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This beauty , I don’t know if the pool water here is cool or not . I ’ll know if it cools down or not. The little girl is also a little scared . What kind of monster.

Is in the water ? Under the pool of water , I must quickly find the essence of all gold . Zilan has less than two days left. Thank you.

, my lord. Who am I ? Dare to come here again, Mr. Chen Feng is not allowed to be so vicious. Mr. Chen Feng is so impatient. You know, Chen Feng, that I fell in love with you from the first time I saw you. Why don't you just follow me today.

And put away those flattering words ? If you are not interested in your Yuwen family members , then I will suck all your true essence today . I never thought that there is such a pungent little maid in your body. Who do you think is a little maid? You want to die, Mr. Ziyue.

, why is Chen Feng standing alone with dull eyes? In the water, Yu Wenzhen is a sixth-grade soul master . Chen Feng has already fallen into the soul master's trick and entered the soul space . Whether he can break through now depends on Chen Feng's own concentration and fortune. This is actually the space for soul masters, a space for soul masters that can.

Only be created by top soul masters . Soul masters, soul masters are extremely rare and difficult to cultivate to great success. They are known for attacking with spiritual power . Because warriors have relatively weak spiritual power, soul masters can leapfrog to kill opponents , but because of their Can't be cracked by means, alienated by everyone , but creating a space for a soul.

Must be at least at the Martial King Realm, this person should not have reached the Martial King Realm , no, Chen Feng, what kind of gold essence are you looking for, wouldn't it be nice for you and me to have fun here, make it The space of the soul should be at least the Martial King Realm . With you, how can you have such strength.

? It’s really disappointing . Some things don’t need to be explained to the dead. Chen Feng, the fate of offending this girl is either death or life is worse than death . Heresy , then try to see who dies first and see how you can break me In my soul space, don’t make trouble.

Anymore . Shooting the Sun God Arrow, Chen Feng , I am invincible in my soul space. It’s ridiculous that you can’t do anything to me . I’m the master of this place. Then burn everything here.

. The power of the red lotus is mine. Admit defeat, Chen Feng, spare my life , spare my life, didn’t you want to put me to death just now , would life be better than death? Do n’t dare, dare not, dare not again, the little girl is willing to recognize Chen Feng as master.

And serve her master to redeem Chen Feng, Chen Feng , you are so stupid , do n’t you know that kindness to the enemy is cruelty to yourself? Sixth grade soul master is really ridiculous, can’t even distinguish illusion from reality ? No,.

Impossible, you are not a soul master, how can you refine my soul master? Space , nothing is impossible . Everything just now is just an illusion. You are right about one thing . Kindness to the enemy is cruelty to oneself . I must hurry down to find the Golden Essence.

Zilan is still waiting for us. She is a useless host , delaying the demon. You have no use for the great cause of the recovery of the king, my lord, just now it was the sea monster spirit in Yu Wenzhen's body , which actually devoured her body . Could it be that the spirit also came for the essence of gold,.

So let's follow .

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