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Brother Erhuo Little Fish We came to bring you food Hmmm I'm really hungry. So it's a submerged boat No wonder the Department Six people have not been able to investigate Where is it? Jinyiwei.

West Factory hey Do you know who my lord is ah Two swords of the Red Flame Guard Investigate smuggling case by order the power of self kill Young warrior calm ah Young warrior calm.

Calm down It's burning Looks like there is no way back Bastard Qin swan Now you owe me money You really don't have to pay it back It's a fight This who misses me again Tomorrow is the day that the Kirika Inn wind list is issued.

How about On-line filing number: V1101 Let's have a look! Home-grown fresh vegetables Good good good Take care, sir! Oops Lord Li, the chief banner of the Red Flame Guard, came to my Quanzhou Prefecture on business I am sorry to welcome you.

They are all people who work for the court No need for polite words Marshal Yan Did you find it? After I received your instructions I came to the inn early in the morning Is there a mistake in the information? Hmph Tong Hua Inn's Tong Hua brew is world famous.

He must be here Hey Brother From the inn today All are rushing to the treasure of the ghost fire ship, right? What treasure? I'll tell you It's a ghostly fire ship. Legend has it that anyone who sees it will be burned to death by the fire Oops big brother you are too timid it.

I don't believe in what trick fire kill people I think na It's just someone using the guise of a ghost fire ship Want to unify the world But senior brother This trick fire killing will not be the remnants of the demonic religion resurfaced ah I think you have a point Lord Knight.

Today happens to be the Tong Hua Inn The day to issue the new list of wind and clouds If he is in then he will definitely show up Why don't you sit down and have a cup of tea first? That's fine Please Take care, gentlemen! Welcome to come back next time Dare to ask your Excellency.

I do not know this Qin swan What crime has he committed? Your Excellency has to come out personally This Yo this girl is really good Hey come please come drink Have a drink Sir Hmmm.

How is it? This Tong Hua Inn It is really not simple That's Assassination Port is known as the world's largest port The snowy moon and windy flowers of this Tong Hua Inn Song and dance is also the world's best ah They say that the Tong Hua Inn Snow Moon Wind and Flowers.

Singing and dancing to the city Today it seems The name really lives up to its name Tide Hey guest to come Guest Let them four Come and drink with our three young men of Ding Jian Sorry, sir!.

Everyone in this Ming country knows Our four girls only entertain the guests with songs and dances We don't drink with them Do you know who I am? You must be This Ding Jiange Penning Thunder Sword ShaoTing young warrior Since we know it is this young warrior Then don't let them come over.

Young warrior this is the Tong Hua Inn Please respect yourself, young warrior What if I must? Hey! Good kung fu Today is the Tong Hua Inn The day of the triennial Windy List release The young warrior must have come for this reason If you disturb the opening of the list of wind and cloud.

Then the inn today in the crowd of martial artists I am afraid that there will be more than a few complaints Please respect yourselves, young warrior Aigoo to the guest inside please I cut youAigoo came the banquet officer inside please Hey this The world's wind and clouds out of my generation Heroic ambition Ladies and Gentlemen.

I'm sure you're all looking forward to the triennial The new talent list of Jianghu has come Next It's up to the four of us sisters We will reveal this year's list for you Tong Hua Inn's Top Stories Listed in the last three years in the jianghu Young masters who have emerged to prominence Please taste for yourselves.

Look at it! The one called Qin swan is also too bold Afternoon put a coffin in the grave, overlooking the Ganot even a jerk's name and still dare to put himself in front of the cold ice sword to really looking for death Hey brother How did the list change Aren't you the first? Who is this Qin swan ah.

Take a look what's going on Garcia Didn't I tell you to look at the list? I I don't know Jiang Hu rumors Tong Hua Inn wind and cloud list set Jiang Hu Today I see but so This gentleman Something unexpected happened today We will definitely find out.

But there is nothing wrong with the list Please forgive me There are no mistakes or omissions You guys put this kid who doesn't even have a name Arrange in front of my Penning Thunder Sword Shao Ting not to say And also let him openly insult my senior brother Clearly despise my Ding Jian Pavilion Or give a statement We will never give up.

