My covenant with the monster lord Chapter 108 English Sub

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Chapter 108 your highness do you thinkBishop will save you after knowing this or will he do the same thing as me sacrificingyou to bring the immortal Rod back to life he is not you I know him much longer than youbesides don't you want to know his talks there is so will come out soon let's waitand see they sell what as your old friend I have a piece of good news to tell you I don'tthink your so-called good news is good for me you may as well draw a condition after hearingme out after all it's a matter of life and death you also you can come back soon what yourSweet Soul has written to the immortal word as long as we open the accessto the forums we can meet him again as for how to open the essence I have done so muchfor this guess you don't need me to make it finer.

It's good news isn't it kill hissubstitute then yosui can come back what's your choice will youcontinue to protect the subtitude or putting the real immortal Rod back tolife base here you are really a bad tire looks like I want your highness you are stillin my cordless it's too early to determine who is the winner isn't it I don't care who Davidtrial to us I only want yosui to come back oh there I was banged to Carlos you are right ontime since Julian did not get grieved by the truth at all I will just send you back to namingyou can get together with him even in this life don't forget to like comment andsubscribe thank you it's illusion Michelle when did you run such a Despicable trickI run it from you put down sorry I came to let I'm.

Fine don't worry but have you recorded somethingwhat has he told you no matter what he said I no need to be anxious I'm already feelingsorry for you how painful it would be to make your soul as nutrition or nourish myselfyou eat I have told you I will never betray you that is the allegiance spell I can'tbelieve you use this spell on a human I'm willing to do so it's none of yourbusiness how could you do that for so many years I thought you also look forwardto the returning of yosui just like me never had I expected that you would simplycountered by a piece of women's soul and abandon your past you even fall in love with a subtitudemingling do you think everything is under your thumb what are you trying to say I don't know whyyou instead on special things from Bayshore but.

For me they are the same the following pattern ofthe sword cancer recognize his soul there won't be mistaken he is chin Chon Han and Basia good verygood your highness you're always surprised me in the test don't blame mefor doing it the hard way

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