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Spy report Spirit and Blood Two Clans Has started to clean up the back of the force Arrived at the boundary of the Cold Cloud Clan in the next day Only three days to wait The secret teleportation array leading to the back of Spiritual Blood Then it will be completed You wait for reinforcements to converge My Xuanxi Sect.

Great things can be done Send an order to your clan Activate the Mountain Closing Formation immediately If you delay the battle I will bury your whole clan with you Your order Start the formation Start the formation Kaijin.

Let's all make a push Fight for the rear of Xuanxi A battle to make my young ancestor's name known Good Look at you Lingxi Xiao Xiao Everyone is weak Later to fight Don't cry for your mother.

Take a look A godsend With a bunch of rabble-rousers and they were able to and still dare to say crazy things Who are you calling a godly man? Who asked who said who The Second Patriarch has an order Specially ordered young ancestor Bai Xiaochun.

Personally lead his disciples to sweep the rear Clearing out the remnants of Xuanxi No, right? They want us to cooperate with the Blood Stream Sect How is that possible? Can cooperate with my Blood Stream Sect That's an honor for your Spirit Stream Sect Old Ancestor I've traveled a long way to get here.

Not to do such a trivial thing The four clans are about to have a showdown The sequence of my Spirit Stream Sect's heritage Has led the entire clan war beasts To the frontline deployment But right now the rear battlefield The remnants of Xuanxi Still dark currents are surging Do you know that this time the collection.

Is not only critical to the future of the war It is even more necessary People of high status to accomplish Only people of honorable status can the old ancestor Xiaochun I've always been a low-key person You guys are really making it difficult for me If you insist that you do not want to We certainly will not be difficult.

The Second Sect's disciples Humbugzi me North Cold Lie I, Bai Xiaochun, as a young ancestor of the Second Sect Killing the enemy at the front line It is my duty to do so Now the battle is on Once Xuanxi's remnants reorganize their rear.

Launch a surprise attack will hit our two clans hard increase the number of casualties Anyone will break this formation for me Clear the threat This battle merit We of the Spiritual Stream Sect have taken it all Hairy boy.

Don't back off yet Blood Stream Clan's complete Foundation Builders I can't believe that even the protective array of an immortal cultivation family can't be shaken What a joke! I don't believe it I still can't tear open such a broken formation Back off you How is this possible Both of their attacks were actually swallowed by this mountain sealing formation.

This seemingly ordinary formation But it is enchanted with a spell within The power of a mountain is combined to build It is not simple The Cold Cloud Family listens to the order I have been pure since childhood I come with the order of the two clans The intention is to collect No intention to attack strongly.

By order of the patriarch My cold cloud family has closed the mountain Ordered to come Anyone who still wants to live Get out of our territory immediately You want to die Take them down! Night Burial You are a Blood Creek man.

This humiliation How can you bear it? The strong attack on the big formation is too striking It takes a long time It will definitely cause turmoil in the rear disciples of the second clan stationed in the same place Protect me stationed in place.

Protect the law Ben Shaozu have their own plans The opening of the Jade Tablet is imminent Everyone Prepare to receive reinforcements from the front line Launching a surprise attack Yes That Bai Xiaochun.

What is the current trend They are stationed in front of my big formation For a day All seemed to be making medicine The great formation is currently What can medicine be used for? I don't know what's going to happen this time I'm ready for it.

You are exaggerating too much You Blood Creek clan people don't understand When Bai Xiaochun was refining pills in the Spirit Stream Sect Heavenly thunder rolled Acid Rain Filled the Sky no cover, no cover will suffer This ball of light I can't believe it didn't explode.

This is the new magic treasure I made Don't! I haven't lived enough for the little one At least for now It is harmless Spirit Creek Bursting Clothes of Qi Acid rain and poisonous smoke Miasma of Corpse Peak By refining repulsion.

Putting all kinds of poisonous mist Temporarily sealed in the ball of light This is too dangerous, right? Once the ball of light encounters the formation obstruction The shell immediately disintegrates And the poisonous mist in it can then take advantage of the momentum to penetrate into the formation Oh my goodness!.