Oh! So what do you think? What should be done In my opinion Put that jungle wilderness emerged from a cat and a dog Kicked off this list You four Keep me company again to relieve my worries I have a generous heart.

Naturally, I will not bother with you Otherwise Don't blame me Oops This little brother of yours is really badly behaved Let sister to teach you well Garcia loves to fight. Watch my meow fist Look at the moves.

What a guy Sister Aya Are you okay? I'm fine hey are you a man ah Jin Yi Wei that's right I am Red Flame Guard Qin Kuan Nice to meet you!.

So what if you are a Jin Yiwei Suffer the death Two gentlemen No martial arts in the Tong Hua Inn Listen to your sister Be a good boy! Sister Aya This is between him and me You sisters.

Just stay out of it You are clearly trying to help him I advise you It's better to get out of the way Or else What are you going to do? Ding Jiange is at least a lineage of sword saints How could they teach such a person like you? Senior, have mercy!.

I am Li Ying, the Chief Banner of the Red Flame Guard It's all my fault for not being able to control my subordinates That's why he broke the rules of the inn Please ask the seniors For the sake of my Jin Yi Wei face to leave him a life I am willing to pay for all the losses of the inn Master He also did it to help us Please spare him this time.

Are you okay? It's okay This injury is nothing If a man has never been hurt for a woman Is that still a man? You You are dead With the name of Ding Jian Ge, you think you are the best Think I don't dare to kill you.

Hey seniors have mercy He is trying to kill you You still plead for his mercy It's the world It is to have these righteousness fight to be interesting Seniors you say is not Shut up! You are really getting more and more reckless Brother.

I can't beat him The three of us together We may not even be his opponent What about this breath I can't swallow it This is a trick fire Trickfire kills again Trickfire Trickfire is here.

Run! Run, run, run! You are the sheriff Yes I am the head constable of Quanzhou Prefecture, Yan Buji I'll leave this to you Yes, sir. Pay for all the things you broke This is not an exception.

You four Follow me The government office is handling the case No one is involved Brother Eagle This is what you want me to check hmm Order from the Northern Governor You are in charge of investigating the murder case of the ghost fire ship.

This is the transfer order Lord Li Li Ying Didn't you say you wanted to catch Qin swan? Arrest him to do the job The ghost fire ship trick fire kill Your Excellency does not know ah Since the appearance of the ghost fire ship There have been many cases of murder by fire in the jianghu Some sects were even exterminated as a whole.

Civilians have also been burned to death The people are in a state of panic Sounds like a lot of trouble Eagle or you go Either find red falcon sister for me also can ah This mission if you escape again pay for the silver of the Tong Hua Inn will be deducted from your salary No, right?.

I owe the money to the two knives have not paid yet No need to pay back He investigates smuggling cases Meet the Phantom Fire Ship Has died in the line of duty What Yun Feihong, the heir of the Medicine King of Medicine Valley, collaborated in the investigation of the case Okay Brother Eagle But.

I have a condition So lax and slack What a disgrace to our Jin Yiwei Anyway, it's not the first time Brother Eagle you take it easy Go away Lord Li Such an important case Is it really okay to give it to him?.

This man Interesting Sister Don't bother with irrelevant things Don't forget our purpose Got it got it Just now went to get the reward order from the Listening Snow House Pill King Valley's disciples suffer from eye disease Two thousand taels.

Right here in Sashimi Port So he's the next target Yun Feihong, the son of the amazing Hong gongzi As you commanded The palace has appointed you to assist the Jin Yiwei Investigate the case of the ghost fire ship Got it You two are really lucky.

Today is my son's first clinic in the valley But my son likes to be clean You must not disrupt the rules Yes Thank you, brother We save Here it is My waist.

Male son These two are the patients who have been asking the old medicine king for medical advice The illnesses are Pulse diagnosis by hanging silk I am not here to Qi stagnation in the pulse Kidney water does not work Pulse sunken but not solid frequent night sweats.

