun Fairy Sword Conference You will be able to obtain the qualification to enter the void At that time, the theocracy of immortality will definitely be obtained Dementia always heard Kunlun's insanity is dangerous How can I let you take risks alone.

Ahem brother don't believe me Hey, it hurts, it hurts, it hurts Zixu, I believe it Why hey hey The relationship between their siblings is far beyond ordinary people, yeah Lucky parents since childhood If you don't support each other.

It's hard to get through those years. Why am I not Defeated into Kunlun if not for you Brother Changqing, I will go back first. Okay, you have to work hard to practice. Maybe one day my brother will catch up with you Don't worry, Zixuan wants to protect Brother Changqing This search for freedom has many turns.

Now I have the Primal Chaos Monument and the Qingling Emperor's Jue I will protect him from now on don't feel lost here are some potions It must be helpful to your practice clarification no Apprentice thank you as master Um Tomorrow Maoshi Yuxu Temple Entrance Assembly.

What Elder Shi Jian wants to accept disciples He hasn't taken an apprentice in 28 years. I said it's no wonder that my acceptance ceremony in Kunlun is held every seven years Just half a year later Hey, it seems that I sent the treasures of the three towns of Kunlun Immortal Jinshan Juetai Wangqing Sword and Immortal Fist It's okay to wait for me Um.

Indestructible gold Body Jue can only cultivate if he is in charge of teaching the lineage of a real person Taishang Wangqing Sword Only the lineage of Elder Zhijian can be passed on As for the Immortal Fist of the Immortal Forbidden Land, I'm afraid There is a life to go, but there is no life to return I don't know what kind of pride it is can make the elders so broken Hum Kunlun Taixu Kung Fu Broken Sword Reverse.

Boo boo here come Tai Xufeng sees the chief closed disciple of the real person short-sighted See Changjiao I saw the elders Um Ha ha Where's the younger brother? Is there any junior sister?.

Oh master see one talk too much How does the teacher teach you hey see a cheerful and lively no teacher no teacher take it easy aha.

Qinghou under the wind See Chang Xiao good rest Brother's eldest disciple's spiritual power is really strong! Hahaha don't even look at whose apprentice Xueyuefengmu Qianxue well Where is Hanged Brother? he is still in retreat.

Now only two Now it's just the two of them hey someone is coming so beautiful Mu Zixun has seen you real people have seen Brothers and sisters please get up a moment later This woman is the daughter of Sister Tiange, a descendant of the Qing Emperor.

Mu Zixun Why hasn't the other one shown up yet? Are you selling coffins? Evergreen Ah, so many Lingcui I caught it and became a sword fairy hey hey hey hey Why hey look i don't catch you.

Hey Hey Why ah Who are you ah ah It's over, I overslept Young Master Yushifeng is here Why By the way, who are you?.

I want to thank you very much My name is Ye Qingyu It is the swordsman arranged by the elder holding the sword for the young master. I'm too late to leave I remember Ye Yuqing Is this coming? If you don't come, go back early I'm coming.

Definitely coming soon there is movement ah on top Master, I'm here Brother Changqing, why are you late? Zijun practiced really well last night correct Junior Xu Changqing met several real people And this is brother and sister.

Free, it's already a big gift come on up hahaha Brother Evergreen come let's go in together Why You and Xiao Zixun are brother and sister Then you are also the son of Sword Fairy haha interesting interesting Son of Xu Zichuan Sword Immortal.

Huh like this sorry master Um don't miss a night Cultivation has improved let's go in This mediocre boy what's the matter Invite new disciple Xu Changqing Mu Zixun into the hall.

I invite the two of you to make money Pay homage to Kaishan Patriarch I am Xu Changqing Mu Zixun swear here In this life Yongxiao Immortal Gate Do not fall into the devil Serve justice for the common people Changqing Zixuan.

You two will be my Kunlun disciples from now on when practicing hard protect the world Do not insult the name of Kunlun Disciples remember Um This is the gift of initiation Thank you Master Black gold nephrite armor.

Wow, the teacher is too generous The two immortal treasures, no one but the big brother Uh-huh Changqing, you come under my door today As a teacher, I gave this thing to the cloud From now on, you will be in charge of this order in Kunlun see you see me ah misty hum Misty order.

Only the heirs of the sword-wielding elders can rule Is it a direct succession position? This Xu Changqing's practice is an elder You are taking Kunlun Weilai as a joke what's up a wooden sign what's the fight crow you are crow Is this slowing down?.

Boundless, this matter is different Many disciples of Kunlun are all there Is it true that Master believes in me? i believe evergreen He's talented now Ke Dao is firm unlimited potential Qiu Wuya only collects one soil in this life Xu Changqing.

Say there is no Chaos Habitat Lin Bei, my cultivation in this life is hard to find thorns Master didn't know about this still have high hopes for me master I mess around mess around Huya is the trend of the whole Kunlun.

You can't be arbitrary this such a waste Became the heir of Sword Immortal right from the beginning I don't agree it's up to you to speak Don't get angry, everyone. i am determined never change.

Brother The crow is related to the rise and fall of Kyushu county gate better take it easy I just want to make up for the regrets of the year I have always been ashamed of Zi Chuan Changqing is his only son anyway I will try my best to cultivate him into a talent make up for my mistakes.

Hastily gave the Misty Order to the newcomer make other disciples dissatisfied Why not take advantage of the Fairy Sword Conference fair play Huh yes You might as well take a few more apprentices let them compete choose the best This method is feasible.

Brother, what do you think? I said I, Qiu Wuya, only accept one apprentice in my whole life That is Xu Changqing Qiu Wuya anyway this misty order Can't just pass it on to Xu Changqing, a waste Who dares to say that Changqing is trash.

Sword without sword The rules of Kunlun cannot be abolished because of you I have 80,000 Kunlun disciples only this waste Xu Changqing optional real people When I first entered Kunlun, I was a disciple of Kunlun Master's love Although my father is a sword fairy.

But I also don't want special treatment for it Ha ha ha ha You have practiced for ten years But still stagnant in practicing Qijing We should take care of it more Although I am a Qi practitioner But it is by no means a waste to be slaughtered This kid has such courage so sober.

Good Xu Changqing There is still half a year until the Fairy Sword Conference At that time, all the immortals from Kyushu will gather in Kunlun You are embarrassing Kunlun Well, today I will be the master If Changqing can stand out in the Fairy Sword Conference out of misty order don't worry.

I will never embarrass my master Now I have stepped into the second stage of lovers Hahaha Ha ha The double lover is also worth showing off Ha ha ha ha Laugh to death OK OK That's all for today.

Oh see you someday Evergreen Kid District This issue But that's it Fairy Sword Conference wait and see Changqing Starting tomorrow, I will retreat and heal my injuries Ye Qingyu recalled him during the retreat.

I will pass on the Tao to you after leaving the customs as a teacher Um Rest assured, Master To remember the heart is above all Rewarding fate and keeping righteousness no matter what happens Calmly deal with Everything can be solved Clarify and keep in mind.

Um ah what is this for What to do, although he seems mediocre but some courage what am i thinking clear rain ah here this is for you.

Can help you improve your cultivation this time Thank you for taking care of my diet You don't have to It's a matter of knowledge you don't have to be so formal In my hometown There are no princes and guards who are all relatives loved ones.

Ah ah Qinglian Bijue The speed of drawing aura is a hundred times faster than before If I practice hard, I will succeed only Brother Evergreen This is the Qiannian Lingluye given to me by the master for you Young Master Evergreen.

This is the Pioneer Yulu Porridge I specially prepared Brother Evergreen This is the century-old peach that Master gave me Young Master Evergreen This is a century carp This is a thousand-year snow lotus and this is a ten-thousand-year ginseng Brother Changqing Brother Evergreen Young Master Evergreen.

Um these four months Master Changqing practiced day and night not close yet The Fairy Sword Conference will be held in two months Electric Kokonoe You can try the dwarf next. Chaos Qinglian you Four months of practice.

The youth's geology has finally become a small skill next Let's try the earth technique of Panyuan ancient land first viewing Targeting is not enough Technology is just a prototype But the first time you can watch it successfully It's a chance Senior, why are you so elusive?.

How does it feel to see the outside world through me these past few months? snort That Qiu Wuya is interesting Pay attention to the boy holding the blood of the bird is very strong Alright, let's break through the Giant Spirit Realm Remember to thank you senior blue feather I've run out of potions I'm afraid.

It's hard to hit the giant spirit mirror please go get it how much do you need 10 times that of ordinary people Not a hundred times more the better ah ah The deacon of the son's prescription refused to give Doesn't he know it's the medicine I need?.

