MULTISUB【少年白马醉春风 The Young Brewmaster’s Adventure】EP16 | 少年人鲜衣怒马闯荡江湖 | 玄幻古风漫 | 优酷动漫 YOUKU ANIME

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[Adapted from the novel of the same nameby Zhou Munan] ♪As they say, the dust from this mortal worldwill only leave a few scars♪ ♪The thoughts of that young man echolike a stallion, yet tender like a flower♪ ♪On this rocky path,schemes and plots intertwine♪ ♪Let's brew the liquor of the martial arts worldand chug it despite its myriad tastes♪ ♪Look at that young man with his white steed,he travels around with his sword♪ ♪Amidst the thorny road,a thousand trials sharpen my will♪ ♪Life or death, I hold my swordon the horse back fearlessly♪ ♪In front of a towering hardship,I answer it with my courage♪.

[The Young Brewmaster's Adventure] [Episode 16] Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge!.

Ruofeng. Should we take a break? We've been riding for three daysand my thighs are all bruised now. Why? You want to give up already? What about the rest? Your Highness, the military is always on the moveso we are used to it. Yes, exactly. See? That's why I said you shouldn't come with us.

You lot… I was the one who got rid of all obstacles in our journey. They are from Tianwaitian. Xiao Ruofeng of Lord Langya. Beique followers like you dareto intercept the royal carriage of Beili? Do you want to be expelled from Tianwaitian? Stay back. He's mine. Life is a game of chess.

One wrong move and you lose the entire game. Old friend, speak for yourself. The game just began. But only danger lies ahead. [Gu Chen, Sword Deity of Western Chu] [Baili Luochen, Marquis Zhenxi] Silence. Let me think. This is not good.

Oh, no! There's a leaf. It's all ruined now. Let's forget it. Consider it a draw. Not this again. Old friend, our life is so short. In a blink of an eye,the material life is no more. It's time to let go. Many years have passed by.

What should be let go has been let go. Good then. Prepare for your trip to Muliang City. I shall pay my grandson a visit. Old friend, thank you for taking care of that brat. Your Highness, Wushuang Cityand all sects have arrived. The imperial emissaryis expected to show up soon too. We return.

I commend your techniques. You are buying time for someone else. The assassins in our way must be from Tianwaitian too. You're no different from a bandit. I can't expect much from Demon Sect, can I? So eloquent. Once I cut off your tongue today,.

Your sarcasm will cease to have an outlet. It's the Blades of Cavalrymen technique. Just some dirty tricks. Let's test how dirty it is with your life. Qixuan. Enough. Xiao Ruofeng, I'll remember this. We'll settle the score next time. It seems like.

Tianwaitian is determinedto meddle in Qiandong City's affairs. I'm afraid this trip will be an eventful one. Lei, thank you for coming with me. Come on now. No need to thank me. This is not the first timeyou need my help anyway. Just treat me to Baihua Parlor later. But don't let your wife know. Okay. I'll treat you once we're back in Tianqi City.

Charge! Wait. Wait for me! Charge! Your Majesty, the followers of Beiqueare long sequestered in a cold, harsh place. They are not going to lay low. They must have plotted something in Qiandong City. Good. I want them to stir up trouble. What a bunch of opportunists.

One small perk and they came flocking it. I can't wait to see what Jixia Academy will do next. Finally, I picked it open. Why are you here? Young Master, Madam said you shouldn't leave. Shunde, you… I spent the entire afternoon on this.Why didn't you say something?.

Young Master, Madam said that I coulddo anything as long as you remained grounded. I'm grounded. What else do you think I can do? Unlock the door now.Or else, I'll teach you a lesson. Open the door! Do you know who's the bossin Marquis Zhenxi's Residence? Madam, of course. Rest now, Young Master.Let me know if you need anything. Bye. I told you to open the door. Where are you going? Open up!.

You're back home, brat. Behave now. Uncle Hujiu? What? Father will return this soon? Why? You're not happy to see me here? Father, that's not true at all. Father-in-law. Where is my grandson? He caused such a huge problem this time so I…

Grounded him? Anyone? Yes, sir. Tie him up now. I… I… Father, this is not right. Right? I decide what's right.

But I didn't do anything wrong. Are you talking back? You locked my grandson up. That's wrong. Father-in-law. Grounding Dongjun is my idea. It's your idea? I agree Dongjun needs to be disciplined. Well done, Luoyu. Father-in-law, I have a question for you.

I know what you're about to ask. Father, can you untie me? We're talking about serious business here.Just wait. Father-in-law. Chengfeng and I now knowthe history of Dongjun's martial master. The imperial court will usethe Sword Deity of Western Chu as a leverage to keep Dongjun hostage in Tianqi City. Luoyu and I are worriedthat Dongjun might be in danger. All my life, I fought and foughttill peace is restored.

I thought my hardship would giveDongjun a blissful and safe life but it seems like it's just wishful thinking. You're not here to free me? Free you? Don't even think about it. Your mother will poison me to death. Then why are you here? To bid you farewell. Uncle Hujiu, you're going back?.

Yes. Dongjun, after what you have been through,you are now part of the martial arts world. Part of the martial arts world? I barely ventured into itand I stepped right into someone's trap. I just wanted an adventure. Who would have known? Young man. You're new. You will hit some walls. When I was as young as you,I had to suffer a bit too.

But this one is different, isn't it? Why? Are you scared? No. But I can't do anything when I'm stuck here and it frustrates me. Uncle Hujiu. I don't want to be a caged bird. I want to walk my own path.

Well said. You used to say you want to be famous. I thought it was just a childish proclamation but from now on, show the world whether you want to be remembered or nameless. Goodbye. Uncle Hujiu, what will you tell my mother?.

Pretend that I never came. That girl from Tianwaitian,we used to go way back. I'll meet her in person. Father. Don't tell me you want to work with Tianwaitian. Chengfeng, father-in-law will decide for himself. Let's just wait for the news. All right then. I'll check the city gate. You'll check on Dongjun.

Don't let him get into another trouble. Okay. Aren't I smart?Young Master would have escaped otherwise. Isn't that Young Master? Young Master! Young Master! (Master…) Stupid brat. You're running around in your own home. Where are you going?.

Mother? ♪I turn back to look at the past within the mist♪ ♪A hundred li of rain falls gentlyinside my heart♪ ♪Rosy dreams linger between my eyes,oh, the good old days♪ ♪Fate is hidden in the yearnings♪ ♪Who saw the kite fly away?♪ ♪The past unfolds as nostalgia arises♪ ♪I dance to the music while my heartis filled with attachment♪ ♪I ask the sword in my hand,what is the art of conversation?♪.

♪The spring wind blows through the world♪ ♪The warm liquor helps recover the memories♪ ♪Let my longings and my loveturn into butterflies♪ ♪The spring wind graces the flowing time,and the youth becomes the falling leaves♪ ♪And I cherish the transient moments with you♪

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  1. Gracias por subir el capítulo Youku, se está poniendo bueno la atención de los futuros oponentes para Bai Donjun cuando se solucione su situación con su madre y en cuanto a su abuelo, tendrá que hablar sobre la espada que obtuvo Donjun con Yao Yue.Saludos

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