MULTI SUB [Peerless Martial Spirit] EP- 298 || Jue Shi Wu Shen || 绝世武魂 || Peerless Martial God

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Subtitled by Elements Anime, For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel. Episode – 298 Have you ever heard of the Martial Arts Academy? It is said that its strength is far above the thirty-seven countries The Dragon Slaying Heroes List is from that place I'm an elder of the Martial Arts Academy. Chen Feng Would you like to follow me into the academy to practice It is good to join the Academy.

It concerns great origin There are some things you can only see if you're up high enough. Don’t you want to go to a higher place to have a look? I am willing to join the academy with you Wait until I finish dealing with the matter here I'll be right there. good I'll be waiting for you here Thank you senior.

Chen Feng look one day We will meet again at the top of the mountain Father such a short time Chen Feng become top of the six emperor list He should've remained in the Royal Palace for a long time. Otherwise.

Cheng feng is here Dawei Emperor is dead From then on, Dawei can no longer pose any threat to Dayuan Congratulations, you have reached the top of the top six rankings Dayuan has you is the blessing of the people thanks special access bestowed on the Royal Treasure House Accessible at all times Continue to serve the Royal Family in the Palace.

This battle is for the people's of Great Source I don't need any rewards Are you openly disobeying the emperor's orders? Father Chen Feng Forcing me to work for the royal family That's unnecessary In this case Don't blame me for not being able to keep you.

Father calm down I have a way Shouyi makes Chen Feng an obedient puppet What does the emperor think exceptionally intelligent Worthy of being my daughter I aspire to be Daewon's true daughter. I'll take over from my father. I also ask my father to agree.

Good I'll issue an edict as soon as we've finished with Chen Feng Lord Dragon, please stay. The Third Princess has found someone. Maybe it can help you unlock the seal It's a luxury to see Chen Feng You make people wait The Third Princess is wavering.

I don’t know if I can trust I've defended you in front of Father many times. Not worthy of your trust yet. Then let's call on the man the Princess has found. Come out and meet Aunt Xianyu is an astrologer Not only can help you release the memory seal Can see through the inner thoughts of others How about.

Are you afraid Looks like Mr. Chen Still don't believe in my ability This person's spiritual power is actually so strong The Third Princess has done a great job of talking about Aunt Yu. I'm looking forward to it Please ask the Third Princess to leave first. I will cast a spell for Mr. Chen to break the seal How.

This princess treats you well, right? Aunt Yu is one of my father's people. be careful yourself Thank you for the reminder, Third Princess. I want to see What are these guys up to? Now I want to enter your sea of ​​consciousness Only in this way can the seal in your memory be broken Thanks a lot.

It seems that this is memory restraint Seven Stars Cloud Breaking Technique The heartbeat seal has been loosened. Hateful It turned out to be backlashed Fenger Master is that you where are you.

I finally see you again get up long time no see Fenger has changed a lot Master, where are these? a long story you will understand later Fenger Let’s go to Tianyuan Divine Kingdom after dealing with the matter here.

There is news of your mother my mother Why have I never heard of it from Master Your mother is involved too much I have been waiting for the right opportunity to tell you This is what I left for you. You have to study carefully Master what's wrong with you.

Fenger There are many people coveting your power you have to be extra careful Rest assured those who are greedy Fenger come and fight one by one Master Master Those who stand in the way.

It's just an act of death. I'm gonna find you. In this ball of light It contains such a huge power Forcibly breaking the memory seal It will cause backlash against the soul This is the best time to grab the body This body is mine small things.

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