Murdoch Mysteries Season 16 Episode 24 The Lengthy Goodbye – Phase TWO April 10, 2023 Beefy Episode 720HD

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Murdoch sits at his home desk measuring a bonsai tree he uses small Clippers to trim the bonsai tree Murdoch reads from a book Dr Ogden pushes the pram the King guy how's your bonsai fine Susanna and I are going for a walk all right are you sure you're all right.

William never better now that I have time to do the things that I never had time to do later Murdoch sits with a copy of the book A man alone on the table in front of him he Paces in his house reading the book later he sits in an armchair dozing with the open book in hand he startled awake.

By the sound of the doorbell Murdoch sets the book down gets up crosses the living room into the front hallway and goes to the front door he looks into the peephole a middle-aged man is standing on the other side of the door yes William Murdoch yes.

The moment of your time Murdoch opens the door and the man extends his hand Lionel Bentley William Murdock Mr Bentley lets himself into the house please come in lovely home unique design is it your own creation oh no it was designed by a man named Frank.

Lloyd Wright what is it that I can do for you Mr Bentley you resign from the police force I did so you need a job I have a job and it needs to be tended to rather urgently an automobile drives through stone gates into the courtyard of a large Stone Mansion with a grand arched entrance the.

Car pulls to a stop Mr Bentley gets out of the back seat of the chauffeured vehicle and Murdoch gets out from the other side Murdoch looks up at the grand house this could be your new office inside Murdoch looks at a framed photo of a young woman not till the crisp she is my ward and.

She is missing her eyes Miss crisp has heterochromia yes when I blew the other dark brown it's quite striking and have you notified the police I am doing one better I am talking to you I need her found I no longer I am aware of your current situation I'm also ready you are the.

Best detective in the city possibly the entire country position I no longer hold ridiculous sir whether you hold the position formally or not doesn't mean you're not the best this is Mr Quentin he works for the Christmas date he's also an admirer he is the one who suggested that I contact you you have the mind of Jules Verne and.

The technical Genius of Nikola Tesla well that's very kind thank you but in three days Matilda is going to inherit three million dollars and she has gone missing and you're interested in her money I'm interested in her I have been her guardian since her father died and made her an orphan it is my duty to find her.

And you you are my only hope I appreciate the offer gentlemen but I must refuse this is no longer my life Murdoch nods politely at Mr Quentin who wears an eye patch and Mr Bentley then Murdoch gets up and walks out of the lavish living room.

the exterior of Station House 4 in the daytime Crabtree approaches the holding cells with a plate of food and cup in hand several untouched meals sit on the floor outside the cell you have to eat thank you no Crabtree sets the meal on the floor you know you're free to go I want my day in court if you go to.

Court you'll go to prison went to prison I go Luellen Watts sits arms crossed on the cell cot at least take some water please Crabtree sets a Tin Cup on the opening in the cell bars Watts gets up and takes a drink.

You're not going to accomplish anything like this watch except starve yourself to death and then my death is on society's hands what Edwards is doing is wrong by association so are you I wonder what Thomas brackenrade would think about what's happened to his station.

Light snow falls outside Victorian row houses Margaret Brackenridge enters a sitting room decorated with porcelain dolls and brings Thomas Brackenridge a cup of tea tea is that the best she's got there's not a drop of alcohol in the place and another thing oh there usually is the Bracken reads sit down.

I don't think your aunt is sick at all then why would she send for me she's a lonely old lady who wanted someone to talk to she brings me across the Atlantic for conversation yeah and to have someone wait on her hand and foot at least one of us gets to retire coming.

Murdoch sits at his home desk dusting his bonsai tree using a brush and magnifying glass I refused the offer Dr Ogden sits at her desk are you sure we have travel plans Julia one of the young woman who made some inquiries apparently Miss crisp is something of a free spirit she's disappeared before I'm sure she'll.

