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Subtitled by Elements Anime,For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel. Episode -130 Lin Feng's talent Even you can't catch up This is too exaggerated How powerful was Brother Li's sword just now Lin Feng is actually stronger than him Brother Lin's talent can be regarded as the southern Qing Zhou Unsurpassed.

That being the case Brother Lin I want to learn your sword skills just now Already alerted a large number of demonic beasts Let's get out of here first what alarmed the beast Are you afraid to fight? yes.

Brother Ye It is a Divine Martial Fifth Realm powerhouse that has fused with a Imperial Grade Spiritual Weapon It is not possible to take more than one move Don't dare to fight, don't dare to fight What do you mean there is a Demonic Beast coward boring Let's disperse ready to fight.

Take up the fight There is no herd of beasts You guys just pretend. There are real demonic beasts coming this is this Demonic Beast this breath Iron Armored Demon Rhinoceros What should we do now?.

The demon rhinoceros is just a walking beast We can travel through the air Junior Sister Xiaoman junior sister If you hesitate, it will be too late. I want to follow Junior Brother Lin Do not be silly You don't know he'll be able to protect you. Junior Sister Chu.

Would you rather trust outsiders than believe in the senior brother Walk Brother Lin shall we go too another direction There are also a group of iron-winged monsters More than the Demon rhinoceros you mean flying tiger.

Senior Brother Ye No, Iron Winged Beast A Devil Tiger of the Third Level of Divine Martial Arts I can be destroyed by raising my hand Brother Ye is amazing With Brother Ye in why fear these demonic beasts How did this iron-winged beast become so huge? not good Tiger King of the Seventh Level of Divine Martial Realm.

Seventh Realm what are you doing Quickly form up! quick withdraw Brother Ye and their airship were destroyed There are really iron-winged monsters attacking Good thing we didn't get on the boat now is not the time to be happy Heavenly Slash.

This blow Has surpassed the sixth level of divine martial art Lin Feng is so strong it's a holy sword What Lin Feng held the holy sword Disciples of the Heavenly Sword Sect Come with me to fight a blood path Phoenix Spirit.

Prairie fire stormy clouds Nine Heavens Thunder Xune'r Shura Dharma Body Thank for watching,Don't forget to Like and Subscribe.

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