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[Adapted from the novel “God of Light” written by the Qidian Chinese website writer Mengru Shenji of China Literature] ♪Open the mottled window♪ ♪It's okay to be dark and obscure♪ ♪So what if I get hurt♪ ♪Everyone♪ ♪Went on stage crying♪ ♪Heroes don't cry easily,turn around and fight again♪ ♪Fly into the airand fight for a turnaround♪ ♪Who am I? Forget everything♪.

♪Shine light between the world♪ ♪Youth is immeasurably hot-blooded♪ ♪Always changing, always kind♪ ♪Nature boat, Otherworld bridge.Life is an abyss of misery♪ ♪Who shines brightly in the universe♪ [Soul of Light] [Statement of Rights] [Episode 7] Here comes an honored guest.

Sorry I didn't greet you. Forgive me. My bad. Xiao Anran. Those idiots came days ago worked for you? Brother Xuanji, what are you talking about? We are both officials. Your cultivation base is so high.

How dare I trouble you? A clear hand needs no washing. You scared me. Fangxian Fraction practiced alchemyfor the royal family, that's why we survived. How dare I have other aims? You better not let me find evidence.

I wouldn't mind if there were fewer pretenders in the world. Brother Xuanji. You are always reasonable. But this time you picked the wrong opponent. You know what? That guy may not have died. The gods coexist.

With the world. Not only is he not dead, but he has already begun tocultivate his body again. After awakening the mystery in the womb, he may re-enter the realm of immortality. By then, he would settle accounts with us. What's so scary about a pseudo-god who's already been slaughtered once?.

As long as he doesn't survivethe Thunderbolt for a day, and become a Yang God, he will still die in the end. What you said makes sense. It's just my job to plan ahead. I'll show you that Taishang Fraction.

Staged a comeback and is looking aroundfor Meng Shenji's noumenon. Taishang Fraction. I didn't expect the ashes to be revived. Who's there? Who's that? Get out. Why is so sneaky? Haha.

Brother Xuanji. You are still so unkind. It turns out to be Sage of Painting. Why are you here? [Hua Daozi]Of course for a cup of tea. Let's not talk about Taishang Fraction. Brother Xuanji. Have you heard of the saying that Wusheng is our parents,.

Zhenkong is our hometown? Wusheng Fraction. Zhenkong Fraction. It was them who caused troubles in the South last year. Exactly. This gang obtained the “Future Sutra” from the Dachan Temple somewhere.

And they're confusing the crowd. Brother Xuanji. I think those assassins you mentioned earlier were also sent by them. Sage of Painting. I got it. I will bring them to justice. Then it's up to you. Well.

Just now I overheard youmentioning Taishang Fraction. Taishang Fraction sent another Saintess. I found out by accident. Saint… Saintess? Where is she? They must have gone to.

The most prosperous placein the world of mortals. Well covered. Too bad. The paperweight is in the wrong direction. The lock on the bookcaseis inserted backwards. And that piece of paperI left on purpose. As expected. A thief from withinis hard to guard against. Ziyu.

I'm out of paper. Get some from Songzhu Store. Okay. I can't even practice martial arts with these nasty flies staring at me. I can't practice Tiger Demon Bone Fist without training my muscles to mastership. Forget it.

Let me try “Spiritual Turtle Breathing Technique”. Without a strong body, even breathing and exhalingcannot be practiced indiscriminately. Mr. Yi. Princess Zhennan will hold a partyin the Sanhua Pavilion, where she will have a poetry talk with Su Mu,the number one beauty in Yujing. She invited you there. I definitely can't refuse the invitation of Princess Zhennan.

But who is the number one beauty in Yujing? The era of Gods is over. Mom. Bingyun. That's what you want. Your brother is still alive.

After so many years, you still refuse to let me go? What a strong smell of mortality. This is the power of Human's Way, which is completely differentfrom the power of nature. Who dares stand in my way? You know Princess Zhennan. I will let you go once.

Let's go. Sir, you came uninvited. [Su Mu]Sorry for being rude. I'll serve you after penciling my eyebrows. Poor creature. I can tell that you want so muchto imitate her. It's a pity that you're not her.

Sir, those who don't know what happened will think thatyou are very affectionate to her after hearing this. His Majesty is magnanimous and allows Taishang Fractionto continue the orthodoxy. It's a pity that you don't cherish such kindness. That being the case, I will completely destroy you.

For His Majesty today. You must be kidding. If the Taishang Fraction is destroyed, can you and the emperor bear the karma of thousands of years? Meng Shenji is just a gatekeeper. But he claimed to bethe supervisor on behalf of the heaven. No more nonsense. You spread the news before.