Return home when she runs out of pocket money received some good news good news oh did you the Women's Hospital received a sizable donation from a Mr Bentley representing the crisp estate that's the gentleman who offered me the position.

They're trying to get to me through you Dr Ogden holds the letter do you want me to refuse it no of course not well William we need to thank him a man in a suit leads Murdoch and Dr Ogden into the crisp mansion Mr Bentley is in Mr Quentin's Laboratory Mr Clinton has a laboratory here it was.

Mr crisps Mr Quentin has taken it over he wears many hats and he is like yourself a man of science just down the hall Murdoch and Dr Ogden push a door open leading to a laboratory I'm certain that this will be very helpful I'm really thinking that the laboratory contains many Contraptions on tables.

You've reconsidered we're here to thank you for your generous gift ah you saved many women's lives Dr Ogden and Mr Bentley shake hands are you impressed I'd be lying if I said I wasn't I'm so pleased you were the inspiration for so many of these actually the.

Creator of most if truth be told what is this a handheld stun gun this is so small does it work too well I'm afraid yours only incapacitated people sadly this one remains lethal you'll need to recalibrate the voltage regulator this is much too high Mr Quentin watches as Murdoch inspects and adjusts the.

Device I should do it Murdoch sets it back down what is this for ah that was intended to monitor Miss crisp but she left before I could install them I am hoping to find some use for them in tracking her down and you're certain she'll not return she has indulged in flight of fancy before but never for so.

Long Murdoch glances with curiosity what was she last seen Dr Ogden stifles a smile in Mr Quentin Smiles inspector Edward sips tea at his desk at the station I see you there Constable Crabtree what is it Crabtree is at the door when will detective Watts have his day in court he is not a detective and the answer is never.

I fear if he stays in jail he'll die that is his choice not mine he deserves to be heard he's willing to risk prison I am not interested as far as I'm concerned he can rot in there or leave town those are his two choices this is this is not the way inspector black community to detective Murdoch would.

Deal with things no they both quit the fight anything else yes plenty perhaps better left unsaid for now Crabtree walks away in Scott's diner Crabtree carries two plates of pie to a table where Louise Cherry is sitting he sits down facing her what's in it for me.

Other than a free piece of pie you would be performing an act of humanity something that sells newspapers look watch just wants to have his say a newspaper article would give him that I think people would read it and I suppose you think my story would be more sympathetic I think it could be whatever you want it to be you could interview.

Him I could sneak you into the settings and whether your story is favorable or unfavorable would likely accomplish the same thing and that is it was likely save his life Murdoch sets up a recording device in a warehouse alley you sure this is where Miss crisp was last seen we had an incredible.

Sighting down here seems like an odd place for an heiress well she was an unusual heiress interested in social causes and the like I think Catherine stipend went to feeding the poor these men are setting up your recording devices to see if we can find Miss Chris swearabouts they're at your disposal day.

Or night very good how is it you know Mr Bentley we both work for the estate Mr Chris hired me just before he tragically passed called me his Fix-It band fix it man well he had a number of industrial concerns factories and such I keep them in good order well that's your technical knowledge.

I picked up a few things over the years but my accomplishments fade next to yours and that device will record what the camera films yes you are truly an amazing man it's a shame that you are lost to the constabulary they are no longer my constabulary.

Shall we Crabtree escorts a detainee to a holding cell in here Trump and I'll let you go the detainee sits down in the cell next to Watts's cell what did you do wrong friend the detainee shows their face that's cherry why are you here.

To give you a voice at the crisp Mansion Murdoch sets up a spinning disc device in the lab Mr Bentley and Mr Quentin stand next to him perhaps this device will reveal something and if it doesn't there are five more such devices installed we'll review all of them should have more of these viewers sorry Mr Bentley I'll get to it no.

Matter now on a monitor below the spinning disc footage of the warehouse alley is displayed last one's a charm let us hope Murdoch flicks a switch and watches the monitor Mr Quentin and I have been talking I'm not sure Now's the Time When better Mr Murdoch what if our resources were at your disposal whenever you wanted.

