[[ MULTI SUB ]] EP 309πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Wan Jie Shen Zhu || Lord of The Universe || Lord of No Boundary || Season-3

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For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel [ELEMENTS ANIME] ο»ΏEpisode -309 ο»Ώgood ο»ΏHe is indeed my chosen inheritor ο»ΏYou gave up on me just for such a thing you you you brother What are you saying? ο»ΏI'm not targeting you.

ο»ΏI'm talking about Xuanyu ο»Ώare you blind ο»Ώyou didn't see me and fell in love with him ο»ΏYou still said it wasn't against me brother ο»ΏNo personal attacks ο»ΏHe is already my chosen heir ο»ΏYou say you can help?.

ο»Ώdo not help ο»ΏHe took you away from me ο»ΏWhy do I help him ο»ΏAre you sure you don't want to help what do you want me to do for him ο»ΏHe is my chosen inheritor ο»ΏFrom now on ο»ΏWhen the two of us are together ο»Ώyou have to follow.

ο»Ώprotect us ο»ΏA strong enemy is coming ο»ΏYou have to cover the two of us to retreat first ο»ΏYou have treasures suitable for his cultivation ο»Ώhave to take it out to him first This will work ο»ΏThe angle of inclination determines you this way ο»ΏHe won't turn his face ο»ΏHe is this masochistic physique.

That's why the lady gave him face you like this ο»Ώis it too much ο»ΏIs it too much? ο»Ώβ€”not too much ο»ΏWhat do you think? ο»Ώthis ο»ΏIt seems a little too much ο»ΏI don’t think it’s too much.

Walk ο»ΏGo to your treasury to see ο»ΏDon't think because I like you ο»Ώyou can do whatever you want ο»ΏToday you request, ο»ΏI will never agree ο»ΏYou really don't agree Forget it ο»Ώyou come with me.

ο»ΏWhat are you waiting? ο»Ώnot coming? ο»ΏAre you so unfeeling? Give up your heart ο»ΏWhat is their relationship? ο»ΏI don't know either ο»ΏWhy is an emperor ο»ΏSo manipulated by Xuan Yu ah Maybe it's really because he likes it.

ο»ΏBecause He like Could it be This is the legendary puppet licking lick dog What is dog licking ο»Ώthis ο»ΏComplicated to explain ο»ΏYou can interpret it as ο»ΏI can do anything for the person I like.

The original story is this ο»ΏAre you licking the dog? Don't get me wrong ο»ΏI am not ο»ΏI'm definitely not woman bar ο»ΏIt turned out to be like this ο»Ώdo you think ο»Ώhow is he better than me.

ο»Ώthis ο»ΏIt doesn't matter if it's good or not ο»ΏIt doesn't matter if it's good or not Could it be ο»Ώyou just use him ο»ΏThat is to say ο»ΏI still have a chance ο»ΏYou are dead this heart sings ο»ΏEven if he dies.

ο»ΏYou can't ο»ΏAre you so unfeeling? ο»ΏI just don't want you to have any illusions ο»ΏDid you say that out of necessity? It is ο»ΏYou also have me in your heart ο»ΏYou think too much ο»ΏI don't have you in my heart ο»Ώmaybe.

ο»Ώnothing maybe Give up your heart ο»Ώthis ο»ΏYou don't need to deliberately find someone to piss me off ο»ΏI know you are deliberately avoiding me ο»ΏIs it because ο»ΏYou know your time is numbered ο»ΏThis is ο»ΏYou don’t have much time.

Your whole family could it be ο»ΏYou figured out that my days were numbered when you were calculating the heavens ο»ΏThat's why you don't want to get too deep Wait,wait brothers Don't Fight ο»Ώyou listen to me first ο»Ώlisten to what you say.

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