Dry mouth and tongue moreover, not good at intercourse Yes astringent pulse and shortness of breath Sister-in-law's uterine cold and menstrual knots must be so far I've never had a child, right? Exactly I would like to ask you to give me a good hand.

It's much more comfortable As expected of the heir of the King of Medicine That's natural My son's hand That's never talk too much The two of you are mostly old injuries hidden but not sent Seemingly harmless.

But the root has already been hurt I have used internal force to unblock And then with the formula for a few months to adjust There will be hope for a child This This is really in charge of the family Heard no we can have kids now Prince in we really have.

The grace of re-creation the guest of honor quick Let's kowtow together to the benefactor No need Just pay the consultation fee to the counter Go ahead How does this work? I'd like to ask you for a favor.

Let's say thank you in person Otherwise, we are really feel uneasy ah Stop It's okay Let them in. Why don't you go and put the altar I buried last year The four seasons back to the dream to drink out Yes.

Two Both have my Medicine King Valley's Medicine God post For the two of you to cure the disease is part of the job No need to be polite Thank you, sir. Your Excellency Forgive me for asking one more question Is your son's eye Yes.

What a pity Blind at a young age official blindness is only a small thing If you die when you are in the prime of life That is really a pity Your mother is right But it's better than growing old Die when your face is gone.

Wouldn't that be a disappointment to the great face? The official said good ah How about we today Let's fulfill your son Please let him go to hell You have painstakingly robbed the God of Medicine post Just to kill me really smart.

Your son is not often seen in the jianghu Not to test the truth first We do not dare to make a move What are you talking to him for? kill The seventh place in the list of killers in the Snow House Bi Hong double demon infinite Bi different red couple The two seniors are all long-established experts in the jianghu So bullying a weak doctor who does not know martial arts.

It's not good, right? What a handsome little wolf dog I like it Who are you two taking the business ah Since we know it's a reward order from the Snow House why do you need ask more questions? That's enough Xuan ice golden silk.

Your silver silk is poisonous Whoever enters my body three feet I will first be on guard As for whether to live or die It depends on how you choose Do you believe that before we die I will kill you first Two seniors You want to kill to make money.

We also have to work in the Jin Yiwei to have salary can receive well You see I now have an important case to find this Yun Gongzi help If you two continue to do it That is to interfere with the Jin Yiwei case Jin Yiwei I am Qin Kuan, the Red Flame Guard and Yun Gongzi was ordered to investigate the case I think you two seniors how about stopping here.

I promise not to report this matter official I also thought of catching this pair of jokers I will break up with you It seems that today is not as expected maiden Since this is the case Then why don't we do it some other time Officials.

This is what you said my wife That's not what I meant Mother I'll go first Officer, what are you running for? Wait for me! The Imperial Guard has sent you to investigate the case of murder by fire You are Yun Feihong, right? That was close.

Fortunately, you have left a hand The name of Jin Yi Wei is still useful Otherwise it would really take a lot of work Just now it is clear that you can kill them Why did you let them go? Traveling the world? More friends, more ways Jin Yi Wei is now no one? It's a pity that I have a vat of marigold blue lotus.

Raised for three years to get this one flower bud Sorry I didn't know it was so valuable But it's a fight Wait a minute What do you mean by that? It's to look down on me or despise our Jin Yi Wei ah This is what you said.

I did not mean to do so You Forget about it I don't want to bother with a guy like you Anyway, since I took the job Then we are partners from now on How's it going? Let's go back to the Weiting Division with me first I'm not going.

No, I don't think so. So stingy I can compensate you for it You can't afford to pay Yun Gongzi Young Master Yun Fei Hong Xiao Yun Feihong gongzi.

The wine has risen out Just in time for you to come Send Lord Qin out Spring flowers and autumn fruits Summer dew and winter snow A good dream drink for all seasons It's a pity The taste is a bit soft Not quite to my liking.

Have another one Good wine Boring So that's how it is Originally, we waited until the marigold blue lotus was in full bloom Take the lotus heart to quench the wine Use the lotus petals as a cup Drink this four seasons back to dreams It can be soft with bitterness.

