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After Xiao Yan defeated the arrogant Bai Cheng Behind-the-scenes indicator Bajun Liu Qing finally surfaced Fortunately, under the bias of Lin Xiu Ya and others The situation between the two sides is only temporarily ended After replacing Bai Cheng in the ranking of the strong list A steady stream of students from the inner courtyard came to challenge every day Xiao Yan was very distressed After he cleared the fire poison from Lin Yan, he learned that Lin Xiu Ya Liu Qing was ranked second and third in the strongest list.

Xiao Yan remained undaunted Determined to break into the top ten of the strong list And then the mysterious strong list number one that made even Lin Yan's voice change in fear also aroused Xiao Yan's curiosity The refinement of the Earth Spirit Pill's Earth Heart Fire Ganoderma and Greenwood Immortal Vine are ready The only thing missing is the most crucial dragon beard ice and fire fruit and the sixth-order water attribute magic core Let's try our luck at the medicinal material management library This student This place is the herb store heavy place.

If there is nothing important please leave Student Xiao Yan Request to see Elder Hao Xiao Yan Elder Hao has instructed If Xiao Yan were to visit There was no need to stop Please come with me.

Nothing to do with the three treasures Say it What do you want to see me for today? Elder Hao I have come here mainly to see if I can find the herbs I need here Hm I will not talk nonsense with you Here's the deal.

You use a Dragon Power Dan Then you can exchange it for one herb in the herb management library How Don't think I'm taking advantage of you Herbs that can give you a hard time Must be very rare This rare herbs for your one potion You are not at a disadvantage.

If there really is a dragon beard ice fire fruit It's worth trading for a Dragon Power Dan Good As Elder Hao said Just look for what you need The herbs there are marked with energy traces Feel free to move around I can detect it.

Don't worry, Elder Xiao Yan is not a greedy person The Inner Academy is really a big deal There are actually so many medicinal materials So this is where all the good stuff is Blood Python Branch It is worthy of being the inner courtyard's medicinal herb store Surprisingly, they even have the main ingredients for making Dou Ling Dan in their collection Dragon beard ice fire fruit.

Finally found it This inner courtyard is really rich in collection Even such a rare material Who are you? Why steal my fruit I can't believe it's a little girl Hey no! This Vajra Bodhisattva is as hard as basalt She actually.

Can not eat This power You're trying to steal my stuff I'm in a good mood today I won't hit you You hurry up and go Little sister This stuff is not good You'd better give it back to me.

I want to grow up I'm going to eat them Growing up can take time Time doesn't work for me Little sister You ate the herbs here Elder Hao will find you in trouble.

That old man knows it, but he won't dare to do anything to me It's awful How about this You give this fruit back to brother I'll treat you to something delicious.

Although it's hard to eat But there is powerful energy in it That Do you want me to refine it for you Make them a little tasty Refine You are the refiner As long as you return the ice and fire dragon beard fruit to me.

I will help you to take the herbs you want Refine it into a delicious elixir You are not lying to me like a fake If the elixir you made is not good I will not only snatch this back I will also eat you in one bite Little sister You don't look like you can eat me.

This girl can eat when she wants to You've got the fruit Better hurry up and make me a delicious elixir Okay, okay I'll make it for you as soon as we get out But ah I have to go and say hello to Elder Hao first.

Together What is there to tell with that old man Elder Hao.

Xiao Yan I didn't expect to be back so soon Did you find the herbs? Thank you, Elder Hao. I have already obtained the dragon beard ice fire fruit Please give me two more copies of the herbs needed for the Dragon Power Pill and an alchemy room. I will be able to make it immediately Herbs are fine.

you you you Why are you here again? Every now and then you come to my place to eat Really take my place as a restaurant Really treat my place as a restaurant LOL Why did you bring this little ancestor.

The herbs you want are in this ring Who the hell is she? Who said she was a human being How long are you guys going to talk Go make me some medicine! Or I'll tear the whole place down Don't be afraid It's okay.

