MutiSUB【斗罗大陆4终极斗罗】第三十四话 蝉、螳螂、黄雀丨Soulland Ⅳ The final warrior S2 EP08

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As long as you hand over that girl we'll be leaving Lan, you are a smart man Let's qualify together in the tryouts start you Ye Lingtong Move Why did she suddenly become so strong.

Zidian Dragon's attack is too fast must hold it Guanghu gave it to you Are you coming straight to me? I'm really underestimated light element go This trick can't be dealt with casually ice wall.

Tyrants golden dragon ascending to heaven Very strong elemental control the sky is getting dark Worthy of being the champion of the audition I am so far behind in cultivation even beat me back but it's impossible to beat me.

Against opponents like them A quick fix is ​​the best way Qian Lei This battle is up to you He couldn't think of it until the end golden dragon ascending to heaven Just to cover our real killing move team leader White dragon pick.

I have to hold him Why am I the only one left i must run away Otherwise the points will be ghost clone The Emerald couldn't kill him It doesn't matter he has been seriously injured next as long as.

How she Ye Lingtong Ye Lingtong Why do you grab points Xuanyu Why i need an explanation I'm afraid he ran away he is so cunning.

In case he escapes by accident Ye Lingtong do you think i'm a fool who can he run Emerald or Liu Feng you are in danger we saved you But is this how you repay us? sorry.

I don't know what I shot on impulse Get points taken away by them I'm really not reconciled after the big deal Let me help you hunt more soul beasts we don't need teammates like you Do you know what your behavior was called? This is called revenge.

It surprised me that You are such a selfish person I am selfish I am also for my team we are all classmates what's wrong with helping each other Isn't it just a little point? why are you so mean can't i go.

You are unreasonable He even said we were stingy you shot suddenly never asked our opinion I'm talking to Lan Xuanyu you shut up It's blood pressure Lan Xuanyu what are you doing.

Liu Feng and Qian Lei are my brothers no one can insult my bro ther You want to help your crew earn points, yes. but i also have my partner If I hadn't decided to save you They don't have to take such a big risk wasting my soul power Earn fewer points This is my fault.

I am responsible for this because of what you did today we can never be friends again you failed our trust I can never see you as a partner goodbye you you dare Xuanyu.

How do I explain to the school when I go back? Sorry, it is my fault wait back in class I will take the initiative to take responsibility say what we are one Any responsibility is shared by us madman is right no matter what happens.

We all face it together you let's go Xuanyu keep up there is movement It seems like a spirit beast is coming hide Gold Ape It's not the one from before, is it?.

Let me ask really it it says it's here to fulfill its promise make us wait too long And apologize to us sometimes Humans are not as good as soul beasts next we're going to start looking.

Find someone According to the current situation last three days we may meet more opponents if i guess right The arrangement of the first four days is to accumulate points The next three days are candidates' melee we need to be ready Cannibalism?.

Is there any way Let's find a place to hide Qian Lei You asked Golden Ape to scout nearby News from Human Soul Masters but don't fight with each other We prioritize protecting ourselves Wait until they're almost done fighting before going out Xuanyu.

As you expected Human soul masters are fighting more and more it's getting late Let's find a place to hide There's a group of people that deserve our attention They are three soul master teams united together Specialized in hunting other groups Three teams united? really troublesome.

From now on just stare at them inside them There must be a strong commander i have a plan if fail will definitely be eliminated but if successful we have a good chance of winning first place.

How about it shall we try Until now Haven't even met the champion team selected in Shanghai Our Shrek Academy has recognized you Early admission is now available for you Need not I can pass I have confidence in my strength.

What It's so much worse than the first place How can it be Lan Xuanyu I really want to see with my own eyes how strong you are big ice you are here Shu Shi I said don't call me that.

But everyone calls it that Oh well Bingda My name is Brother Bing, okay? OK OK say it What's wrong Another group was found Looks pretty good.

Can you confirm your identity? Not Tianluo Academy Shouldn't be the one you're waiting for Yeah let's go Ready to fight

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