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♪Rivers and mountains of the mortal realm♪ ♪Contain traces of life♪ ♪Who truly listens♪ ♪As Tao depicts the mysteriesof life's rise and fall?♪ ♪Discarding transient glorieson our way back home♪ ♪Waiting for another encounter♪ ♪How can one forgive the tainting of pure souls?♪ ♪Amidst the swirling winds and changing moon,who gazes with longing in their eyes?♪ ♪Casting aside the cold blade,we continue our journey♪.

♪Found precious treasures within reach♪ ♪Yet unable to let go of the deep-seated grudges♪ ♪I tread an unconventional path,and I do not wait♪ ♪Confined to this place,despair takes hold of me♪ ♪Shouting as I offer my body♪ ♪The Nine Provinces will changeas time unfolds, and eventually fade away♪ ♪Restless souls keep the world awake,stirring up chaos♪ ♪Through countless lifetimes in the mortal realm,I leave my mark behind♪ ♪Never have I proclaimed to regain faithin the midst of despair♪.

[The Legend of Yang Chen] [Episode 12] Yang Qingyun, 365 votes. Yang Qingyuan, 365 votes. Currently, the two of themhave the same number of votes. Please make the final decision, sir. This situation is truly unprecedented. In my opinion, it's better to choose another day to… You are in such a rush to wrap things up.

What exactly are you afraid of? Qinghai, mind your tone. I'm still the family patriarch at the moment. Tone? When you were dealing with the matterconcerning Yang Xin, why didn't you consider that he is my grandson? I have already told you what Yang Xin did wrong. Stop causing a scene here.

-Just because of what Yang Chen said?-You… B-Bad news! [Yang Residence] Young Master Yang Chen. Are you here to take me to the residence? I wouldn't dare. I'm just following ordersto invite you to the conference hall. Young Master Yang Chen, Second Master is furiousabout what happened to Master Qingshi.

Currently, the Patriarch, Second Master,Third Master, Fourth Master, along with a dozen other senior membersfrom collateral branches, are all present in the conference hall. The situation is unfavorable for you,Young Master Yang Chen. However, please rest assured that I have truthfully explained the matter of Master Qingshi losing controlduring cultivation. (Yang Qinghai indeed won't let it pass easily.) Vice Commander Cheng,your sense of fairness is truly admirable.

I will hold your kindness in remembrance. You go prepare these herbs. Once this matter is resolved, I guarantee that you will smoothly progressto the Soul Cultivating Phase. Thank you, Young Master.I shall serve you with unwavering loyalty. Vice Commander Cheng,please have someone send the herbs to my room. Yes, sir. Greetings, Grandpa, Third Granduncle,and the rest of the elders. Yang Chen, do you acknowledge your guilt?.

What crime have I committed? You wretched creature, you are too cruel. You actually shattered Qingshi's Tao Soul. You harmed your own kin. Are you trying to rebel? Indeed. You're so vicious at such a young age, displaying such ruthless ambition. Do you hold no regardfor the rules of the Yang Residence?.

Qingshi is your uncle, yet you could still bring yourself to do it,you wretched creature. It's simply outrageousand goes against all principles. Are you done with the accusation? Insolent! Showing no respect for your elders,you've crossed the line. I'm insolent? You keep calling me a wretched creature. Do you still see meas the patriarch's rightful heir?.

If you label me as such, what does that make the patriarchin your perspective? I'll smack you to death! Enough! Qinghai, you've gone too far. Everyone, as you can all see, Yang Chen's significant transgression.

Merits appropriate retribution. Qingtian. Yang Chen is your grandson. He committed a grave mistake, both you and Qingyun can't escape blame. In my view, it's time for you to step downfrom the position of the family patriarch. That's right. After all that talk,.

This is your real intention, isn't it? Your lineage has been using your numbersto oppress us, to put it bluntly, you are just tryingto take over the position, aren't you? It's not your placeto intervene in matters like this. This time, you've committed a grave mistake. The fault lies with the father's failure to teach. Your father isn't qualifiedto run for the position of the family patriarch. You are totally wrong.

Uncle Qingshi went astray. I shattered his Tao Soul to save him. How is that a grave mistake? I guess he does have a point. Nonsense! How could Qingshi possibly go astray? It's clear that you schemed against Qingshiusing devious methods. Yet you still want to argue? Devious methods?.

Those are what you often resort to, I suppose. I'd never stoop so low. Evidence must be presented in all matters. You claim I schemed against Uncle Qingshi, where is the evidence? Bring Sheng and Qingshi in. I shall take my leave. Sheng, what happened at that time? Tell us the whole story.

Sheng, what are you doing? Yang Chen, what have you done? I was merely standing herewithout doing anything at all. If you want to falsely accuse someone, please at least think things through. From the looks of it, it's not just Yang Qingshi who went astray, even Yang Sheng is no exception. How pitiful.

Qingshi, tell me, did that wretched creature Yang Chen do it? (His soul has been damaged,) (I'm afraid it will take some timefor him to recover.) Do you still think my words are false now? Vice Commander Chengwitnessed this incident firsthand. There was something wrong with Master Qingshi, otherwise, how could Young Master Yang Chenbe a match for him? Cheng Gang, you have no right to speak here.

Get out! Cheng Gang, you're being too audacious. (I'm afraid this Jiang Chi might alreadybe under Yang Qinghai's influence.) Insolent! This is the Yang Residence's conference hall, how dare an outsider like you interrupt? Leave us immediately. [Jiang Chi] You wretched creature,what do you think this place is?.

You're not allowed to give orders here. Having no sense of decorum,showing no respect for your elders, Yang Chen, you're being too audacious. Enough! This matter comes to an end here. Once the election is over, I will pass on the role of family patriarch to a member of the younger generationin the Yang family. But Yang Chen was the one who harmed others first.

If there's no resolution to this matter, how can the Yang Residence claim to be just? Yang Qingyun's parenting is flawed, and he should face consequences. Exactly, I agree with what Qinghai said. You are using the matteras an excuse to hold forth. I have a proposal. Two months from now,members from our younger generation will compete. The winner's father will becomethe new family patriarch.

Second Granduncle, Fourth Granduncle, what do you think? Since you wish to settle this matter, I'll give you an opportunity. All right, very well. Qingtian, what do you think? (Yang Chen.) (He's essentially handing over the positionof family patriarch.) (Or is he…?).

All right, then let's go with Chen's proposal. Two months from now, let the younger generation decidewho will become the new family patriarch. Qingtian… Very well. The competitionshould be quite interesting. In that case, everyone can disperse now. Let the youngsters go back and get prepared. Chen, you were too impulsive this time.

Among Qinghai and Qinglin's lineages, four people have reachedthe Blood Coagulating Phase. But in your lineage, there's only one who has reachedthe Blood Coagulating Phase. How can you compete under these circumstances? Third Granduncle, you don't need to worry. I've got a plan. Chen. Go ahead and proceed with your plan.

Just keep one thing in mind, no matter when, never forget that youare an integral part of the Yang family. Rest assured, Grandpa. I will always protect the Yang familyno matter the circumstances.

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