MULTISUB【万古剑神 Eternal God Of Sword】EP24 | 阴谋 | 热血格斗漫 | 优酷动漫 YOUKU ANIMATION

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The chosen subtitles are auto-generated, we apologize for any inaccurate translations. Welcome to submit subtitles to us via Email: [email protected] ♪Leading the life of a vagrant, I experience the vicissitudes of life♪ ♪My deep affection is not worth a brass farthing♪ ♪Like a song, like a cry♪ ♪Who'd listen to the chilling and mournful calls of cicada with me?♪ ♪Draped in frost, snow and sand, I shall fight again♪ ♪Looking at this ever-changing world♪ ♪My sword pierces through the sky♪ ♪Standing proudly among the galaxies♪.

♪I shall reach the pinnacle of martial arts♪ ♪ Ah♪ ♪I am strong-willed and I have great aspirations♪ ♪I love life and I have dreams♪ ♪I row the boat and ride the waves♪ ♪Heroes♪ ♪Let fate guide our ways in the world♪ ♪Earthly waters flow east♪ ♪May the world be colourful♪.

♪We shall reunite at the Abandoned Sword Manor ♪ [Everlasting God Of Sword][This animation is based on the comic “Everlasting God of Sword”] My elder brother Shen Baihe secretl y sent Lu Dingfu to trap the Heavenly Rank masters and asked Fu Zitong to spread corpse poison to besiege Abandoned Sword Manor. People also discovered my relationship with Raincoat Man. [Episode 24].

Is Fu Zitong your accomplishment? Over course. the years, I have collected a large number of corpses to fuel his research. I am loyal to him. Of course, he is willing to help me. Father. You just rest. I will definitely make Abandoned Sword Manor even more glorious. Excuse us, Leader.

Let me go! What are you going to do? Father. All this is for Abandoned Sword Manor, for the Shen family. [Jiulong Pavilion] Mr. Lu…? Baihe, my condolences .

Last memory was of Mr. Lu suddenly attacking us. Impossible. Mr. Lu has been upright, kind, and loyal all his life. How could he do such a thing? Is it possible that he was following someone's orders? ? He had been in the manor all day.

The only ones who can give him orders are Father, Zhenyi, and me. of which, Third Young Master Shen is gone. [Jiulong Pavilion] Perhaps he went back to Wanzang Palace after he woke up. Chef Wei and I were the earliest to wake up.

Neither of us has seen Third Young Master Shen. Since Third Young Master is so skilled that he undid the Ice Palm first, then he should have had a way to rescue us. Oh my. Could it be…? What nonsense are you implying? Third Young Master is openhearted and above board . he ask Mr. Lu to do such a thing?.

It is all my fault. I should not have hidden it from everyone to cover up our family scandal. Isn't this the Cloud Mist Sword? Is there news on Second Young Lady Shen? A few days ago, inside the mausoleum of the Shen family, my third brother Shen Zhenyi admitted that ten years ago, he killed my sister Shen Yunlan.

For the second half of the Wanzang Sword Sutra. What? Alas. Then your third brother is not a good person? He was not always this way. Back then, in order to achieve the legendary martial level ten, he exha usted his energy to collect all kinds of uncommon skills. But in the end, he wanted it so bad.

That he practiced the killing Demon-devouring Blood Skill of the Devil Sect. If only I could have stopped him… Demon-devouring Blood Skill? Oh no. Where is Shen Zhenyi now? What is he going to do? My father is still inside the manor, as well as all the disciplines of each sect. Right now, all sect leaders are at Jiulong Cliff,.

So they have all stayed in Abandoned Sword Manor. Taoist Zhiyuan is awake. Let's go back to Wanzang Palace right away. Something is wrong. Doctor. Long time no see. It is you, Zhenyi. These disciplines were injured in a sneak attack. I am treating them.

You should use sword aura to forcefully rebuild your meridians less . done to human bones and flesh is not minor. Why did you suddenly come to Abandoned Sword Manor, Doctor? Are you here to participate in the Heavenly Rank ranking competition too? Come on. You know I do not know any martial arts . only on the Heavenly Rank because of all those exaggerated rumors going around in the martial arts world.

I am almost a God in their words. You can see at a glance that I am using sword aura to form my meridians . A judge in the mortal world. I am afraid those are not just rumors. In all my years, there were too many patients I was not able to heal. Just like a year ago, I also failed to heal your meridians. cure.

May just be a doctor's dream. Even if it is a dream, I want to m ake it come true. As expected, I really cannot hide it from you. Your recovery technique is really exquisite, Doctor. No wonder you have never gotten hurt during your lone travels all these years. not only to help Baihe,.

But this is also the best time to study the resurrection of the dead. Third Young Master. Please help me determine whether my research is successful. Again? Be careful, everyone . so hot. What are you doing in a daze? Run!.

So you are controlling them. What do you want to do to my master? No way . by the Xiao music. Fiery Tai Chi! They have been poisoned by corpse poison. They do not know pain and tiredness.

It seems that I can only use my method. Master. No. Foquan. Wake up. Look at me. I am late. Third Young Master Shen. You killed all these disciplines? Where are heavenly principles?.

Where is justic They turned into zombies and attacked my master first. Still finding bad excuses? They are just newbies. Why would they attack your master? Shen Zhenyi. You used to be the number two swordsman on the Heavenly Rank. to step into evil ways after getting injured.

You killed the young generation of orthodox sects to improve your skills. Look! Who is standing behind Shen Zhenyi? Raincoat Man? Raincoat Man is not dead . was also a lie. Third Young Master Shen. You colluded with the Devil Sect to slaughter innocent people.

To improve your own swordsmanship. Baihe. Abandoned Sword Manor cannot tolerate someone like him! Everyone has been fooled by him ! ! Yes, I understand. Shen Zhenyi killed his own sister, took away the remains of the Wanzang Sword Sutra,.

And colluded with the Devil Sect to slaughter innocent disciples. It can be said that there is no evil he would not do. young leader of Aban done Sword Manor and the oldest son of the Shen family, I cannot tolerate such evil. Today, all masters of the Heavenly Rank are here. I request everyone to join forces to execute Shen Zhenyi and restore justice! I agree.

. Agreed. No. What you said is not the truth. Master. Tell them right now. Okay . Come at me together. Everyone. Shen Zhenyi has the help of Raincoat Man .

Same time. Okay. Bright Mirror Attack. Great Dream Skill. Painted Sword Forest. Go, Dawn-breaking Green Cloud. ♪A glimpse among thousands of peach blossoms♪.

♪Fate guards the ages♪ ♪The gentle wind caresses♪ ♪The God of Sword's cheeks♪ ♪I have my longing in this ever-changing world♪ ♪It is a dream that falls in the fleeting years♪ ♪You should know that every step we make is predetermined♪ ♪That promise made me♪ ♪Bathe in fire and melt into a sword♪ ♪One smile becomes affection♪.

♪It is an unsolvable problem♪ ♪All twists and turns in this life are destined by fate♪ ♪Only when we fulfill our promises together♪ ♪Will we not let the bright moon down♪ ♪Love is like light, full of willingness♪ [Everlasting God Of Sword] [Up next] There is no other way. Slash family and friends, cut off mortal desires. God of Sword.


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