That Yaofeng said that even though you are a disciple of Jianxin But I haven't gone to Tranquility for ten years Uncle Zhi probably misunderstood. I don't want to break through and go to peace Qing Yu doesn't have to blame herself I will go in person I see who bullies my knowledge and not enough resources Can't get together, rain or shine.

You lead the way OK Hey, that's not the executive ship Elder heir? Yu Changqing hush down hey why are you here Your month has been overdelivered you come to my pharmacy.

What is it oh I'm trying to pre-fetch some Spirit Shock Djinn mirrors in advance snort joke have been a pharmacy deacon for so many years I never knew about the extraction of spiritual extracts in advance just dream Haha, if all the disciples of Kunlun promise you.

Is my prescription messed up? It's the real master who came here You can't break my Yaofeng rules I had no choice but to endure the pain hey look at that guy bumpkin The most common accessories in Kunlun are also inlaid with qinglingshi. Three low-grade green stones for half pearls what to exchange it for ah.

This won't work There are still two months until the Fairy Sword Conference Xinyu worried son Don't worry I'll think about it I am Xu Changqing Not to be affected by these difficulties let's go Oh, isn't this Miss Qingyu?.

I heard you are talented but became a swordsman what do you think Why don't you come to Tongtian Peak I asked my adoptive father to accept you as a true disciple Or it would be nice to be a swordsman for me Hahaha I was rescued by Immortal Taibai since I was a child Misty Peak is my home.

Don't bother you please get out of the way Grandpa, did I let you go? Ye Qingyu don't know good from bad Willing to serve this trash forever Xia Yufeng forbids you to say that about Mr. Changqing Hahaha can't say Humph, Brother Yufeng said.

This man is not worthy to lift your shoes I think the elder holding the sword is also confused Such a piece of rubbish was collected Yo Angry Ha ha ha ha so protect your master You two are afraid Hahahahahaha.

Brother, you are a discerning person. Look at this Xu Changqing How does he look like the son of a sword fairy? will it He's not Xu Zichuan's son at all. shut up Yo Angry I'm so scared.

Ha ha ha ha He wants to purify with qi The practice of teaching us ah 1 insult my swordsman insult my father Today you have to apologize If you say you're a bastard, just say you're apologetic. what do you do with me.

Then i rendezvous you say This guy still angry My son refuses to receive the ninefold mirror I'm afraid of you Xu Changqing you're a bastard I said what can you do to me.

Who insulted my father Unforgivable Hahahahaha You dare to speak wild words Don't pay attention to these unreasonable guys if i flinch they will be more aggressive Brother, why do you need to deal with a trash? Well, I'll let you this time.

Son be careful He is at least the giant scale Yae mirror no problem son so confident should be prepared Besides, the young master also has a body armor of black gold nephrite you and my ancestors Human bone betel nut Legend has it that Junior Brother Zhang's ancestor was an ancient soldier.

Follow me around Kunlun Baidi After practicing Taoism, he became the famous White Wolf General in Kyushu snort In my opinion against this bastard just take a breath icy air hum it's impossible increase the power of ice The Realm of the Giants is nothing more than that.

Childe with my blood lighten me Jade Heaven and Earth Coldness ah How can it be such a cold Once you tear it off, you can freeze the Qi and refine it, and you can stop it how did he do it.

How come Qinglian into the void Sword into the sun star All Souls Swallow ah what's going on According to the passing of the aura in my body, so do I Even my aura is outside Is it the son Terrible traction force.

No I must not let my spirit power continue to weaken Fresh spirits are evil, attracting heaven and earth Finally got serious You and I open the square split blade Great change cold wind like a sword seems to tear everything apart This is Junior Brother Zhang's trick.

Wind blade Xu Changqing see how you resist this trend cold wind month This is the Chinese Immortal Art Can the son handle it? You and I underestimate the enemy, the Dharma body must be counted Chaos and incorruptibility what is it Is this status.

Chaotic green lotus Qinglian Shengdi Sword Qinglian Sword sword cut eight wilderness This blue sword It's just a sword condensed by traveling If it condenses the complete ancient dharma body How mighty that must be Hey, it's still hard to fully control this force.

Ah this is not good Is this the might of the earth? Zhang Fei Shanhe, my fairy god I Forced out Zhang Hong's fairy gods The fairy dharma body that can be condensed by the seven talents of Jindan Small soldier shield advance ah ah.

Don't steal don't kill wait You and I restore Jinzhao ah Coral lost This is Giant Spirit 8 Chongqing cultivator actually lost good.

So strong it's okay no problem so far so good Brother Zhang Hong Brother Zhang Hong Xu Changqing you god provoke bento pays the price.

Terrible aura Is this my son? You are a disciple of Kunlun insult father at will Ruin the reputation of the first fairy gate Besides, my father was a sword fairy at that time Killed the immortal demon many times and competed with the master of the demon sect What right do you have to misunderstand him I am a son of man.

Also want justice Apologize I I am the Master of the Heavenly Wind Sword Immortal Xueyu's adoptive son you can't hurt me So what about the Sword Master Tongtianfeng? Since you dare to speak out Just be prepared to pay the price.

Xu Changqing This is what I want to seal How can you let your hands go wild? No, it's snap of the fingers just want to go home son mere giant spirit overreaching snort Ninefold Volume.

I'm sorry son incompetent incompetent you don't have just fine climbers too much Hey, just a swordsman If you want, I can pay you ten.

You Benefactor Tan save me Don't worry about rain and wind Xu Changqing Xia Yufeng and others are not at fault Don't think you are the heir to the sword fairy bullying don't teach you a lesson You really think you can do whatever you want.

Unreasonable Qinglian Land Sword what is this power evil heart swordsman clean This is Qinglian Land Even Uncle Tan good The next thing is between you and me.

Apologize keep playing brother stone i was wrong i was stupid damn i shouldn't insult you If you apologize early, you'll be fine. Xu Changqing is so like me I will make you pay back double ah.

Excuse me don't be crazy my heart is broken Broken foster father You must avenge me kid Enough is enough Xia Yufeng like my father first.

Provocative hands behind It is reasonable to act in self-defense nonsense ah trouble Oh no The people in the snow region are about to make a move let's go first Relying on one's own hands to hold ground soldiers bullying Hongmen.

Today i let you know beyond the sky You are not worthy to be in command Ming Wu Dapeng wiped out not good real person in prison you turn black and white And said I'm not fit to hold a sword.

Is my family cheap? Want to hand it over to a sanctimonious person like you? Immortals death prisoner sky claw Xuanyu Daoist's Ancestral Immortal Art stay away stay away I am Xu Changqing Son of Sword Fairy Descendants of Emperor Qing Should hold a sword.

Do not disgrace teacher Qinglian Land Sword I would rather cut the wilderness with my sword landless green lotus yes You only practice Qi sword Even if holding an earth sword so what Naming My Immortal Art.

Desire of the Nine Heavens ah ah ah so powerful sword chop me my power fortune.

Crushed into nothingness Is this the power of He Daoqi? Winged Sword Without the help of sword spirit with my current practice Even holding a sword Still can't compete with these powerhouses Power I must have more power Hahaha.

You know the child is broken Do I, Xu Changqing, want to Piaoxue sword leads me to swordsmanship all over the sky Sword Snow Frozen World Xuanyu real person Lord of your majesty To actually do such a cruel thing to a younger generation It's too much it's nonsense.

Hey Zhao Zhangjia real snow how do you mess don't talk yet elder brother Young Master Evergreen so it is elder brother.

Wong Sin Evergreen Five Shores Immortal loss temporarily unconscious you Brother Xuanyu You know he's just a teenager who's not afraid of spirits No strength and no one More lessons to be learned If there is something wrong with him.

How should I explain to Brother Crow that's your business nothing to do with you you an elder so hard enough Brother, your adopted son seems to have a trace left It's too late to go back now Tian Ding I tell.

You're not done it happened to be him Changqing will be in trouble Just checked the air veins Changqing seems to have stepped into the Ninth Level of Qi Refining Ah, it's only been four months. From the first level of qi refining to the ninth level these four months Mr. Changqing has been in seclusion and practiced day and night.

Practice with evergreen physique It doesn't work over time i believe brother no matter what anyone says His heart is always the strongest That's why he's sure Um Let's take him back to have a good rest just sit down.

Senior brother, you are a majestic sword master Is it disrespectful? snort This kid bullied others and openly mutilated his fellow disciples If it weren't for this seat already killed The ministers of the upper echelon will not punish these unruly people On the contrary, he is responsible for this work According to my Kunlun door rules.