Bitter with aroma A cup to taste all the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter It's wonderful! Charging what wine in the fairy Only know snake swallowing cow drinking The ultimate is the next best thing That's right I qin kwan love wine What I like is to drink and sing.

The joy of drinking with gusto Life is about having fun This is the true taste of wine ridiculous Eh you Lord Qin Yun Gongzi Sheriff Yan I just received a secret letter from my men.

The famous sword villa again occurred a strange fire murder The whole family was destroyed What I've sent my men to check it out The whole lodge has been razed to the ground We searched the entire valley And found no useful clues I think since you two You should come to inform me first if you want to investigate this matter.

Thank you, Captain Yan I will go check it out myself As for Young Master Yun Mr. Yun This glass of wine will be considered as my apology to you As for drinking or not drinking Then it's up to you Farewell How is the matter you asked for?.

Back to you I've found out everything Qin swan is indeed by the North Zhenfuji directly assigned to investigate the murder case What's so special about it Qin swan three years ago After coming down from the Drunken Immortal Sect, a secluded sect He joined the Wei Ting Division Became a Red Flame Guard.

But rarely work for the Jin Yiwei mostly in the jianghu to have fun and find wine If not for yesterday's fuss at the Tong Hua Inn in the jianghu Almost do not know that there is such a person Look at the situation yesterday Seems to be with the Red Flame Guard Chief Flag Li Ying has a very close relationship In other words.

Want to get close to the Jin Yiwei He is the best chance is Sister fortunately listen to you did not make a move Although Medicine King Valley is famous for its medical skills But in the art of making and detoxifying poisons has always been on par with the Valley of Ten Thousand Bugs The first rule of the killer Have a plan to kill.

Don't kill savagely Is this the code of assassination in the Daminate How come I've never heard of it So I am the sister You are the sister ah Qin swan ghost fire ship mandala pattern.

Trickfire Murder This World I'm afraid it's going to be a big mess rivers and lakes There must be some spirited fight to be interesting How much like that person back then The world's wind and clouds out of my generation Once in the jungle is not a young man Hope your teenage heart.

Can withstand This world is unpredictable Although the wine is good But you can't drink it The dead spray and I spray for death ah I did not think that the drunken immortal door has this trick The Drunken Immortals use wine to enter the martial arts How can they be afraid of these unorthodox acrobatics? It's a pity.

I have a gourd of palace jade liquor ah You are really interesting Not worried about almost losing your little life but worry about your own wine People are floating in the jungle At any time to be knifed well So beauty and wine can not be disappointed Thanks for the two women Don't you have a saying that.

The way to see the injustice to pull out the knife to help? But the heroine It's the first time someone called me that This is a remote area with few people You two are My sister and I I heard that something happened at the famous Sword Villa Want to go to see In that case.

The two of you are old friends of Zhuge Zhuang master LOL I guess so I and the third son of the famous sword villa Had a love affair Forget it Let's not talk about the past That's fine I am Red Flame Guard Qin Kuan.

I am going to visit the Famous Sword Villa Then let's go together That's good You've really screwed me this time Yun Feihong so powerful But you told us it was good to kill Yo Well, I'm sorry about that. I didn't expect.

The old medicine king has such a good disciple You are deliberately making us scapegoats Go test him, right? They are all people who work for the Lord How can I just let you guys go and get killed? Hmph But Since Yun Feihong and Qin swan got mixed up Then put the killing of Yun Feihong on hold first.

The Lord has another arrangement for you to do Yun Feihong's bounty order was placed by you How can you just let it go? Is it because of the Qin swan infinite blue You are also an old man should know what kind of person Hua Wu Yan is A thousand violet and a thousand red without color After my flowers bloom.

Hundred flowers kill But he spared Qin swan You say Lord Qin don't take offense My sister is a loner by nature She doesn't like to get along with others nothing There are a lot of eccentric and foul-mouthed people in the jianghu You are not curious.

