MULTISUB【剑域风云 The Fable of Sword Domain】EP57 | 重返剑域 | 玄幻热血漫 | 优酷动漫 YOUKU

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The chosen subtitles are auto-generated, we apologize for any inaccurate translations. Welcome to submit subtitles to us via Email: [email protected] ♪ How much more♪ ♪When is it time♪ ♪Chaos and clamor♪ ♪Right and wrong♪ ♪How much more♪ ♪When is it time♪ ♪Chaos and clamor♪ ♪Right and wrong♪.

♪There is no dead-end for a hero♪ ♪Their legendary sword slays all woes♪ ♪A precious sacrifice♪ ♪A young life♪ ♪A gentleman, a beautiful masterpiece♪ ♪The world in a smoky haze♪ ♪The path ahead rugged♪ ♪Yet it's a boundless plain♪ ♪Taoshen executes all ghosts and demons♪.

♪Dark Kirin cultivates my soul♪ ♪With Ice Frost's aid, I ascend♪ ♪The dragon's roar resounds through the clouds♪ ♪Sword in hand♪ ♪ Rainbow♪ ♪I return to my homeland♪ ♪How many sunsets have been missed in North Domain♪ ♪In the Far North♪ ♪Toasting and drinking ♪.

♪Deep bonds are made♪ ♪A life fallen, the roots deep♪ ♪A legend in Jianghu♪ [The Legend of Sword Domain S2 (Part One)] [Episode 57] [Back to the Sword Domain] That's ri ght. Every 3,000 years, the opportunity to ascend to the Heaven Realm presents itself. And only one person is allowed in. Back then, I gave the opportunity to Fei Qing.

And instead sought elevation by pursuing the Asura Path . of the same generation. So only one of you can ascend. What will be your decision? I 'll give her that precious opportunity. I can also pursue the Asura Path like you did . I shall pass this technique, Deicide, to you.

You're more likely to succeed with it. I knew I had the right person. You are gifted in the art of sword. You picked it up so easily. that Fei Qing and I developed by combining Evil Conqueror and Soul Reaper Techniques. We name it Soul Conqueror. It can negate all external forces and hardly anyone in the Heaven Realm can overpower it.

However, this sword techniques require two persons to pull off and Both parties have to be at least sword masters. Th anks, sir. Zhenyuan Sword is a divine artifact. If you ever encounter a problem in the Heaven Wasteland, you can use it to seek help from the leader of the Zhenyuan Sect. Noted, sir. Once I have ascended, I will repay your kindness.

The way of martial arts is a dangerous one. But remember, your safety comes first. When you will have ascended, if I ever need your help, I'll ask you to come to the Blood Pool of Longevity on Floor 3 of Blood Abyss. This world is vast beyond imagination. My priority now is to heal Shuihan. [Several days later] [Fang Mansion].

Mr. Lv Yang, you have tamed the Dark Kirin? Yes, get ready now. After a month, I 'll bring all of you back to the land of Sword Domain. Thanks, Mr. Lv Yang. I'll inform everyone. (After I bring the news to the other six clans, I have to head back to the Sword Domain first. ) (I need to discuss this major issue with the Luo Family.) (Besides, Shuihan is waiting for me too.) How did it go? Did you get the sword, Dark Kirin? Put that aside first. Are you injured?.

Do I look like I'm injured? I have Dark Kirin with me already. Shuihan, I can heal your wound now. Rest well. After you make a full recovery, we'll have a grand wedding. We'll invite all heroes of the world. Yang, thank you. It's my duty. Go use Dark Kirin now.

I need to talk to Elder Hongyuan and Master Luo here . are a lot of them and they need a place to stay in the North Domain. So… No problem at all. The North Domain is huge. Many places are yet to be developed. We can provide accommodations to several families here.

Thank you for your generosity, Elder Hongyuan. Lv Yang, you said Zhenyuan Sword God and Feilin Sword God are your ancestors? Yes. My maternal family, the Fang Family in Hanshan City, and the Fang Family of the Ere Abyss Realm are both descendants of the Zhenyuan and Feilin Sword Gods. I thought ascension was already impressive enough, but it seems like that stage doesn't come without greater problems. Seeking immortality sure is a challenging task.

Fortunately, Zhenyuan Sword God appeared and protected you. Otherwise. .. Regardless, I am grateful that you were willing to take the risk for Shuihan. Did anything happen during the years I was gone? The Heavenly Children of every major force are busy training. As for the Legendary Sword Childe, Jian Wushuang, and the Blood Sword Childe, Li Xuehe, they have long gone missing. And Chu Yan of the Chu Family of South Domain managed to get through the Sword Art Realm three months ago.

They issued a challenge to you, but since you weren't here , i t was just forgotten. No news of the Fiend Alliance either? It is less active compared to a few years prior. There is almost no news of it. I do have a feeling that the Blood Sword duos will make another appearance. it is now, the greater the storm. But whatever they do,.

Only dire consequences await them. [Fang Mansion] Yang, you have been away for a long time. I heard that you became a Blade Master several years ago . training in the secret domains recently. And I finally have the time to pay respect to my mother. I see. Anyway, there's a person I would like you to meet. Father, why are you here?.

The lack of your news in recent years filled me with worries. But I come here often to visit your mother. Your father comes here several times a year. He just arrived yesterday, and today, you came. How is your journey? Were you in any danger? It's a long story . I have always wanted to visit your mother. But I was afraid that Chu Honglan would bring harm to you and y our mother. I could only send someone to reach out to you once I become the patriarch.

But… I thought it through when you were away. After what I've been through, I realize you and your mother are what I miss the most. It is such a relief to see you return in one piece. How wonderful would it be if your mother was here for you and Shuihan's wedding? Mother, I have returned. My wedding.

Is near. in the other world.

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