Just to meet me. Here I am. Just get to the point. You are really straightforward. I heard that you and Miss have a son. But you never let himpractice martial arts and the Way. What are your plans for him? My family affairs have nothing to do with you.

He is the child of Miss, who's determined extraordinary, and has a predestined relationshipwith Taishang Fraction. How about entrusting him to us? Listen up. He can never practice the Way. If Taishang Fractionwants to get him involved, I will definitely do everything I can.

To destroy your orthodoxy. I will bear all the so-called karma. The more you say that, the more I want to meet this young master. [Xiao Hao]Today is Princess Zhennan's birthday. Why hasn't Miss Su Mu come yet? Because you are so noisy. Mr. Hong.

It's so boring here. Come talk to me. This is Mr. Hong Yi, Wuwen Duke's son. This is the son of Vice Ministerof the Ministry of War from the Hou family. This is the son of Director of the Board of Ritesfrom the Wang family. This is Duke Changle. You are all well-known young talents in the capital.

All noble descendants of the dynasty. You have been practicing martial artsand the Way for a short time, and you need to sharpen your skills. If you can't even get rid of the jealousy among these dandies, how can you make any achievements? Miss Su Mu hasn't come yet. Everyone seems bored. Why don't we play a game?.

Mr. Hong. Are you in? Duke, you are right. Today, in such an elegant placeas Sanhua Pavilion, we should make friends through literature. You didn't get me. Dagan founded the country with force. Our usual game is fighting, riding and shooting.

Come someone. Prepare archery tools. He's up to nothing good. I can take this opportunity to test the results of my practice. Please forgive my ignorance. Let's do as Duke said and celebrate the princess's birthday with archery.

Since it is a competition, there must be a prize. This fire horse is my bet. If I lose, I will give it to the princessas a birthday gift. If I win by luck, Mr. Hong, what can you offer? He even found out thatI am with limited pockets?.

What a dandy. That's a question. This sword is called Zhansha, and it is more expensive than that horse. Hong Yi didn't bring anything good today. Let's take it as a prize. Hong Yi. If you lose this sword, you will be fined towrite ten poems for me.

Since it is the princess's sword, I am bound to win it today. Thank you, Your Highness. Duke. Please. Bravo. Bravo. Cool. Amazing.

Go. Duke. This… You jerk. I never asked this. Hong. The swordsmanship competitionis nothing special after all. Come on. Let's fight.

Awesome movement. Go ahead. Haha. Good for you. You've got something. Watch this. Duke. Thank you for letting me win. You might as wellmake another appointment.

Sanhua Pavilion has been in disrepairfor a long time and cannot stand this. Greetings to Your Highness. Greetings to young masters. This is Su Mu. It's written in the book that the beauty's smile captivated the whole city and even the whole country. Seeing her today,.

I realized it was true. How could I have such an idea? It's written in the book that the beauty's smile captivated the whole city and even the whole country. How could I have such an idea? Could it be Taoist technique? If you die in martyrdom,.

You will definitely be able toreturn to Zhenkong Hometown. Hong Xuanji is bound to die today. No! His is out of the body and he can also see me. Brat, you are courting death! Rakshasa King. Hong Yi.

Did you practice the Way? [Legend of Assassin]This is doctor Bai Hehuai. [Side story of “The Blood of Youth”, “Legend of Assassin”]Greetings to Mr. Kui of Assassin. [Exclusively for Summer Vacation]But it would be troublesome if that miracle doctor was killed. To kill you, they have to kill me first. I don't want to die!.

Doctor! ♪Everything is like a dream♪ ♪It's raining outside♪ ♪When I wake up, things are different♪ ♪The Way is ruthless and hateful♪ ♪How can I forget this feeling♪ ♪Fate is like a sea of incomprehensible love♪ ♪If one can turn all beings upside down♪ ♪Who wants to sink♪.

♪The sailing boat on the blue seais engraved with stars♪ ♪Even if the flesh is broken♪ ♪The soul is cracked♪ ♪How many peoplehave flown up to heaven♪ ♪If heaven has feelings♪ ♪Why the common people are like dust♪ ♪Laugh at prosperity falling♪ ♪Only the Way is eternal♪ ♪Cross the abyss of misery with you♪.

♪As evidenced by the sky♪ ♪My only gift in this life♪ ♪If heaven has feelings♪ ♪Why the common people are like dust♪ ♪Laugh at prosperity falling♪ ♪Only the Way is eternal♪ ♪Cross the abyss of misery with you♪ ♪As evidenced by the sky♪ ♪My only gift in this life♪.

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