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Xiao Yan, who was provoked by Yao Sheng in the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower, was about to strike the final blow But was stopped by Liu Qing Zi Yan who suddenly appeared to protect Xiao Yan made everyone, including Liu Qing, terrified Afterwards, Xiao Yan started his last practice before the top ranking contest Unexpectedly, during this period, the energy in the tower suddenly burst out abnormally After temporarily quelling the riots in the tower Great Elder Su Qian approached Xiao Yan hope that in the future Can help the inner courtyard seal the strange fire in the tower.

Xiao Yan agreed to Su Qian's request But he knows that he needs to get the chance to contact the body of Falling Heart Flame Only those who become the top ten in the strong ranking competition Brother Xiao Yan This competition is much higher than the inner court selection competition Looks like we'll have to go all out this time Otherwise, I want to be in the top ten really unlikely Brother Xiao Yan will definitely do it.

I'm not sure if I can do it But Nizi's words I guess there won't be any problem yes Xun'er has the strength but not what a waste of opportunity Wow Really been waiting Xiao Yan.

Let's hope we don't run into each other at the start of the race that would be embarrassing Senior Lin is second on the list meet you at the beginning It can only be said that I was unlucky that's not necessarily for your speed I'm very palpitating With Lin Xiuya's strength.

To be afraid of Xiao Yan's speed What kind of strength is this Xiao Yan? Isn't it extremely scary? Ok A few days ago we went to the mountains again This time I can get my wish Oh forget it That bastard doesn't know what's going on As soon as we meet, the violent bloodline awakens.

If we didn't run fast I'm afraid I won't even be able to participate in the competition. don't get it Anyway, as long as we can enter the top ten Then you can go to the bottom of the Tianfen Qi Refining Tower to receive the original heart fire training At that time, you can also use this to step into the fighting king level hope so I heard that you had conflicts with Liu Qing and his gang again in the tower They have a lot of places on the strong list.

Be careful if you meet you at a game I waited a long time for this day hope you have better luck this time This is the woman who slapped me that day if you want me to give you a chance you have to let me out Xiao Yan Take care of your own woman otherwise.

I don't mind giving you some discipline Hands not allowed here But on the field i will help you get it back Now that everyone is here Then the Inner Court Ranking Selection Competition officially begins There are 25 blue bottom lottery in the lower cylinder 25 red bottom lottery The number of votes is 1-25.

Two people with the same number of different colors compete The next 10 people will go to the stage to draw lots look! It's Liu Qing This domineering and brutal aura I am afraid that only he can possess the entire inner courtyard. so handsome Lin Xiuya I want to fly away with you.

Who is the third person how did you get there I do not know I didn't see him at all This speed is too scary His skill level is not low How could this little guy know the untold skill of Fenglei Pavilion? who is this little girl Could it be that she also came to participate in the strong list contest?.

What are you kidding such a small girl can't see me can't see me The potion is about to be eaten understood Before I do that, I want to remind The purpose of the competition is to temper rather than desperate I also hope that when you start, you will have a good sense of proportion.

This old man is really long-winded I'm going to draw lots first Red bottom 15 I wish you draw the same bamboo stick as Liu Qing blue background 15 damn bastard Unexpectedly, brother Xiao Yan's opponent was Bai Cheng again. this guy is so haunted.

It's just a loser that guy has a grudge against you Although you are not afraid of him but also be careful The first game, against the 18th players on stage Finally waited for this day I don't know who my opponent will be Ha ha ha ha.

I didn't expect my opponent to be a kid I'm so lucky Hahaha Looks like I can advance again this time hahahaha Don't worry little sister Brother, I will be merciful hey old man will it start Hey Let's start, remember to be merciful.

Don't kill anyone Don't worry, elder I have my own measure Little sister, although I will show mercy But you must not feel good After all, I am a strong player ranked 33rd on the strong list Belle Hey, where does this come from? Such a tyrannical force.

Can have such power I'm afraid it's true what the teacher said Ziyan is a rare ancient beast fist The rest depends on his own fighting ability. this game Zi Yansheng Got you You are so ruthless.

Once I saw him win a game You actually said arrogantly in public that you will be the next one to defeat? I can handle these things myself you can leave it alone Oh, if I don't help you You won't refine delicious elixir for me now i help you teach this guy a lesson You owe me a favor Well, I owe you a favor.

Brother Xiao Yan, I didn't expect you to be so familiar with senior sister Ziyan Sister it was you It was really fast last time this game is so boring You play Looks like there's no game for me today Brother Xiao Yan and senior sister Zi Yan are very familiar? Okay.

Then please brother Xiao Yan talk to her If you meet on the field It doesn't matter if you lose But can you not make me lose so embarrassingly? wait to meet I will tell you Kindness without saying thanks Game 2, No. 15 finally it's my turn.

Xiao Yan This time even if I try my best Also let you lose the chance to compete for the top ten Xiao Yan and Bai Cheng These two guys bumped into each other again It's really a narrow road It's a good show The second game begins This Bai Cheng seems to be much stronger than last time.

No wonder there is some confidence It turned out to be a breakthrough However, credentials alone are not enough The power of this ruler is very extraordinary. your hair Ha ha ha ha Xiao Yan, you can't think of it, can you? Brother Cheng has been practicing hard work since losing to you In the end though he was bald.

But you got stronger shut up Xiao Yan I will destroy you today at all costs some kind of arcane Although the increase is much worse than that of Tianhuo Sanxuan But it does not seem to be underestimated So fast.

Bloodshed die! Xiao Yan no good boss Well done Cheng Xiao Yan is out of luck better die on the spot Is this the little guy's strange fire? At such an age, he is so proficient in controlling the different fires simply incredible.

Xiao Yan really has a lot of cards Unexpectedly, the armor formed by Qinglian's core fire is so powerful in defense However, the consumption of grudge is also really violent Xiao Yan, I admit that I am not your opponent But as long as you draw your cards consume your vindictiveness has achieved my purpose It's a dream to be in the top ten octapole.

This bastard wants to kill me collapse I think lose this match Xiao Yansheng

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