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[This animation is based on the novelof the same name, “Tales Of Dark River”,] [by the contracted writerZhou Munan from] ♪Who's coming under the dark clouds?♪ ♪The world is full of blades and swords♪ ♪Who comes close, who startles awake?♪ ♪Who is to distinguishbetween black and white?♪ ♪Different paths, different destinies♪ ♪Bloodshed without leaving a name♪ ♪Traveling through deserts♪.

♪To search for myself♪ ♪In the dark corners♪ ♪I keep my righteousness and integrity♪ ♪Whose tales flowed in the dark river?♪ ♪And in the end, who's gonna♪ ♪Bury others forever♪ ♪I soar up♪ ♪In the storm on the blade♪ ♪Bursting with passionate belief♪.

♪Who defies absurd destiny with dreams?♪ ♪I go against the current♪ ♪Life and deathas vast as the heavens and earth♪ ♪This life is worthwhile♪ [Tales Of Dark River] [Copyright Disclaimer] [The right to spread this animation serieson the Internet across the world] [is exclusively owned by YOUKU.] [Episode 01: Snowfall Killer].

Today is the day of Major Cold. After today, everything will be new. Feasting and drinking to my heart, I don't care about the road ahead. Greetings, Second Master Tang. I thought this winter was already over. Yet.

When the falling snow melts away, we will have spring. [Second Master Tang, Tang Faction]People of our age eagerly await the end of winter every year. But unfortunately, it's snowing again while winter has been over. And here you are again.

I'm sorry to bother you. Hahaha! As a killer at my doorstep, you're so polite and courteous yet. You're the top expert of the Su familyin this generation. The Umbrella Ghost, Su Muyu. I'm honored to have Second Master Tang hear my name.

Dark River, the number one assassin organizationin the world, [can kill royal familiesand powerful nobles in the imperial court.] [Even capableof wiping out major martial arts sects] [in the martial arts world.] And you, Umbrella Ghost, [were chosenby the top leader of the Dark River] [to be the headof their direct assassination squad,] taking over the position of Kui.

So today, did the top leader send you to kill me? Second Master Tang, you got it wrong. Today, I'm [Su Muyu, Head of the Spider Shadow]only a spectator. So my real opponent is… Naturally, it's me. Forty years ago, I lost to you. And we made a pact.

To have a rematch in 40 years. I thought thatwhen you became the top leader, you wouldn't careabout these boring pacts anymore. [Top Leader of Dark River]Some agreements must still be honored, even if they're boring. Alright. I've been living secludedin this desolate city for many years. It's about timeto stretch my muscles and bones. As you wish.

After all these years, you're still using silver needlesto clear the path. Haven't you made any progress? Back then, you hadn't even started using a sword. “Thousands of Blossoms”,what an impressive move. When it comes to killing, no one in the world can compare to you. But this battle between you and me.

Should only be about victory or defeat, not life or death. I took the job of killing you. That man's order is something I can't refuse. What a pity! I was also told to kill you. I'll take a rest on the journey to the netherworld.

Don't keep me waiting too long. Snowfall Plum. You could have avoided it. He's the Second Master Tang. His plum must be laced with deadly poison. But it was the best chance to kill him. Before coming here, you told me that.

It was just a matchthat's been agreed upon for years. We've fallen into someone else's trap. We all thought we werethe ones making the moves but ended up becoming pawns for others. I'll take you back to the Dark River and have the best doctorfrom the Mu family treat you immediately. We can't go back to Dark River. Let's go to Qiantang City and find someone named Bai Hehuai.

Top leader, you're worried that if the other familiesfind out about your injury… They've been waiting for a long time. Maybe this is all part of their plan. To find Bai Hehuai, we need to head north. North? Where are we going?.

Home. Home? Yes. Home. [I'll take you to the oneyou most want to meet.] [Listening to the rain all nightin the small building.] [Selling flowers in the deep alleyin the morning.] [Today is the Rain Water,and the geese are returning to the north.] [Spring rain is as precious as oiland silently nourishes everything.].

[Dragon, One of the Zodiacsof the Spider Shadow] [Ox, One of the Zodiacsof the Spider Shadow] What's up? The fog is somewhat weird. You guys go check around. Yes! No need to think about it. Someone has set up a formation herein advance. Ever since we steppedinto this bamboo forest,.

We've fallen into the opponent's trap. This is… ♪The child of the Jia familyis 13 years old♪ ♪Riches and glorydeclines from generations♪ The children light the lanterns. The ghosts are trying to take my life. Do you remember that you were almost the child lighting the lamp?.

Mu Yinzhe from the Mu family. You dare to fight me. Are you trying to betray the Dark River? Is that so? [Mu Yinzhe, Mu family] But the news I got is that you're plottingagainst the top leader, intending to treason. I'm here to kill you.

Under the order of the Mu family. To rescue the top leader. Sounds like the Mu family is really loyal. I've heard that Su Muyu,the Umbrella Ghost, possessesthe most powerful sword technique known as the 18 Sword Formation. But judging from your current demeanor, it seems you believe that I'm not qualified.