That certainly would have made my job easier but that is no longer my job oops well I am suggesting something new a new police force with you at its head oh I I don't think that's we couldn't keep everyone under surveillance apprehend people by non-lethal means.

Before they've committed crimes it could change the world not necessarily for the better girl what's this surveillance footage shows a car pulling up to a stop in the laneway a man rushes a woman out of a storehouse door and leads her breast Glee into the car that's her the car drives away good Lord Murdoch stares.

Gravely at the monitor she was abducted so it would seem in the storehouse laneway one of Bentley's men leads Murdoch Dr Ogden and Mr Bentley to an abandoned car around the corner Dr Ogden reaches inside the car obviously they didn't get far certainly looks like the same car.

Look at this a rally poster destroy or be destroyed there is no middle way we demand all money be abolished along with private ownership anarchists and they've taken Matilda what do we do now they don't know we're on to them so we have the element of surprise.

I suggest we use it at the station Crabtree sits at his desk in the ball pen flipping through a newspaper Higgins sits at his desk across from Crabtree reading a case File Crabtree crumples up the paper it's not there it's not there I smuggled Louise Cherry into the sales team Watts she was going to write a.

Story about his hunger strike she didn't it's a good thing she didn't could have lost her job maybe there are more important things Henry are you done with that Crabtree hence the newspaper I need to step out cover for me if the inspector asks tell him I'm not arresting vegans or burning witches Crabtree leaves.

Inspector Edwards comes out of his office constable do we pay you to read the newspaper uh no sir on your feet stalls need monkey out Higgins opens his mouth to protest but Edwards goes back into his office would you mind letting us in on what you are doing here and we know approximately where Miss crisp was taken I'm.

Attempting to determine the precise location of with the aerial account not just the aerial camera attached to it is a device that uses a wheatstone bridge it measures heat not exactly but close enough I propose we fly the aerial camera over the area where Miss crisp was taken if there are people there this will tell us precisely where brilliant.

Please don't encourage him are you ready doctor indeed I am Miss Cherry pays at the diner counter I submitted the story My editor chose not to publish it I don't believe you believe whatever you want and tell him the truth I'm sure in the past you've managed to get things published without the approval of your internet.

If I pushed it through I would have been fired George and then you'd have no Ally at all Miss Cherry walks out of Scott's diner Miss Hart walks into the cell block and approaches Watts's cell she opens a glass file and without Watts noticing pours a liquid into his water cup which sits on the cell bars what are you doing just seeing how you were.

Faring my commitment to this is being sorely tested you can stop at any time no I can't you still haven't eaten anything take some water watts pulls the blanket off him sits up on the cot reaches for the cup and drinks some water as Miss Hart watches intently.

It tastes strange you've had a week without any food everything is going to taste strange watch drinks more water an aerial camera held up by four large balloons floats above a building in the city Dr Ogden stands outside holding a control device attached to a cord that is attached to a meter.

Murdoch and Mr Quentin stand by the meter with the bolometer attached to the aerial device we'll be able to detect any infrared light can be created by heat exactly now the only heat Source inside these buildings will be human bodies if Miss crisp and her captures are inside we'll find them.

Mr Bradley was right I beg your pardon all with our resources and your mind we could create a detective agency that would leave the pinkertons in the dust we'd be the Envy of this Scotland Yard brackenry drinks liquor in his aunt's living room and then Sybil said to me well I never said that but she did of course she did she.

Just as well called me a liar and we used to be such dear friends so here I am now left all alone with no one except for my dear nephew isn't that right that's right you're having another I am oh Thomas that is at least three this evening if you don't watch yourself you will get the gout I will not get the.

Gout you never know Sybil got the gout once too much red meat and alcohol she was in terrible pain well at least she deserved it did I tell you that she sent to me so Louise Cherry refused to print the article suppose I can't expect her to do what we're unprepared to do lose our jobs Constable Crabtree were you aware of the vagrant you.

