MULTI SUB | The hole 10 emperors are my disciples Episodes 15~16 English Subtitles

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My tongue I want to kill Kill you I don't know what the ancestor wants next We are at the disposal of our ancestor Let's go Don't keep calling our ancestors our ancestors You just follow Xiao X.

Call this seat as the master Ancestor No Master this time out Must have some well thought out plan Plan No, not yet But I would like to ask.

What you said before Where is the Fire Cult This free sect is simply against the sky How dare they declare war with the three sects The messenger we sent was also killed This is not even considering our Flame Sect Hmph! Since they are so ungrateful Count the men immediately.

Surround the Free and Easy Sect Who A bunch of miscellaneous fish Not worthy to ask the name of this seat Master of the Church Save me Kid die.

My hand Hmph Fire Cult right? Then let you Die as your name suggests Run away! Sovereign.

Is this true? The Flaming Fire Cult that has suppressed us for centuries It was destroyed in one night Calm down Follow the master from now on Don't make a fuss about such scenes Give his old man shame Seems like you're the one making the most fuss about it, Sovereign.

Patriarch Can you control the corners of your mouth that is almost to the sky? All the disciples of the sect will listen to the order Follow me Kill The most powerful sect in the Purple Flame Kingdom, the Fiery Fire Sect Overnight completely disappeared in this continent And a hundred years of decline of the Free and Easy Sect came out of nowhere.

Kill all sides Strong rise I thought the spiritual power of the Free and Easy Sect was in decline But this Hong Meng tree But it grows better than I imagined The Free and Easy Sect has been reorganized As long as this Hongmeng fruit is brought back again The Chaos Heavenly Body of Yu Han can be completely broken I'd like to pay my respects to Master Xiaomeng.

What a person Come out Master Why do you come up and hit Xiao Meng ah Xiaomeng You call me master When has this seat ever accepted such a disciple Master how to forget Xiao Meng When you taught Brother Free and Easy the mysteries of the Heavenly Dao.

Meng was listening next to you! Because of this Hundreds of years later Moe evolved spiritual intelligence You are the Hongmeng tree Master finally remembered Xiaomeng Unfruitful Dao Then spiritual wisdom emerges.

And barely transformed into color Master, Master, Master Han Gong Discipleship in Immediately summon all celestial rank martial artists of the clan above the Cave Heaven realm Go to Hongmeng Blessed Land Master.

The headcount is complete The total number of disciples in the clan's cave realm including one hundred and one Good Up The master can actually so easily Just move the Spiritual Hidden Divine Palace at the source of the Spirit River to here.

The aura of the Spiritual Palace and the Hongmeng Tree are nourishing each other Recirculating each other Let's all start cultivating Yes.

Master We seem to have sensed the celestial thunderbolt This is the thunderclap to ascend to the human emperor realm It's so scary This nearly 100 people of the celestial thunder tribulation What is he planning to do, Master? A Thousand Illusions into Void Seven Stars in a Row knot.

etc The master is trying to bring the laws of heaven All into the Hongmeng Tree I thank you for your kindness It's all because of the damn thunderstorm My eyebrows are blown away.

Master, please enjoy the Hong Meng fruit Hongmeng fruit that has been tempered by the thunderstorm.

Surely the spiritual power is more dense The power of the thunderbolt contained in it to shoulder can be used directly for this seat Congratulations to the strength of the master to break through another layer c Brother I can finally cultivate Great Master Aunt.

I can't breathe Legend has it that the Hong Meng tree can only open its spirit wisdom in a hundred years Only after enlightenment can the lightning tribulation of transformation be triggered Now the ancient son actually can make the Hongmeng tree early morphing And also produced the Hongmeng fruit to cross the heavenly tribulation Master, Master, you quickly praise the little Meng But the most surprising Mr. Gu actually took in the Free and Easy Sect.

Congratulations to Miss Yu Han I should not before because of what happened offend Mr. Gu, right? Congratulations to Mrs. Master I dare not be Master Hu ah In the future, the generation of each on their own You guys just get along normally.

Brother You said if father could see with his own eyes The rise of the Gu family today How wonderful it would be Second Uncle walk with me Yes Uncle, let me ask you Did my father say where he was going when he left two years ago?.

Gu Qianhua, the father of this body Dusty The sword should always be in your own hands From memory Although the original owner had an ordinary talent But Gu Qianhua always cared for him teach him with great care This is the dignity of being a martial artist.

It is my son who remembers When I first joined the Luo family He was also the first one to oppose But because he couldn't resist the clan finally left in anger Dusty This matter really should not be hidden from you anymore In fact, when you joined the Luo family Your father did not run away in anger.

But to save you Save me This matter also has to start with your mother My mother Didn't she die in childbirth when she gave birth to Yuhan? That's what outsiders say The real situation is Your mother is from the Long family in Vanguard.

When she gave birth to Yuhan, she was taken back by the clan What? I remember Vanguard State It is the place with the most dense spiritual energy in the Southern Wilderness The Long family seems to be one of the big clans in the area That's right When you were forced to join the family Your father wanted to go to your mother Ask the Dragon family to save you.

But I never expected to hear anything from you after I left Dusty, your strength has grown tremendously. How about Go and find them back Worthy of the Vanguard State The closer you get to the aura, the more dense it becomes This time when I went to Vanguard State.

One can use the spiritual energy to cultivate Second, it can also help Yu Han to find his parents back It can be said that two birds with one stone This place is extraordinarily rich in spiritual energy It's not too late to cultivate first and then rush Grandpa, how did someone set up a formation at the entrance of the cave So we can not get out.

This is a fourth-order illusion formation used to assist in cultivation It is not offensive in nature Since you can't get out Why not take advantage of this illusion to sharpen your mind I know Bad luck.

Accompanying grandpa to collect medicine can't avoid cultivation Grandpa that person finally ended Tong'er must not be rude what a person Don't panic I have no discipline I've made you laugh.

No harm These two They are trapped here by the formation of this seat

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