MUÑËL – Saison 2 – Episode 17 **VOSTFR**

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thank you thank you since yesterday big cuisine congratulations.

foreign foreign foreign.

Pokemon Daddy foreign.

Um thank you please September foreign.

foreign yes put me down.

Google my name is foreign what's up foreign I guess foreign.

this is awesome Lincoln Surya is Bobby hello.

Oh wait a minute foreign thank you I'm here I don't have time to waste hurry up can you do my favor can you stand up huh I don't have your time the money is.

Wait just calm down right you know you're the one who showed this place anyway you were the one who proposed like who proposed me to come this place anyway I didn't choose her I propose you to come to my apartment maybe you'll see my place you enjoy a good time come again.

Yeah your place yeah in my place what's wrong with it will never happen in my lifetime that's what you think the money accepted listen to me you married of course huh you already married to your husband are you pregnant huh.

Can you talk to me huh yo yo yo yo but even what would be like pregnancy Hey listen to me don't think I'm stupid okay you know you're pregnant though bye LOL okay.

Because I know you're pregnant you understand don't think I'm stupid okay do you know huh isn't it don't think I'm stupid okay just come down and relax okay foreign foreign I know.

Foreign foreign that's a good news we can raise the baby okay can you grab me some wood I need some water please okay just just just give me some time thank you thank you.

Hey hey are you right you okay Texas oh my goodness you what's happening you okay fine thank you because that's the work are you pregnant though listen hold on.

Don't worry about it okay are we take care of our baby one of them I don't know together in London I think it's time I was going to tell you the same things here because it's been late right now we didn't know it's not a problem and let's celebrate together.

Me you and the baby well renewable hard work it's not a problem but I gave you the chance today you're not feeling good baby jokes like a princess okay what I will do I'll give you one week one week to fix all this issue.

I'd also connect Ed okay you look so beautiful look at you damn cycle where you going hey babies.

Come on um hello Arduino guys foreign demography.

Foreign foreign thank you anymore thank you foreign.

Foreign Michael a um resist ance as like a foreign please.

Tell us is coming I'm fair I don't know it is wow this is to sleep alone hmm is.

Foreign foreign foreign watching me Google benefit victim the door doesn't want any victim.

Foreign foreign foreign very deaf Ness foreign foreign.

Foreign foreign foreign foreign assembly mandum okay Force.

elements foreign thank you sit and learn since.

Foreign foreign foreign

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