When abolishing his cultivation base and expelling Kunlun in my opinion Still have to ask why Evergreen yesterday's event tell me we should deal fairly The disciple hit the giant spirit yesterday I just don't want to pay for the medicine in advance.

Disciple had to give up back to the teacher Already given to Xu Changqing Medicinal materials 10 times higher than ordinary disciples If you give it again, it will violate the door rules Do your best Don't dare to favor one another This Xu Changqing is lawless Even medicinal materials are more than others.

It takes so many medicinal materials to produce a giant spirit mirror Ah Changjiao Mingjian My son has a special physique and practice day and night Just because he lost Kunlun's face when he was not at the Fairy Sword Conference I'm not even allowed to use the ice sword to replace the young master How did you become the lawless person you all call? The matter of the altar is a mere medicinal material why so I am the only disciple under the First Sword Immortal of Kunlun.

Just a few resources that's out of order The matter of teaching real people accept the penalty For mere medicine Let the sword fairy disciples be ashamed Evergreen In the future, when your medicinal materials come to my Xueyue Peak to pick them up no need to go to the pharmacy.

Yes, brother Changqing We won't go to the pharmacy anymore Evergreen knows that he has a special constitution The quality of medicinal materials exceeding the quota Willing to replace it with labor thanks real take a medicine Why is he fighting to the death with Xia Yufeng, Xuanyu's adopted son? When the disciple leaves the pharmacy.

That Xia Yufeng and the two spoke rudely like my father nonsense i mean always well-behaved how can you speak like your father Then change Xuanyu real person If you don't believe me, you can ask everyone who was there They first insulted the son.

Persuading the son is trash Also call the son a wild species no reason It's too heavy to say this matter It is true that Yufeng is not online You can report to Mr. Zhu in the door His guilt is judged by others But you use the sword in your hand to kill your fellow disciples.

Even if the old man yelled at him, he never stopped so style Heinous incomprehensible Hahaha I am no different from a demon My father Xu Zichuan As a sword fairy Wander around Kyushu to eliminate demons 14 years ago.

He even entered the sea of immortals and demons alone Fight with the devil generals The hope of saving my fairy gate just now Sister Zixun who has innate talent to the end without my father Bloody battle with the magic door Can you still boss me around here and judge me? My father exchanged his blood for the hope of the fairy gate of Kyushu and peace.

But he never thought those he shelters insult him behind his back J dare to insult my father I, Xu Changqing, even if I pile up rocks burn together You don't protect his dignity I, Xu Changqing, will protect you.

Brother Changqing is right Back then, my father Mu Tiange went deep into the sea of immortals and demons To rescue the trapped fairy gate strongman I didn't expect to be hit hard by the magic gate If it weren't for Uncle Zichuan who disregarded life and death Going deep into the sea of demons alone to help my father severely injure the strong man of the demon sect I am not what I am today that time Uncle Zi Chuan has already killed the sea of immortals and demons.

But after he settled me down And went into the sea alone to rescue my father this go no more audio Only elder brother Changqing was left alone unknown only 12 years The world has already forgotten this sword fairy The blood and tears shed for the immortal gate of Kyushu Enter the honor of Sword Immortal here.

How can I be worthy of being an immortal in Kyushu? The Immortals Fellow Daoist Ai Zichuan, this life admirable 28 years ago The intention of Pengshan in the East China Sea emerges Dongfang Clan Tiange Sword Immortal Communication Kyushu Immortal Wen Said that the family produced a The son of Tianyang who has the innate end.

Ke Peng's deep momentum Bo is very difficult to preserve the congenital to the end So please ask me Kyushu Xianmen to support There are Wuling trolls and star extinguishers who take advantage of the words first Therefore, many immortals from the Immortal Gate of Kyushu went to Pengshan to help I don't want to go this time But was massacred by the demon gate Immortals spill blood in the East China Sea Life and death reimbursement.

Fill me with demonstrations What about Kunlun? At that time, Taibai happened to be practicing Taishang Wangqing sword in seclusion After receiving the message from Tiange Jianxin This seat did not inform Taibai because At that time, my Xianmen experienced the disastrous defeat of Pengshan in the East China Sea lost heavily even if we go.

It may not be able to save Heavenly Pigeon Sword Immortal Instead, he may be captured by the Demon Gate Completely destroy the foundation of my Kyushu Immortal Gate so That time we Kunlun stand by But Qinglian Sword Bone Zichuan Sword Immortal has gone He said innate body It is related to the future of the entire Kyushu Xianmen.

Even to the death You should also bring that body into the immortal gate to cultivate Father After the Devil's Sea you also know Boundless Exit almost broke with me what he does now which originally.

All so Clarify that you should follow in your father's footsteps Practice hard One day I will enter the sea of immortals and demons to find my father's return well hero out boy Today, I will be in charge of teaching orders Order Xia Yufeng Zhang Hong to guard the Kunlun Mountain Gate for 100 years Master Xuanyu is not strict in discipline.

Give a warning If repeated Getong Tianfang Sword Master from now on J Dare to insult the sword fairy all punished Objectionable no objection.

In addition In the future, Changqing and Zijun will have endless resources in Kunlun I can comprehend Kunlun fairy arts and Taoism Kunlun Immortal Method Learn as much as you can back off Changqing Zixun Remember only strong Only then can you be happy and enmity.

Don't get caught up in the world yes Hey Let's eat together okay Not only was Xu Changqing not punished was also allowed to repair everything in Kunlun Master of Taoism what's the point.

Yes We can't repair a single door really what are you doing keep practicing with me No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Brother, let us go Get out if you don't practice master.

If given the chance Disciples can also cultivate to become immortals Why is that waste-like Xu Changqing Disciple dissatisfied so what I tell you if you really disagree Just at the Fairy Sword Conference fair and square won.

That kid out of breath Against the Fairy Sword Conference My Kunlun Fairy Sword Conference writes Taoism and supernatural powers Impossible Treasure Let alone Emperor Soldiers good I'll wait another two months Xu Changqing.

Besides Tell them to restrain themselves from now on leader of the sedan chair can't keep this seat it's useless Even if it's Brother Changqing today, I won't let you snort Do you think you can beat me.

Brother, I'll be there first oops I don’t know grandpa and they saw so many snacks how happy will be them Seems to despise these snacks don't even look down on knowledge Ah, Zixuan likes it anyway And this time, thanks to Sister Tsing Yi's report.

Oh brother evergreen I have entered the post-production camera and dare to touch my head We've only been here for 4 months Your cultivation speed is too fast, right? that's me Brother, you have to work hard too. I will never embarrass my father Wait until I become a sword fairy into the fairy sea.

Find everyone So is Zixuan Zi Xuan It seems that the Taoism you learned from Master Piaoxue is good Then my brother will also pass on a piece of Taoism to you. This is the number of brothers you have to keep it secret Such a mysterious way Brother Changqing, you are amazing.

We will fight together to the end of the sword Squeeze the magic door hahaha certainly It is better not to tell sister Zixu about the danger lest she get into trouble Brother Qingyu Changqing please take care of me Don't worry Zijun If brother wants to do something bad.

Sister Qingyu went directly to Xueyue Peak to find me what are you mumbling about so happy nothing i'm leaving Thank you Ling Cui of the Snowfaller for me These emeralds are enough for me to break into the Giant Spirit Realm Before there were only 4 now two more It seems that there are 9 heroic spirits gathered.

Using 9 techniques is not a lie that's natural It's just that you are now refining these zero emeralds It also takes half a month This is not a problem childe hidden mind The blood is the machine Aura as a supplement.

You and my ancestors month Nudge one step just heard the noise I didn't expect that the young master was gathering spirits Ignorant blood spirit Excited as much as possible Could it be that there are monks from He Daoqi who are rushing to the crown? Here comes the vision of heaven and earth.

Look at the downwind of the cyclone It seems to correspond to Misty Wind Kunlun except you and me He Daoqi wait a minute Which hermit senior is crossing the catastrophe not so simple How to condense a lotus platform I love you.

This is humility Remember 3000 years ago Did Feng Wuji, the patriarch of Canghai Jianmen, discover humility? snort 3000 years ago who knows But this day humbles the inner world Monument filled oops.

Terrible bell such momentum Which ancient emperor is it? This is who am i where am i my condensed soul It's actually a Chaos Monument This is Cangwudizun.

He actually walked out of Tianbei Nadiwei Just like an ancient emperor because of intention Attracted the blessing of the power of heaven and earth Did Di Wei follow suit? Cangwu Emperor Zun Yes, Wu Wei Cang Wu Di Zun ever invincible.