Brought in was a member of the press I was not I was informed by the city editor of the Toronto Telegraph in one of his reporters entered the cells under flimsy disguise that was Louise cherry I thought it was a vehicle did you know but you knew the reporter's name interesting.

A good guess I suppose you have one job constable enforce the law to the letter if you are uncomfortable with that you can join your detective Murdoch which would be a shame considering you have a new house to pay for George Higgins stops Crabtree none of.

This will be happening at the inspector or the detective Warrior well they're not there's nothing we can do they lean on their desks unless unless what well I happen to know that Thaddeus monk of the board of control holds a clay pigeon.

Shoot every second Sunday of the month what why are you telling me this Henry well the Gathering is in direct violation of the Sunday observance Act you heard what Edwards said fourth the law to the letter Henry your man is many surprises begins in Crabtree watch men shoot clay pigeons they all have guns yes you can.

Always think that door will go for an event of such nature yes but we don't well we have force of law on our side all right now is as good a time as any you did hear me when I said they have guns Mr Monk takes a swig from a flask then raises his rifle watch the bird a man throws a clay target in the air.

And monk shoots another a man hands monk a different rifle another man launches a clay target into the air and monk shoots at it this sighting is awesome what's going on here engaging in a little sport nothing more a great deal more I would say if you're contravening to Sunday observance act on.

Private land hey accessible by the public in Freeview of anyone to see oh now see here this is I am here on orders to arrest anybody doing anything illegal now you'll put these guns down you're coming with me to the station now this is an outrage an additional charge threatening a police officer with a weapon yeah exactly good thinking Henry.

Now give me this let's move move you will pay for this Constable you can take that up with my superiors I'm following yours let's go come along Higgins and Crabtree escort the men away the balloon Contraption floats above brick warehouses your husband is a very clever man.

He is indeed you'll notice I'm the one outside while he's enjoying the war Murdoch and Quentin stare at the meter in a basement the meter emits an orange glow oh I have a reading right assemble your men and bring my weapon no guns no guns we can't risk harming Miss crisp Winton nods and.

Follows Murdoch out later Murdoch shoots at a man using the stun gun wire restrain him the rest of you with me Murdoch and three men armed with stun guns walk into an alley and into an abandoned Storehouse men and a young woman print protest posters Murdoch and his men enter and shoot at.

The men the woman flees out of the room and outside wait wait Dr Ogden comes out from the corner of a building stop Dr Ogden shoves her to the pavement oh dear nice work let go of me who are you.

Detective William Murdock what is the meaning of this why are you trying to hurt my friends your friends we've done nothing wrong except practice our right to free assembly you're with these people we are the Ontario rebellion and I am a proud member of this Collective well your.

Guardian is concerned about you my guardian is only concerned with my inheritance he cares nothing of me now let me go or despite my distaste of the police I will happily have you arrested Murdoch shrugs and relents and Miss crisp walks away what do you think is going on here I have no idea.

But I intend to find out impossible Miss crisp told me this herself she's with these people willingly she always seemed flighty but I never thought she would join anarchists Bentley and Murdoch stand in the crisps Grand sitting room well now that Miss crisp has been located I believe my.

Assignment is finished what about this Anarchist group I don't know what you would like me to do about them are they dangerous do you think Matilda might get hurt no I don't know but I do think you should contact the authorities about the group regardless of Miss crisp's.

Involvement he brings his hand to his mouth in worry perhaps you're right I did an inspection of the location that Miss crisp was being held in I believe the group is holding an event of some kind a mass meeting poster poster I'll have all of the intelligence.

That I gathered packed up and delivered to you thank you Mr Murdoch I'll have a chat covering your fees drawn up and delivered to your home they shake hands thank you Murdoch walks out the exterior of station has far which one of you imbeciles is going to.