Why did the five elements kill the Shinobi to kill you? It's just revenge and revenge or something Anyway, I did not die? Oops Just a pity that my wine ah I here But there are some warming wine If Lord Qin does not mind I'll give it to you.

Ten years of tung blossom brew Thank you so much lady hey arrived Yo Is not this young master Yun Come early enough ah Famous Sword Villa is now one of the top schools in the martial arts world Always act openly and honestly Zhuge Yiming, the master of the villa.

Is recognized as a chivalrous man in Jianghu I did not expect to end up like this Yes, sister They are They are He's what you call a stinker Two friends I just met on the road Come here together to see Hey wait.

This is all in ruins Your eyes are not convenient It's better not to go in Haha Hey you I never thought The famous Sword Villa was destroyed in a tragic way This weird fire is really terrible I don't believe it!.

If it's not a trick fire What kind of people could have destroyed the entire Famous Sword Villa like this Oops just a little bit I did not expect ah Listen to the Snow House killer list of the top ten sister killers Demon Night Twin Girls I can't believe how beautiful they look Demon girl Si Dieyi.

Night Ji Si Butterfly Dance Nice to meet you both! How did you find out This is very simple Because the third son of the famous Sword Villa has been in a coma for many years unable to live So where is the love affair with you ah Unless you.

Like to babysit for people That the third son of the famous Sword Villa rarely shows up I didn't expect you to even know this I have no other strengths I just like to find wine everywhere By the way, to hear about the gossip in the jianghu You red flame guard are so unreliable? Hey Yun Feihong you have enough ah Hey young master.

Don't run around Little V Heart That's weird. I seldom walk in the jungle How come when I investigate this case There are so many people want to kill me Sneak attack on a person who does not know martial arts What kind of heroes and heroines are you? I'm not a hero or a heroine in the first place.

I'm just a beautiful lady killer How's that? Thought the eighth in the wind list was so great How is it possible I've been walking around for so many years How could I not smell That wine has something in it Are you okay? Sister.

Go girl Your head flower Wait till the next time I kill you You can obviously kill them Why did you stop? Didn't they say we don't fight, we don't know each other? And Enemies may also become friends.

We are also considered I don't know you very well Hey you This red flame guard Bully too much Brother blame my strength is not good That's why I let that kid Qin swan lose face Brother You must take this anger for me ah.

Have you forgotten the rules? If this is known by the master and the elder brother You and I don't want to live Is this the way to go? Of course not I've got a reward for listening to the snow downstairs Want that kid's head brother You still love me the most.

That's natural Humiliating you Is to humiliate Ding Jian three young Previously offended our Ding Jian three young Which has a good end A small role Not enough to worry about The most important thing now is The treasure on board the Phantom Fire.

Brother Shaoshang has news Well he is in Ao Lai village Let's hurry over to meet up with him Hey I said young master Yun I'm outside fighting tired half dead You are standing here to see half a day See what did not ah I can't see thanks start a fire.

Engage in war fire and lightning It's a voodoo thunder If you use only Voodoo Lightning, you can blow up the whole Famous Sword Villa Then the world is invincible Black powder It's black powder Black powder Volcanic thunder only serves as a fire starter.

Someone was in the underground waterway of Famous Sword Villa beforehand Laid a large amount of black gunpowder But black gunpowder is a newly developed forbidden product of the imperial bureau What will have so much ah Ordinary fire even if the temperature is higher There will always be bones and limbs left Not to mention that the terrain here is so open The corpse is at most to the level of burnt If it's really black powder.

What about the body? Yeah. We don't seem to see the body all the way in This Same as the ones at the inn These people should have been poisoned with some kind of blood burning Burning blood and bones from the inside out To burn so thoroughly The poison of burning blood.

This What is this Phantom fire ship now The world is in chaos What does this mean? This is The Curse of the Holy Virgin The Curse of the Virgin I didn't expect the Jingyiwei to find this place.

Need to report to the Lord in a hurry Jin Yiwei Pill King Valley Ding Jian Ge West Factory And two female assassins of unknown origin Things This is getting interesting

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