I didn't expect the little ball of light could break through the barrier That's great! Disciples of the Second Sect A group of three Let's all help make medicine A group of three One group Why add so many at once.

You don't control the heat yourself blame me I Operation error Godsend The Abracadabra you want to die ah Among the cultivators of the Second Sect Whether it is cultivation or strength You three are the most powerful This young ancestor has the intention to put you together.

Just want you guys to be the first to make as many pills as possible To set an example for the other disciples What a pity! This time Don't give too hard This time We will not disappoint the blood master's high expectations Must succeed Disciples of the Second Clan.

Immediately assign the ball of light to prepare Report to the clan leader A large amount of miasma suddenly fills the city What are you afraid of? A few thin wisps of smoke What can you do with my cold cloud formation But the patriarch But what Your elder today.

Still really have some beauty ah What are you doing? We Flying with wings Have fun! How did this happen? Blood Lord Your ball of light It's like a godsend.

It's been less than a day The protective array is already unstable I'm afraid It won't last much longer Still too slow The disciples of the second clan are listening This is a third-order elixir I am giving one to each of you Don't take it!.

Third Order Elixir Just the most basic reward If you can work together together to break this formation When the job is done The young master has additional rewards All listen to the order Within one day Take down Han Yun.

This is The legendary The Plague Demon Please also ask Lord Plague Demon Please give me a hand! Uncle Shifu That cold cloud family descended What's the panic.

Harboring enemy troops the crime is aggravated Forgive him for not daring to betray us As long as can hold out until reinforcements arrive at the front Cold Cloud Family Meet Young Ancestor Lingxi Lord Blood Stream Blood Lord Cold Cloud Family.

Since you have submitted to our two clans But now you have closed your doors and closed the mountain Is there something pain The four clans are at war Like a flood crossing My little clan wants to survive The only way to survive is to go with the flow It's just that I'm old and blind.

I don't know the two sects The existence of such a proud young ancestor as Bai A momentary misunderstanding of the situation The wrong team Shaozu forgives hope Shaozu forgiveness I wonder if all of you in the underground palace Are they willing to.

Descend with you For the sake of Genghis Khan Fight Cultivators from above Fight to the death to hold them back You and others finish the formation immediately As soon as we meet the reinforcements We will definitely kill these thieves Protect the monument.

You old thief! Coercing the Cold Cloud Family Enclosing the mountain to set up a formation Just for this thing Kill him Bai Xiaochun I am dead today I also want to bite off a bite of your flesh Why.

Rather sacrifice so many lives And still resist to the end For the sake of Xuanxi Sect is to hitch a ride on the lives of everyone in this place I even the eyes didn't even bother to blink.

Xuanxi clan All wiped out Then next It's our turn The Cold Cloud Family will listen to the order This war It's not about right or wrong Only different positions Since you have submitted today.

You are willing to work with our two clans to advance and retreat From now on We will be part of the same clan as my young ancestor My shoulder In the midst of war I can't bear the burden of guarding the people But guarding the best of friends The safety of our loved ones Guarding the clan from harm.

I, Bai Xiaochun Do what you say Young ancestor to my little family Hold it up so high Gently put down Deterrence at the same time and at the same time, there is flexibility old man worship.

My cold cloud family From now on cut off with Xuanxi clan All connections Vow to follow the Spirit and Blood Sect to the death to the liver and brain Follow the Two Clans liver and brain Follow the Second Clan liver and brain.

Follow the Second Clan liver and brain Blood Lord please board the sword Blood Lord please board the sword Middle Peak Bloodchild The power of the law is boundless Lingxi Heavenly Vein Powerfulness of the Eight Directions Zhongfeng Blood Son.

The power of magic is boundless Lingxi Heavenly Vein Powerfulness of the Eight Directions Zhongfeng Blood Son the power of magic is boundless Lingxi Heavenly Vein Powerfulness of the Eight Directions Blood Lord

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