MULTISUB【九天玄帝诀 The Success Of Empyrean Xuan Emperor】EP95 | 隐藏身份的王者复仇计划 | 玄幻古风漫 |优酷动漫YOUKU ANIME

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♪In the mundane world, the blade lies♪ ♪The bloodstained funeral♪ ♪Wandering among the phantom♪ ♪Tears shed on thousand feathers♪ ♪As I look back, rain fills my vision♪ ♪The thriving youth♪ ♪Wandering alone, unsheathing my sword♪ ♪Transcend above the cycle and conquer♪ ♪My ambition is as huge asthe mountain and the river♪.

♪Wandering alone, unsheathing my sword♪ ♪Transcend above the cycle and conquer♪ ♪My ambition is as huge asthe mountain and the river♪ ♪Wandering alone, unsheathing my sword♪ ♪Transcend above the cycle and conquer♪ ♪My ambition is as huge asthe mountain and the river♪ [The Success of Empyrean Xuan Emperor][Season 3 (Ⅰ)] [Episode 95] [Yan Kuang Ren's Grave].

Work together?Do you think I would fall out with Warmonger just because Silver Tiger King threatened me? Not falling out. I just think that you should face the reality. Don't you want to return to your homeland? Are you willing to cramp yourselvesin the west corner of Mountain Xi forever? Chi, Purple Fire and Red Thunderare evenly matched, so if we work together, we're on equal footing. And small races like us need to join hands.

So as not to be controlled by othersand to gain a foothold in the mortal realm. Besides, there is so much chaos now. The Gods who were sealed a thousand years agoby the Scourge Seal are about to return and a power strugglemight very well happen again. Don't you want to put Red Thunder on the map? I, Yan Ling Xiu, am willing to use this bladeto fight for Purple Fire. When 100,000 races fought for hegemony,I was not born. Since this battle is happening now,of course I should step up and fight! You are just like your blade. How decisive.

I don't think of men, so nothing can stop me. Only by being quick and sharpcan I stand and fight against men. I think your suggestion might work, but this is a serious matter,so I will have to report it to my patriarch. I'll wait for your good news. Breaking the power of ice and fireand saving the whole city. Killing Dark Ice Divine Bird's souland helping my ancestor to gain the upper hand. Forcing Red King Kong to stayallows me to have the chance to work with him. I will remember this kindness.

Although Silver Tiger King's goalis to weaken Warmonger, I never owe anyone anything.So I will return this favor. He's not going after us.His target is the Holy Blade City! Because of him, Purple Fire has totallyfallen out with us. Now, he dares to go to our Holy Blade City on his own? Does he really think he is the Golden Martial God?Just because he runs amok among the Demons, he thinks he can wreak havoc with us? How naive! Silver Tiger King is too bold!If we let him run mad in Holy Blade City,.

What will people think of Warmonger? Let's get a head start and get ready in advance. We'll box him in.If Father can kill the Human Martial God, I can easily kill the humans' future hope! We have to kill this Silver Tiger Kingat all costs! Legs will always lose to wings. After we enter the city,go ahead to the ancestral hall and get Old Rhino to prepareto intimidate Silver Tiger King. Okay. Although he might be old,.

He's a level-6 demonic beast,so he definitely can beat Silver Tiger King. Silver Tiger King! Announce a lockdown of the city!Everyone shall pursue and kill Silver Tiger King! Silver Tiger King went to the ancestral hall! Protect the ancestral hall!Kill Silver Tiger King! Infinite Attacks! Go! [Ancestral Hall] Dragon Horn Rhino, a level-6 demonic beast.

Human, how dare you try to intrudeinto my ancestral hall? I know you. More than 150 years ago, Warmonger had a fault in the Golden Martial Godand was in danger of being attacked. Right on time, Dragon Horn Rhinobecame a level-6 demonic beast and protected Warmonger. To think that after 150 years, you're still alive. Although you still look like you're energetic and powerful, I can feelyour internal fatigue and age! You've grown old.

You will no longer be in charge now! Silver Tiger King, you're too arrogant! (It's indeed a level-6 demonic beastthat is as strong as the Golden Martial God.) Although I hold a disadvantage to fight with you, I've seen through a lot of things at your stage. For example, your strengthcomes from your whole body. I thought that there was strengthor spells in God Bones and that I could only strengthendivine external parts that can deliver attacks. You were the one who taught methat all divine parts can be cultivated.

And are capable to have powers. So I have yet to reach my peak. I can be even stronger! Human Silver Tiger King,even though I had heard of you, I didn't expect you could be this strong. And your strength liesnot just in your own powers but also in every aspect of martial arts.Someone like you is too dangerous to exist in the world! Empyrean Xuan Knack. Operating it is training,.

And training is battling. Battle! I'll use you to train my strength!

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