[MULTI SUB] 💥Episode-110[60] || Wan Jie Du Zun| Lord of frail Grave| Ten Thousand Worlds| Season 2

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Subtitled by Elements Anime,For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel. Episode -110 Dignified holy sword can worship a ghost bird as the master What a disgrace Disgraceful to the sword Disgraceful to the sword In this is cave I'm so tired of waiting.

I would also like to follow you I am really Sorry old man The King already has a sword of his own Now take another sword The secret technique has been cast I can't do anything only one step late Want to follow This bird is gone Don't be discouraged.

I will show you a way What is the way My master has a younger sister If she can break into the sword platform You follow her It is also a way out The Colourless Sword Master has a sister As for whether she can climb the holy sword Platform It depends on your destiny.

The power of the sword here is entirely under your control As long as you release the restrictions A good sister can climb the sword platform We should go to the next platform Colourless Sword Master You are going to the god-level sword pool Yes Want to enter the god-level sword pool You have to pass the test.

so what My master is so talented Is there any reason not to go to the god-level sword pool plate In the stone sword and its sound Human Children Holy Sword Soul You can enter my god-level sword mound —Gu death.

Master Look like he want us to enter the god sword Tomb It's not that easy life and death If you dare not even break through And how to prove the truth and call God so hot my god the master.

The fire here is almost at the level of Nirvana You want us to Enter God Level Sword Tomb Do we have to walk through this sea of ​​fire? I can't stand it It seems I have to go through it myself In this case Then I'd like to see This majestic way.

How dangerous is it? Fire of Nirvana My Nirvana Flame is still only in the Divine Martial Realm Unable to resist the fire in the sea of fire In this case Nine-Turn Nirvana Skill Beings tested There is a chance of survival I must not back down.

Master How can there be no end to walking in this sea of ​​fire? Are we going in the wrong direction? Wrong direction right -Step to Life and Death The test Of course it can't be the ability to withstand the flames I don't mean it like that.

Sword of God Extraordinary people can get This sea of fire originates from my Phoenix Martial Soul It is Nirvana rebirth fire Nirvana rebirth master master Is the dragon from Black Dragon Abyss coming out? look.

The dragon pulls a chariot It is the spiritual pet of my human cultivator What a powerful coercion I am the Mojiao family of the Spiritual Domain Mobei He Spiritual domain What should come It's still here! Mo Yunguo.

Mochang Welcome, sir My grandson Mo Chonglei he has been to your Black Dragon City Elders About Prince Chongxiao Please also listen to the details Elders After Young Master Chongxiao entered the Black Dragon Mountain Range.

No news We sent someone to find When We reaches the Abyss of the Black Dragon but found that Mr. Chongxiao Has been possessed by a demon dragon Demon Dragon Grandfather I don't believe it I don't believe my grandson will die here.

The image of my grandson is the essence reappearance did not expect Chong Xiao actually mastered such a secret technique What a powerful treasure If there is no such child Chong Xiao must have succeeded in reaching Nirvana My grandson is a gifted man but Died here.

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