My cute adore is a wingman Chapter 187 (English Sub)

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At that time I just didn't want you to knowtoo much and JuJu you will be happy if you don't know anything hi everyone if you like myvideo don't forget to like comment and subscribe thank you okay you keep saying that you regardme as the most important person around you and you want to give me happiness but when youencounter something you keep it for me on your own Institute he finally for a long timeand become a daughter flower that can only cling to others do you think I will really behappy and ji jinton say Juju I didn't mean that or I have been in your eyes for a long timeand I am not qualified to sell anything for you um YouTube my word is far from being as simpleas Outsiders see there are many drug things I don't want you to be something you don't needto be because of me I'm sorry I did not think.

Carefully but it made you suffer more so youknow know that you were one well I was wrong Don't Remember Violence okay so what happened toall these at the time in country B in fact there is a person who has been watching us all thetime and even threatened me with your safety Mr G you were scared just now right so at thebeginning I said I didn't know leonu because I didn't want her to spray your interest in comingor to play it's just a joke but next time I will miss it but then because I suspect that she wasreally to that guy no the game of physically begins did you find out who that person is in afew days after you left I have been investigating him in country B he is really funny every dayI have an idea the clothes are all cough but I also confirmed that this person has multipleattendants caught the mystery of most men today.

Be the one you mentioned this possibility cannotbe real or he once gave me a grand match last would not make another move so quickly bythe way where is Liang you now why did you bring her here again today I was going to comehere to discuss business and there happened to be a former financial backer of the only amongthe partners and I wanted to see her very much it's not that I treat her as a virgin insteadshe doesn't ripen again and again are you ready remember to take a few more pictures tomorrowmorning I want entertainment news headlines this time they even secretly arrange for thereporter to plot against me they paying the case I was so sweet and sent her a news headline for freebut we tell you being treated like this if there is really someone behind her well then you'llbe afraid to startle Disney Leonia is greedy for.

Affinity and eager for a quick success the personbehind her wall never really let her know her true identity and if someone hadn't pointed her out shewill never have been able to think of two strings but she asked on her own today I think sinceshe called us in front of you to drive us apart since they started to be an abundant timeI just said why her IQ truck today however Juju no matter what for don't come to this placealone you know one person oops almost forget and then YouTube are you okaywe have a new report for so long is he pestering you something look at I'msorry it's because my point is out of battery in fact all this is a misunderstanding he hasexpanded career to me thank you for coming here with me or mean understanding are you sure thereis no need to explain the matter between us to.

Outsider and suddenly pull and JuJu to hisown what are you doing thanks for watching

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