Ah, this is the Hunyuan Giant Spirit Monument Taking the opportunity to pull Cangwu Emperor Zun Remnant Spirits Scattered Between Heaven and Earth Cangwu Emperor Zun It's the hand-held Hunyuan Valley of the Emperor king of men handheld member also known as Ren Huang Zhong.

After he beat Zhu Di also known as Regal How could this ancient emperor appear here? Could it be what does this portend ah I want to see his funeral This is Fujiwara he came out too.

I am Fujiwara ancient land ah ah This is Looks like it's time to get out why exactly The ancient gods appeared one after another You all feel it too The old places appeared one after another something is wrong.

This is Void Emperor Yu Wuhang New Year Emperor Village I am Qingdi Reflect nine days who fights Emperor Qinglian was not 9000 years ago When suppressing the Cang Yue Demon Lord Already allowed? Too strange.

How is this going This is Baidi, the ancestor of Kunlun. The 768th generation of Kunlun looks like heaven met the ancient ancestors Kunlun Disciple Meet the ancient ancestors Patriarch Linchen Timing indicates that our fairy gate will be prosperous did not think of.

I am humbled by the fifth valley Kunlun's white body It's just who the sixth valley will be ah bad My body and soul can hardly bear it anymore I have to gather my mind quickly Patriarch dare to ask your son to appear today are there any instructions I hope the ancestors will come down.

Why are these ancient lands unresponsive? like afterimage like real strangeness Ignorant Faerie Chaos Djinn still can't believe it this is my heart ah.

Monument disappeared How is this going hey grandpa Grandfather hasn't issued a photo yet Why is it gone? Just now this work uses Yuanshen induction Want to find some clues Unfortunately nothing Why.

This day is humble and mighty If you can stay in Kunlun Why don't you suppress the magic gate oh what a pity Everyone, today, the gods are showing their spirits Megatron Kyushu It always indicates the great prosperity of my immortal sect You must guide your disciples to practice well Rest assured.

Ah, I am Mr. Changqing Why Gather the spirits this time Lost too much energy and strength of body and soul We must first strengthen the foundation Qinglin area Well, the traction force is 10 times faster than before Gather Faerie Consequences different.

In that case then how many come hey do you remember Sudden vision two months ago The ancient ancestor Baidi also appeared It is said Kyushu Evil Gate I'm curious about this Hey, the Fairy Sword Conference will start in three days.

This matter happened to give Kunlun my power and prestige ah you are the wind that blows the wind Hahaha Zenith come out to meet me Ha ha ha ha I am the real person Xunfeng, the suzerain of the South Sea Sword Sect Where are you headmaster? Oh, the headmaster has been waiting in the main hall for a long time hahaha.

I see I'm here, old boy Thanks to all the friends of Xianjiadao Gathering in Kunlun today 3 days later, the advanced conference officially opened The champion can get my Kunlun treasure Beckham okay In addition, you must have heard.

Two months ago Kunlun out of phase Tianwei is present Valley sinking I don't know how my friends think about this. Tianfei is alive Valley Promenade It's a good omen This is the picture recorded by Vientiane Trail at that time.

Let's watch together Can you see the omen such status How nice it would be to sit in my fairy gate You don't need to regret Since ancient times, evil has prevailed I believe As long as I am the Seven Great Immortal Gates of Kyushu and the ancient tribes work together.

Definitely be able to exorcise the demon door Give me Kyushu a bright future Well, what the headmaster of the heavenly court said is Gu Zhixian has paid too much I am self-reliant what fellow daoists do Sigh and sigh is only a moment Fellow Taoists What does this intention remind you of?.

What does this intention remind you of? The Ancient Manifestation Is it a hint that we will be with the magic gate there is a life or death duel gotta be ready for battle life and death duel My Xianmen was hit hard 28 years ago Fellow Daoists, don’t forget to praise the sky Wuling giant.

The magic star is gone, right? forgot about this Now we have brought together 4 innate bodies How about Zenith Kunlun? Chanyuan's body must pass through the innate Taoist body Nine years of worship in this seat Now we have entered the realm of anti-virtual I am the first person of Kunlun's younger generation He's probably going to be out by now.

I remember he is only in his 20s this year Fairy Gate fortunate Congratulations another innate body It is Mu Zixun, the daughter of Tiange Sword Immortal He was just 16 and a half years old But it's already in the late stage of stunned, and it's about to hit the God Transformation Realm Ah, I'm only 16 and a half years old, and my nerves have been shocked.

Hey boy, what luck are you having? It is said that the two innate Taoist bodies of Canghai Jianmen has also entered the anti-virtual realm It's a pity that the Canghai Sword Gate is on the back The sea of immortals and demons next to it is restless I didn't come this time Oh, right I heard Taibai Sword Immortal Accepted Zichuan Jianxian's son as a disciple.

But I don't know how the child is cultivated now Well Changqing is a very hardworking kid have great perseverance Future achievements will certainly not be bad hi zenith Why are you so hesitant all of a sudden? Well Changqing's body is different from ordinary people.

Currently in Giant Spirit Realm But this seat believes in the time of A and B he is not weak Djinn mirror How can this son of the sword fairy be a giant spirit mirror? Compared with the geniuses of all factions The difference is not small snort what dwarf mirror.

Or refining gas mirror? It's useless even if you give him a drink of efficacious jade dew every day What's the only way to practice Qi? Hey, the son of the sword fairy should be the dragon among men How could it be a misunderstanding? Tongtianfeng's disciples are all so disrespectful Zhang Hong How dare you criticize the son of the sword fairy here Heir of the Sword Elder.

Disrespectful guy This seat punishes you to go to Houshan Sword Lord to think about it for three years roll yes Hmph, the Heavenly Wind Sword Master is the forbidden area of Kunlun Ordinary disciples are eager to enter this mysterious realm Could it be that he intentionally avenged Senior Brother Tiandi for smashing his son? Hahaha, it's just a quick talk from the younger generation Fellow Taoists, don’t worry.

Hey speaking When Changqing followed his grandfather to my Shennong House Still a little kid I didn't expect this kid Physical problems of the natural dantian Ruyuan still not resolved no wonder Pity everyone.

Stop talking After 3 days, you will have to ask your high apprentices to work hard win rewards show style it's getting late Fellow Taoists, please come to Kunlun to welcome guests rest for now Thank you, the head teacher, for entertaining me. Wait. not guilty not guilty.

I can still drink again heaven when do you come to drink Wushuang bring my wine gourd Why My Special Wushuang Hangover Pill 8 times the dose ensure.

Sober Silly girl dispensing medicine Rubik's Cube Whoops hmm sorry grandpa but still very effective, right? Grandpa, I heard that Xu Changqing.

Hey don't talk about him Just now he said that his physical problems have not been resolved But when he explodes It's pretty scary when you think about it. I just don't know how long I'll have to wait for this day Oh, what a waste of our holy medicine you also know I don't know which girl it is Steal my family's holy medicine and give it to him.

Hum you ah you If I hadn't arrived in time You were slapped into a pulp by the holy beast of our clan Grandpa, do you still remember? I wish I could see that guy sooner. hum that is ah grandpa grandpa gourd grandpa has.

Ah you silly girl uh uh uh yeah Welcome fellow Taoists to Kunlun Participate in the Fairy Sword Conference Looking forward to your wonderful performance Next, Shang Kun, the owner of the Golden Pavilion in Kunlun Host the Fairy Sword Conference Hello everyone I am Fang Kun.

Let's not talk much Let's see which fellow Taoist is flying towards us now oops He is the Wizard of Kyushu, Immortal to the end Muzixun, the daughter of Mutian Pavilion Sword Immortal wow good Beautiful, too beautiful Meet Master that person's sister.

Ah Brother Qinghou is indeed extraordinary Xingyun, don't forget the appointment last night can't forget Ha ha Brother Qinghou has already become a golden elixir at a young age Please take care of me for this Fairy Sword Conference Not bad Brother Qinghou's Golden Winged Roc Faerie supernatural powers.

The best contemporary Kunlun Fellow Taoists lift up lift up fuck haha Brother Qinghu Although I have a little talent But before there was a big brother Chan Yuan Nako Kaoru more exasperating.

It's even that useless Xu Changqing You can also get all kinds of care so unfair stop talking This guy's father is a sword fairy I have rules in Kunlun Unforgettable his right and wrong no reason.