Tell me what is going on we were just following orders sir what Mr Monk was having a gathering with the express interest of shooting on a Sunday no less there was alcohol present we were threatened enough I know what's going on here you think me a fool I know your little plan you want to arrest my superiors under.

The broad definition of the plan to clean up Toronto so I look like a petty tyrant if that happens to be the outcome of our tree shut your mouth go down to the shelves and release all the people arrested at Mr monks there will be no record of the arrests are we clear.

Sure good I found this floating around in the gutter take a few minutes and clear them out Edwards Hans Higgins Ontario Rebellion Mass meeting posters William I thought you were finished with all of this.

I am something is bothering me Miss crisp maintains that she is a member of this Anarchist organization but look right here it appears as though they are abducting her I don't know look on the brick wall Murdoch rewinds.

His viewing device and replays the alleyway footage of Miss crisp being escorted onto her car that looks like a bullet striking was someone shooting at her perhaps these anarchists weren't abducting her they were saving her from home Dr Ogden Pat's Murdock on the shoulder.

She walks away and Murdoch frowns as he re-watches the footage what's this about you'll see the capitalists say the money comes from hard work and Industry that if you do not have money you are lazy or stupid or both that is a lie.

for many of them well falls from the sky or it is a provenance of birth it is not earned it is not deserved Posse of Constable's approach all right lights we'll round them up take them to the station no violence yours I don't give a hang what you say.

Today I turned 21 years old and today I am a millionaire an undeserving one Now's the Time two men uncover a crate containing stacks of money turns man against man and it should have no dominion over us Murdoch watches from the back of the crowd as the men carry the crate and dump the money onto a.

Bonfire it means nothing but that's enough clear out please clear out this way George George I'll show you how it's done let's go man no way a person aims a rifle out of a second floor window and shoots toward the town.

Murdoch escorts Miss crisp down the podium steps George sir let us pass I thought you were done with all of this I thought so as well Crabtree moves aside and Murdoch leads Miss crisp away later miss crisp is at Murdoch and Dr Ogden's house who shot at me yeah I was hoping you might be able to tell me the.

Anarchists are my friends they would never betray me sometimes a million dollars could make people betray their friends not these people who might benefit from your demise my inheritance would go to some distant family relative I suppose or Mr Bentley if you found a way to keep it no no.

It's never brought me much happiness she can keep it wait a minute this money's counterfeit what do you mean Murdoch picks up some bills off the floor and side table and examines them as Dr Ogden carries Susanna this is fake.

All of it Miss crisp have you had a change of heart no I took it out of the bank myself how could it be fake Murdoch stands outside the bank I assure you the money we released to miss Chris was not counterful did you notice anything unusual When Miss crisp picked up for.

Money oh I am acting on behalf of Miss crisp her life may be in danger I forgot to get her images on the final withdrawal slip and I followed her out onto the streets she was getting into an auto with a gentleman what did he look like strange fellow Paul with an eye patch well that's odd.

Anything else this morning Miss crisp sent word to transfer all her remaining funds to an account at the overly Bank in Switzerland all of them why would she do that I don't know right thank you inspector Edwards.

Marches up to Higgins and Crabtree in the station's bullpen did you see in the paper no sir you think the news of an anarchist burning a million dollars on the street would warrant some attention instead look at this Crabtree reads the headline.

In the Toronto Telegraph City fathers in Sunday raids top officials thrown in jail I suppose sometimes inspector people are more interested in Scandal than news they're not in the cells anymore sir it doesn't matter now the story's out perhaps Miss Cherry could write a follow-up article oh I've called and.

Made sure she is fired from the newspaper but the damage is done nonetheless surely it's not that bad she outlines all of it the raids the deportations out of Toronto she even wrote about Watts well you know inspector you can't stop the truth from coming out all the raids and arrests will stop.

As of now clear the rag tags out of the cells including Watts certainly Edward stops Crabtree I hope you accountable for this Crabtree Edwards Wags a finger in Crabtree's face moments later Crabtree stands at Watts's open cell door I want my day in court what if you only this time you'll have.

