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Master As long as the disciple breaks through the seventh rank Martial King I will have the qualification to find you The disciple has reached Master Back then you had said As long as my disciple breaks through the seventh rank Martial King Then he would be able to return to the Northern Heavenly Domain Dan Pavilion I have done it.

Old Ancestor I Dawei will no longer be you alone struggling to support Congratulations on your breakthrough Thank you, Dusty You don't have to thank me Since we are on the same page We need to support each other It's time to discuss How to deal with the Leng family.

The Leng family alliance has a total of four martial kings Among them, Yan Wuji has the highest cultivation level Yue Leng Chan and Leng Broken are the next highest Even the weakest Wu Chengfeng is also a veteran Martial King powerhouse Trying to deal with them Fear is still extremely difficult ah.

Your Majesty Urgent report from the border What Great Zhou's million troops invade our dynasty's border How could the Great Zhou suddenly go to war Could it be the Leng family? Could it be the Leng family? Leng's family.

Your Majesty To repel foreign aggression, we must first secure the interior Once the Leng family alliance is resolved Great Zhou will not be a concern The Great Zhou has sent troops Old Ancestor Today that Qin Chen suddenly and secretly left the Imperial City.

He went in the direction of the Reunion Sect How could this son suddenly leave Could it be a trick? Who is with him? Fu Xingcheng is secretly protecting No wonder this son has no fear Fu Xingcheng is not afraid But also need to guard against the Mo family and the royal family to join forces old ancestor.

Mo Tianming old ancestor outside to pay respects What did he come to do Why not invite him in If he doesn't agree to join forces this time We will take him Mo Laozi rare guest ah I wonder what this visit is about.

I came here to join the Leng family To work together for a great cause All of you do not need to cover up Come out together I don't know why Elder Mo has suddenly figured it out again My Mo family spies learned that Liu Tai, this person More than 20 years ago, he was seriously injured I only suspected before.

But a few days ago the Great Zhou invaded Liu Tai have not moved So I conclude that this news is true Naturally we must join you all Mo old ancestor please wait in the guest hall for a moment We need to discuss Check Liu Tai for me immediately Investigate thoroughly.

Liu's old son Since more than 20 years ago has not appeared in the royal wealth My side also searched and learned The Royal Shadow Guards for the past 20 years have been searching around for elixirs and high level pill refiners It seems that what Mo Tianming said is true Then as originally planned Kill Qin Chen first.

Also kill Fu Xingcheng together Didn't Mo Tianming want to join us? Let him kill that Qin Chen Wouldn't that be two birds with one stone?

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