Brother Monkey, what do you say? we listen to you hum Fairy Sword Conference If the truth is revealed in front of the immortal gate of Kyushu Let's see how he still has the face to stay in Kunlun Brother Hou please rest assured understand Hahaha, take it easy to do.

Hey come here come just arrived today Duan Jianyi Great Disciple of Zijian Daoist in Taixu Peak Highly skilled in swordsmanship Known as the first sword of Kunlun youth Ah, brother Who is the first to strike? You are the one You are the first sword.

Sword is too heavy you will let go no need to thank me Zhenren Xuanri and Zijian Dazheng's big disciples are all in place who's next so strong breath Brother of Zen Academy Essence to the body.

Good thing you don't have to compete with him Who are these Kunlun disciples? ha ha ha Chen Yuan It's rare for you to come out Come here as a teacher Disciple Chanyuan pays homage to Master Worthy of being a god so graceful Your Kunlun successor has someone.

Uh ha ha People in Zhangjiao Town are proud of their high apprentices, it's really not ordinary Now that everyone is here i declare the assembly Um Isn't Xu Changqing participating in the Fairy Sword Conference? yes yes yes What about Xu Changqing? Don't get me wrong.

There are places for all parties in the Kunlun Fairy Sword Conference Disciples from all parties directly enter the final directly to the final Fight against the pride of heaven of each faction? Humph, he will only lose even worse Everyone, I am Kyushu Fairy Gate The twelve-year Fairy Sword Conference begins But any disciple who breaks into the top ten Anyone can enter my Kunlun Mystery Realm.

Champion You can get a bottle of my Kunlun Xianshi Qiongye Ah, Xianshi Qiongye Rumor has it that Immortal Master Qiong Ye impacts the nerves will make people innocent Thereby casting the flawless primordial spirit Invincible in the same realm Might be useful for my brother Please start drawing lots for the geniuses from each faction.

Enter Ranked Battles I start of comparison will be better than the beginning ah ah Um Um Fairy Sword Conference has begun Why is the son still in retreat?.

Wait and see Void Mysterious If you can control will help me Heaven and Earth Promise panacea Sword takes the void body like void.

In charge too slow third arena Yunwu Fairy Falls Over the Lingyun Sea this guy has something Oops, there is another brother missing in the top ten 13 swords in a flash This brother is fast. Xiao Zixuan is thinking about your brother again.

Don't worry he will come No more battles after the top ten is confirmed about to be disqualified childe ah absent clear rain what did you call me Before the top 10 rankings of the Gongzi Fairy Sword Conference come out.

If you don't go to the meeting, you will be retired by the guards I didn't expect this enlightenment to take so long Clear rain leads the way Nangong Fujigami Damn it took so long if lost no Ruzhi Xianlei Fengyun Sword ah.

Ah ah You and I are fairy spirits, heaven and earth are endless wind and cloud will be nothing right This is worthy of being a golden elixir monk Sky Thunder Slash Shoot the sea of clouds first Thunder blade annihilates mountains and rivers.

Brother Qingyun, this is the end Hurricane cuts the martyrs universe Who wins and who loses Lei Tianlei's illegal use of magic weapons Seventh ring Li Xing Yunsheng Um Congratulations to Li Xingyun from Yungu Xiandao for breaking into the top ten get the last Qualifications to enter Kunlun Shenxu training.

Take a break everyone Next will be the final ranking challenge winner You can get a bottle of my Kunlun Immortal Stone Qiong Ye um, not bad, not bad This time the Fairy Sword Conference The disciples in each row performed very well Zhang Jiaozhen Now the top ten are out.

The title race is about to begin. But Xu Changqing hasn't come yet That disciple just now has a good talent, um, not bad no need to worry Don't you have a few clocks? It's for his own good, old man After all, magic has no eyes Huh, Xu Changqing's location is really good But the General Assembly stipulated.

Do not use magical weapons Evergreen Junior brother is difficult That's true Qinghou is really considerate of junior brother. Ha ha ha ha you you guys Everyone has been waiting for a long time Everyone has been waiting for a long time.

Elder brother this brat Everyone has been waiting for a long time Humph, this guy is Xu Changqing very ordinary Sure enough, it is as clear as Brother Fox said General waste clarification brother finally came I haven't seen this kid for 6 years.

Are they all that big? Evergreen, this is going to walk in the air Why do you want to fall to death? Walking in the sky must at least bear the burden he looks like this pity Xu Changqing's step-by-step lotus growth is solid and vigorous It's not quite like the trash that my queen brother said. this guy looks good.

Well keep the clouds open and see the moon Step into the void lotus every step of the way clean and honest Not bad Hum Zenith you learn to hide What are you talking about? I think it looks good.

Ha ha Provincial education real person, this is Yuyang Xianyi Yubao first demoted Ah ha ha ha ha ha Um This seat also leaves some suspense waiting Xu Changqing, a disciple of Misty Peak I have met the principal, the real person, I have met all the seniors Changqing's battle to win the championship is about to begin.

Why is it so late Uh, the disciple is retreating to understand Taoism It's wrong to keep you seniors waiting for a long time I also hope that the seniors will forgive me good boy came just in time Changqing still recognizes the old man Ah, Grandpa Baili of Shennongwu Hahaha thank you kid for remembering the old man It's not in vain that the old man loved you all the time.

How to clarify and keep in mind forever brat what about me Um somewhat familiar feed the brat I forgot about your Wushuang sister after only seeing each other for a few years heartless guy Uh, I remembered, Wushuang sister, sister.

It's my sister, I'm half a year older than you good good sister elder brother Zixuan hey good news for you My brother has already gone to get the ninefold mirror ah great brother is awesome It's ok, progress is fast enough.

Hum trash Ninefold still low I really trained him It's a good thing to improve your cultivation Ninefold As expected of Zichuan's son Changqing now has the top ten spots Showing the lowest is also amazing.

Moreover, magic weapons cannot be used in this conference. How dare you participate Clarify being a Misty Peak disciple Zidang represented Misty Peak in the competition Since you have this confidence then you go get ready But do your best don't get hurt yes.

I want to see what you're up to Also walk in the air to make the lineup snort I will trample you under my feet in front of everyone older brother brother come on I can't beat my sister to help you Hahaha This guy forgets his sister when he has a sister.

See if I don't teach you a lesson Evergreen come on If my sister can't beat my sister, I will help you The battle for position is about to begin Geniuses please enter quickly The old man has to take a good look at the backup style. These 3 people are not good Um I want to win the championship.

We welcome a new teacher Qiongye for you brother Haha sister Zixuan, don't be careless Maybe it was my brother who won the championship in the end. Ah, that is of course the best Brat come on good I announce the start of the championship ok i declare title fight.

Start the rules are simple Low ranked people challenge high ranked people If the challenge is successful can take its place but if it fails will lose the qualification to continue the challenge These ten geniuses from each faction are temporarily positioned as the top ten They are Yunwuxiandao Lingyunhai.

Li Xingyun, Yunwu Xiandao Nanhai Jianzong Ning Tianchen Nanhai Jianzong Nangong vine Divine slave realizes Baili Wushuang Under Kunlun Tongtian Peak, Hou Taixu Peak's Broken Sword Xueyue peak Mo Qianxue Xueyue Peak Mu Zixuan and Misty Peak Xu Changqing So, let's start choosing the object of the challenge. i challenge Xu Changqing.

I is Li Xingyun who is ranked tenth He wants to directly challenge Xu Changqing Brother Qinghou and Xu Changqing are rescued Just beat Xu Changqing I remember Afterwards, enter the realm of the void he has to take care of me And this guy looks easy to beat you want to challenge me.

You can think about it then follow nice and courageous Dare to ask Li Xingyun, the fairy guide of Yunwu At the age of 20, the golden elixir begins Fairy is Fengyun Sword Kunlun Disciple Xu Changqing is 17 years old Jiuzhong, a descendant of the Qing emperor.

Sword Fairy Fengyun sword please enlighten me still impatient ah ah This fairy is interesting I, Fengyun Sword Fairy Born with wind and cloud attributes Can pull the force of wind and cloud to clamp all around the body Wind and cloud are swords.

Sword of Fengyun Faerie no longer Concentrate the power of wind and cloud Heroes without body ah The momentum is not small Mr. You and I are in a sea of clouds submerge the wilderness Fengyun Huajian.

Broken sky Li Xingyun's attack already has the power of Jindan I see how you resist Yue Hai can attack and defend Fengyun Sword is even more ever-changing admire see my next The Abyss of the Head of State Swallowing the Sky All spirits.