To have to let's throw you out this isn't right at least you won't be forced to leave Toronto oh hardly a victory I'm sorry Watts drags his feet out of the holding cell you know why I won't.

Get my day at court because intelligent moral people will know that I am right and the law is wrong Watts walks with his shirt untucked and disheveled holding his coat and hat in his hands Miss Cherry and Crabtree sit in Scott's diner I made the decision on my own accord that and the fact the paper had already.

Been put to bed before I could file the anarchist story I feel guilty I'm a woman who knows her own mind it was my choice and it was the correct one I should be getting home how's life at the police force George oh Bowl of Cherries Crabtree takes his.

Constable helmet and exits Scott Steiner in the evening he nods to a passerby then rounds a corner and walks down a dimly lit archdally a man comes out of the Shadows lunges at Crabtree and tackles him to the ground the second man appears and they Pummel Crabtree with kicks and punches.

Oh Higgins is also attacked by two men in a dimly lit alley why did they transfer the money to Switzerland did Matilda request that I don't believe she did well it certainly wasn't me that's what you're implying.

What are the conditions of the inheritance it went to Matilda if anything happened to her it would go to her father but he died so where's Mr Quentin I'd like to have a word with him Mr Clinton why I believe he has something to do with this you're a very clever man didn't I tell.

You he was a clever man Quinton points the stun gun at Murdoch I hardly knew what was happening before they were punching me I did manage to get one of them right in the eye though any idea who they could have been it was completely blindsided you what do you want uh recognize me I gave.

You that last night I don't think so I caught my wife with a fellow last night got it I know it was you was it Edwards did Edwards tell you to rough up Higgins here tell us now tell us the truth maybe I won't share this with the rest of the Station House the Constable has a black eye I didn't want to.

Edwards made us it's gone on long enough me ister aunt excuse us Mr Banks a moment of your time let's make this quick gentlemen my ducks about to get brought out it's about inspector Edwards I didn't think everyone at Station House 4 would have.

Such a problem with inspector Edwards to be honest all we do there now is arrest anyone who doesn't conform to the inspector's idea of what constitutes moral Behavior well said Henry Edward's highest concern is the safety of the people of Toronto we have a constable who's willing to testify that Edward set men on to us.

Last night had us beaten as some sort of warning what that has to do with the safety of the people of Toronto will never know Edwards is a good man this looks like Petty constabulary infighting I have no time for it where is that waiter how can a man claim he despises immorality when he himself indulges in it that's quite enough.

And speaking of indulging in immorality do you mind speaking of indulging in immorality you might want to consider those who benefit from it yeah Henry that's an excellent have you changed your diet or something had more coffee if you were going to read what do you mean those who benefit well all the wager that you know people.

Who own gambling parlors Vaudeville reviews Steven Brussels that's right I imagine their Profit Stream will drop rather quickly and they'll know you're the man who turned off the tap Crabtree and Higgins walkout Mr Quentin put down that weapon I don't think he has any intention of doing that can someone please tell me.

What's going on here Murdoch stares at quinton's eye patch and remembers looking at the framed photo of Miss crisp how did you injure your eye sir it took you a little longer than I thought Mr Quentin wasn't hired by the late Mr crisp he is Mr crisp we told his father very good.

You would kill your own daughter for her inheritance all the money was her mother's my wife hated me so she left it all to Matilda well now Matilda is safe where you can't harm her good work Mr Murdock Julia Miss crisp Miss crisp seizes Dr Ogden well you've worked it all out.

Except for one thing it's disappointing isn't it I thought we'd been rumbled but you missed something Murdoch you two are obviously working together why why set all of this up Matilda still has the money the money for this not everything's about money you grubby little man that's.

Right Papa what about the anarchists and The Gunshot at the money burning all for fun all to see if you could figure out what was really happening why well you're in your husband's exploits are legendary we wanted to see if you were up for the task what task well you'll find out soon enough I don't know what sort of game.

