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The treasure map has responded Could it be Leiling City There is a second treasure left by Heaven and Earth What's wrong It's nothing, let's go to Leijie Casino first. Are you two here to participate in today's game? VIP hall 400 emperors respect one person Guest shop 200 progressive per person.

Ordinary store 100 progressive per person I don't know which of the two to choose It seems that antitrust is imperative Ok If the two can produce the relevant identification The fee will be reduced as appropriate You see Is this ok The Dragon Emperor wishes the wind master of the human race Why is this status not enough?.

No no no please please Your Excellency, our city lord, invites you to visit the manor I don't know what you think lead the way Qin Nan Xiaoya you are quite brave Knowing that Leiling City is Fu Yong of the Heavenly Sword Sect How dare you invite me over Are you not afraid of sheep getting into the tiger's mouth?.

Do not enter the tiger's den how can i get a tiger What's more, it is still unknown who is the sheep and who is the tiger confidence is a good thing but also have self-knowledge You bet right this time We don't care about the low-level enemies of Tiandaozong But it doesn't mean Lei Lingcheng welcomes you Unless the game after 10 days.

Are you willing to spend a lot of imperial capital to enter the city? that's natural As long as this game is exciting enough But now the much-anticipated gamble 10 days left Friends, why not go to the casino to play a few rounds try your hand Then I would be more respectful than obedient. It's just a blatant desire to steal money.

This way please two adults This is the VIP Hall this is for snacks You can place your bets at this time If adults have other needs come to me anytime no need It has become the green leaves to set off Qin Nan again.

The betting is about to begin Can you stop staring at me? Oh, the city lord just got the news Qin Nan has already entered the city within the city and started to watch the game after 10 days Tiandaozong will have inner disciples to participate in this event casino Moreover, if he loses the Ten Thousand Emperor Sutras, he will be spared his life If you win.

Tell the disciples of Tiandaozong about him borrow a knife to kill Santo Wise I am the elder Lei Lingcheng You can call me Elder Huo Both sides of the game They are all geniuses with first-rank martial souls They all have invincible martial arts If you look at which one.

Place your bets now Which do you think I should choose These two seem to have their own style It's not for you to choose a concubine if it was me Should buy number 2 Then bet 5,000 Dijing on No. 2 Now the thunderstorm begins Reggie was suppressed.

This bag is really great you feel it too Precisely because of this treasure to suppress This is where Reggie's Casino can open Then do you have a way to track where Yibao is? This is the ancient worm You can identify the breath of treasures according to the fluctuations of the sky and the earth Find where the treasure is within three days.

He will be able to find Yibao Then through heart surgery pass on to me what he sees Amazing Oh look at the number 2 win win hahahahahaha You kid is really lucky hahahaha Of course After all, I can push the golden seal to absorb the power of heaven and earth Although I want whoever wins, let whoever wins.

Qin Nan what Qin Nan Qin Nan The news of the ancient city of Huangliang come without worry Huangliang Three Dreams printed on the side No one dares not to obey orders Unparalleled Ability.

Heart connected I It's a celestial spar what this is a gold box Pretending to be the second treasure left by Duan Tian Da Di, um where are you going is there any way you can sneak in here Take out the whole Tianxuan spar.

Yes, but you have to transfer 5 or more groups of triples first the attention of the strong Otherwise we only have 10 breaths to escape What if it manages to divert their attention? Then there is an incense stick of time to escape I see then wait a few more days When there are many people, it is easier to fish in troubled waters Invite the Santo.

The people of Tiandaozong said This line Will bring Cui Lixu's younger brother over to participate in the gambling what Isn't this a good thing, mayor? our greatest genius No match for Cui Lixu's younger brother I have to figure it out With you help me over here.

Tour South Tomorrow 50 Tianji Zong Tianji A third-rank Martial Soul genius vs. three celestial second-rank geniuses This is the biggest matchup ever ok i see opportunity came good split up Who could have allowed Zhou Chengzhu to entertain him personally? Probably a true disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect.

True Disciple of Heavenly Sword Sect Cui Lixu Why is he here Qin Nan Hey Why does fellow Daoist Cui have a broken face when he sees me? Are you feeling unhappy? Are you talking nonsense? ✰ Made by SimpleFileTranslator App from play store download and make subtitle for any Language ✰.

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