My adorable love is a wingman Chapter 183 (English Sub)

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This is my cute teaser is a wingman hellowho is calling if you like my video don't forget to like comment and subscribe thankyou hello that's right I just written home and YouTube so know your identity soon duringthis period of time use a cable or profile so as not to show your faults okay I knew itoops just now I was too excited to grab a bag for a long time perfectly witha man I caught a hot bag for a while is fake but now and you're just cheating is realnow then YouTube has been broken why don't I just go with the floor this is Leon news imagine andusually betray you but I will never maybe not only will teach it and not blame me for what Idid before but we will also just say it who is afraid of home grab the cell phone hello yesit's Millions I have a JuJu secret to tell you.

And yuju is here okay and this is another placeat playground hey where is the pudding and oh oh looks like putting an oval in there it's all fora software our plan is like this is it fully doing something pretty self Pond now hey there is mobilephone is not acceptable as you know me Mommy can take his mobile Pond oh he turns out there youtwo are here have you seen the photo not only that I just saw them have a lot of intimatecontracts if you don't pay attention the top of your head may be green don't forget to likecomment and subscribe thank you what it's real beep beep hang out upon hang out too fastbut this is enough look at angel juice citizen said he will take me to The wanjianClubhouse in the evening as far what will happen after that I I don't know and JuJu you arecompletely out of the game where will the urban.

And woman be crying secretly tonight don't lether spoil the good mood let's eat somewhere else by the way this is chapter 133 the detail is youare commonly off look at them they are enjoying a dancing they are go to the bar this is a sparecard I got from a relationship ji jinton is indeed here tonight do you really need me to accompanyyou up there and then you just say need not this time I'm going to check it out for myselfthanks for watching see you next video bye

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