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[This animation is based on the novelof the same name, “Tales Of Dark River”,] [by the contracted writerZhou Munan from] ♪Who's coming under the dark clouds?♪ ♪The world is full of blades and swords♪ ♪Who comes close, who startles awake?♪ ♪Who is to distinguishbetween black and white?♪ ♪Different paths, different destinies♪ ♪Bloodshed without leaving a name♪ ♪Traveling through deserts♪.

♪To search for myself♪ ♪In the dark corners♪ ♪I keep my righteousness and integrity♪ ♪Whose tales flowed in the dark river?♪ ♪And in the end, who's gonna♪ ♪Bury others forever♪ ♪I soar up♪ ♪In the storm on the blade♪ ♪Bursting with passionate belief♪.

♪Who defies absurd destiny with dreams?♪ ♪I go against the current♪ ♪Life and deathas vast as the heavens and earth♪ ♪This life is worthwhile♪ [Tales Of Dark River] [Copyright Disclaimer] [The right to spread this animation serieson the Internet across the world] [is exclusively owned by YOUKU.] [Episode 5: Ghost Wailing Abyss].

Don't move. Otherwise, these spiders will turn youinto an ice statue. And with some tarantulas added in, they'll blow you to bits. Then try it. This is Thousand Birds Echo, the first of the threesecret weapons back then. As one of the Four Guardians of Tianqi,.

And one of the top expertsin martial arts, do you really wantto kill such a weak girl like me? The same enchantment won't work on me again. I told you it's not enchantment. If there's any disturbance, it's a disturbance of your heart. Witch! That's nonsense.

Take my needles. Can you use a different secret weapon? Getting pierced by so many needles is hideous. Can you give me a better way to die? Witch! Still playing tricks. If, before my death, I could witness the appearanceof your three secret weapons,.

It would be enough for meto brag about in the underworld. What's this? Blood Rose. When it pierces your body, blood will flow into the petals, blooming into a bright red rose. You… It's beautiful. Looks like.

I'm really going to die today. Su Muyu. Where's your mask? It's been knocked off by this lout. Tang Lianyue. I heard that you're serving as Kui now. It's not a bad trip to fight you. Thousand Spider Formation.

Tang Lianyue. I'll have another chanceto experience your secret weapons. Are you alright? It's been a whilesince you've had such serious injuries. It's nothing serious. Actually, Tang Lianyue showed mercy. Otherwise, I would have died. By the side of the top leader, apart from Su Muyu,.

There are other peopleyou care about, right? You mean Yumo? That girl. I remember you usedto like her a lot before. Don't worry. I don't think anyonein the world would kill Yumo. Including Tang Lianyue,who is as solid as a rock. She actually used the White Colt Formation.

To delay me. What a scheming woman. Fortunately, you fought with him. Tang Lianyue,the Black Tortoise Ambassador, has always detested killing. Nonsense! He spared me because he fell in love with meat first sight. It's true.

Just now, he claimedI used enchantment on him to delay his action. Brother Yu. Do you think I know how to charm people? Many female disciples of the Mu familyare skilled in it. But you've never learned it. I know that. Beauties often draw down ruins. And men are attracted at first sight.

Brother Yu. That fool should have brokenmy White Colt Formation by now. I'll get a carriage. Did you walk all the way here? Changhe sent peopleto stop me along the way. He knew exactly where we were. Changhe is really… Tang Lianyue is also hereto look for the top leader. Could there be a traitorinside the Spider Shadow…

There's a carriage here. What are you doing? I want to buy this carriage. Wait a moment. I'll ask my client. My client said, take this carriageif you need it urgently. No need to pay.

Take good care of this young lady. Another man is attracted at first sight. Thank you very much. Brother Yu. What's up? I heard you say earlier, Changhe has become the leaderof this operation of the Su family. You grew up together. So do we really have to draw our swords.

Against each other this time? We joined the Spider Shadowon the same day. Spider Shadow is swornto protect the top leader. I remember that. But… As soon as he recovers from his illness, he'll be back in chargeof the three families. Then, the Su familywill naturally revoke the kill order, and Changhe will be able to return safely.

I was thinking, maybe the both of us don't have to draw swordsagainst each other. Brother Yu. Your sword technique is terrifying, but your thoughts are… Quite naive, aren't they? Yeah. He's always so naive. You know full well that he's naive enoughto save the top leader.

Why did you lend him the carriage and help him out? By intercepting him here, we can take advantage of Tang Lianyue to kill the top leader. If he dies, I guess we'll both be killed here. I've asked Uncle Hui to spread the news. We need to go to Jiuxiao City.

To make our next move. You're here. Who are you? Why are you intercepting us here? You're from the Xie family. I thought it would be the Mu family. Uncle Hui. You can tell which familythey're from by their voices. You're amazing.