To witness those 18 swords. Indeed, you're not qualified. [Back then,I chose you to be the lantern child.] [But in the end,your companion Su Changhe replaced you.] [He did a great job.] [Among a group of 17 children,] [only he survived.] [I think I understandwhy he took your place.] [If it were youwho held the lantern back then,].

[You'd be dead.] [It's hard to imagine] [that the famous Umbrella Ghostof the Su family,] [the unknown man] [crawlingout of the corpse-strewn purgatory,] [and now serving as Kui,the head of the Spider Shadow,] [turned out to be someonewith a kind heart] [and hesitated to harm a child.] Your sword.

Is not as fast as I thought. When did you… Damn it! How dare you stain mewith such filthy sludge! It's disgusting! Damn it! You've soiled my clothes all over! I can't stand it anymore! Top leader.

It seems that the Mu family has heard that you are severely injured. Mu Zizhe, the Master Mu, has never been one to hide his ambitions. But I didn't expect him to come so quickly and be so blunt. He tried to kill mejust by sending Mu Yinzhe. Ridiculous! However,it's unclear how much they know now,.

Whether they know the purpose of our trip or if they have discoveredthe whereabouts of the divine doctor. With Zizhe's personality, if he finds the doctor beforehand, he will kill him without hesitation. He's coveted my position for a long time. Muyu. It's too slow for us to move in a group. You go aheadto Baihe Medicine Manor in Qiantang City.

And bring the divine doctor out first. But if I leave… Chief. Looks like we've fallen for their ruse. It doesn't matter. I let you leave on purpose. Only when you're gone will he lower his guardand reveal his identity. Otherwise, it won't be easy.

To break through this fog formation. Go ahead. I've suppressed the poison. It won't be easy for them to kill me now. But if the doctor is killed, we'll be in big trouble. Alright. You guys guard the top leaderand continue on your way.

Let's meet up at the Taoist templewe mentioned earlier. Don't stray even half a step awayfrom the top leader. Don't worry, Chief. The rest of the Spider Shadow membersare gathering in one place. When our Zodiacs of the Spider Shadowcome together, no one can harm the top leader even a bit. Then I'll go ahead first. Muyu. Since the Mu family already knows,.

It won't be longbefore the Su family finds out as well. If they also come to kill me, what will you do? I never dwell on things that haven't happened yet. The master ordered you to go to Qiantang to kill the top leader and bring back the Dreaming Dragon Sword. If I kill him now,.

Isn't the master afraidof taking the blame? Mu Yinzhe from the Mu familyhas already made a move, and the Xie family has also set off. The Su familyshould also show some activity by now. Su Muyu and Mu Yinzhe have clashed. [Su Muqiu, Su family] He almost killed Mu Yinzhe. Mercy is his greatest weakness. You know him well.

That's whythe master chose you to kill him. We're the best of friends. Isn't the master afraidI'm gonna go easy on him? From now on, take this token with you. You'll be in charge of the assassinsof the Su family. [This girl is carrying a medicine chest.] [This man looks really handsome.] Hello, miss.

I'm not engaged. I'm just kidding.Are you asking for directions? You're smart, miss. I'd like to ask you if there is a medicine manor nearby called Baihe. Do you want to see a doctor? I'm quite skilled in medicine. If that's the case, I can help.

Someone in my family is seriously ill. He needs a doctorfrom the Baihe Medicine Manor. Thank you for your kind offer, miss. How do you know that I'm notfrom the Baihe Medicine Manor? You… Could it be that you are… Snow falls on a branch of plum. The wind and snow are white. Miss!.

Please take me to meet your master. My master can't come here for a while. I'll go and scout for him first. Gentleman, please lead the way. [Xie Changze, Xie family][Xie Jinke, Xie family] Are you done resting? If we're late, we'll lose them all. What's the hurry?.

Let me finish polishing my boots. Do you have anything importanton your mind? Important thing? With just the two of us to kill the top leader and seize the Dreaming Dragon Sword? The top leader is seriously injured.It's the perfect opportunity. The young master said that our Xie family was the firstto know about this.

We're gonna rise to great heights. Watch out! Impressive skills. Miss. Please. We've arrived. ♪The bamboo shadow bobbing on the water♪ ♪And I'm wandering in the martial world♪ ♪Joys and sorrowslike boundless mountains♪.

♪A single boat crosses the riverto the other side♪ ♪Who holds the umbrellaand break through obstacles alone♪ ♪Who laughs boldly, intoxicatedin the endless dreams of the martial world?♪ ♪Evil path, righteous pathwhich one leads to true freedom♪ ♪Cruelty or kindnesseverything is unpredictable♪ ♪Life is full of sorrowssailing on the sea of the mortal world♪ ♪A solitary lamp accompanies methrough the passing of time♪ ♪Meeting with a jug of wineembracing bonds of feuds♪ ♪I'm alone with my love and hatred♪.

♪Countless mountains and riverssoaring ambitions reaching the sky's embrace♪ ♪Clear breeze and bright moonwho will join me?♪ ♪Where is the homing swan?Longing for you at the edge of the world♪ ♪May you return, with the passing yearsgone like a spring breeze♪

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