MULTISUB【晶翠仙尊 The Memoir of The Spirit Stone】EP30 | 少年刀光剑影现锋芒 | 古风玄幻漫 | 优酷动漫 YOUKU ANIMATION

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[Adapted from Yu Wan's novel”The Tale of The Spirit Stone”] ♪The pure soul has a solemn faceand a fading smile♪ ♪Not as turbulent and stormy as a battle♪ ♪The power of darkness wants tobreak free from the haze of the night♪ ♪To rule overthe world's endless restlessness♪ ♪Destiny is being heldand cannot be controlled♪ ♪The freedom I long for is in my blood♪ ♪Justice and righteousnessdo not fear taunting and jeering♪ ♪The hero turns into a dragon♪.

♪Standing like a pine tree under the bright moon,every thought and movement is sunyata♪ ♪Riding through peril and dangerto follow the lost track♪ ♪Reality? Illusions?Mysteries are difficult to judge♪ ♪Not afraid of how dense the fog isup in the ninth heaven♪ ♪Craziness? Madness? Cannot see the truth♪ ♪Who will weather the storm with me♪ ♪Upon hearing the ancient bell,the smile on your face softens♪ [The Tale of The Spirit Stone][Season II] [Episode 30][Questions and Answers].

[Qiao family's herb garden] Qiao Sen. My mother… My mother is awake, but Biyao said something is off. There can be no more accidents in the family. News from Zuo Qingshan.

None of my former subordinates replied after receiving my order. Looks like the death of the Dragon Head Leader is fake news. It seems the Astronomical Bureau will get nothing from their missionof taking down the Heilong Society. Qiao Sen. The living.

Should take care of themselves. I know. I cannot collapse right now. I just… just did not expect it. I thought I could. Just one step away. Just one step away. My brother.

Has always protected me, but I doubted him. Say, if we were a little faster, could we have… Perhaps. Why must it be him? [Outside Jianshan City]Now is the best time to defeat them.

Then I suggest you hurry up. I think the other sects will respond early tomorrow morning. Hmm. You really want Qiao Sen that badly? Want Qiao Sen? Hahaha. No. He is Tianmen's key.

To re-entering Shangqing Xianmen. Humph. You and Mu Yan? I did not expect you to be quite gossipy. Ha. Hahaha. You are…? Humph. Heilong Society is the world's number one.

We would never submit to others. Oh? Since we want to be the world's number one, of course you are included as well. [Chinese alchemy room]Miss Biyao. I am leaving the herbs here for you. Okay. Fangjun. Who was.

Treating Ms. Yin? A random physician called Yu Ren. Yu Ren? Fangjun. Please bring me some more paper. [Astronomical Bureau] I give up. There are no good or bad weiqi pieces.

It just depends on where the player places them. Whether you live or die depends on your heart. Only, I do not know whether this great start will backfire on me in the end. It is not possibleto accomplish something worthwhile without adverse effects elsewhere. Sir.

Do we still need to send someone to notify Zhenwu Sect and Diamond Temple that Qiao Sen is back? Yes. We, the Astronomical Bureau, is the Imperial Court's Astronomical Bureau. What we do is righteous. How can we sit by and watch evil run rampant? [Sea of Mind and Soul].

What do you want from me? They have already taken action. You have not trained for a long time. My brother died. That is because you are too weak! Only by having great power can you protect everything you want to protect. In order to take, one must first give.

Drinking poison to quench thirst is not a good idea. One day, you will enjoy it as if it were sweet. Really? I am really not looking forward to it. [The Tale of The Spirit Stone]

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