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Sword over the Nine Heavens I am a monk at liberty The white head of a beautiful woman Don't let down the youth Do not let down the young The end of the immortal road to kill the gods and demons A walk in the underworld Fight in the Purgatory Young man.

Live Two Lives Sweeping the Martial Kingdom Feet on the Hundred Dynasties Footsteps of a Hundred Dynasties Heavenly Devil Secret Realm Leads to Bloodline Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Condenses God's Soul The Heavenly Lightning Tribulation Condensing God's Soul Words of Ancient Heroes The blood and tears of the human race rolled and burned.

Only hand to cover the sky explode the stars Who is the peak at the end of the martial path Waiting to go up to the thirty-third heaven Sword Cutting the Vault of Heaven I am a mythical heavenly pride Not a single person has been seen in the past two days They all march so fast The man in front We two brothers are the people of Dayong.

Stop this guy for me It's him My friend, I am the Great Wu Warrior Young warrior Qin is you Your Excellency also please make way Don't interfere with our brothers killing If you have the guts, you can run away again Let our brothers chase for so long You are very happy, right?.

Why are they both chasing you? Young warrior Qin When you left, we searched all the way And we found a ruined palace ahead I got a magic crystal because That's why I was chased all the way magic crystal Kid told you to get lost did not hear it Keep talking.

Magic crystal is a crystal unique to the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm The effect is much stronger than the real stone Even the seventh rank Martial King can absorb it for cultivation Can also be used to refine a variety of pills extremely valuable Oh so amazing boy If you don't get lost, I'll kill you too I'll take care of this guy, you can go Hahahaha you bailed out.

What are you qualified to protect him Since you take the initiative to seek death Then I want to see how you can protect him How dare you use your hand to block my long sword You don't know how to live Brother You wait If you dare to kill my senior brother, you can wait for death Thank you for your help, young warrior Qin.

Let me see the magic crystal This power is very similar to the strange true qi cultivated by Gu Nandu As long as there are enough magic crystals And then use the thunder bloodline to refine it I might be able to break through to the seventh rank Martial King with this How many of these magic crystals are in that ruin There should be a few I heard that the geniuses of the seven upper dynasties They also found a magic pool deep in that palace.

The bottom of that magic pond is full of these magic crystals Go ahead and lead the way Yes Young warrior Qin, this is where the ruined palace is located My spiritual power in this black fog can only check a few hundred meters I found the magic crystal in a secret room before I'll take you there now What a strong true qi Young warrior Qin is here.

Where is the magic pond mentioned before I don't know exactly But it should be deep in the palace It's just that this palace is extremely intricate We two are afraid that it's not possible This is

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