My Adorable adore is a Wingman Chapter 125 English Sub

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Oh yeah I have something to tell you this ischapter 125 the title is girlfriend's career what's up hi everyone if you like my video don'tforget to like comment and subscribe thank you what is it I forgot it's so gonna be a big dealI will talk to you next time I think about it and you you want to continue video call Sunshinelet's continue where did we just talk about and say really he serves Goku what shouldI do if my girlfriend is too ambitious in the another place at nju friend's house then comehere her husband is go home and he is strong baby I'm drunk again Aaron I sorry baby don't come here and suddenly he won't grow apart I have nomoney really no she looks scared baby wife listen to me ah let me go let go of me Iwant to break up with you break up snap.

He gets slapped look at his eyes is he angryno he eats the sock and he say I'm sorry I didn't mean to I and he know what to say wifeyou fought well looks like he is acting again what he is doing kneel down foreign friends looksurprised you how do you did he start his acting it's because I drink too much and I did thiskind of thing I really damn it damn damn he slept herself she is taught to see and shewant to cry you all right stop hitting no I cannot forget myself I [__] you feel don'tdo this and we break up really he stop it he hugs her baby I reallyreally really can lost you me too but I'm afraid I can stay withyou for too long because I'm going to die

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  1. now he solutions her again into staying with him , this isn´t going to total smartly he sees her as a cash machine as she knows an jui he doesn´t alternate at all and handiest thinks of him self… i miss to survey the boys..

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