Don't give up Oh boy, what is the trick of this trick? Can absorb the aura of heaven and earth My fairy power is constantly being absorbed by him mere elf world Impossible Fairy I must have used fairy energy on you This is the way I practice, the mixed head of state can swallow the world and all spirits How did you become a fairy.

Could it be that you Yunwu immortals can't afford to lose? Impossible is supernatural power The cloud sea wind sword that wants to swallow me so easily at least from time to time Xu Changqing, if you can't beat anyone and admit defeat now it's time to cheat Wouldn't it be a joke What an embarrassment to Kyushu's No. 1 Immortal Gate! Everyone, this duel.

This seat and the real people of all factions are paying attention I didn't notice the aura of treasure just now. this Zenith's words are true Although Xingyun is my disciple of Yunwu Immortal Dao but respect the facts This child is born Dan Tianruyuan able to cultivate such supernatural powers It should be.

He actually cultivated the supernatural power of the purple spot Taoism Brother Changqing's condensed supernatural powers It looks pretty awesome Does the brat have any skills? Magnetic battle continues The townspeople will continue to fight alone If there is a violation no mercy Hmph, so what if it's supernatural powers.

I am Jindan The power of the monk's soul is also dozens of times that of yours How can you be comparable to it? godless Guided by no fairy World situation Walker Wushen you and me fairy hurricane breaking.

Sword splits the universe Swallow me the endless abyss of the head of state Xu Changqing can't get on my Fengyun Sword Yufeng Zhan practice for me Your blow is really strong Draw me the power of the fairy How can it be Is this the power of Zhen Yuan? How could Xue Lingji have.

Geometry How can you guess Jindou Hurricane Kowloon Sweeping Eight Desolation This kid forcibly uses the Zhanzhen School Immortal Art Hurricane Kowloon to damage its units It's the way of two wounds Li Xingyun will never lose to you Nine Dragons practice for so long.

Should be able to initially control that power Since you tried your best Then let you see the power of my Qinglian Emperor Art Eternal Qinglian escapes the void Swallow up the sun, the moon and the stars Green Lotus Sword Breeding in the Curtain Destroy Wanzhang Mountains and Rivers Incorruptibility Only then will the Giant Spirit Mirror be able to cast the Emperor Art.

Ah, how did Xu Changqing do it? ah I can't pull the power of heaven and earth Qinglian swallows the sky His green lotus is devouring my fairy power again Ah ah ah i can never lose cut me three yuan Wind Dispelling Nine Swords.

Shatter Qinglian Painting Sword Destroy mountains and rivers i admit defeat i admit defeat I declare this challenge Enter Xu Changqing, a disciple of Kunlun Hahaha that's great hahaha Li Xingyun Anyway, it's Miss Jindan.

Reverse direction Leapfrog Changqing boy is improving so fast Evergreen Wetland is indeed extraordinary Your Evergreen Wetland Dantian is like an abyss Unpredictable In the future, if you are in charge of Kunlun He is the elder If you two guard each other, you will tie me up, Kunlun is happy!.

More and more interesting bro you are amazing You actually practiced my family's geology to such an extent hum that is Brother is the son of sword fairy I will protect you from now on Not at all Even if my brother is stronger than me I also protect my brother.

Oh, you brothers and sisters Is it because you are afraid that others will not know how deeply you two are brothers and sisters? Hey Sister Wushuang, you also come to congratulate me on my rapid progress. sister Um Hmph, you have eaten so many precious medicines from my family This is the giant Sorry to say super fast.

Everyone Challenge continues Since no one challenged Why don't we fight each other in the top ten? Ok, I announce the start of the top 10 mutual selection competition I announce the start of the top 10 picks i choose you Aren't you Yishun Thirteen Concubines? Let's see who is faster.

Hey why don't you speak are you afraid Hey, you must be scared, right? what are you afraid of Bibibi idiot am a disciple of Jianzong of the South China Sea Nangong vine condenses Suzaku fairy spirit I heard that Brother Qinghou's golden-winged Dapeng fairy bloodline is cumbersome.

Dare to ask Since friends are invited please I heard that noble fairy art is unparalleled in the world I don't know if I'll be lucky enough to see it no problem no problem please Let sister Zixuan take another rest How about we also go to learn about it? oh good.

This is the first genius of Jianzong in the South China Sea Why do you act like a coward? not so simple Kunlun disciple Xu Changqing is 17 years old Ninefold Nanhai Nanhai Jianzong disciple Ning Tianchen is 18 years old Jindan Late Stage uh uh naive bro don't worry Since it is a competition.

You and i let go uh, i'll go to the end ah that's good My Fairy Thunder Wing Beast this little guy looks weak My heart is still I'm going to make a move bring it on Thunderbolt.

Niu Wuxianshu Tiangang Thirty-Six Swords Mixed hands I'll see mine next Qinglian Art Qinglian Huajian Qinglian Swordfish Thunder shield breaks the whole body Thunderwing Shield really good.

Then try my strongest sword Cut off mountains and rivers with my green lotus sword Qinglian Painting Sword Intrinsic danger this is geology It's a sign that you have reached the realm of a small city. or here we go did you vote this battle.

Evergreen is about to lose Ah Changjiao Right now, it is clear that Evergreen has the upper hand. hahahahahahahaha You should take care of yourself first, thief king. Changqing, let's have another drink with my sister no no no son three days After 3 days, enter the void.

Not late Let's drink another day You take these herbs first I'll help grandpa to rest first It's disrespectful to be so young hateful This Xu Changqing actually made such a cruel move almost flew to qinghou's spirit Who ever thought that Tianbei was his condensed fairy spirit.

One person masters several geotechnical techniques Qinghou met him Really bad luck Why a djinn How can there be such a terrible fairy I have heard Xu Zichuan once obtained a Hunyuan mirror in the endless sea In my opinion, this monument should be given by Xu Zichuan.

One way or another Xu Changqing Now he is a world-class figure who overwhelms his generation no matter how unwilling we are to no avail Disciple is not reconciled It's not impossible if only cast first ride.

Ah you mean No, it's a sealed forbidden area Repression is extremely dangerous Phoenix Lord Tens of thousands of years have passed since the Great War Thinking about it, the culprit is almost gone not as good as no it's too dangerous Otherwise why every 300 years.

We still have to go to Shenxu to add sticks to suppress the seal of the great evil no no no I think you might as well give it a try The owner has a respectful name tag Send more heads to go to Xianchi together with Qinghou Legend has it that there is a fairy pool in the Shenxu that can help people create fairy machines it is true This battle is the shame of Qinghou's life no revenge.

Qinghou died with regret I hope the master will be perfect leader go come back alive The Eighth Demon General Ji Jiuling Meets Princess Fu I don't know what the rich princess ordered two months ago Kunlun has heaven and earth.

Ancient Land Manifestation you know this will know a thing or two Today our people in Kunlun came to report That intention originated from a Kunlun disciple This disciple is a descendant of the Qing Emperor Xu Zichuan's son Xu Changqing this person cannot stay will eventually understand.

Slow from your peers Only then can things be done The Seventh Demon General Ge Tianji Meets His Father and Princess The Sixth Devil Sect pays homage to the vice princess in the mountains a hairy boy why three people not This time you go to Kunlun And bring back that girl named Mu Zixun.

That's the daughter who is retreating He has some entanglements with Xianmen not easy to show up Princess Fu please rest assured not to be underestimated A Master of Witches Quick fix Those old fellows at Canghai Jianmen were alarmed.

Yes Why It is worthy of being the first fairy eye in Kunlun just took a sip Thirty percent of the lost energy is restored chaos viewing Because I am clean and dodge numbers Sure enough, the spirit becomes stronger The power of the condensed gophers will also double.

This seems to be the trend of condensing Jindan If you step into Jindanqing Even without the Chaos Monument I can also go to Xia Qinghou's Peng Zu these herbs Enough for me to condense the golden core my mind allow my soul when is it.

Named after Wuxian Nine Heavens God Thunder The great events of the heavens enter the house without a name, without thunder and swords to punish evil and break laws Hahaha The Changqing boy still underestimated the enemy so meticulous Sure enough, people can't be judged by their appearance Evergreen took it lightly from the start Little did they know that Tianchen was fighting seriously like a different person.

Your numbers are really strong I don't know if I dare to try my Nanhai Jianzong's Jiutian Yumeishu ah ah ah It is rare for Changqing to make it this far let him throw in the towel unharmed foundation Junior Brother Evergreen.

Now you are about to lose Tianlei Sword enough eh Tianchen is indeed the person involved. Evergreen Genius It is also difficult for him to deal with such a magical method. win or lose up to me Nine Heavens Thunder Undying Universe.

