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Liaoliao, what are these? 8 times 10? I don't understand D. B Wow the basketball court is here This place is too luxurious The glass and the floor look like they've been waxed Gotta take more pics Show senior sis Guan Xin.

Their equipments are super professional. The price must be sky high If I can train in here with so many babies every day I will definitely change into a muscular man My feet, my feet Don't mess up here Put on your school uniform and come here What's up?.

Basketball Team Room i have a bold idea Seems no one here Let me see, let me see The lights are still on You're too heavy Sneak in, checked You, a 100-kg guy, are totally useless I weight 99.

This wall is full of tactics Looks like we came to the right place This is… No way How can they play like this Like what See? It's a tactic specially made for a superstar All the players on the field are making space for the number 9.

To create 1-on-1 chances Only players with strong personal abilities can be treated like this Be Able to play like a superstar in JSF which is full of experts How strong this No.9 is! Who are you I should ask you the same Why do you keep following me Well, I..

I just happened to be here This trophy looks nice Wait a moment Why are you wearing JSF number 9? what number i am is out of your business That's Cheng Feng's number Do you know him?.

Don't mention him to me You are not a student here, right? Please go back to where you came from Don't waste my time here Hey, wait a minute Explain clearly to me Why can't I mention him? I made a special trip to watch him play. He doesn't deserve to play here.

Why do you say that about Cheng Feng? Sorry to bother you guys You are… that military-training boy JBF's Why did people from JBF come here? Need I say more -Come over to find out about our situation for the game next week. -Seriously? To win a small potato like you? Hey, are you listening to me?.

As expected You are just another loser like Cheng Feng Getting angry every time when you mention him Who is the loser, uh? When… …did he get there? We're going to see some fun! If you are in such a hurry to practice.

How about I practice with you Hurry up Someone singled out Deng Xuhao in the basketball stadium -Who is so cocky? -Someone from JBF It's so exciting, how did he get in here? 5 balls, alternate serve Don't even think about it 1 to 0 This kid is fast.

And even scored in front of Deng Xuhao Brother Hao just gave him one point on purpose Holy cow, when did you bring this in it's your turn Nice shot, 2 to 1, 2 to 1 He got 2 points for the shot outside the three-point line Like I said before, Brother Hao did it on purpose This kid is having big trouble now Still wanna dribble from the left?.

He's so strong -Damn it -Defense Why did he stop Good shot 3 to 1, 3 to 1 Stop telling me the score! So annoying I'm completely despised He's so strong.

But kept shooting outside Don't underestimate me Good chance Too naïve What I told you, don't be too cocky Like I said, he sucks Brother Hao let you get the first point You can't score anymore.

Well, Liaoliao Are we taking this a little too far? You know shit This is called knowing yourself and your enemy in order to lose less points in the game Come on, don't get in my way Liaoliao What's wrong with you? So…so tall.

Are you new here? Yes, we're new… News Club That's right, we're new to the news club What do the news club people do in the basketball stadium? -Passing by -Just looking around Y…Yes Looing around Captain.

A student from JBF came to play with us Deng Xuhao is playing one-on-one with him Xu Xingze? Is it so cold in here? Hey boy, can you do it? Go on or get lost We still have to train Are you kidding me? No.

This is not the right way to go If it were Brother Chengfeng What would he do? Changed it to the right?! You wish What What a beautiful feint It's useless It's already 4 to 2.

Now Brother Hao is having the ball He will lose for sure Trying to stop me from shooting -Then I'll show you something else -Pay attention to the way he dribbles This kid is really something He predicted all Deng Xuhao's moves Which side you're on? Why do you always speak for that kid? You really pissed me off.

Oops it's over Who did that shit? Is this how you train? -Captain -Captain? Xingzhe, Xingzhe Bro, you got balls Dare to challenge them here. Let me see if you got 2 or 4 points? Guys.

Please leave now we will start training I'm really sorry to bother you We'll be leaving right away What a shame May I ask why Cheng Feng didn't come to practice today? There is no such person in our team No way He's obviously in the basketball team of JSF.

I saw him in the game Are you done yet? Keep calling Cheng Feng all the time Let me tell you Cheng Feng was expelled from school long ago How come… A selfish person like him doesn't deserve to play basketball at all What did you say.

What? You wanna have a fight after losing the game Calm down, calm down, both of you. This is their territory, we're far outnumbered Stop messing around So sorry to bother you guys We are off now See you guys Keep up training – Hey, I'll see you on the field if you're really something.

Cheng Feng was fired a long time ago. If you're really something I'll see you on the field Hey buddy, are you still thinking about what happened just now? Isn't it an one-on-one challenge? Let me tell you, without their captain's interference It's hard to tell who will win at the end Besides, Deng Xuhao is the trump card of JSF It's no shame for us to lose to him.

Brother Cheng Feng is not that kind of person he shouldn't be fired Who knows what the hell those people did Maybe they lost to your brother Feng before Just jealous If you don't get over it how about you just join the school team? We'll get them over next Thursday.

Till then, at your speed plus my position We will definitely be the highlights of the game Screw up Deng Xuhao, count me in My face Who are you? One more good player here I will only play against Deng Xuhao No other games Okay, let's defeat Deng Xuhao first.

Then talk about other things later So many rules If my handsome face got… How did you find him? This guy quit the school team after one game last year It is said that he has been practicing with the trainer We did nothing He suddenly jumped out of the toilet Saying that he's gonna defeat Deng Xuhao.

Deng Xuhao Is he now in JSF? No wonder Well, they also have a grudge You said 'also'? -Well… -Captain, tell me what's going on between the two of them The enmity between them started from junior high school Duan Boting in junior high school.

Had physical fitness beyond peers With his talent He was omnipotent in the games Invincible He deserves all the praise Cheers and applause But when Deng Xuhao, who played the same way, appeared Everything has changed Deng Xuhao's talent and skills in all aspects.

Were better than Duan Boting, who was one grade higher than him Even in their only direct conversation Deng Xuhao also overwhelmingly won Since then People gave Duan Boting a nickname It's called the low-version of Deng Xuhao Duan Boting was gradually forgotten by people His brilliant junior high school career also went to mediocrity in the cold The low-version of Deng Xuhao.

What an insult But I believe A man like him won't give up Just waiting for an opportunity to prove again See you on the field if you can Count me in Let's defeat JSF together Great, bro.

I knew you would never turn me down Let's…. You… Why not said yes earlier, brat I‘ve been waiting for your words I declare that the basketball team of JBF is officially established today San'er, San'er.

Wait for me We are not in the same school anymore Why should I wait for you? We're still buddies even we're in different schools I just joined the Poetry Club Have no time for you What's the point of doing that? I'm still waiting for a duel with you on the volleyball court Xu Xingze, where did you go and why you haven't come home yet?.

Sis, I am not changing schools. I decided to stay in JBF. Let's join the school team.My WeChat number: star33XX2White-haired

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