The two of you are playing but I can assure you we want no part of it game oh this isn't a game just let us go I had enough of this goodbye that's fine Mr Bentley your services are no longer required fires the stun gun at Bentley I suppose I forgot to readjust the voltage.

Lies motionless and eyes closed on the floor with two stun gun wires on his chest maybe our chat with banks actually made a difference I'll get right to it it's becoming increasingly clear Edwards that you are unfit for this position you said I was doing an excellent job cleaning up the streets you carry on the.

Way you've been going you will have emptied out half of Toronto it's seriously enough you're dismissed Edwards clean out your desk Constable Crabtree I've been asking around about you you have sir yes and I've learned you are an intelligent Constable with a good head on your shoulders I try this station house needs.

A new interim inspector I've been speaking to the chief constable and we are in agreement that given the circumstances the position if you want it is yours mine will you begin immediately Mr Banks walks out what exactly do I get out of this you get to arrest him for assault Crabtree points to Edwards Miss Hart is.

Working in the lab at the Mark Oh Ellen you're out of jail indeed and it appears inspector Edwards has been deposed oh perhaps life will get back to normal Miss Hart before Dr Ogden took you on you were a vital immune supplier were you not amongst other things yes yes you put that solution in my water.

I please don't lie to me I didn't want you to starve yes when I do it's my decision well it was a foolish one I shouldn't have tricked you and I'm sorry but making yourself ill or worse for your cause won't help you can just go quietly I had to take a stand but starving yourself in a jail.

Cell won't get your message out your voice is what matters you need to keep yourself alive to use it Watts considers this and frowns got a point I dearly he was a meal will you join me of course they link arms please we have a child at home as.

Long as you cooperate your child will remain safe answer me a question detective Murdoch what just happened here the two of you orchestrated this entire thing the Abduction the flirtation with the anarchists the transfer to Switzerland all clues for us to find very good I ask you again why there's.

Something we need you to do and we need people who possess your cleverness to accomplish it if we don't and your daughter is an orphan no you you can't you'll be needing your rest Dr Ogden and Murdoch are rendered unconscious from the stun gun Crabtree hangs a painting in his new office and places a framed.

Photograph on his desk Watts appears at the doorway just as Crabtree is about to sit at his desk you wanted to talk to me yes I did day off George no new job I'm currently the inspector of Station House four ah very good.

Oh good don't be so surprised in any case I thought my first crack at official business as Inspector would be to offer you your job back despite who I am no what's because of who you are Watts glances at Crabtree and I will take it.

Excellent well I hate to be briefed but there's somebody else I need to speak to anything I should get started on inspector there is in fact I almost forgot oh oh Crabtree hands Watts a baked pretzel sir The Nanny holds baby Susanna.

Sir oh Bethany constable it's not Constable actually it's uh well it's not important are the doctor or the dissections about uh no and it won't be for some time it appears what do you mean well they plan on being away for a while they've left me with instructions to.

Care for Susanna until their return Bethany hands a note to Crabtree who unfolds it Bethany Julia and I will be traveling for the next month please take good care of Susanna there are ample funds in my desk drawer Crabtree friends it's not him what take care of my child there's money in.

The drawer the detective didn't want to say it's not his handwriting good Lord where do you think they are a large shipping crate in a warehouse inside the crate Murdoch sits against the wall looking off deep in thought Dr Ogden wakes up on the floor of the shipping crate where are we I don't know.

Are we moving really Julia save your strengths my guess is whoever put us in here doesn't care much to help us Crabtree is on the phone in his office is the inspector there uh Thomas is your nephew Thomas there right can you tell him that George.

Crabtree called it's very important to tell him the detective and his wife have gone missing I don't know where they are I need his help thank you Crabtree hangs up the telephone and fidgets with worry a sign on his office door reads inspector G.


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