My covenant with the monster lord Chapter 74 English Sub

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Chapter 74 so this is bay shells mineocean is the specials memory fragments let me see if I can find his memory relatedto mingling by this scene is ancient times Bishop is a powerful demon from ancienttimes huh there seems to be kids over there put this baby show childhood memory I just canfigure out with one of the two kids is special speaking of it I'm wondering how is specialdoing now what what are this monster hi everyone if you like my video don't forgetto like comment and subscribe thank you that is he is Union where is he going let mefollow him Union ride a bike these two kids why don't they talk to each other armored andStones so fun and which one of them is special.

Yeah it's done baby look at the immortal I drewis it good Immortal Rod let me take a look too by this poor drawing skill this guy must bemingling it doesn't look like him at all it's so ugly meaning your drawing skill is so poorwhat did you say ah why are they fighting now you too where are you guys fighting again my rod is he the one thatmingling was talking about what what wait wait a second why dothey have any more ears and Tails no wonder that even Toby show is a [__]he has never admitted his original video turned out is a self-perfection decision fromit from his childhood who is that guy why is he keeping ancient monster as pets Bayshorewas quite cleaning to him when he was a child.

Suddenly feels a little upset on theother world that's it do you get it now cut it you are amazing different whatbut some upset huh is still chanting over yo Yu Yin don't forget to the basketballgame tomorrow I want hey you are you Yin right thank you for helping me last night you arewelcome living quarter is this very Union leaves follow him open the door this iswhere yuyan lives in this world what a crime price don't forget to likecomment and subscribe thank you Union no matter how many years I have been livinghere I still can't get used to this place how are you doing now black ballI miss you so much thanks for watching bye

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