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For more videos subscribe my YouTube Channel [ELEMENTS ANIME] Episode – 248 ο»ΏThat's Yun Tianyu from the Yun Family ο»ΏIs also Yun Qingfeng's son Yun Shengkong's grandson ο»ΏThe next patriarch heir This national teacher really has something ο»ΏIn any case, Yun Tianyu was beaten ο»ΏI wonder if that old fox Yun Shengkong will make a big disturbance in the Eastern Wasteland ο»ΏDoes he dare to make trouble in the Eastern Wasteland?.

ο»Ώ Although the population in the Eastern Wasteland is not comparable to that of Zhongzhou ο»ΏBut everyone can be good at martial arts, all people are soldiers ο»ΏNow, together with the mysterious gentleman just now eastern wilderness is estimated to rise Hmm ο»ΏYou are here ο»ΏYou are not dead ο»ΏHuh, God-Defying Divine Vein Art, I have cultivated to the fourth level.

ο»ΏIt's almost the fifth Leve ο»Ώoh ο»ΏThe fifth level is the realm that can only be reached by Feather Fairyland ο»ΏIt seems that you, Lin Xianyu, are really suitable for the God-Defying Divine Vein Art ο»Ώtell me what to tell me ο»ΏHmph, why can’t we meet old friends? Come on, let me recognize you on purpose ο»ΏIf you are willing to go, there is somethingyou need to tell me, let me convey it ok, can't hide from you.

ο»ΏNow the major forces have entered the Eastern Wasteland ο»ΏThe interior of Lingyuan is empty ο»ΏMy father was imprisoned there, and Yunmeng might be able to rescue him. This is one of them. ο»ΏSecondly, there will bea fight at the border soon ο»ΏYou led the people from Yunmeng and Sanjidian to obstruct it from behind ο»ΏI'm going to make them lose everything this time ο»ΏLooks like you've got everything planned ο»ΏOtherwise I wouldn’t have stayed in Eastern Wasteland for two years ο»ΏYun Sheng Kong Yu Fairy Blood King Da Ling.

ο»ΏHuh, this time the old and new accounts are settled together Master, should we just wait like this? ο»Ώyeah just wait If Lord Chrysanthemum can be trusted, I must never enter the Great Barren Mountain ο»ΏOtherwise, my soldiers from the Eastern Wilderness will surely bleed like rivers Hmm National teacher, you are from Zhongzhou ο»ΏI heard that you taught Yun Tianyu of the Yun family a lesson ο»ΏIf there is some hatred between the national teacher and these people, despite the words.

ο»ΏI, Eastern Wasteland, will definitely let them Pay the price ο»ΏThanks a lot ο»ΏI came to Dong Huang really helped Huang Qing by chance ο»ΏIt is not for plotting against the power of the Eastern Wilderness ο»ΏAs for revenge, I still like to do it myself ο»ΏIf you really want to help me ο»ΏThen deal with those who slipped through the net and want to escape from the Great Barren Mountain ο»ΏIn addition, you may want to know who I am ο»ΏI will tell you today.

ο»ΏMy name is Muyun ο»ΏHe is Muyun, no wonder ο»ΏNo wonder he made alchemy ο»ΏThe comprehension of martial arts is so clear, so he is Muyun ο»ΏDamn it, what is there in this great barren mountain? ο»ΏI think the people of the four major forces are crazy ο»ΏThis is a wasteland looking for something here ο»ΏFather, I think this Eastern Wasteland has bad intentions ο»ΏThe Great Wilderness must have been tampered with by them.

ο»ΏYou dare to mention this useless thing ο»ΏThe big Ling and the others guarded the secret tightly ο»ΏI'd like to see what they're looking for ο»Ώdeparture What are you laughing at? ο»ΏMaster Ben dares to laugh Hmph, everyone, the wild beasts in the Great Barren Mountain are not easy to mess with ο»ΏYou are here to deal with those who slipped through the net ο»ΏYou don’t need to enter the mountain without my news.

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