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The last spot in the top 10 of the Power List Ended with the final tie between Xiao Yan and Liu Qing Xiao Yan also had the qualification to enter the depths of the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower to cultivate as he wished A step closer to obtaining the Meteoric Heart Flame Facing the unconscious Xiao Yan Kaoru also struck with real strength The second strongest person on the strongest list, Lin Xiu Ya, was killed in seconds For his brother Xiao Yan showed his most dazzling side This guy has been cultivating for three days.

How come he is still not well Even if the promotion It can't take this long, right? Ordinary advancement naturally does not take much time But this is obviously an unusual advancement for him If this guy does not wake up I'll have to go chew on those awful things again Xiao Yan brother is extremely injured this time But it's a blessing in disguise.

It seems that this time the promotion is not only to raise the strength of one star And it's not half bad for him You guys don't have to worry about it Okay. You guys have other things to do. I'm here with you. Lin Xiuya is here again Said to visit Xiao Yan You go and say something to him.

The last few days Xiao Yan brother is not available Let him not have to come again You don't seem to be a little bit not good below Anyway He and Xiao Yan also have a little friendship I'll take care of this I will take care of him I'll do it. Kaede's sister.

Two seniors Xiao Yan's brother is healing during Can't come out to meet guests It's not an obstacle The healing effect of the elixir in this is extremely good I think it must have some effect on brother Xiao Yan Don't reject it! Then Kaoru'er will thank Elder Lin on behalf of Brother Xiao Yan It's okay, it's okay.

If there is nothing wrong I'll go back to look after brother Xiao Yan Sister Zi Yan You are here too! Then I'll leave you too Who do you like? I have a crush on Kaoru She is the whole heart is hanging on Xiao Yan Xiao Yan brother.

You have advanced again It should be around five-star Dou Ling Xiao Yan brother seems to have some problems in his body The first time to Nalan Jie to get rid of poison but got the branding poison into his own body I didn't expect it to be so difficult It looks like only when you advance can you get rid of some What happened in the end of the strong list competition Don't worry.

Xiao Yan brother you have entered the top ten Only it's tied with Liu Qing As long as you can enter the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower Who cares how many people are tied for 10th Let's go out with me to get some air I feel like my bones are getting rusty Why do I feel that there are many new faces in Panmun Feed Xiao Yan You guys finally came out.

Healed? Even if healed, you will be beaten to internal injuries It's not serious Why are you wearing our Panmun's badge? I can't believe it I'm in Panmun too! You're a big guy in the top 10 of the Power List I can't believe you're willing to come to our Pan Clan I don't give a shit!.

The power of the Pan Clan in the inner courtyard today Even Wolf's Teeth and Split Mountain can't catch up Even Wolf's Teeth and Split Mountain can't catch up Not to mention the brute force king who stays here every day Even you Is also able to rival Liu Qing's strong ah And Kaoru What happened to Kaoru You don't know.

You were in a coma at the time That day after you and Ryu Prime were defeated Lavender then challenged Lin Xiu Ya and easily won You defeated Lin Xiu Ya You don't know Lin Xiu Ya even used his best move, the First Dipper As a result, in the hands of Kaoru'er did not even last ten moves This is more than a defeat.

It's like killing in seconds Killed Lin Xiuya in seconds honest explanation Have you reached the level of King of Fighters? What does brother Xiao Yan think? What a pity! Niko you rarely make a move I can't believe I missed it Want to see again.

I don't know when it will be Speaking of King of Fight Xiao Yan brother When you get to this level But be sure to cultivate the scrolls that Kaoru gave you! That's natural Something from Kaoru How can I not cultivate with all my heart But Neezi.

Why do I feel that you are a little strange lately ah No ah I'm not any different than before ah Xiao Yan brother You must quickly become strong There are a large number of breaths flying towards you These breaths are extremely strong It seems like the target is you two Brother Xiao Yan.

You should hide in the forest Don't come out These people are coming for you It's too late to explain Brother Xiao Yan Quickly suppress the breath Don't let them find out Miss Kaede Finally, we found you.

I am the newly promoted vice commander of the Black Annihilation Army By order of the clan leader I said I would go back on my own Why did you come all the way here? The patriarch has ordered this We can only accept the order Miss Kaede Who is eavesdropping? Are you okay?.

What's going on? If I'm not mistaken It should be the Xiao Yan young master who used to be a waste of the Xiao family I have seen your portrait Who are you? Deputy Commander of the Black Annihilation Army But it's useless to talk about it With you or your Xiao family And do not have the qualifications to contact this level.

The Xiao family has a covenant with our clan Do not allow you to export insults Miss, don't be angry I'm a little straightforward and quick to speak But this trip to The clan master has instructed If you meet young master Xiao Yan can ask him about the part of the Xiao family where the key is I don't know if Young Master Xiao Yan.

Can you tell me Key What key I have been in the Xiao family for so many years I have not heard anything about the key You want to get it so easily You are not dreaming I was just asking a random question The main purpose of this trip is to take the lady back.

The rest is a side issue Miss Kaede Xiao Yan brother I have been away from the clan for many years Before dragged several times did not go back It seems to be really can't put off Xiao Yan brother Remember what I said to you before Do not disclose the news that the Dasher Ancient Emperor's Jade is in your hands.

The ancient jade in your hands is too involved You can also know what the power behind Kaoru is really Young Master Xiao Yan Please let go of Miss Miss should go home Before you have the ability to protect the ancient jade Don't ever come to Kaoru Otherwise some people in the clan will definitely keep you I will go to you.

No matter how big and scary the power behind you is You are mine If you want to make that power look right at you, you need to reach Dou Zun Then I will fight for the Dou Zun I can't be a Dou Zun Then I will fight for Dou Sheng Dou Sheng can't Then Dou Di The height that our ancestors could reach in the past.

Surely also can To really reach the Dou Di Any woman in this continent can be your choice Brother Xiao Yan Kaoru'er is waiting for you Waiting for you to truly become the strongest person who is proud of the group Kaoru always believed You will stand at the pinnacle of the continent.

The declining Xiao family will stand on the continent again because of you You have a big mouth Vice Commander Lingquan is still not leaving I am not in a hurry Just want to tell you one thing With your achievements and the Xiao family that is already a lost dog Not worthy of a lady at all The clan leader guessed that the lady might have some feelings for you.

I was asked to pass on a message to you Forget about the lady Those things in the past Best to pretend it never happened Misses have an extremely important place in our tribe Someone who is a good match for her Can only be the true powerhouse of the continent Matching and unmatching It is not your turn to dictate.

And I guess You should be jealous of me Don't think you can be arrogant just because you have a lady to protect you I really want to kill you It's like crushing an ant I really don't have the ability to do that Vice Commander Lingquan Let you enter the inner courtyard to find someone is already the greatest tolerance.

Now you still want to move my students in my inner courtyard What did the Grand Elder say? I'm just talking to young master Xiao Yan Don't play this game with me Now that the person has been found Please leave now. It seems you are not dead either When you really have the ability later Just come to my clan to look for the lady.

This vice commander will show you the real difference Their tribe is different from ordinary people Cultivation is somewhat unique But when it comes to cultivation talent He is not as good as you If he had really done it just now He risked being seriously injured again I would have let him leave a little something behind A person who can turn the Yun Lan Clan upside down with his own power.

Have the ability Okay Tomorrow it's time to enter the Sky Burning Qi Refining Tower to receive the Heart Fire Body Forging If you can make it through It will pave the way for the promotion to Dou Wang Only by becoming truly strong You can only go to that clan in Looking for your little girlfriend ah I'll be there to find you.

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