Be afraid Who says I'm afraid? No wonder she dares to eat herbs raw like this The original body is actually a magical beast With the kind of strong body of magical beast Although the power of these drugs is wild.

But it is also within the range of being able to bear Little sister I remember if the magical beast to be illuminated as a human At least it is necessary to reach the rank of Dou Huang, right? Do you I'm not that strong Just accidentally ate an extremely rare morphing grass.

And then I became like this Can't change back again I take these herbs just want to grow up fast Then you can change between the body of a beast and a person at will shape-shifting herbs no wonder What about your parents? I don't have any parents.

Start by being conscious I have lived alone in the mountains Being bullied by other guys when I was little I could only run away in the dark At least You won't be bullied here anymore Those guys are scared to death of me Who dares to bully me Like you.

I can bite one up But don't take this to anyone else It will kill people I am not enough for myself Listen to old man Hao said Your name is Xiao Yan.

Right? Nice work I'll be off then. Eat up later I'll come back for you Good You haven't told me your name yet My name is Ziyan That's a funny little girl.

Also forgot to tell you The first place of that strong list It's me Someone will bully you in the future Just come to me I will help you to stand up for yourself She's the one who made Lin Yan fear the top of the strong list like a tiger Teacher Can you tell what kind of magical beast she is?.

She ate the Transformation Grass If she does not actively reveal her true form I can't tell the difference either With her spiritual wisdom still young And yet she has such terrifying power I'm sure must be an extremely rare ancient beast.

You really have some ability It's Dragon Power Dan. If you need any herbs in the future Just come to me Good to discuss Elder Hao I also need a sixth-order water magic core I wonder if the inner courtyard has one.

That is a magical beast that is equivalent to a fighting emperor Since Elder Hao has no words I can only think of another way Wait This Elder Liu cultivates the fire technique But water and fire are incompatible.

The magic core is also a waste to stay with him fire-based feats I first explain ah Elder Liu is very stingy You want to get his hands on the magic nucleus is afraid to pull out some real guys to Old man Liu There is a good thing to find you.

It's you again, old man Hao Don't think you can get anything from me this time Get out as far as you can Open the door! Old man Liu This time it's Xiao Yan who has something for you Elder Liu.

Student Come on in. My nose.

Good for you old man Liu I'm not finished with you This Elder Liu really has a lot of treasures This kid is really unusual But Even though the Grand Elder had explained I will not be able to get any advantage from me Student Xiao Yan Meet Elder Liu.

I am most annoyed with those scenes If you have something to say, say it quickly If you have a fart, let it go Students are still missing one main medicine in the alchemy process So I want to exchange for the sixth-order magic core in the hands of Elder Liu Can ah Take the Sixth Grade Dou Ling Pill in exchange Elder Liu is joking The student is not yet able to make the sixth grade pills.

Then I'm sorry for not seeing you off I'm sorry, I won't see you off Although I can't get the Dou Ling Dan But I heard that you cultivate fire techniques, Elder Liu Perhaps this item will interest Elder Liu I do not know what is this thing you ah This is the earth fire lotus seed Little friend Xiao Yan should also think clearly about the value of the sixth-order magic core.

You want to exchange one Earth Fire Lotus Seed for That's a big loss for me! If you take out one more lotus seed I will painfully give you the magic core Xiao Yan Don't grumble with this old man He does not change pull down He is not the only one who has this magic core I'll take you to the Grand Elder and ask him about it.

You old man Trying to tear me down I also got this earth fire lotus seed by chance Elder Liu wants me to add one more It is indeed a bit difficult In that case Then we won't send it Then the student will not bother Farewell.

This kid actually left boy You really don't want the magic core I would love to But alas Can't get the price the elders need One Earth Fire Lotus Seed plus one Dragon Power Pill Sixth-order magic core.

It's all yours Deal

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