Changqing seems to be fighting fiercely. I don't know who will win Chance don't be distracted Lei Fa of Jianzong of the South China Sea Could it be that Xu Changqing has already you are really strong It's a pity that you met me, Xu Changqing The concept of chaos wants to clear the Dharma Body and unload it for me.

This is Xuan Tianzun elder brother Unfriendly brother incarnation God this is my brother The ancient enemy was actually summoned by him incredible Changqing actually summoned the Qing Emperor Dharma Body.

Legend descendants of some ancient tribes If you regurgitate your blood, you can summon the Dharma Body of the Ancient Clan But did it in the Giant Spirit Realm Eternal unique I'm happy can see such a way I, Ning Tianchen, are convinced Brother Qianchen's Taoism is extraordinary and his strength is astonishing.

Let me declare Xu Changqingsheng, a disciple of Kunlun in the fifth ring wow ok ok ok ok ok great Condensed in the Valley Dharma Body But he lost a lot of spirit energy two more rounds second arena Kunlun disciples drive up Qinghou.

Lord of the Nine Heavens Kunlun disciple Xia Qing Hou Sheng I thought that was all you could do get away with it Thank you brother for your concern Just now, Brother Hou's move of prisoner's claw and winged sword Really domineering hum award You and I are immortals, and the purple air travels three thousand miles to the east.

You and me fairy Destiny returns to nothing Are you all right, little girl? Ha ha ha ha Destiny Player Seal i declare In the fourth ring, Shennong Wu's disciple Baili Wushuangsheng Advance to the top five Yes, old man Baili's granddaughter is so amazing.

Hahahaha nothing nothing Legend has it that Master Baili's Destiny Fairy is beautiful to the extreme Can help monks teleport and even travel through the void I was careless Qianxue is ashamed Junior Sister Mo has extraordinary consciousness can brother thought you'd stopped walking. I didn't expect the ability to be quite big.

You are not allowed to hit my elder brother Changqing Hey, don't you want to delay? Besides, no matter how strong your ability is Don't forget about Sister Wushuang's love for adding medicine in the past. Thank you boy for remembering At the beginning, he said he would repay me a hundredfold. if not repaid better than promise marry yourself to my sister.

Brother Changqing won't agree to you snort A manly man will naturally do what he says elder brother what's the situation it's all over Am I the only one left? It's boring Let's fight.

Be serious, okay? Faster than swordsmanship More than 10 swords in a flash Have you ever seen 15 swords in an instant? 18 Swords 24 sword 36 sword recognize me Kunlun disciple Duan Jian wins.

Great great it's over Um ah brother what's wrong with you It's okay there are two more evergreen or I can't give up halfway Only by entering the Kunlun God Ruins to obtain the theocracy of immortality to bring grandpa back to life.

Peerless sister Zixu, are you sure? Um then be careful time waits everyone take a break Let's start the next round I choose senior brother Xia Qinghou, why dare to fight Zixu.

Thirsty Zixuan, why didn't Xiao Zixuan choose to play with me? go sister play with you According to the rules, Xu Changqing has a bye stay in contention i know what you mean give that guy more rest Definitely beat him later Then thank you, brother.

That's it for me Wood Fairy Golden Winged Roc Qingluan on fire Condensing the spirit of wood essence with no shame good Let me see how powerful this innate is. emotional greenhouse Three thousand sword feathers Destruction.

Set my faerie Responding to the trend of heaven and earth Jinluan Huayu meteor sword rain Frozen world But it's God after all Can do the best of the world condensation bath Use the baths to increase the power of spells.

Hey, try my bath too Golden Winged Roc nine days of hell heavy pressure Xuan Hao Xuanyu real person Your eldest disciple is talented good Not only have you cultivated your prisoner claws to great success.

Also condensed the bath so talented Looking at the Fairy Gate of Kyushu It's also at the top Ha ha ha ha Qinghou has worked hard since he was a child talent can can have such an achievement The old man is also very pleased.

It's just a pity that I'm so weak can't help him go further Be serious next time Listen to my fairy art Dapeng dharma body The Three Immortals and Sword Feather are gone in all directions you will find that you do not exist even if you leave even if you don't exist.

Even if you leave me will also exist underestimate me Innocent blood You and I are clean and honest swallow me honestly died Even my warden Zhenyuan can retire.

Even if you are a villain It can also achieve 90% imperial art Ching Lian Destiny Qinglian Yundi Sword sword like shooting star fight against the wilderness frozen miles good good.

This girl Zixuan is indeed very talented It's not too late to integrate earth techniques and Taoism Hum Dao body and earth skills combined to be a genius This girl is amazing Looks like I'm worrying too much Apparition heaven and earth protect me Um.

Um ah Zixun won where is this that guy is a monster This kid is frozen hum genius I can't see it That is.

Vagabond Glass body I am Xia Qinghou sword heart immortal no intention to live forever Ignorance is the sword thought is law by my will Heavenly Sword.

One thought in form Ten thousand swords are like the sky That's seeing you incarnate is a genius If this child cultivates well A and B time may become a sword fairy speak lightly Snow Swordsmanship.

Frozen world witch as sword ten thousand ways break me Winged Sword Heart circle fixed number The strong reminder of the emperor is endowed with tenacity better to throw in the towel I'm going to deal with your useless brother.

Zixuan can't Want to pretend to be provocative Teishu's words I ask to end the game brother What they are fighting is not Taoism but obsession mist covered the sky Fascinated without you is my sigh.

Ruins where heroes are buried Whispers of loyalty That's a dusty sword that's calling just to get it sword illuminate heaven and earth null Overture in the Rocky Mountains Carrying the stainless steel sky.

Occasional Since you still haven't conceded miss those black eyes guide light and shadow burn whose mind Broken Earth Beware Powerless to fight back you are not duel you are human.

He refuses to admit defeat will not stop stop Master will judge by himself This seat announces Xia Qing Hou Sheng, a disciple of Kunlun in the first ring Injured the power of the soul I'll take him to heal first Xu Changqing recovered.

Hmph, I don't know if his injury is worth it Hahahahaha second arena Shennongwu Baili Wushuang on The boy voted if he didn't hit the woman Zixu? seriously injured His master took it away Sister Wushuang, let me solve this matter myself.

Just an antidote Uh-huh Shennongwu Baili Wushuang gave up the title to compete for the final Xu Changqing to Xia Qinghou be his spirit Let him see the strength of our bones just save trouble Xu Changqing's duel no mercy.

The winner gets the Misty Token Loser get out of Kunlun Only those who are strong will be able to too forgetful Only the strongest shall rest you unworthy Qinghou this child obsession too deep.

Despite his talent How to kill the three masters in the future Immortal Hey for thousands of years I am the proud son of the Celestial Gate of Kyushu, just like crossing the river How many people can prove the fresh fruity taste Chen Nian is too heavy on this child Xu Changqing doesn't intend to say any last words less verbose.

I don't care about the position of sword-wielding elder Now I'm going to tell you with my fists that you bullied my sister cost Evergreen doesn't seem to be afraid It's okay, Master I hope Changqing still has some untapped means Fairy Sword Conference Finals Xu Changqing of Misty Peak vs. Qinghou under Tongtian Peak.

Start lightly start Xu Changqing, Xu Changqing do you really think Is it possible to be invincible by summoning the ancient emperor's dharma body? I tell you The vastness of the deer endless ways.

What you have is just a drop in the ocean short-sighted no cure Nonsense, I can clear my throat without blocking everything Then you can crush the innate to the end you are narrow minded trapped in a demon without self-government How dare you teach me a lesson, you mere trash The look of not being proud really makes me do well.

Obsessed with obsession I never thought that these two people would like to be so deeply One is an ancient wizard who can summon the ancient emperor's dharma body One is the proud son of heaven who controls the supreme sword wing hum funny Evergreen come on You can directly summon the ancient dharma body Otherwise, I won't have a chance when I make a move. Hum Ke Xiao.

I would rather be clean and honest Faerie Golden Winged Roc this trick again Three thousand sword feathers sword over the sky Qinglian Abyss Swallow up the sun, the moon and the stars want to swallow.

Mind shape break me some momentum Although I haven't tried but Take nothing as a machine Guided by geology endless abyss swallowed up.

What the hell is this brat doing? What The truth inside me is passing When Mu Zixuan performed this move just now, not so scary This Xu Changqing is not simple I thought of such a trick Hahaha this kid is really going through all the hardships Combining the youth emperor technique and the abyss of the dantian.