Yes, Uncle Hui. The Mu family didn't come. What should we do now? Uncle Hui. Blind man! You're Su Hui from the Su family. Kill them. Make sure to leave one alive. What's exactly the Su family up to?.

Don't ask questions you shouldn't. Go back and tell your master, if he wants to kill the top leader, go to Jiuxiao City. Uncle Hui. Big Brother tasked uswith giving the message to the Mu Family, but now we've given itto the Xie Family instead. We… It doesn't matter.

Once the Xie Family knows, the Mu Family will know too. Will Brother Yu be in danger? Let's leave Muyu to Changhe. I don't want to fight with Muyu. Last time, I only took action to satisfy the Master. At the Dark River,.

Muyu is the light that illuminates me. [Young Su Changhe] [NO.8] Am I going to die here? Who is it? It's me. You're No.19. Come up quickly. [Young Su Muyu]The way back is not easy.

What are you doing here? During the roll call for dinner, you were the only one missing, so I came out to look for you. Look for me? Come up quickly then. Can I trust him? What are you thinking? Come on up.

Okay. How did you end up in this hole? Those guys lost a sword fight and held a grudge. They pretended to invite mefor a private match and secretly set a trap to harm me. When the instructor is away, don't interact with others. You're someone else, too.

You can rest assured. I never owe anyone any favors. As for your favor, I'll definitely repay it in the future. No need to worry about it. [NO.19]Stay close to me. Your sword technique is a bit weak. The outcome is still unknown. Who says sword techniquehas to be fierce to win?.

We've fought four times. You won twice. I won twice. Let's agree that this round determines the winner. It was a one-game deal. But you lost the first roundand asked for two out of three. Then you lost the third round and asked for three out of five.

The outcome of this round really matters. Okay. It's fixed. If you lose, go to the master's room and steal that jar of good wine. Okay. Uncle Hui. Haha! I won.

These are the two nameless guysyou chose for the Su family? Among this group of nameless ones, no one is stronger and more suitablefor the Su family than them. Both their moves and sword techniques are impeccable. Take them to Wangshu Tower. Don't be discoveredby those of the Mu family. Understood.

[Wangshu Tower] This is the Wangshu Tower, where the secretsword manuals of the Su family are kept. Uncle Hui. You won't be punishedfor sneaking us in, will you? I'm blind. I didn't see or do anything. Why would I be punished? Then we won't hold back.

The surname ceremony is coming up. No.19. [18 Sword Formation]Let's pick the most powerful one. The trial for the namelesswill be held in three months. For every 20 of you, only one can come outof the Ghost Wailing Abyss alive and be chosen by the Dark Riveras a new family member. Inch Finger Sword [Inch Finger Sword]This is the top-notch dagger-handling technique in Dark River.

It's extremely dangerous, both for the opponent and yourself. It's a good match for me. Then I'll take it. That's a good choice. No.19. Have you done? What are you reading? 18 Sword Formation.

Uncle Hui. I choose it. 18 Sword Formation is a fragment. Since the death of Su Shiba,a master of the Su family, no one has been ableto recreate this martial art. Are you sure you want to choose it? Yes, I want it. At the critical moment,.

It's better to choose somethingthat can be learned quickly. Uncle Hui. I want it. Then we worked togetherwith all our strength and moved forward steadfastly. At the age of the surname ceremony, I still remember the wordsMuyu said to me back then. As long as you are strong enough, you can be naive.

[Next episode preview][Even if Jiuxiao City has a spider nest, it's still not safe.] [There is a traitoramong the Spider Shadow.] [If the Su family recruits bothof them at the same time,] it will inevitablypose a threat to the Mu family. Although you were distracted by me a few days ago, today you may be affectionate, and tomorrow you may be heartless. Only one of us will leave alive.

For centuries, in the Ghost Wailing Abyss, only one could survive. Both of us have to live. By doing this, you're challengingthe authority of the Dark River. ♪The bamboo shadow bobbing on the water♪ ♪And I'm wandering in the martial world♪ ♪Joys and sorrowslike boundless mountains♪ ♪A single boat crosses the riverto the other side♪.

♪Who holds the umbrellaand breaks through obstacles alone♪ ♪Who laughs boldly, intoxicatedin the endless dreams of the martial world?♪ ♪Evil path, righteous pathwhich one leads to true freedom♪ ♪Cruelty or kindnesseverything is unpredictable♪ ♪Life is full of sorrowssailing on the sea of the mortal world♪ ♪A solitary lamp accompanies methrough the passing of time♪ ♪Meeting with a jug of wineembracing bonds of feuds♪ ♪I'm alone with my love and hatred♪ ♪Countless mountains and riverssoaring ambitions reaching the sky's embrace♪.

♪Clear breeze and bright moonwho will join me?♪ ♪Where is the homing swan?Longing for you at the edge of the world♪ ♪May you return, with the passing yearsgone like a spring breeze♪

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