MULTI SUB [Peerless Martial Spirit] EP- 294 || Jue Shi Wu Shen || 绝世武魂 || Peerless Martial God

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Subtitled by Elements Anime,For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel. Episode – 294 Wonderful Your breath Somewhat similar to Xiong Chengjing Yes Chen Feng I am Xiong Chengjing's brother Xiong Chenghou I came to avenge my brother.

Really Your brother first attacked the underground palace And they've joined forces with the Nirvana Sword Sect to set up a murderous scheme. and challenged me openly at the end He does a lot of evil The last died under my Sword It's self-initiated. you What face is there to take revenge on Xiao.

You are right But these are moral after all is the reason of the world Our Xiong family is not bound by this secular reason Yu Shizhong You're quick to bury yourself. Xiong Chenghou Let me give you a hand The grievances between me and Chen Feng.

What kind of hand Xiong Chenghou The only one who loses today is you purple sword Yin Yang Promise Devouring things His power is useful in a few ways. Xiong Chenghou There's still a little bit of truth left.

despite sending I didn't realize that small Great Source There are still people who know how to use heavenly exercises go to hell Chen Feng I am here Don't you dare try anything. I'll take you down. Fire phoenix start a prairie fire.

Heavenly step technique enough Purple Flame Python is the highest bloodline of my Xiong family No one in the world can stand it This Purple Flame bloodline is really powerful. Take the opportunity to absorb it and use it to break through the Fire Elemental Perfection. Your Purple Flame bloodline. In front of my Dragon of Nine Yin and Nine Yang. Nothing but wounds to be eliminated.

What a madman The two types of true essence of the Martial Spirit are incompatible Aren't you afraid of exploding to death? You really can't stand it It seems that this is the end Chen Feng You're the ones who want to die. It's not my fault. You can't touch Chen Feng.

Get out Chen Feng Yue'r Chang Yongjia How dare you meddle Aren't you listening to my orders? After I kill them, I will come to apologize to you Chen Feng die.

Chang How dare you hurt Yu'er I want you to repay with your life The power of fire Raging Heaven Tribulation Flame impossible It's your turn Xiong Chenghou Great Perfection of Fire Element.

Enough to rival the Ancient God of Fire. just I don’t know how it compares to my strongest move Purple Qlin No matter how many spirits you have, it’s useless try it out Purple Pale Covering the Sky Try it and die. It's over.

Xiong Chenghou be determined to kill or be strong do as you wish You're a woman. What about women's Swords? I am stronger than any man in my family Because the family must have a man to support the situation I have no choice but to dress up as a man Women can also be the masters of the house.

Now Dayuan Lie’s family is under my control Chen Feng, how lucky you are Accompanied by such a woman come on finish me Cheng Jing Sister will see you soon now There is no more Ziyan Fengjun in the world.

Only Xiong Chenghou, a genius with three martial arts spirits Chen Feng what do you mean I do have grudges with Xiong Chengjing But it's not worth it to your family. You rescued Yu'er Not the one I should kill Okay In exchange for this life.

Let me tell you a secret about the three spirits As long as you have this treasure soul ring It can let ordinary people add another martial soul In Great Source I have never heard of the Xie Zhong method This soul ring comes from the Tianyuan Dynasty Chen Feng You should go outside to see a wider world thanks.

I will consider bye bye Chen Feng I look forward to seeing you again in the Dynasty Chang Yongjia What despicable means did Dawei use? It can make Dayuan break the agreement It was Xun Zheng who leaked the news to me Marshal of Dawei.

Why would you recognize a sword maker? Something strange What is the connection between Dawei and Xun Zheng tell the truth Otherwise Chen Feng, you forced me to do it Even if I blew myself up Don't even think about it. This is probably a trap.

He is intentionally causing discord Wait Well, that just proves that I was partially right. Is Xun Zheng serving the royal family of Dawei? have to go back and find out Thank for watching,Don't forget to Like and Subscribe.

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