Immortals are like the sea unpredictable If you can recognize it, you have the root of wisdom Hahaha looks a bit But I am the number one swordsman in Kunlun lead me dog days golden sword Three thousand Jinpeng try everything Twist my Qinglian sword.

Green Scale Sword Slashing the Eight Desolations Destroy mountains and rivers ah This kid has also begun to touch the true meaning of swordsmanship Heroes come out of boys This time proud Which is stronger and which is weaker draw No matter how strong or weak.

Looking at the Fairy Gate of Kyushu These two are contemporary heroes Zhanping Xu Changqing will show you next The terrifying power of the combination of the prisoner's sky technique and the supreme sword and wings This trick is Pioneering as an opportunity and even as a result Lord of the Nine Heavens The moves of the real Xunyu at the beginning.

In this prison realm There are so many secret curse monks and it is difficult to be humble with the power of heaven and earth how do you beat me three thousand sword rain kill you and i forgive Hahaha Qi Changxing has no chance The desire to seek heaven is indeed very heavy but want to beat me.

Not so easy Hybrid view Valley Dharma Body is Changqing is here to summon Qingdi Dharma Body The Dharma Body of the Qing Emperor has finally arrived The sword has been able to overwhelm the sky and kill the gods It's just a dharma body Hahahahaha The dangers of the valley cannot be taught.

Xu Changqing will show you my methods next. Remaining Faerie Bloodline Lead me to the real body of Dapeng How can the law body seek the power of heaven and earth Dog Days Sword No Roc Golden Body Futian Zhushen Ning my sword cuts the wilderness Ah, what a terrifying aura.

It's completely reached the aura of transformation. This is the true pride of heaven When the world is outstanding long term care ah The ancient dharma body summoned by Changqing It seems unreal Summoning the ancient dharma body consumes a lot of soul with evergreen cultivation base.

It is extremely rare to be able to hold on for so long. Qinghou this child Made a glazed golden body Even withstood the sword storm full of momentum It's a pity that Changqing's cultivation is still weak Soul power Not enough to maintain the ancient Dharma body to continue fighting Xu Changqing can't do it by himself.

So what if I can summon the ancient dharma body trash is trash Hahaha Xia Qinghou I was just warming up take my heart for myself hit my spirits lead by my mind hit my spirits good.

Xu Changqing, I want to convince you to lose today you have no blood The heroic spirits who attacked the nation came to the world spare my roc true blood Dharma body of my Buddha He can actually summon the dharma body of the ancient clan It seems you Kunlun Another invincible sword fairy is coming out you are calling me.

Xia Qinghou, the 978th generation grandson of Kunlun Golden Winged Roc Respectfully invite the ancestors to help the disciples in the battle you can summon me i will help you I am Peng Zu which valley are you for wrong Although you are the emperor Diwei.

No emperor soul Can also compete with this seat Ha ha ha ha It turns out that there is no emperor soul Xu Changqing admit defeat Hmph, you want me to admit defeat it's a joke and when did i say This is the ancient dharma body I summoned.

That's just my magic way what is just the way How can it be Hahaha Xia Qinghou let you know today oh Xu Changqing, this is a fairy Fairy World Conference Evergreen hasn't summoned a fairy yet.

Faerie of ignorance Chaos Monument humble This monument is what you can see in Vientiane Path It is said that this monument is a vision of heaven and earth Now he has become a fairy in Changqing again How could this celestial monument appear on this kid? so it seems those ancient places.

Ah, why is the monument in your hands? How strange is it that my faeries are in my hands Chaos Djinn Coulee Emperor Cangwu once invincible This is the valley that appeared that day This monument is on the same side as that day Xu Changqing actually controlled such a treasure.

Ancient times Invincible Emperor Cang How can this be How can it be who fights These dharmakayas all have heroic souls Wuwei Tanyuan Valley land of innocence The picture shows Baidi.

Kunlun disciples can't stop seeing different places five valleys How can it be Your inferiority must belong to your father, right? definitely is Otherwise how can you summon the five valley dharmakayas Immortals are like the sea you are just a drop in the ocean How do you know the vastness of the fairy sea.

Calm my heart with my soul Cangmudishu Enemy in chaos Dapeng Spirit Mantra don't worry The family's golden shield is invincible in defense Unbeatable among peers This boy didn't even condense his golden core Most of his body in the valley is just a vain imperial prestige.

Out of combat power Grandfather is right The Summoning Valley will also correspond to the cultivation level This Xu Changqing is not far away How strong can the valley he summons Ah for what This power has completely reached the peak of Immortal Ascension Boundary Cultivation World Pooh worthy of the valley.

Haven't shot yet It broke the light of Peng Zu's golden body If he goes all out how scary that must be Ginseng This seat wants to see how powerful you are win me first Lord of the Nine Heavens giant of nine days.

Sanqi Yujian Gale Fulong that's it Round trick Plan Tianyuan You and me Tianyuan swallowed up Mr. Peng's powerful fairy art prisoner's claw that shocked an era It was broken in an instant strangeness.

Why there is a sense of Taoism connected hmm Master, I'm fine what a terrible wind No, Roc spreads its wings Soaring thousands of miles Void Mahamudra Ah, let me be a golden body of glass ah patriarch.

With my supreme destiny in Futian's sword no master help me no please let me go enough master me You've done well enough. Rest. Xia Qinghou also tried his best A collection of all kinds of geotechnical techniques clarify.

The future is boundless such means Zhenggu Shuojin This kid is an eternal genius This seat announces The Fairy Sword Conference My Kunlun disciple Xu Changqing Overwhelm the crowd won the first place.

Ah, ah, brother Xuan'er avenged you grandpa father I finally did it ah ah It's okay to have blood long long education Changqing didn't embarrass Master Wuya.

Um Ethereal makes you close you deserve it This Immortal Master Qiong Ye Can help strengthen the mind Shocking God Realm can also heal save for for self training.

Ha ha This seat announces This advanced conference Finished perfectly broke into the top ten After 3 days, you can enter the realm of my emptiness Please don't be discouraged A long way to go Accumulated.

Stay innocent practice hard you boy You didn't tell me you met such a powerful fairy hey low key low key congratulations From now on, the younger generation of Kyushu Xianmen You Xu Changqing reached the top Hey fairy road is long.

If you don't become a fairy, don't dare to relax Good body and invincible posture but not arrogant Rare If you want to cut off the three masters and become immortals Remember to be enlightened Don't be trapped by greed, hatred and ignorance Little Changqing They say you have a special physique.

Difficult to cultivate It seems to me that it's making great progress. ah hey slow practice It is because the resources required are a hundred times that of ordinary disciples It's okay not to say a hundred times the resources Even a thousand times the resources should satisfy you Disciple, thank you for my long teaching, little Changqing Bravo.

Congratulations Go drink at Misty Peak hum please hey congratulations brother congratulations Haha you guys are so enthusiastic hey-hey Is there something more enthusiastic? Young Master Evergreen.

Amazing Qing Yu, you said let me celebrate What's the matter with drinking so much? My son, I am happy, I am happy Hahahahaha Zenith that old boy I was drunk by the old man before two rounds ha ha ha grandpa If you drink again, I will sober you up.

Hahaha Grandpa Baili is still so hard at the age of 200 That is I think back when you married me Shi Nongwu Still a little kid ah girl Steal the holy medicine for you and say Haha also said that you are my village son-in-law in Shennongwu If you don't want it.

Hahahahaha Brother, today you have to take 10 times hangover pills I have been optimistic about that kid Changqing since I was a child Evergreen can have today Thanks to Sister Wushuang and Grandpa Baili no hesitation to clarify Take a lot of holy medicine just laid a solid foundation hey you guy.

Fortunately, you still remember my sister just don't know how grandpa's soul hey ha ha ha Zixuan girl is fine zenith boy Give the little girl a bottle of Immortal Master Qiongye that he treasured I feel sorry for him hahaha Sister Zixu will wake up in two days.

We can go to God's Market together I will definitely get the immortal dog for grandpa sister will help you Grandpa Jiushan will definitely be resurrected Yo there is such a thing certainly are bad guys insult son scold son as a bastard.

What the hell does Xuanyu's second son receive? Qingyu pair bad guy The villain bullied our son haha Aoba, you are drunk who said i was drunk I'm not drunk not drunk Evergreen heroes have suffered many hardships since ancient times.

Some things pass by child you have to remember remember that what Changqing, if you have a bad time in Kunlun Desirable for my Shennong to seek distraction nothing else The holy medicine is the first in Kyushu.

Thank you sister and Grandpa Baili Young Master Evergreen Clarify my sister and have a drink with you

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